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11 i i i f"C r
10,000 people reed the
NVws-Revtew daily.-'
.howers. I
la Which it Included Th Evmuif News and The Roaeburg Review
iwrid Attorney Neuner Will Allow Defense Reasonable Time
But Stttes Tnat ininy ways iow wiukawwudjj nrw
Judge's Arrival V'ill Oppose Change of Venue
.aaa )wwww pose the motion for a change of
v v
. - f Cant i (Special
! News-Hevlew by Associated
-Ceorge G. Bingham.
ITtbe Mr'on county cireuA
Iurt. will preside over the
JS-umMd murder trial. 8u-
!r. m.tlce Burnett an-
! Jounced this afternoon follow-
I lis receipt of the announce-
a swat that Jud(te Hamilton had
T" .1.a the affidavit of preiu-
slice. Judge Bingham will leave f
I .. for Roseburg to take
charge of the trial.
i mmuee was received at
J J this afternoon by Judge
Hamilton that Judge Bingham
t would be here Tuesday morning
to Karl the trial.
Tae Brumfteld trial proceedings
Iff OB S BlOing ftwaiuuH fcuo
mil of s new Judge. Following
Jiirt Hamilton's granting of an
ifidirtt of prejudice . yesterday,
kick compelled him to step down,
'm at once requested Chief Justice
Z . . AftABl tn
BUlQCU IU Jit " vu.v.m w
gear the murder trial, but the date
of trial has not been set . and . no
tgneut is made. ' s
Tl motion for a change of venue
itkt Attorney Bice tor the defense,
nMDced he would make, will be
kara by the new Judge. This mo
da will be filed before Saturday
km. Rice announced. Another day
111 then be consumed by the district
money Id filing a counter motion
u4 the arguments for and against
the change of venue will not be
aidt until Tuesday.
Will Take 30 Days.
Attorney Rice announced unoffl-
tally last night that It would be
MCMtary to take thirty days In as-
ttahllng the testimony favorable to
the accused man. Following the fil
ial of a motion for change of venue.
Attorney Rice states he will ask the
wirt for a reasonable time to secure
positions of witnesses In Canada,
Ohio and other eastern states. At
torney Hammersley, who Is associ
ated with Neuner In prosecuting the
taw, Interposed the remark that In
ah opinion depositions of this na
tira could not be used In criminal
aiea. Inasmuch as the state would
t have the privilege of croes
mnlning the witnesses at the tlm
taa depositions were taken.
Prosecution Is Read.
unmet Attorney Neuner an-
araced that the prosecution was
""y to proceed at once with the
Wal but would be willing to grant
t defense a reasonable time to as-
-re testimony. He has an-
"fd. however, that he will op-
Veterans Attend
Meeting in Large Numbers
To Hear Adjt. Gen. White
111 All frftm t1 no ft a nf
connty gathered at the armory
ht to attend the bonus mass
"tag. The vets were anxlons to
first-hand Information
J"""11 the loan and the each
""rea of tbe measnre
Adjutant General George A. White
" Lyman Ri... t 7,.. .
f , - ...... VI rcumvwi, Bum
'"Mrs of th- state bonus commla-
scheduled to appear at the
IT1 b otng to an auto mls
tert.!?' ('0"re Grove and other
J2"s he ,nroat, frora thB(
J MM o clock. Whea he en
llfJus armory fs meeting was
liaitK '! pror". but knowing
aw, J h0T expected his appear-
" did not atop to eat or to
CLlrAr' ,na "rt from his
"V skortlr ,,. B '
sy7 '"t t-neral Is perhaps
al " m and
a J-k Wirld Oregon vets than
UW07,te" "ate. His ei
to all qaes
ttssniJ. ' W" education to
are going to make appli
venue on the (rounds tnat the ez-
Dense would be too great to Douglas
county. He states there are no
grounds upon which the defense can
base their charges of prejudice, the
change of vend motion must be
passed upon by the new judge to be
appointed and It is necessary for the
defense to show sufficient cause by
affidavits, etc., that such change
should be granted. In the event a
change of venue Is granted, it Is
very possible that the case would be
taken to Lane county. '
New Orders are Made.
