Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, September 06, 1921, Page 5, Image 5

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&L" 'rL1 -Barns
t -ssnTM"""--- a m m m mi mm
Will appeal to you from
every point of view
Will you be one of the
first to see them? - . . ....
.traors Patterson, wife of
i i Patterson, of Gardiner,
.Jtans years of suffering
L7W August 31. The de
ft a woman of lovely dispo
foj character; respected and
F h larnre circle of
ing Course
civ lYKKKS
t umCM. Accountant
(r. !'
IMCfpt a limited number of
Uculi for a practical six
Liu study of double entry
fcUHping. Students must ap
pjitiinlay, Sept. 10th, at Room
LI, Koblnagen Bldg. Terms,
L; 25 cash in advance, $25
L ot 1st naif.
tlon opportunity to gel me
itowntala of double entry
lTpfrlpnce rovers 20 yenrs.
Mint Bldg. I'hone 31:1.
relatives and friends. A very large
gathering of friends' at tbe burial
attested the high esteem In which
she was -held. The abundance of
flowers which obscured the ' grave
were the expression of those who
loved her in life. Besides a sorrow
ing husband there are left one child,
one brother and six sisters. Funeral
services were conducted by Rev. C. C.
Dix of Elkton and Interment made in
Scottslmrg cemetery on Friday after
noon, Sept. 8.
: o
Mra. Archie Taylor and Mrs.
James Goodman, left Sunday morn
ing by auto stage for Marshfield and
other coast points, where they will
spend a week or ten days enjoying
an outing.
n D. 9. Weather BurtAO. local offioa
.toMborav ureson, aours .naina:
a. m.:
ererlplMMaa la Ineaae mm HanSreStk.
HiitheHt temperature yesterdny .. 76
lou'ertt temperuture last night . 4k
Precipitation laat 24 hours 0
Total pre:tp. since first of mo.... 0
Normal preclp. for this month... 1.01
Total preclp. from Sejt. 1,( 1921,
to date 0
Av.M-aa-e preclp. from Kept. 1, 1877 .10
Totul UeOclency from Sept. 1. 1921 .09
Average precipitation for 44 wet
eaHons. (Sept. to May, Inc.) .. .31. 38
forecast to I p. m. tor southwestern
Tonight and Tuesday fair.
TO seal
in the
Once you've
enjoyed the
toasted flavor
you will al
ways want it
WASHINGTON,;, Sept. 5. Postof
fice department announced an in
crease in rural mall service. Effec
tive Septeauev 16, route No. 1 out
of Knappa will be increased from
tri-weekly to daily, affording 97
families Improved facilities. Route
.No. 2 out of Dayton was Increased
16 miles to accommodate 60 fam
ilies. -
Mr. Edwin A. Johnson and Miss
Pearl A. Hatty,' both of Glendale,
were united in marriage at 3 o'clock
Saturday afternoon. The ceremony
took place at the parsonage of the
Christian church. Rev. C. H. Hilton
reading the service and using a ring
ceremony. The young people were
accompanied by one friend only, and
the wedding was a very quiet one.
They will make their home at Glen
Tomatoes 50c per bushel. Patch
run. Bring your box. T. B. Evans
ft Son, Dillard, Oregon.
We have some unusual bargains
in second hand trucks to offer for
quick disposal. Here is a partial list
and each one is a genuine bargain:
1 One VA Ton Federal Truck, 1920
Model, practically new ' - -
One half ton Dodge Bros, business
car, model 1921, good as new, price-One
Delivery Truck, Price -
One 1-Ton . Ford, Worm - Drive
iruck, Model 1920, fine condition,
excellent body, Price, - - - -
J.O. Mewlaii & S
ge Bros. Cars. Cass and Stephens Sts.
Pleads ;
Bryon Removal
Due to Economy
(Nnra-Rovlew WanUngtoa Bureau.)
WASHINGTON. Sept. 6. Into th.
department ot Justlc and through
offices of th. of th. Ore
gon congressional delegation are
flowing many telecrama ot nrokat
against the proposed removal of W.
H. bryon, cbief of th. bureau of In
vestigation of the department ot jus
tlc fur th. Pacific Northwest wHh
headquarters at Portland, whose im
mediate resignation was demanded
early in th. week by W. J. Burns,
the new head. of th. bureau...
During a vary brief stay in Wash
ington, th. first In a week, Mr.
