Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, September 09, 1921, Page 2, Image 2

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commits aaiaae
Issued Daily Except ub1a.
bL'UbCUifiiON KATtb
Dally, p-r year, 1T mall
lally, six months, by mall
Dully, by carrier, per tuoulb
Weekly Newa-Kuvlo". by mall, Pr year
.14 00
, 1.00
. -to
. 1. 00
I "l , L ' ...... ..HI .1 ..
Uums-J a. .uuaiaM matter ilay x,. '
bu g, Oregon, under lb Act ot March I,
"SUl'KttTolUC N. hMir:lliKK u. urn.
Doufc-as county is the banner prune county of the state-not
only in quality but uuuntity.
Nature seems U have favored this particular section of the
state as an ideal center for the cultivation of prunes. There never
.a been a real failure. A few instances have occurred where the
crop has not quite "" the standard in output, but the
quality has always been unsurpassed.
There is no other prune as good as the Douglas county
product. It surpasses all competitors anu vmay ia I"""
in the world's markets.
We are now in the midst of the harvest and this fruit, con
fervutively estimated, will have a total output of approximately
nine million ,.umlM. This summed up in dollars and cents spells
an income to the prune growers of this county of over $700,000.
And the prune crop is only one of the many kinds of fruit
successfully marketed in this county. Apples, pears, peaches and
many other variel ies are successfully grown and find a ready mar
ket at a dividend paying profit to the fruitmen.
Thus it is plainly seen all that has been claimed for this sec
tion of the state as a fruit center has not in any way been en
larged upon or misrepresented. Thebrchardist who gives particu
lar attention to the fruit industry does so with the satisfaction of
knowing he is going to get fair returns for his labor and money
invested. He is cock-sure of a princely income each year.
i!ut it takes a business head to run a fruit farm just as well
as it does to conduct any kind of a private business along with
a lot of hard work. Sticking the trees in the ground and waiting
for them to mature and produce does not complete the work of a
successful fruitgrower. It takes a w hole lot of earnest work, much
care and cultivation to round out a money-making orchard tract.
But it is being done right along in Douglas county, where the
great majority of our fruit growers are employing modern
methods and giving their undivided attention to producing the
highest quality of various kinds of fruit.
Thousands of acres of execkent fruit land remains un
developed in this county. When people generally begin to realize
the vast opportunities in the way of the fruit industry, these
vacant lands will be put under cultivation and will add many mil
lions of dollars to the county's income.
The progressive fruit grower of today is the individual who
is going to do more to advertise and bring new people into the
county than by any other means. The people of this section of
the state should lend all jnissible encouragement to them. Seeing
is bl'lieving, and if there are any skeptical ones who desire to be
"shown," this county has plenty of successful fruit growers who
can deliver the goods and convince anyone with reasoning power
that no otherTstate alfords a better opportunity than Douglas
county for the profitable rnising of a great variety of fruits.
(Br AuUi4 Press.)
NEW VOriK, Sopt. . After a
raid by federal prohibition afeati on
the Greek Steamship Alexander to
day. In which ieven members of the
crew were wounded by plitol abota,
Trank P. Fltzpatrlck. chief of nar
cotic officers here who bad takm at
active part In tlm raid committed
ulride at a nearby pier. Federal
officer! aald that they knew no rea
son for the suicide except that Ibe
mil:. Lent and strain of the raid
had temporarily deranKed KKipat-
rick. Uquor valued at 0U,uuu ana
drutts valued at 7S.II0 were con
fiscated. Over a score of shots were
exchanged by Ibe crew and Itleen
federal agents. None of the federal
agents were hurt.
BI crt Salts
They ti-ll the etory of a man In Iomii whom baby swallowed the
il.a.r key and the mother McUe-dly, "Oh, Jinnee, how are we g
iiiK to uet In?"
It's a haiiK-lmsteil tilKht harder to
Ki-t a K'""' reputation than It la o
keep It anil either - of Ihein a-e
worth trying for.
9 V
"Th way Tanlac fixed me up was
about the biggest surprise- of my
life," said J. N. Edwards, &So Albiua
Are.. Portland. Ore.
