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    Hums two
baaed Dallj
va- ,i...a I. Wlmhorly "!.
bUbiCUli"nON KA1K8
Daily. Pr Tr- br ,n,,1 :
bally. sU months, by wall
UallT. Oj cmJii". i '
Weekly by n.ll. P"f T r
burs, uriua, yuw " -
" llOrir.Hl lit.. OIIK
When the lives of all great characters in history are analyzed,
it will be found that the outstanding virtues that have made their
dreams a realization, are modesty, vision, faith, an insatiahle de-
,re for knowledge, and a ca.iacity for great labor inspired by
lofty ideiiU The great Lincoln, that shining mark of inspiration
for all American manhood, dreamed his simple dreams of boy
hood even as you and I. Dreamed his dreams of manhood from
the songs of forest and stream, from the plowed furrow, and from
the simple teachings of a sainted mother. He is, all in all, the
. perfect ty' of humbleness exalted through the trials of adversi'.y
'self-denial, knowledge and with modesty as his guiding star.
There is not a man in your organization who has hot at his com
mand greater opportunities for raising to any coveted goal than
had this poor Kail Splitter. It would be im)ossible for you to
walk ten city blocks in any American city without having thrust
upon you a thousand means or knowledge and opportunity that
were denied your fathers. "The fault, dear I5rutus, lies not in our
tars, but in ourselves that we are underlings."
If every' man would treat his mind with half the considera
tion he would give the motive power of his automobile, there
would be no limit to his power- If he would only have a little
brain garage where he could get down under the machine and
remove the carbon of indifference and imaginary impediments, if
he could only touch up the spark plugs of lib imagination oh,
what a difference. If he could only use one hour a day in his
general overhauling, imagine the speed he could generate! Can
you imagine any hill he wouldn't take "on high?"
The mail order house never has a bargain not for you, a.iy
way. If Ihei-e are bargains occasionally, the thousands of em
ployees of the mail order concerns jfrt them, they or their friends
Trade at home. Yoiir own homo town merchant frequently has
bargains and tells you about them through the palter you read.
The mail ariler house that receives your order doesn't know you
from Adam and doesn't enre. The home town merchant knows
you as a neighbor uud he cares. He cares enough for you and your
trade that he goes to the trouble and exH'iiso of telling you about
his goods and his bargains. He cares enough to carefully show
you his goods. He gives you a choice among many; if you don't
like one article, he shows you another until you are pleased. Trade
at home and you get service, choice qutdily, and as good prices.
Trade at homo and your money helps your town which is only
another word for saying that you help better your own job.
Twenty-five years' service as a public official, emerging with
n record that will reuVund to his credit, falls to the lot of but few
men in public life in the stale of Oregon. It is certainly an en
vial, le career, a mighty accomplishment, taking into considera
tion the ever-chaiiKing and constantly fluctuating barometer in
political circles that has occurred during the past twenty-live
years. The writer rememliers Judge Hamilton some forty years
ago when this distinguished gentleman used to make his annual
pilgrimage into Curry county astride a "buck-skin." He was not
circuit judge at that time, but it can be truthfully said that for
over forty years he has been actively and prominently connected
with the upbuilding of the southern part of this state. He h is
rounded out a cutler equalled by few men of the state and is one
of the few native sons left who hcled to blaze the trail for a
greater and bigger Oregon.
I Jr,rn"r Ul , iS.8 fait- Whuver a critical period arrives
n pol.tu-al circles and a man is wanted who can carry on the
w T ""l ih, 0",r,lU,", Jmtrati., requiring
"ore thai, the ayer,IKe tact and ability to carry out. the firs thin
that happens after a careful survey has be,,, made, is to dim?
r tentrnn to Houg las county. This county can alway, be de e l
. M.n to furmsh -tindn-r" f w mmt ,.,,, vMvr '
the big .Ham., and paramount pmhl,,,, that nccessarilv come U
fore a ,h,ef evevutive. This is one of the main reasons 2y an
irort is now iK-ing advanced to place U-f.-re the 1 f "
great state the name of Senator It. I. F.Wv t,f ' 2 t
migniy jj.hkI. Mere s hopmK the senator will Kive cnivli. i i
.ration to the imploration of his many friends.
