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    The New '
and '
Mill appeal to you from
every point of view
Will you be one of the,
first to see them?
. i.i-r li:u n received from
John H. Faili-rxtui. broker of Se-
,-H, Wash.. ho- 11 endeavoring 10
rflli mill prune growers aud
..-i. who uWre a market for
thelr pruJu.t. The letter fullowo tu
'I am having fonie inquiry for the
wt pack Hums, ind especially for
small i's l "l0 pound sacks, so
I tm anxious to get In touch with
onie of the growers or packers who
nitglil be Interested in having an
Ment in this territory. I work on
t ..wlu nnlv. and have
t wld acquaintance anions the
trade and canj Klve the best of bank
references, bo lielieve tliut 1 am ciual-
Illinois Miners
Are on Warpath
ELIZABETIiTOWX, 111.. 8evi. 7.
Five hundred armed m'jen art
en-am ped on the headwaters of Uig
creek, 12 milt's north of here, ac
cords to word brought here. All
telephone vires leading to the region
were cut last night.
Auto Wreck
Causes Arrest
Gardner of Portland Is seriously In
. jured and J. L. Smith of Portland,
chauffeur, Is under arrest as the the
I result of an automobile accident
. near here early today. Sheriff V'il-
. sou Is seeking t'ue third man who
. was In the automobile. Sheriff Wil
son said that there were six sacks of
whiskey in bottles found In the
i wreck. Smith la charged with trans
porting liquor.
If led to be of good service to the
grower and packer. Kindly give me
the names of any who you think
misht desire a representative in this
Babe Ruth
Gets Homer
Kindetgarten and all other
Dunning Classes
start this week
Bell Sisters Building
NEW YORK, Sept. 7. Babe
Huth clouted out his fifty-second
home run in the fourth inning of the
second game wMh lloston today.
There was no one on bases when ttie
hit was made. Pcnnock, pitching
for lloston, was the victim.
British Cabinet
Approves Reply
(By Associated Press!
IVEKXKSS, Scotland, Kept. 7.
The British cabinet In session today,
unanimously approved tho govern
ment's reply to the last note from
lieValera, Irlph republican leader.
Tito reply was handvd to a Sinn
Fein courier, who started for Dub
lin with it. Lloyd George sent a
courier to Moy Hall near here, where
King George Is staying, to acquaint
the King with the cabinet's decision
which will be made public Thurpduy
"The Busiest Woman In California'
so they call Mrs. Elmer M. Wood
bury, wife of the manager of the Hotel
Richelieu, San Francisco. When not
otherwise occupied she gives a unique
and artistic touch to the hotel rooms
by painting mural decorations, tamp
onades, etc. "Otherwise occupied"
means as playwright, newspaper cor
respondent and singer. She has been
queen of five carnivals.
fits i
feSjcal Light-Six Coupe Roadster 1 gfjffiT r.t jf"--""1
. I 112-inch whmmlhct m
t."0 f. n. h. South I tend.
THE LlGHT-SlX Coupe Roadster is the great
est light weight two-passenger car of the
enclosed type on the market -ideal for the doc
tor, the salesman or any other man whose duties
demand a sturdy, economically-operated car for
all year-round use. .Studebaker s engineering
genius, coupled with the Studebaker policy of
building complete in one plant, have alone made
it possible to produce a car of this unusual value
at its remarkably low price.
This is a Studebaker Year
C O. THOMAS, Distributor
f. o. 1. I'm fnrle. effective heplcirher Hits. IWtl.
1 ttllf si o...-M .,, - . , .,i I lnl,,..l f'tHM IhNtr SI.VpO
ll.VI Malil-ftis; -win. lnn !""
.15111 MK-liilix 4-pa. olipe 8i'?'
10;W rprrijil-W .Vn. Selnn gryi
ltlg-vl 4-pM. ( ou !4X.
1HJ lila-olT 7-fmm. r.ln "
vM-all Tiinrii,. I
L'lir . . ,
N-l;,Ui, 4-r..-. n.
l oaring Car
oft, Washable Fabrte Among the Most
Charming for Wear During
the Summer.
Anionx the moat charming of the
warm weather frock shown this year
may be mentioned those made of soft.
washable allka. These silks come lu
light colon, and mora often than not
In gingham patterns. Checks and
stripes of various widths are featured,
the background usually being white
The material launder beautifully and
generally give excellent sen-Ice. The
tendency la to .fashion the tub silk
frock on somewhat tailored line.
The regulation frock made of tub
Ilk In the checked pattern and piped
in cotur to mates me cnecs, or ir tm
la a color, such as blue, green or red,
a black piping may be used It pre
ferred. The belt la of white kid
trimmed In blight colored or black pat
ent leather, and the shoes carry out
the same color scheme. A little Testes,
often of whiter knitted silk, orgaudie
or other cotton materiel, la a part of
the design.
Tub silk makes an Ideal frock for
'.'ear at home during the eu miner
months, as it la so soft that It does
not wrinkle at all and will stand a
good deal of wear without retubblng. .