"It only took Tanlac aix weeks to
get the best of rheumatism that had
bothered me for sixteen years. The
fact tl the matter is I had given up
hope of ever getting relief and only
look Tanlac ihlnkiug it might do me
some temporary good.
"Actually, It's hard for me to real
ize that I'm tha uuw man I was a
short time ago. Tanlac put my
stomach In first class shape, too. 1
have the appetite ot a bear now and
never feel the slightest discomfort
after online I have even been able
to slop the use of laxatives that I
. have been In the babit of taking for
years, and I feel good all over. M
advice to people with stomach
trouble and rheumatism is to take
Tanlac and get well."
I Tanlae la sold in Roaeburg by W.
F. Chapman'! Pharn-.;; and by lead
ing druggists everywhere.
Mr. Edael B. Ford, president of the
Ford Motor Company, makes the fol
lowing announcement:
"We are making another reduc
tion lu the prices of Ford cars and
the Ford truck, effective today. The
in... ......u,,v has stuck, around: new prices average J70 uu under the
for tlin-e wks the host Im-kIiik to 'farmer prices, and are the lowest al
i...- mniuiiii mistake tioa-iuicu roru cars
Your bed at home may not be softer than that one you paid
ten prices for at that last summer hotel, but we'll wage you
wouldn't trade yours for a whole carload of the other, including
meals served in the room. What is there about that pillow of
yours that just exactly adjusts itself to the right spot. Isn't it a
good deal like allowing someone else to adjust your hat for you,
it can't 1 done, can it? Then the meals at home. There is not
so much to them when you sift them down, but where on earth
have you ever found just that same', wholly satisfy
ing something that exactly fills the bill, but at home. Then the
water at home. It, too, hits a different taste. Wasn't that hard
water they were using at the last place you hung out simply abom
inable. Weren't you just living for a chance to wash your hair?
Didn't you get awfully tired of hired livery, that sumptuous over
done service. That constant rush, the everlasting strain of good
behavior. Don't you recall that when you got home you just
wanted to blow olf, yank olf those old tight corsets and pinchy
shoes and get into a real honest- to-gooduess house gown, oh joy
and this is the place you thought so monotonous this is the place
you were knocking but a little while ago. Well, we're glad to see
you back again it was lonesome around here without you. We
missed your planning, your cooking, your general good cheer.
Home Wasn't much without you, we'll admit, but we'll bet we had
n better time than you did. It does us good to get away from
home once in a while, but getting back oh there's the real joy.
. . ti
The 19'J.r Tort land txMtsition is going to be a most excellent
advertisement to the state. It behooves every individual in Oiv
pon to make a snvial effort to put the big undertaking over in
such a way that the thousands of new people i ho enter the state
will be so favorably impressed with the opxrtunities existing
here that they will forget their old home town and "stick" in this
state. It's going to cost ipiite a sum of money to carry out the
plans Of tnt exposition lul it is going to le worth the price. So,
come on, let s go.
pltalily for a lease on the place.
We admire Intellectual people.
Hill how do they bocouie that way?
We don't rind lime to become IliU'l
lectiuil. Hy the time we Itiilsh gath
ering our iata of new, wrlllug this
idiotic roliii, wading through ' ex
change and pushing the laMiiiuowcr
it is bedtime.
Attorney Itlce said the other duy
In court that there was only one
harm-as shop In town. How alx.ut
those place that sell enraeta. Deck?
A clerk, with Ivory block,
kept one eye on the clock;
The clock still goes.
Hut notiody knows
Whern goes the Ivory block.
w y
and trucks have
tier been sold. List prices, F. O. II.
r.otroit, are now as follows:
Amount of
New Price Old Price Keduc.
Chassis . . $2J&.0W fi4Z uu J W ill)
Runabout 325. UU 37U.UU 45. 0U
Tour Car 356. 0U 415. OU 6U.0U
Truck . .. 445. UU 4'iU.UU 60 00
Coupe . .. 55 0U 6H5. IIU lWU.UO
Sedan . .. 600.00 71,0.00 100.00
' Tills la the third price cut dur
ing the past twelve months. On Sep
tember 22, 1920, the price of the
Ford touring car waH reduced from
1576 to 44o; June 7th to HI 5. and
now to $355. making total reductions
in this type of Z2o. or 38 per cent.