( ouut that day lost when this old town don't throw ,m
by some hook r crook-into , , c ,ilm.,iK,; " Um"
,, o
If you waste your time on business details vou , I
any time to waste on gossip " " 1 ,lav''
I'overty of wealth is scrip,,,,
: :
Her l-'riMH llri- I
1-avcrue Julin.i n of Kug n.-. ai-.m '
Iho Weekend In Ibis rlly attending j
to business matters, i
llrcv l-Tiim lpriliKir
N. Ilmwn, proniliifiil ronlil--n: nf
Hi o.laKrl, irnt ro-rday In Um
il!y lltnillii( lo bualiinu milii
llrr I nam (Jlraxlalfw.
K. Pt-aa, well known rilonl nf
flInrfklA la aiiaiiJlH. aa..!
In tola city aliaadiat la bualn-ai
Escrpt ftunday.
$4 00
J 00
iU.N. Aim HT g. IK8I.
,,c --".i-.
but ww.rty (f . js
III M..i.i,K
Vh I..,.,,, s UM ,hl.r r
l'''""' "' s l-.-r ..-,.
r,"" '". rli, ai.m.l,n
111.111, r uf Kl,(.i lili
To ISmiUii.I (m lluainraav
A C Marmara 1.(1 fr I'nnlanit
ili-i.l.iv aft, m ri. hiii h.r- Ur ill
all.n.l In Inil-iirl.inl hiisln.aa thai
Ok within llii m-ti f. w ilatt
Mr clival u n ',rl Uuiil
Kn.l M lmni. of thf Koa. Iuir
l uriiiliir- MMnpani . Ml U't IVrt
lalnl laa aintna aliM k- .111 . ,
u ud liuj-n A irk.
Do you
know why
it's toasted?
To seal in
the delicious
Burley flavor.
It's toasted.
Hick Arnold and Gl-n Wwkly.
,. . 1 . . III Ihta ritv
,lrini I "in., -
vvali-rduy afn-rnoim lo npi-iid !frai
lays uitmilini? 10 iiuih"
iA KaHali! Wlial liaa become
,.f Um old raliin-d 1(01 who
rolllilu'l to to tin- ilniiii! Iwauw alie
had notlilnic to wi-ar?
Tim fmdiloii Mi-r are printlon
alnil.-a alKHlt nrtlliilul eyi-lirow", A
lot of the liMal Kill" M Urrii 'ul II
lhe kea-jl on lllli'klliR.
ft ft ft
Thi-rr'a many a alli tKltt the hip
ami the lli.
ft ft ft
We'll Im-I lli-iii) Kuril never alarta
an aiceni-l In Kali-atlne. He'd luive
alaiul an miuli chaiirr at that an be-
iliK elecled mayor of Jeruaalem.
ft ft
A I'.AItlSI.AN MlltAfi.K.
He tiKik a III tie Hiker, then he took
a little wine.
Ami then a little roKiiar Mas JiihI
a-feellu' ftnet
He tried the "icreen" (know what I
menu?) ami vlim, red, uhlte and
liroHU. .
Tlien toiied It off ullh "tilluhh-ft"
)na( to keep the whole tlilni:
Hi. 'I wan a Joful loud he uii-ked
mid Jolly lit he fell. tlllia: "Hullo, Old Top," to
every Hum Itrowne Im-II.
Ilia l-'renrh wita MomethliiaT woniler-
fiiM-inade every peraon liMik,
Hei-aiiNe he auore the fiiiiny lor? wan
printed In lila liook.
They liaiked on him with pily and
they Mild, "lle'a lull of fHM."
( He aot hy Mvernl rornera on a
hlldilv'n Imikiih uinm.
Hut he finally met a Tartar, In a tilt:
roughneck M. I.,
Who tiaaht-d I1I111 011 the roeo n he
anld, 'Ymwe come will me."
"tih, I'm rnllinir on my honey .Mi.
iM. I1, lein'iue ko
I've irol a Utile mom-) If you'd hold
)er milt Juat ho."