Burns told Senator McNary's office
that th. call for bis resignation Im
plied no reflection whatever upon
the excellence of Mr. Bryan's ser
vice, but was Incident to the orders
issued by Attorney General Daugh
erty to reduce th. personnel of the
service because 0t reduced, appro
priations. ..
May Give Him Place.
Mr. Burns said that Mr. Bryon's
place was leu necessary than some
others snd was to be eliminated.
He Intimated that If congress con
solidates all of the secret service
agencies of th. government as pro
posed in the general reorganization
scheme. Into the one department of
justice bureau, a place probably will
be found for Mr. Byron.
Consolidation Remote. -
The fact is, however, that this con
solidation la remote and is rendered
more ti.tflcult by the appointment of
Mr. Burns, against whose establish
ment at the head of tbe bureau of in
vestigation vigorous protest bas been
made by New York and other power
ful-Influences, some of which were
behind the attempt which was made
in New York a few months ago to ob
tain the revocation ot private detec
tive license ot the Burns private de
tective agency on the grounds of un
ethical conduct In a number of cases,
notably In tbe cases arising at tbe
time the Burns agency was doing de
tective work for German steamship
and other Interests In the period be
tween 1914 and 1917. Mr. Burns
has been given a free hand by At
torney General Daugherty to reor
ganize the personnel of the bureau.
Other Protests Coras.
Mr. Burns spent the past week In
the middle west and Is In New York
effecting changes. Prom other cities
where he has eliminated officials,
protests of the same character that
are coining from Portland are flow
ing to Washington. .
Attorney General Daugherty has
been out of the city since Sunday and
is not expected to return until after
Labor day when these protests will
be brought to bis attention.
o ' r
Reedsport Mill
To Be Rebuilt
REEDSPORT. Sent. 3. The
Reedsport planing mill, destroyed by
fire some few months ago, is being
rebuilt. A crew of men started to
work laat Friday morning removing
the debris of the fire and laying of
the mud sills upon which the found
ation will be started. The loss or
the nlant was a serious blow to the
community as It employed about 25
men and had sufficient oraers tor
steady running over a period of a
years time, but tne inaoiunauie
spirit of Reedsport ousiness men.
and others, and those heretofore em
ployed in the Reedsport planing mill
and other financial assistance re
ceived from the outside, has made
It a possibility to build a better ana
larger plant than heretofore.
The building of the plant will be
much larger and convenient to rail
road facilities, and a great deal bet
ter to waterway..
It Is expected with tne lorce on
hand which will be Increased mis
week, that the foundations of the
building will be so placed that the
machinery for engines and boilers
and planing equipment will be able
to start operations within the next
fortnight as all machinery has been
. It is expecl'd as soon as some of
the present machinery is installed so
ss to get tne piani unuer "v"-""".
nthoe machinerv -which has been or
dered, will be Installed, so ss to
make It a complete factory as be-
fWben this plant was burned down
a few months ago. the company had
large Incompleted contracts with
Chicago and other eastern firms
which have been held up on account
r ah rl ASltrltr linn of the plant which
hav. not been abrogaiea ana
firms mentioned have been willing
to wait until the new plant has been
htill and have further signified
their Intentions of taams iarar u.
i ih. future than heretofore,
This mill Is s purely Reedsport
concern backed and financed prsc-
.i n i.. Rearinnort people "ui.u
will prove s prsctlcsl concern to the
interests of tne peopiw m ""'r"
Well Known
Couple Married
is iwmvnaxt svrnu
VVal m vmnrnmmMMS i
School Days are Here!
School Shoes are Now Necessary !
The J. C. PENNEY CO. Stores If iff Sell This Year Approximately
Nine Million Dollars Worth of Good Shoes
You Can Realize Why We BUY FOR LESS Then Why We SELL FOR LESS
For Your Boys
For Your Girls
All boys delight In owning a pair of these tor bad
weatber. We ar. showing wonderful boots at
splendid values. -
Sties 8 to 13.' Price 92.49 Co 9.1.00
Sizes 13H to 1. Price 93.7a to SUI.OH
Sizes 2H to 5Vi. Price 98.9 to $.9H
Made like Dad's. Tans snd blacks. A great num
ber of styles.
Prices .93.40 to 93.40
broad toe the kiddles Ilk. so well. They come
In brown, tans and black.
Sizes 5 to 8. Prices $1.49 to $I.T
Sizes 8 to 11. Price 93.05
Service-giving Shoes. Mahogany or black.