The Baiue proportionate reductions
have been made in all other types.
One year ago the price of the Ford
Sedan was $975; today it lists at
(660.00 with the same equipment.
"We are taking advantage of
every known economy in the iiiaiiu-
A minister told tu the other day fact u re of our products In order that
during a pcnochle' giune that giro
liave tost the ability to blindi. No,
parson, hardly that. It Just doean't
show through any more.
The gang tells one on one of the
Iih-hI tighwads. .The t. w. said to Ills
grandson :
"Jhiiuile, lr I gave you a nlckle
what would you do with It?
Jlimiile replied: "Well, I don't
stipiMise It would do any good but
Til try to Miss It."
The twilling girls on the magazine
covers nre never like the oiies III
real life.
A fans street poet Hem this one
lu tiMhiy:
Of all the things I ever knew,
I'd rather be a cop;
I'd roam the whole blamed country
And never miss a drop.
We wonder lr the guy who wrote
"Main Mreel" wan evrr on Jarksou
street ?
Why Is It the men folks make
lliemsvlvea mlulii) wurn. around the
we may give them to the public at
the lowest possible price, and by do
ing that, we feel that we are doing
the orea big thing that will help this
country Into more prosperous times.
People are Interested in prices, and
are buying when prices are right.
"The production of Ford cars and
trucks for August again broke all
prevloua high records with the total
reaching 117,696. This Is the fourth
Consecutive month In which our out
put has gone over the hundred thou
sand mark, the total for the four
months being 463.074, which has
gone a long way in making possible
the present reductions. June this
year, with an output of 117,247. was
the previous record month.
"One noteworthy feature of our
sales is the Increased demand for
Ford trucks and curs from sulesmeu.
This class of commercial business
has been gradually increasing the
past sixty days and we Interpret It
aa a very good sign of Improvement
in general businesa.
"No reduction has been made in
the price of the Fordsnn tractor and
none la contemplated."
Go over these new prices! See
how little It costs to becom the
Notice this delicious
flavor when you
smoke Lucky Strike
it's sealed in by
the toasting process
the particular type of car In which
you are Interested.
Itosehurg, Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Powell of
Tyee, spent the day here 'attending
to business matters. They will leave
tomorrow morning In their machine
for Kandon and other coast points,
to enjoy a vacation.
fO -fW OCCfSlOXL tRftOft
vance us Tiato. suffering
cats, vf vuet rowrr EVRN wew
jesr as ks -ijuo oa semt
AM' DietOMfRnV
house when the women are "pull lug owner of a Ford car or a Ford truck.
" jou reaiiy anoru to ao without
one any longer?
Let us tell you more about It. ami
advise you regarding the delivery of
up" fruil?
Prune I'lrklll'a received a letter
todr from a young lady who gads
up mid down the slroeta morning,
noon and night. Judging from the '
tone of the letter and the number I
of words we could make out. the '
"d.Mir lliiiit' ls peeved because we
are against rolled douii nocks.
aro not exttellr aawinst thn 'rolled
dowu MM'ks, tirrahliue, but are much
opioM-d lo the poor Jilijiiuiit of the,
ones who year 'em.
What will the girl with the i-r-
..., m naif. ,i when the
season starts?
, . , , . .. ,....-... j luiuunu el
e Z.Y. -i '"I"- ,,c'- ,''-"" '"' 1 am very
II.I..R s.le when it .,.., ,., ,,..,,. , ,(,ve wuh m youDi; li)ly (l
The Ih.Ihh-s lu the Jungles south of r'IT ho ' ""eral years young
lh, city an- .IrnwInK up a ooii.lnlnl r Sl"; v"ry "" that we g-t
whl. h will Ih. read ,.,'. ',", '"" "-""re I go but I do ,
council ot H. n. , nx, w.;r,l"1 ,hl" salary la sufficient upon
Ion. TUr romtilMlni which to support a wife. Yet I
Oregon'! Higher Instiistioa ol
Eight Schools; Seventy DtpartmtaU
Fur :ititHilNM writ t tbr Rrrnirir
Oregon Acricultural College
BT MltS. "'""j
A Dally Column of Qneetkma and Answers Conducted by a Womaa
Who Know. Address yonr Letters to Mrs. Kllabury
Clare Roaeburg News-lterlew.