And would you Kiiya Iwdleve It for
It liaiN-iieil now and then
I'ltil limn refuaeil 10 take a franc
and ni.liiil hint In the a-n.
ft ft ft
I IM It Woltlis A TKI.KI'lllINK
'ltlliK them auaiu, pleaai."
ft ft ft
If dnoea lo ajifi-a were faaliloneil
after triiln rar wlitdowa, no huiKlar
ullve roiild ever oa-n 'em.
ft ft ft
Now Hint the prire of clothing Is
ronilnic down e can nun In to
put a button on the contillnitloii
plate In cliurch. .
ft ft ft
Some n-nnirka, "Ho you
know that pruneai are the heallhleat
fmlt In the world?" Well, we man
iKeil lo anrvlve a ali-ady diet of them
for eleven month.
ft ft
"The Deaerted. Vllljiice" had until
lint on Hie ninln atm-la I.Mlny after
1 he "rarklnu" onliname waa rimed
In effect.
ft ft
The Calindlm I'arlfir llnihtnt
roniain in tli-lr advert loinii Ixaiklel
aala. "Our war la a wonderful wav
lo p weal." Home hrew la another.
tnrallona are all rlcht If the
iii-U-lilmra would only kra-p our tronl
larila moed.
ft ft
IT IHS ITH I'l lilllSK.
A rhvme like this
Ain't n-all) art.
Hill keepa the par
Axi-apha apnrt.
ft 9
Trontili-a Bi ver ci me -Iiil-Iv Mur.
ler myaierlea ami iNMitli-affer arllvl-
lea ire now laid oil the ahelf. The
ladilhal pot li;liia lo Ih.II.
ft ft ft
The alort almul the two f'anvon
llle luilla who rmrnir.-d In a sht to
he haa nothlua to .k, .i.h
I Ihla coljlim.
I O ft ft
, S. .-al I- eel p-ople are alilnlnc
lip their rlflea and preparing to go
to lining r,.r enrh other when the
Wa-r aenaon opena.
t )
lt winter ntiillur couldn't gr
Mule Willi um 10 take a haih. nowa
le alie re n't kea-p him out of the
"When I aaaa a feller arralrhla Lis
bark I brk la It. h t,v
IjVnc chin's
SI Xtl t Bales
bcttkw Tnr-
Kr.y 'ers Here to Stay
In Summer Sports Wear
r i 1 ""
li. V: .-. . ., xi l (e-t-vx
gk.. .-' .4
Absolute freedom In the mutter
of duiliing and OTpedully for Hie
apurta wurUrobn la more and n.ore
cumins Into Iti own. And for tint!
reuaou lucreuHlng liiterest U tiein
demnnat rated In the nimble knlrk
era which may he worn either fur
Kolf or tennis. The knickers shown
In the picture are puili-rned after j
the simple boy'a reioil:itliii "knliSis"
with the enceptlon of the wide cuff,
und inuy be found In rurlmis 11101I
eht. The only dlstltn-'ulsliliiK nnti
to them la the bunded strli- ut
etla-r aide.
The coata nf Rolf sulta are niude
up of both pleated and slrnltlit line
alylea. Theae aults come In three
jiliH-ea, the aklrta hein liiittoiieil
down the front. Kollowlnit the lines
of the Kiik'Uah niniinlsli null l 11
model develoied with a free HWitii
pleat at either aide of Hie hack
and pinch pleata at the waist line.
Other golf conta JUutch the knlck
era and show the straight Hue cut
with the Introduction of tut Invert.
ed pleut with the pinch tucks, 11 ml
omitting the free awing skirt
The unit shown In the picture,
worn by Agnes Ayrea, newest Par
amount slur. Is of tun colored
tweed with putch pockets, with the
nilded Interest or the Inverted pleats
In three rowa at the back. The hat
oiurt ahv.
Mrs. M. I.. Ilrtmn passed away at
her home in Camas Valley un the
.einiiK of July 111. I y '-' 1 . .Mrs.
Urown was bom at Clarinda. Iowa In
he year INTitl. She was united in
nan 1st- to M. I.. Ilrown in 1M17.
since I Mm Mr. aod Mrs. Ilrown have
made Iheir home In Camas Valley,
where she leaves a host of friends
She is survtveu by her husband.
M. 1.. ilrown. nf Cumaa Valley, and
eten children. A. I. Ilrown and Ar
thur Ilrown, of McKlnley, eiregon.
I., n. Ilrown. of Marshfleld, and Mrs
. II. Cliur. h; W Hired Hrown, K. II
ilrown and Ilcssie Ilrown, of Camas
A Fit I KM).
Miss I-otia Marslera is spending
eteral .lay a In Ashland, attending
to business matters.. Miss .Marslers
has been offerod a position of music
Instructor In the public schools
ht-i e.