Garment Should Be Cleansed by
Squeeilng, Lifting Up and Down,
and Not Stretched.
FtJ'e the sweater from all loose dust,
then! measure and write down the
length and width of the frout aud
back, length of shoulder and length of
sleeves along the seam.
Dissolve two tablespoonfuls of white
soap flakes In a bait cupful of boiling
water and stir Into a gallon of warm
water (for colored garments tin! water
should be cooler than for white).
Put In the sweater aud wash by
squeezing and lifting up and dowu In
the soupy water, taking rare r.Df to
stretch It. Do not rub. Itinse In sev
eral waters of the same temperature
as the wash water, and for white
sweaters add a very little bluing to the
last rinse water. Squeeze between the
hands, roll In a Turkish towel aud
squeeze again to remove as much wa
ter as possible.
Set a tuble. outdoors in the shade
and cover It with a folded sheet. On
this lay the sweater with the back
next the sheet and draw the fronts
together and the sleeves straight out.
Verify all measurements and If ueces
wry stretch nnd pin the sweater Into
shape. When partly dry, turn the
other side up.
Material Lends Conveniently ta
Looped Effects Tendency to
React From Dyed Laces.
Panels, loops or draperies Hint banc
below the skirt give an effect of full
ness without actually widening the
skirt, as they also give the upejir
ance of greater length, although In
many Instance the length of the skirt
hns not been Increased. For fashion
has quite definitely decided that skirts
must be lengtliened, and has alxo lmide
nn unsuccessful struggle to widen
Laces lend themselves well to lootK'd
effects, although they bring us to a
slightly different sort of evening
dress from the simple crepe de chine
things. While the lines may be sim
ilar and the draping done In much the
same wuy, the effect cannot full to be
dlsfimllar, because the fabrics are so
There Is a tendency to react from
the dyed luces, although this does lint
menu that they are not used. Quan
tities of them st IH nre seen, but they
appear a bit garish beside the black-and-white
combinations or the frocks
In all white or entirely of jet black
Spanish blond laces still are In fre
quent demand. ' They make pleasing
send-ercnlng dresses for midsummer,
to be worn with transparent brows
Moving to 0rvalliH
S. M. Dritt has sold his place near
the end of Fullerton street and Is
moving his family to Corvallls to
morrow. Mr. Hrltt and. his oldest
sons, Loren and Herbert, will prob
ably remain in Koseburg throughout
the winter. Ulen llrltt plans to
study electrical uiglneerlng at the
Oregon Agricultural College.
. a '
Housewives Wefcome Our Announcement
of Blankets and Bedding at
These Low Prices !
11 I IN!ll',,"'
IsT IB ;!' sssMgsTaWssaT
r"" lul Hncorponuta
It it fortunate that auch Blanket value as theao are available here at these low price
when ihe Fall season opens. It is a matter of good economy to purchase now and in such
quautitie a will be amply guflioiciit for the needs of the coming winter.
Fine Bed Blankets
Nashua Woolnap Blankets
Gray, White, Tan
" Bis 84x76
Slse 66x80 . ..
Else 72x88 , '. .!
Nashua Woolnap Blankets
Fancy Plaids Solid Colors
Blze 60x80 $3.49
Blze 60x80 $3.08
Slse 72x84 v. $4.98
Cotton Blankets
Gray, White, Tan
Size 04x74
Blze 04x80
Bize TOxRO
Blze 74xK0
, .$2.49
Esmond Crib Blanket
Assorted sizes, pink and blue, bird and animal designs.
Two In One Bed Blankets
Fancy Tlaids or Solid Colors
Blze 66x84 $3.98 '
Size 72x84 , $4.98
Esmond Comfortables
Indinn and Floral Put terns and Designs
Rlzo 04x78 $2.98
Size 74x84 -. $3.98
Blzo 72x84 $4.98
1 (Heavy Weight)
Bed Comforts, $1.98, $2.49 to $6.90
Well filled and in varied colors and attractive design.
At 12.49, Silkoline covered. At (6.90, Sateen in assorted colors.
- Bedspreads '
$1.49 . $1.08
Croched boney comb Bed
spreads in assorted designs, the
desirable weight and made In
full double bed size.
Sheeting, 43o Yd.
Full bleacheu, 81-inch stand
ard quality bed sheeting.
Scalloped Bedspreads
$1.98 - $2.49 $2.98
Attractive scalloped Bed
spreads In rich Marseilles pat
tern, full double bed size.
Pillow Tubing, 33o.
Good quality of Pillow Tub
ing, 4 2 -Inch size.
Satin Bedspreads
$3.49 . $3.98 . $4.98
Handsome satin Spreads,
scalloped at the corners and In
full double bed size.