The district attorney Issued orders
last night to the effect that no other
food be served to Brumfield besiileB
the JaU menu. A few moments after
the order was made. Mrs. Brumfield
appeared at the Jail carrying a bas
ket filled with food. She was In
formed of the new order and was
forced to leave the delicacies out
side of the Jail. Her visits with the
doctor have been limited to ten min
utes and she must talk to 'him
through the Jail bars. When Dr.
llrumfield greeted his wife last even
ing his voice broke and he was hard
ly able to say a word.
Hopkins ta Charge.
Deputy Frank Hopkins was placed
In charge of the JaU today and has
the keys In his possession. During
the trial two deputies will a worn
nir. the nHonr to the court room
and stay with him at all times.
Doctor Is Called.
Dr. '.Brumfteld this morning com
plained of pains in bis right side
and said that he feared he was suf
fering from an attack of appendi
citis.. Dr. C. B. Wade, the county
physician, was called this afternoon
to make an examination of the pris
oner's physical condition.
District Attorney Talks. ,
When asked whether or. not hr
thought a change of venue would be
granted In the Bruintleld case. Dis
trict Attorney Neuner said: "I can
pot tell what the attorneys for the
defense will allege but all of their
arguments contained in the motion
will be Investigated to determine
whether or nqt the defendant can get
a fair and Impartial trial In this
county. It Is the duty of the Judo
and the prosecuting attorney to see
that he is given a fair trial and there
is nothing m my possession at this
time nor have I come in contact
with any evidence from the body oi
citizens m Douglas county that n
Brumfield or any other person can
not get a fair trial. I am not res
nonsihle for newspaper report. T.c
coroner's inquest testimony has ben
available and what has been priced
has been taken mainly from that
Mint Show Reasons.
District Attorney Neuner stated
this afternoon that the defense at
torneys muat show statutor" reasons
for a continuance of tne case in or
der to delay it for a length of SO
"The defeiiM Is entitled to a rea-
Bonus Mass
cation for either the loan or cash.
"When the applications arrive In
Salem we are coin to look them
over carefully," said White. 'The
ones that are made out properly will
receive first attention and be pal'
without dr-lay. It will be Imperative
however, that the blanks be filled
out nronerlr.' .
"The appraisers will hsve much to
do with the success of the measure
In this state. We are taking all pains
to secure efficient men as appraisers
In the various parts Of the state."
Following his short address he
ak! for nnentlons and tbe boys cer-
.talnlv nnt over a real barrage. He
wm bombarded with every conceiv
able question bat was able to answer
them aH to the satisfaction of tbe
The adjutant of Cmpqua post dis
tributed aDDlicatlon blanks to the
I explaining the'
meeting was:
LJl ones ever I
boys and also leaflets
matter. Last nlght'i
one of the mowtf successful ones ever
held In this elty and many new mem
bers for the local Legion post was
encored. The Cmpqaa poet plans a
big rear and drive for w em
bers will soon be started.
new york sTpt. :. Eiihu
Root has declined the
a member of the International court
of Justice under the league of na
tions because of his advanced age.
SEATTLE, Wn., Sept. I. Miners'
families are fighting suits to evict
them from the company's nouses,
according to union mine officials in
the coal district. Coal ta now com
ing In substantial quantities from
the re-opened mines, where non
union workers are manning the ma
chinery. The operators recently In,
stltgated legal action to force union
miners and their- families from
the company's bouses, oa failure of
the miners to return to work.
Teaching Staff
How Complete
The three remaining vacancies In
the teaching staff of the Koseburg
schools have now been filled, accord
ing to announcement made this
morning. The vacancy In the com
mercial department of the high
school has been filled by Mr. C. O.
Baker, B. B. A., of the University of
Washington, 1921. The fifth and
sixth grades at the Fullerton school
will be In the hands of Miss Mabel
B reckon, a graduate of the Oregon
state normal school In the class of
1919. For the past two years Miss
Breckon has been teaching in the
North Bend schools. The reading
and art departments at the Rose
school have been accepted by Miss
Ethelyn J. Hathaway, a graduate of
the Los Angeles normal school In the
class of 1918. She has been teach
ing at Coronado, California, for the
pasi mree years.
Mr. and' Mrs. David Busenbark
ntertained with a welner roast on
the Umpqua river beach -at the rear
of Alfadale farm last evening. A
delicious repast was partaken of and
delightful evening was enjoyed.
rhe guest list Included their house
quests Mr. and Mrs. Philip Van Nice
nd sons Howard and Robert of
"ortlnnd, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Oan-
dlon of San Francisco, Mr. and Mrs.