Sixes 3 to SH. Price .$1.19
Sizes 5H to 8. Price 91.49'
Sizes 8Vs to 11. Price 91.99
Sizes 11 to 2. Price 93.49
Made ot Calf Skin. Made to wear. Sizes 2 to 6. With low flat heels. A big tea
Sizes 8 to 13. Price 43.19 ture In our Shoe Department. All heathers lu tans.
Sizes 13tt to :. Price 93.49 browns and blacks.
Sites ZV, to 6. Price ' 93.98 Prices V. .93.2S to 94.00
They wear like Iron. Made with double soles. ! Buy early and have them for the first storm. It
Sizes 13 to 2. Price 93.79 may save them from a slek spell.
Sizes 2H to BH. Price 93.98 Prices ,..,v, . v . .'. . .09c, 89c
Demand good serviceable shoes that will stand the Shoes must wear, but they must also bave that
knocks. Particular car. Is given to' selection of distinctive style snd class so. dear to the feminine
our Boys' Shoes. They must be msde to stand heart. These features you will find lu all our
what the sturdy boy will give them. Misses' Shoes.
Both are very well known in Rose
burg and both are actlv. members
of the Christian church. They will
make their home in Roseburg.
To Plan Opening
of Local Cannery
Prank Norton, the Sutberltn pack
er, who has leased the Roseburg
cannery from the Oregon canning
company Is expected to come to itose
burg the early part of this week to'
formulate plans for running th. can
nery this fall.
It was formerly planned to open
the cannery about October 1, and so
far as la known, no change has been
made In this plan. Mr. Norton ex
nects to work extensively with ap
ples this year. He has Deen running
the cannery at Drain full blast,
wnrklna largely In pears.
A large quantity of old stock put
up by A. Rupert company nas oeen
stored in the cannery building and
this Is now being removed and ship
ped or stored elsewhere, and a crew
of men are at work putting the can
nery In shape for rail operation.
The opening of the cannery will
mean work for a large orew of both
men and women until late in the
season. Starting late, however, after
the opening of school, the cannery
will not employ as many young peo
ple as it bas in former years. The
wage scale for employes this year
has not yet been announced.
31st by Mra. A.
H. Beckley., A. HV
Lettorts bave been sent out to var
ious men Inviting them to join th.
Unipqua Jubilee Singers. This Is a.
new musical organization which has
just started In Roseburg. and whtib
will put on concert throughout the
winter. It is not made up of prof
fesslonal singers1, but anyone who.
can carry a tune Is eligible for mem-'
hershlp. Mrs. Heinline has offered
the use of her studio for rehearsnW,
I am not responsible for any bills and bas even offered to Instruct th.
run on and after this date, August singers without cost. t
' MM MPttttv wedding
last night at o'clock at ths bom.
of Mr. snd Mrs. ""VrS.,,:
B. Douglas street. hen. " .Jl" "V
Melva Cannon became tlr""e ,ri
Cornelius M. Kolkema. Jo. wed-,
ding service was performed by Rev.
C H Hilton, minister of th. Chris
tian church, who ssed th. ring cere
mony. Th. house was aecoti
with ssters and at the clou, of th.
J..m. "a wedding dinner was
served to the bride and groom by
T. . .. - Un Cannon
Mr. ana sir. "" , -. , ,
Has neesi ror n"""" ' . H
the snrvemr's office ss steaoarapeeT
Mr. Koikes, as vsatsr. ft
Electric Service
Deko and Remy
This establishment believes In
preparedness therefor It car
ries a really comprehensive
stock of parts for most Auto
Electric Systems. This means
genuinely prompt service for
YOU when your car's system
develops trouble.
A good stock of parts, ade
quate facilities and equipment
and skilled auto electricians
more can't be said.
Auto Electric Station
Phones 138 and 138-R.
Corner Pin. and Oak Bts.
We are pleased to announce the
following Prices Effective Now:
Overland Light Four
Touring and Roadster, $ 767.00
Coupe, - - 1,045.00
Sedan, - - 1,100.00
Willys Knight Touring, 1,780.00
Roadster, 1,725.00
Coupe, 2,485,00
Sedan, 2,705.00
If you are in the market for a Car,
these prices cannot help but in
terest you. We invite your closest
inspection and are pleased to dem
onstrate any time, any place
Th. only aystem for beginners. Indorsed by tb. world' moat
renowned musicians. . ,
Btadlo: 418 8. Mala St.
Pbon. Ill-L.