iH-ar Mrs. Misbury: 1 am a young vu )111Ir wl,HrJi , h,m
man 22 years of age and have been small,
employed by the railroad company t
ecently t ?' ' "? ', V"'
r , ., . ... . ... ......... ,.,ini in jwnir column tne cor-
! . ...e,,,..,. . posmon in a caiirornia r.ct weight for a girl who Is five reel
iclty at a better salary and exnect to ' and a half Inches tall on, I ?n
years and six months old. Thank
WONLEKINO tUTH, Tioseluirg
Ans. ,,i,r correct weight would
Ik- i:M jNiiinds.
IVar Mis Kllshury: Klndlv tell
me what national fotrst reserve it is
It was "wntpnin loii tini.-" lit tin- band concert last eveninjr.
The Hii'ull boy with half a lii. lon IicIwiimi hi.t tti'tli ami music in
the air was a siiftit never Mar? witnessed in this city -but the
whole atrair went over itli a bnnjr, hnnjr, lianit!
i 0
Any hiiKband knows when lie is to le late to dinner he'd let
ter call up to keep from beinjf railed diwn.
III. 4 l ... ... " . 1 Sllllletlnit.a t-ur .1,... tr I
.... ... .. nmM. M, B - .......... ,, , ,,,,, marry ma. norm rs on the Pacific hlph ,v
Oiat It Is In.,.,! ,., ,H J" "r';-! J " out. Would In th. Cow Cre,k canv n south V,
rest nowaday. In the jungles. :"" rried under Hoburg. and will you'tell tne whi
'ircuinsunc... or take chance, the sign "AAA OfTlcial" mean,'
.... ""wr lke.l P ,., ,",W A1"' ' " hl,v- "veral on hotel, "n J.
the NrwK..,rn ( h any wa to remove an un,lghtly lous towns and I believe there is one
ml la-Hug ,r It u,,," J' r chm? ! would be on the Fmpqua hotel at ThZ place
eeutlenu,,, . a,,,,.,,, , ndsome If it were not for this. Thank yon. X Y 7. Knseburr
the i.i. kle just mm." Th i... advl.e. IlKOW N EYKS. Kos. Ix.r.l.-n. on ilm i.i, .
Without 1....I.,. ..... K...J ."""'"iirg.
,v,"""n mmihi in hi. a..-
d irnrd s.e I . -TJ L ",,r," "" be very for me I., .d-
.l.,fv , "m ine old ' - yon as
.Ml HIHl
ort the counter.
The Men "1 1 1 om.
mean, that the hotel on whirl.
If we rtprrf
uie IteadlliM., r, hra
down lii,.
, i. . i
to what tn do. If .. ... .. " 'i"" me onirlal hotel
as in and n.n, nn are hih .... ... . ue,j.iiA .
. - . I V. u a1', it b. not fa r to a ,.f .k. . " a mrniiier
keep IbsteW. i-'girPa, !.... ......... ..... : ' " "' """ aH latlon.
II have to rnik. . for .ml . '
i-hlle tOll MM far
t.ardiwawav. Ii drp.ive. of all the
.pleasure, that rr- her right. She
I n.w ne rree to no ahont with
h'l i il A b"' """ .,w'thntnrTg?rla. If we
M" "' .he,l th, rasbyl )u. I w.m.,1 w..h Jl'."
Tolit conversation is the art of talking without savin nr.v. , saTi .Z."'Jh, !h' ' 1 -"'I h ra.he, rt.k II. I...
thin, and not meaning what yo say. iZ?rL?
you should n. he marrie.1 h-f.
V..U leavr. the ,1. lhlB, UtT ,
14 d wmild be to break the engacr-
ie nee arawHately fw,
Triinir. n r raminar nur wne Itnf k..n nu... it.. u
Let's get a little action. , hlrt
l IK 1-KliKIVS skjn
I .uallv the man who n.
man wnn nan
,r"" b 1 5 rent Mnrc
Ilk ,hirt aiskM ki- ' in-.. i
. ----- .wi ---- - ... r a
m MTni rm ,h will be haivr
.........ij, i.iLirrj-rten
nd I,un-
Ii l lr
tlisi .'1 rhil.1rn
len i,t l.Ui,n n
10 wuh
nkw . 4T.MJM1 t r,, ufgi K-rr
Or K i
:....r. ,,
At Rostburg, In the State of Oregon, at tha i. . '.
her . 1821:. , ot 'l
I. Loans and discount, lncludrng redlscounu shn. .
$1. If any Uent :
3. U. 8. government aecurUlea owned, lucludlng thn.i"v" H ttr ,
lo Itema 31 and S. if anv ,no, attowa M!