Tohn Busenbark, Sr., Mrs. Kate
Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Duncan
md daughters Lois and Freda, Mr.
and Mrs. R. A. Busenbark and chil
dren Fern, Joyce and Francis, Mr.
tnd Mrs. T. B. Busenbark and chll-
lren Margaret. Dale. Wtlma and El
lie, Mr. and Mrs. John Busenbark
r., Dorothy Busenbark, Helen Bu
senbark, Katherine Busenbark. Al
lan Busenbark, Edwin Sandstrom
and Walter Frederlckson.
Mrs. W. R. Willis was a charming
hostess at a lovely luncheon . today
at noon, at which time she enter
tained In honor of Mrs. prescott uat
ey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs! Blnger
Hermann, and Miss Dorothy Evans.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. D.
Luncheon was served in the pri
vate dining room of tbe Umpqua
hotel. The guests were seated at
two laree tables, the center of each
being adorned, with crystal bowls
filled with pink roses, covers were
'aid for the following guests: Mrs.
linger Hermann. Mrs. Prescott Gat
ley, Mrs. E. B. Stewart, Mrs. E. R.
Hanito, Mrs. s. u. fcvans. Airs. ueo.
Kohlhagen. Mrd.-B. Casey. Mrs. Lil
lian Tabke, Mrs. Natalie Baum. Mrs.
J. F. Templln, Mrs. Ben Moore,
Misses DorotssV Evans, Stella Smith,
Frankie Howell. Elizabeth Parrott,
Rosa Parrott, Helen Oatley. Merle
Hamilton, Florence Kohlhagen.
Katherine Merrill, Myth Hanan,
Anna Bryan, Notiene Glpson, and the
hostess. Mrs W. R. Willis.
enable time to secure testimony and
nrenare tnetr case, me aisiru-i at
torney said, "but from my know
ledge of the factam 80 days is an
treasonable length or time to con
tinue it and such a delay will t.e vig
orouslv onnosrd by myself."
Attornev Rice announced In court
vesterdsy that he would ask for trial
to start one weefc from Monday an.l
then at that-time would ask for a
sonttnuance of 0 days.
Jasper N. Patten, aged 70 years,
of Cottage Grove, and Mrs. Gussle
Patteu. aged 51. of Drain, were re
united In marriage yesterday after
noon after several years of sps ra
tion. Justice of the Peace Georee
Jon"a performing the ceremony. The
couple hsve three children and also
nave six grandchildren. They will
rvite their home In Cottage Grove.
w Deputy District Attorney Jos.
Hammersley this morning re-
reived a letter from on of his
fellow deputies In the district
a. innn'a office In Portland.
The writer had received some
Minneapolis newspapers ana be
stated that the eastern Journals
carried complete report or me w
a nmmfi.M murder case and tbe
capture In Calgarr.
. auger cat
TwoJail Companions Are Re
leased This Morning By
Circuit Judge
Accused Man Will Now Have Oppor.
tunlty to be Alone and Think
Over Past Events Says Ho
W1U Go Craajr Lett Alone.
Pleas of "guilty" were entered
this morning In the circuit court by
Ray Kleth and M. B. Van Avery, tne
two boys who have been confined In
the county jail for tne past six
weeks on charges of stealing an en
gine from a burned auto which had
been abandoned in tbe Cow Creek
canyon. Judge Hamilton, upon
recommendation of District Attorney
Neuner. sentenced the boys to one
yerr lu the penitentiary and then
paroled them during good oenavior.
The two boys have been confined
In the same cell with Dr. Richard
Brum field, the alleged murderer of
Dennis Russell, and have been in a
position to watch his actions. When
interviewed this morning they told
of the accused man's demeanor dur
ing the time he la kept in the cell.
- "Dr. Brum field told us. that he
feels no remorse." said Van Avery,
when interviewed following his re
lease .from custody. "He. said that
it doesn't feel like be has killed any
one.' Healso says he doesn't re
member beina In Canada."
"Does -he talk about his wife and
children?" the reporter asked.
"Yes. he talks about them quite
.a bit. He seems to think his three
kids re the only thing. He talks!
about them lots.".
cused man spends his time In the
Jail, Van Avery, said: "Well, - he
reads, plays cards, talks and sings.