Seamless Sheeting, $1.19
Heady - mado double bed
sheetluf, standard weight, size
"the largest chain department
Setose organization in the world:
Sealed bids will be received by the
comity court of Douglas" County
Oregon, at th court house In Kose
burg, at 10 o'clock a. m. on the 15th
day of September, 1921, for the con
struction ol culvert on a section
of road between Canyonville and
Tiller, knoirn as the Sam I'erdue
Culvert Section. The work Involve,
the construction of an 8'xlM' con
crete culvert, near the residence ol
Sam I'erdue In Section 23, T. 30 8.,
R. 4 W., W. M.
Sealed bids will also be received
st the same time and place for con
struction work on the following sec
tions of road:
Construction work on a section of
toad between Canyonville and Tiller,
known as the Kenn Hill Section. The
work involves approximately 420
feet of gradng and graveling, the
limits being more particularly de-
I scribed as from Engineer station
I 25 00 to Engineer Station (7-f (0.
In Section 26, T. 30 8 . E. 8 W. W
I Construction work on a section of
road bvxween Canyoavllto and Tiller,
of grading and graveling, the limits
being more particularly described as
from Engineer's Stution 0 00 to
Engineer's Station 6087.1. In Sec-
Inns 25 and 26, T. 30 S , it. 3 W..
W. M.
Constt uction work on a section of
road lietween Myrtle Creek and
Nuggetl, known aa the Pete Weaver
Section. The work Involves approxi
mately 1560 feet of grading and
graveling, the limits being more
particularly described as from En
glneer's Station 0 00 to Engineer's
Station 15 60, In Section 21, T. 2S
S.. K. 4 W., W. M.
Construction work on a sertlrrn of
road between Glendale and the Pa
cific Highway, known as the Wlthy
conib Section. The work Involves
approximately 2 H miles of gravel
ing, the limits being mora particu
larly described as being located in
Sections 2, 3 and 4. T. 33 S., it. 6 W.
Construction work on a section of
road between Rochester Bridge and
Elkton, known as Dodge Canyon
Section. The work Involves ap
proximately, 1 5-K miles of grading
and graveling, the limits being more
particularly described as from en
gineer's Station 69-1-35 to Engineer's
Station 153 32.2, In 8ecllons 28,
33. 34 and 2, In T. 24 and 25 S., It.
Construction work on a section of
road between Yoncalla and R. It.
Booth's Ranfh, known as I'ederson
Section. The work Involves approxi
mately 1 V4 miles of grading and
graveling, the limits' being more
particularly described as Iroin r.ngi
neer'fStation 0 00 to Engineer's
Station K6 82.8, In Sections 30 and
31. T. 22 S.. It. 4 W.
Construction work on a section or
road between Oakland and Ward
Cocrreran's Ranch, known as Young
Section. This work Involves ap
proximately 2 miles of graveling, the
limits being more particularly de
scribed aa from nnglneer s Station
0 00 to Engineer' Station
98 54 6. in Sections 20, 2$ and 30,
T. 24 8.. R. 4 W.
No bid will be considered unless
accompanied by cash, bidder's bond
or certified check tor an amount
equal to at least five IS) per cent of
Ihe total amount of the hid.
A sufficient bond will be required
for the faithful performance of the
"outran In a sum equal to one-half
of the total amount of the bid.
Plans, specifications, forms of
U O0Wt Safe
VWJL Jit, Far Infants
HVtlp InrabSa
contract, proposal blanks, and full
information for bidders may be ob
tained at the office of the county
clerk or the roadmaster, upon the
deposit of Ave dollars for each sec
tion of road.
Separate bids will be received on
each of the above sections.
The right Is rese'rved to reject any
or all proposals, or to accept the pro
posal or proposals deemed best for
the county.
County Clerk of Douglas County,
For Sale
High Class Nursery Stock
at reasonable prices. Get my
prices before placing your order.
I'll see that you get what you buy.
Itoflehurg, Oregon.
Mrs. J. D. Yoakum and son
Charles left this morning for Grants
I'aas to attend to business matters
for a short time.
in New York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't allow
yourself to become victim by
neglecting pains and aches. Guard
against this trouble by taking;
The world's standard remedy for Udnsy,
liver, bladder and uric .cid troabln.
Holland's national rowdy sine. I6V0.
All druggists, thr. ilm auarantMd.
U far U mm UU MmJml mm avarr aaaj
-. p tr irt i-r rr T rf-1l V-m v, t-
In determination It gives confi
dence and turns obstacles Into op
portunities. Determine to make weekly deposits
to your credit with the Koseburg Na
tional Hank.
4X Inttrcst Paid oo Savings Accounts
The Roseburg National Bank
TwTood. Drink" tat AU Ages.
Quack Ltaocb .Home, Office,
rtiwlskil AJtf-HQKLKX-X
The only svtem for beginners, tndotsed by the world'l most
renowned musicians.
Btudm: 42 a. sum st. Pbon ill U
All MnoVhakrr Can Are Equipped V Hh Cord Tim.
. work lavotvea apycoxJaaalery 1 nU)
knowa aa the Fain 8ection. The