4. Other bonds, warranu and securities, Ineludtnr '
government, itate. municipal, corporation etc i , r,11
those shown In Items 31 and 36, if any. ' '""Mlna,
R. Stocks, securities, claitna, liens. Judgments itV
6. Banking bouse, $25,000; furniture and fixtures "is km "
7. Keal estate owned other than banking house. ' 7-11-.
(b) Amounts due from banks, banker, and trust' com
designated and approved reserve agenta of iki. . mtal.
Exchange, for clearing house and Items ou other hanii '.' 'iiTlu
the same cily or towu as reporting bank. . . "U H
Cish oil hand In vault 41.. ..
Total cash and due from bank., Items g o"i ';:" Ili.i.
12, I52.757.7&. ' ' 1U' 11 d
" tuoi, h0wil".tw.
17. Capital stock paid in . . .
18. Surplus fund
19. aa) Undivided profits .
(b) Lets current expenses. Interest and tales 'paid 2 ' It i
22. Amounta due to bank., bankers and trust mi,...;
era and trust i.liu.
proved and designated aa reserve agents of this h,nk "
DIM A Ml I.HH.SI TS, other than banks, subject to r"erV.' ''571
or cities and other pubic fund ci"ity
Individual deposits subject to cb eck . . "
Demand certificates of deposit outstanding
27. Cashier', checks of this bank outstanding payable '.,n"a "
mand B
Total of demand deposits, other than bank deposit',".'. V.'
Ject to reserve. Items 24. 25, 26. 27 and 28, llsVjM
IMK AXD SAVIXdS PKIHINITS. subject to rwv, .
2Q TIiiim mrrlftinliH nf Hem.alt mitaionilln.
30. Savines denoits. Davable suhiect in n,,ii.a 36.42T st
Total of time and savings deposits payable on'',.i ,'i 45 5Htl
Kiihlm. In nnlieo, 94 unA 41. ion nno bn u ana
32. Bills payable with federal reserve bank or with other bank
or trust comuanies - oanxs
33. Reserved for taxes, Interest or depreciation ; 'Mtl.H
Total " .
State of Oregon, County of Douglas, ss. "'1.HJ.JI
I, Joseph Micelli, President of the above named bank a
swear that the above statement Is true to th best of mv kn 1 lul'
blle(- JOSEPH MICFT i t n',l "4
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th dav or Mil
. . . - -- n.wwr
Con-ect Attest
c ....a sin nay or September u
n.mish; ;.r : 'l0 m.
My com mission expires July 27 k?a P
: J. H. Booth. H. Wollenberg, V, J. Micelli, "irifl
Mother Falls Uncnscious
"My mother, who Is 69 years old,
has been troubled with her liver for
35 years. Doctors said she had gall
stones. Several times she fell un
conscious because of these attacks.
Eight months ago I noticed an ad
vertisement of Mayr's Wonderful
Remedy in the Toledo Blade and pur
chased a bottle, which did her a
great amount of good. She con
tinued the treatment and has felt
entirely well since." It is a simple,
harmless preparation that removes
the catarrhal mucus from .v.
tinal tract and allay, the nn.Bai.
wu.un causes practically U
stomach, liver, and inteUm m.
...c.o, ..mutiing append c ii. n..
dose will convince ot money rehm.
eu. uruggisis everywhere.
A building permit hat been bM
to Stanley L. Kidder rnr . .....
bungalow to be erected at the eorw
of South Jackson and Watte itru
work will probably start at one
WANTED TurKeys .large or small.
Phone 14-F-14. Buyer Bros.
FOUND Small boy'a coat. Owner at?
. have same by calling at tbti t-n
TAIU)HlNO and dres.tnaKtnic of all
visiuB. niuiie loi-n, Aira. uuinnuga.