He doesn't appear nervous to us. He
has been walking up and down In the
cell quite a bit lately, but I -don't
think that is due to nervousness, ho
just needs some exercise. He sleeps
fine, eats as much as we do and
doesn't act a bit different Jhan any
other man."
"Did he hate to see you boys
leave this morning?" was asked.
"Yes, he said he would go crazy
if we left him there alone." :
Dr. Brumfield talked to his fel
low prisoners a great deal concern
ing memory lapses which he alleges
ne suffered in the east. He said
that sometimes the loss of memory
would Inst only a few minutes and
at other times would continue for
several days.'
With the release of Brumfleld's
two cellmates the accused man will
now have an opportunity to play
"solitaire" Instead of "BOO," and In
addition will have a chance to re
flect on past evetitR. His statement
of "aoing crazy If left alone" means
Why did Brumfield express
v a package of women's closing
to Seattle on the day of the
Why did nrumfleld write to
a Canadian steamship company
some days before the murder
and request Information con-
cernlng passiiorts. tickets and
sailing dates to Australia?
Why did Brumfield make a
special erfort on the day of
July 13lh to make things ap-
pear normal?
Why did llrumfield virtually
disclose his whereabouts by
writing the exprea agent In Se-
attle to hold the package?
Why did Hrutnfleld on tne w
erenlnr or July 13tn drive w
around through Krorkway Into
Dlll.ird awaiting darkness?
Why was an open stretch on
the Pacific highway selected
for the killing of Dennis Rus-
v Why were letters certain to w
Identify Russell left on tne
body of the tnurneren manr w
Why has Investigation futleo w
to disclose any trace or the w
route taken l.y which BruinTleld
fled Roscburg arter Russell's
murder? -
Whr were not all of the six
r.lcks of dynamite which Brum-
field had In bis csr. exploded.
so as to completely blot out the
discovery of the crime?
Why was a spot 19 milej
from the scene of the murder
A ,hnui for the fake car wreck
when there were a dozen better
places within five or six miles?
Why wss a pink skirt, purrhas-
mA in Rnaehurt- the dsy of the
murder, by a "mystery woman"
found In the package Brumfield
shipped to Seattle?
MANILA, Sept. I. Major General
Leonard Wood today announced his
acceptance of the post as governor
general of the Philippines, tendered
by President Harding.
VANCOUVER. B. C. Sept.' 1 A
wireless message received at mid
night said the torn-line snapped be
tween the Canadian Observer and
the Canadian Importer. It was
stated the Observer was unable to
handle the freighter and requisi
tioned a -owerf j1 tug. The Observer
Is standing by and has messaged that
the life boat containing the missing
has not been located.
Good News For
Girls Big Feet
' VENICE, Calif., Aug. 80. (A.P.)
Girls with large feet make the
best swimmers, it la asserted by Toni
Kendall of the Venice Swimming rti
eoriation. Ho told a number of glr s
who wished to learn' to swim that big
feet were great aids In propelling
swimmers rapidly and safely througa
the water.
"I don't mean feet so large that
they are awkward, but feet that are
as they ought to be In proportion
to the remainder of the body," ha
explained. "Anyone who swims
knows bow helpful It Is to have
good-sized flippers."
CHICAGO, Sept. 2. A fifty mil
lion dollar merger of two motion pic
ture producing firms to eliminate
the middlemen or distributor, was
announced, by officials of the Asso
ciated First National Pictures, luc,
and the Associated Producers' Co
Thomas H. Ince said the purpose wa
to lower the ,-ost of distribution by
the "producer to the exhibitor' plan.
o '
After 58 Years .
Bullet Is Found
KELSO. Wash.. Seut 1. (A.P.)
P. J. Knupp, a Civil war. veteran,
after 68 years, hos'traced the oourso
of a bullet he fired at the siege of
Some time ago Mr. Knapp real.
a news dispatch saying that W. V.
Meadows, a Confederate veteran of
Lanott, Alabama, had coughed up a
bullet which was shot Into his eve
at Vicksburg. Mr. Meadows, the nc
connt said, was a member- of the
37th Alabama regiment, - and Mr.
Knapp recalled an Incident at the
tiere. when he and three other mem
bers -of the bth Iowa Volunteers
were called upon to silence a con
federate sharpshooter who was firing
through a small hole In a sheet of
boiler plate.