The DawKonr l:.ster sets up Aw
fid Fatly and lUera Ilia Head orf
and wnk.a all the Nclhtaira. after
which be li.a-a oX).r ,, r,,
Onen Spnuit i.fTn their t) nf
ler will, h he kl.Va Hie real of the
Plants out ,f , f.r,,,,.,.! mllh h l
tr.s. Muavular t et t, after which the
Nel.-t.hora S,.r S.autBii.i Awful! J
I 1!
AraraT a, toat.
Lra'-.f pi '"--.
5 j .. '.- -c t : JT.i
,M I
.."S ' .I'M
Is of soft green Jade ant'ora trim
mod with a pheasant ipilll.
Next In Importance, Miss Ayres
claims for Uie sports rl. Is the
sieen-h-ss coat which has heen In
t-reul dciualid, und will be found
made up in golf suits und In sep
arate coals, one In tweed has a
livp rolliiii.' collar of white. Then
there Is nnolhi-r model thut Is col
larless ond entirely hound In white,
other coats follow the Norfolk Una
und have shaped yokes nud slot
senins, while novelty effects are
L-alnisl by Introducing a wide hand
In the form of a box pleut at either
side bin k.
Hiss Ayres has also Invested In
flannel spurt clothes. In which such
tremendous Interest has been mani
fested I his season. This fabric In
liluh shades uud in black and white
has funned one of Ihe oiitstandini;
features jif Ihe season. The latest
sirts suits, however, tend sllirhtly
toward elaboration, this taking
form In llaniu-l box cunts with con
trasting braid or ribbon binding.
Suits of this type have Ktoti collars
and usualy hell sleeves.
one of the newest scarfs seen
this season is shown In the sketch.
The fill, trine Is Its chief charm, the
scarf heliig of jade ureen with three
shades of rotuuu striping In burnt
We v:lh t.-i extend our sincere
thanks In tit.- iiiein tiers of the Auierl
can l.ei;i'ii. ('itltf.'any lj the Suther
lin solili'-rs and all citizens ant)
fiieiiil. iti .sittlieriin who assisted us
in the funeral of our Inwtl one, Olto
W. S.iueet inttn. We wish to thank
them uis;i (or the many beautiful
flowers and eiTss:ons of sympathy.
T!ie s:tucerinau Family.
l!OOM TtH (
AIIKCUKKX. Aug. I --Town-Iteople
are siitl stttii;.'! nvt r a coiu
ttlaittt ri-Kisiircd on Siut'lay by
Vlllijalliiltr Steffansnii. Art tie 1 .
tlorer. rei;aiilhi- bis duriin;
his at. iv in AVer leell. I :i a lec-ui"
m Th or -il.iy nr.-lit he told his lie ir
ers that he ni n, l!i, n fbw-a nf t'ie
froen north verv rnnifortaole. He
fore Iconic the city eslertliy. ho,
eer. the e;lnr-T coin pi-ttlled t i
the hotel room hnh he ha 1 occu
pied was niiirl, ,, . cold and he won
dered why heal was not furnished
t will deliver milk or areara to
any tail cf the city, ewnlng or
morning, at the regular price.
Fhcme I70-R.
W. F. Ramp
Auto Tops
Auto and Furniture
t ph lstering
Sleep in Your Car
Why Sleep on the if round?
We can reliuili! the front
Stat to form a comfortable
be -el.
rhone 13j.
tl I N. Jackson St, K.ayebirg
Safe Willi.
3 a. a 1 aa
Pol lnnla.
- miw. rii' iirirv
A Dally Column of Ouraltoiia nd Aiiawera Uemdnetetl b, w
Who Know a. Addreaa your Lcitura lo Slra. Elhabury
Care ltoaeburg News-ltovlew.
ia.,.., M, Kllsbury: I am bothered
a ureal deal with dandruff lu my and rtut compelled to wash It
every two or three days to prevent it
M ing so greasy. I have tried every
hair tonic which is recommended for
oily and greasy uuir. auu uo
1 .1.... 1, rt.i.s me any good. Will
you kindly me your comments
on this 'hat you iiiiuht help 11.0 out.
VJ., iwecuuifi.
I A. ., .1,1,., alore hllV Ull Ol dill-
III) slwd la.tlle of liquid HI Villi uml
apply it every night for u week. Ah
ply it with a soft cloth nil over the
bead, p.o-tliig Hie mur so an io 1...
.1... 1,, this wav the arvoll
tun Ih- applied evenly all over the
scalp. Take a tew airamw 01 jooi
1,,. 1. .. ,. lion- mid ilinw it Ihrouuli
a llllh- of the nrvou on u soft cloth.