WAM'h'u to kent 4 or 6 room
WANT TU BUY A few Kod layliiR
llnn. See it. II. Myer. 73 Cobb St.
W A NTKD -Position um alenovraplier.
& room
WAXTKD TO li KMT jiodur
i tiuhF. t'titint.
CoMl'KTKNT younte lady ntenogiapher
W A N TK I Ll v e stock for hipmn;.
Kami Btirtau KxrhanKe. Pliuiirt jtH.
WAX'fKD To hear from pur tie hav
iiiK t'V.e utiufp for nale. K. A. tituw
ait, KuHfburtjr. Phoiiti 4-K14.
WAXTKI Illicit school girl wunts
place to work for board and room.
Amelia 'i Ha. Hoat-burK. Stur Ht.
W AN l'KI Wrl or woman for general
, huuNework In country. Call at 1-a
N. Kane St.
WAXTKh A few more milk and eKK
customers. H. 11. Moyvr, 733 Cobb
WANTKl Man and wife to pick ap
ples, limine partly furnished to live
In. Jucoh Sharp, (iarden Valley.
I'ost office. Wilbur. OreKon.
WAXTKH Woman cnok on ranch dur
iiik liurveKt time. Addresa Cook,"
New-lt iew.
YOt'Nti man would like rcoin and
eveniiifr meal In refined, quiet home.
KcOreiic. Aildrehfl J. E. 1., care
N.-wb- Itt-view.
WAXTKH .lnn to work on a farm who
can milk cows and do other fceneral
farm wo,rk. Apply In person. Jacob
W. June, 2ml. west of l-Jdwiibowcr.
WAXTKh A ninKle man with sonii
capital to tak. half Interent In sheep
bu.xine on ltu-acr farm. For full
Information call or writv to Andrew
l'-t i'-r. Tiller. Oreiron
OHt HAltD lll'l.p W 4XTCD,
W A NTKl Prune pickers. Write or
- .llL?hj ?2-z B'nd Bros.. Qllde. Ore.
A.NTKH l.'rune pickers. Fred llal-
HeUl. H. F. U. No. 1. Hoseburg. Piioite
s-r 1 1.
imjit kknt- Furnished aptrtmnK
oi wen way ol. fnone xzi-T.
FUltNlSHKU housekeeping room IK
" ' iicattT aireei.
fm nj-m. tfatety apol
Roseburf National BsdL
bm ItKNT Furnished iteeplne rwa.
hot water all of the time. 321 ik
FOll KENT Sleeping room for intk-
Hteam heat. !3 No. SltpktM
FOIt RENT Furnished rooms. Mat-
em house, if urnace heat, reeepuwt
lMirirr, laufes prererreu. ii
men I lu Ave. Phon e 47T-L.
FOR KENT A real Jiv stork rwrfc
eiifht miles from tuwn. thr jht
lea we. rent very cheap: partly umlr
Irriiration; food lmprovemntt. Urn
la your chance to Kt ftarlH If ri
act quick. Sea A. T. Lavrrirt
Atrency. 125 Caas IrcL Phon 111
FtH HKNT 15 acre ranch. I vm
bearing orchard. S of apples, an. 1
of peaches. Rest ell In cultlntloi;
some river bottom land; 7 miles t
oi town. mue iruiti racine
way. Some farm machinery
With Diner. OtTier and ntrnk wilt H'l
tluod bullriinrs. Addresi Ruk
FOR SALE Fir cord wood. Writs (
price. I. u. Uoff. Suthsrlln..
l-Xlt SAI.K A govd Ford coupe efaf
rncne ijb-1a
FOR KALE Jersey cow. Deer Crrtfc
FOR SALE Oak wood. Address b
K. Marstrra. R. F. H. I. I'hons L-F
l OR SALE uni good bkyclc Call
. Jackson St.
FOR HALE Pure bred Delaint vf
hlsrh grade Rarnboiilliet rams-
uarnes. Ten alUe. Oregon.
for rsBBisf
HeSrinf. -
Telephone 270-U L
louglas St. per tui.
A Mhh Prune pickers and drier
iinnu. uootl picklnK. Bunk houses
(m pickers. Will pay iiKh waaes
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