After Mr. Knapp fired the sharp
shooter's shots were discontinued,
and It was surmised that be had been
shot in the eye.
When Mr. Knapp wrote to Mr,
Meadows, the latter said that he was
the man behind the boiler plate' anil
that the bullet entered his right ey.
Mr. Knapp received a photograph of
the bullet and of Mr. Meadows. The
two have enjoyed, a considerable cor
respondence over the incident.
Miss Grace Lloyd and niece Eliza
beth Renner, will leave tomorrov
mnralnn foi fTniHlnnr Mnnt . whpp.
they will spend the winter with Mir.
Lloyd's brolher.
i-ir. in .(,ihi
o'clock In the Helnllne cornier a'.ory
lo rehearse for the male chorus
which Is being orgnnlred here. The
old time songs snd southern meilo
illts will be much in evidence at the
piograms put on l.y this chorus.
Mrs. Philip Hohl has Just returnee,
from a trip to San Francisco, where
she attended the convention of the
Women s t nmsttan Temperance
Union. She reports a delightful trip.
William Simpson returned to his
hom" In Medford this morning after
attending to business matters In this
city for the psst few dsys
A mtmlier of parties are planning
lo leave for Tiller tomorrow, where
they wilt enjoy an outing lWIng
over Labor day. A big dance will be
held SaturftiiT eventna. Kiddle peo
ple are also having a big celebration
Lalior day. and will no douh? enjoy
a. large attendance from this city.
S . .
As Dr. Brumfield reached tne w
ton nf the stairs on his way to
the court room yesteraay to w
enter hie nlea. he turned to tne
s deputy sheriff at hla side and
said: "I didn't know I was so 4
weak." In spite of this pro-
fessed weakness, however, the
s doctor wss a step shes'd of the
officers on the way up the
stairs snd also on. his wsy bsck
to the Jail. The large crowd
of officers and reporters were
s kept moving rspldly In order
to keep up with the procession.
Miners and County Forces Throw Full Strength Into the Rattle
Along A Twenty Mile Front Airplane Participating In
Battle Machine Gum Used With Telling Effect .
LOGAN, W. Va.. Sepl. J. Miners stated that one man was wounded oa
and county forces flung their full Blair mountain and five of the op
strength into a bitter battle today posing forces were seen to fall. Air
along a 20-mtle front between Logan planes are reconnolterlng this after-
and Boone counties. This Is believed
u. uv m. ...brio i creased activity among the armed
arrival of federal troops and both uana. A coulter said there waa a
sides are concentrating their men on continual roar along the entire line,
the ridge. Machine guns have been These reports Indicated the heaviest
brought Into use with telling effect lighting since the line was eatab
and airplanes are circling the warjn,!, along ,ne Spruce Fork
sone In an effort to watch the more- ridg, New men hMr. MDt ,nto
n . n , '.f . 1. m m.p.' fnauwiA Kin .... ....
u.uio ui . w. ... ,
estimate has been made of the dead
and wounded, though It is roughly
stated they number about 30 dead.
Governor Morgan has abdicated In
favor of General Bandholts, com
manding the federal troops, and It Is
expected troops will arrive late to
day to take an active hand. Martial
law has not yet been proclaimed, but
will possibly follow the failure of the
effort now being made to atop fight--lmVt
Federal Troops Moving;.
. WASHINGTON, 8ept. 1. Federal
troops began moving today from
Camp Dlx. N. J.; Camp Sherman,
Ohio; Camp Knox, Kentucky, and
Fort Thomas, Kentucky, following
orders for Immediate entralnment of
forces for the West Virginia strike
zone. The orders were Issued as the
result of a telegram from Brigadier
Oeneral Bandholts, urging that the
troops be sent at once. The briga
dier general had been sent to
whether armed bands would observe
the president's command to dis
pense.- Major General Bandholts
will command the various troops.
The proclamation ideclarlng martial
law has been signed and requires
only the Issuance to become effec
Miners Being Forced Rack.
' LOGAN. Sept. 2. The miners' at
tacks In the Mills Creek section last
night caused the defenders to retire.
Reinforcements were brought up to
swell the citizens' forces and a brisk
engagement ensued. Machine gun
fire wns poured Into both camps, and
according to latest advices the min
ers are being forced back. Airplanes
were reported dropping bombs on
the miners' strongholds, and scouts
said they saw the miners flee from
buildings Into the open to escape
death. All v parties concerned. In
cluding, the miners, sheriffs, state
forces, operators and union officials
are looking ,'rward to the arrival
of federal troops. - It Is , believed
their presence alone will serve to
clear up the difficulties existing be
tween the opposing forces. Troops
already entrained should reach the
war rone within six hours.
. Heavy Fighting Today.
LOGAN. W. Va.. Sept. 2. After a
morning of uncertainty in which re
ports from Spruce Fork Ridge told
of sporadic fighting since daybreak.
it was officially announced at. noon
heavy fighting was taking place In
Blnlr mountain, Mill Creek and
fiftjrookrn ureeK. i:oionei r.iinnnas
: At, High School Tomorrow
Fine Exhibits Are Expected
A community fair is to be held In
the Iloseburg high school building
tomorrow, with exhibits from the
various schools In this city, " well
ss from Edenbower and Bellvue.
The various clubs are very enlbusl -
astlc over this fair, snd some of the
ovhlhlln nrnnilu to be DrOSDOCtS for
the state fair.
The Benson school has sewing,
cooking, poultry, snd garden clubs;
Rose school, sewing, cooking and
poultry clubs: Fullerton, sewing and
poultry. Exhibits are expected from
all these clubs. Cooking clubs are
required to exhibit one loaf of
bread, and the sewing cluba, all the
articles and garments they hsve
made In ten lessons. Th poultry
clubs are In two divisions, the first
division belnc reaulred to exhibit
four laying hens, and those In the
second division exhibiting four pul
lets and a corkerel. In the, garden
ing project, five kinds of vegetables
are required.
The list of prlie offered la as fol
lows: Sewing. 12. 11.50. il. tOe:
cooking, 12, II. SO. $1. fOc: poultry,
tl. 12. II: eirden. 12. SO. 12. $1.
fl.lKlta .knnM Ka In hefnre 10:10
la the mornlngj but those brought
noon east of the ridge and report in-
rn nnea. wnicn is now twentv miles
long, and reinforcements eontlnue to
reach Logan from the southern part
of the state.
Following the path of progressive
merchants all over the country, the
Douglas County Creamery of this
city, whose reputation for the manu
facture of unexcelled butter and Ice
cream is known far and wide, are
Installing the latest type Burroughs
autoniatto bookkeeping machine.
Tbe system la similar to that used
by modern banks everywhere and la
the fastest, neatest and most' simple
method yet devised to handle tin
accounting problems In any business
and above all is absolutely accurate.
The machine serves a dual purpose
lo supplying valuable figure Infor
mation and facta dally, besides pro
tecting tbe customers by- assuring
them that their accounts are correct.
The elty and county can well be
proud of an Institution of this char
acter and their conlinned success is
certain, being built upon goods of
superior merit and straight-forward
The funeral of Mrs. W. P. Willis
of Myrtle Creek has been changed
from 2 o'clock Sunday, to 11 o'clock
Sunday morning, according to an an
nouncement received this morning.
It will be held at Myrtle Creek.
DETROIT, Mich.. Sept. .
Ford cars were reduced today
from $45 to $100 per car, ac-
cording to style. This Is the
third reduction made In - the
last 12 months.
In order to give the printers.
presses and pencil pushers well
deserved rest, there will be no
paper Issued on Monday, Sep-
tenibor 5, Labor day. 4
In any time before noon will be In
tlme for the Judging. Exhibits can
nmotii from th, buldlng .fter
J:30 th af,wnoolu
l .There will be a short Program In
the afternoon. Including an address
I .-
also songs and yells by the variolic
cluba The Idea of a community
basket lunch has been given up, al
though those coming In from the
country can bring their lunch and
eat In the school yard or on the
courthouse lawn.
August wss an unusaully cool
month, according to the report of
the U. S. westher bureau, the maxi
mum temperature being 95, the min
imum 43. and the average (S. The
month of August hss never been
"ooler since 1912. when the averas
empera'.ure was 15. Even with thrf
In l.mnar. I h A m -a .. ljutp.
I partly cloudy, and only one eloudv.
TBere was only one day on whlca
more than .01 lach of precipitation