Ho this every night for one or iwo
weeks, und vol! will Hud the ihimllllll
Allending To lllisineas .Matters I
T. Foik. a resident of e'oUille, Is
spending several days In tills city
.lib lltliiK to business mailers.
Visiting Hen' I
.Mrs. C II. t'raig arrived last even
inf from Kit hland. for a two weeks'
visit with Mrs. II. Ilarrels of tbla
ity. I
Hei-e Kroin Xorlh Hend I
('. V. McAllister, former resident
of Kosehurg, is visiting here with
his son. O. I). .McAllister. He now
resides in North Bend. 1
Home To 1,0 Amjelew
Misses Alerine, I v.t and Amanda
Young returned to their home lu l,os
Angelia last evening, after thne
weeks' visit with their mother, .Mrs.
il. W. yoinu.
Ij-nve On TriK
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Clonke,
who were receully inarrit d, left Sat
urday cveniiii for a trip through
Oregon and Washington. They will
VA'Tl-:n oiiie Ku-.d milk cows. Now.
J. M. Judd.
IV A .NT Kll ': urKi-j s .nirge or stnall.
I'liuin; H-l-'-ll. lluyer Uros.
T.Ml.()lll.ii und Ol esxn.aKtnK of all
kind.i-liune 1S7-I1, MiB.Huthrldue.
WA.NTl:!, 200 young t ill kcT.ll idlest
chsli price. E. 1,. Jlko & Son, on-Kun.
WANT 1:1 Wash I ntf. lreiiinK. aweeldng
or wuik or any kind at ;t.,c .er liuur.
''all mi Nhs.K.-nno. at SOI lluuck St.
WA.NTKll Vouni; till "iolielp wlfli
liuusewi.rk. lliKh selioul Ku 1 ,re
felrid. Inquire Kuaebuig PliulO Stu
dio. ANTKli To bear fioln .oar and ap
ple packers. ep. r:.-n,-,.(i. lined fruit.
li'llK aeas.m. Aduiess I'. I). lloX 12ii. 1uik:
Hi S I ; I r I li i MAN 1 I AS i vTK.TOn
twn pr.iies,,., ti ,, nlver.
sully a'l"l;teii. and m-eds
i.'ip. Will bear fi st Invt-sllKa-
11. .11 1, .,.,.1 seeanty will he Klv.-n for
iii.'ilerate loan Willi Interest. Addreas
I.itent." care N,wa-It-view.
P) t.ET I IN SIIAUKS or for sale 0 tc
li Hi-i K. 1. Ulce, Ulllaid, eire-
HaiM ami ltDAI'.H at l ane St. Hninn
ln 11- use. 13 West liue b't. Airs.
F. A snitlh
1iST. SlH.WKIi lilt ST.ll.K.N One 7
M'.r 1.1 I h,,,,,.. about
I.'.. !. V. ry him kv I1111H. Willi heavy
li.iti.' uml tail. 1'iire white with pink
. . i- I- Vi'ti nii. K-.le-, ItreKen.
' "'i'!"s'm.p ti','"p'" foom. Inquire at
st 1 1: a , 1 ; h - 1 , , 1;Nf r;
i 1- . .mi I. Orel,..!!.
, ';it, l-T-.'rivale V-iraiTeT" InquTfe
1 1. 1 to.-.
. ', ' 1 - r i-ni" .. apartni
1 1 . Ji: k vus-. Plume
'1 atMitnients.
''a of N'l -'at. iy mpoall ooxea.
i narnttraTnatlonal Bank.
I h''.'''i '!i:NJ.:.T' '!'T""I"' rooms.
I -.3 ta stept-ans. Phone SS5-J.
I 'i'U. ViKN r""T"" " '", apartmentiTon
' 'i!..,.'Ts.u3-' W,t ""fu 8t
: ' ' : Ki.T, 1 a-ant sieepirta;
N I'li." st prl '' "' b'l- M
' 'zF'ir . i
, ', .,. .r'"!"" Nei cl..ii,d and
',. ''L "...'..table. Phone
"ih'iV.j ?"""" al.o apple..
'N. I --. . ,
- 'I: v ii e v
'' 1 IS V,r.
' " . .!.: .
M- 1: 1 , i,
1 v -
F'tl. Sli.K .,,
t'e. it.quin. i;e;
r.s only.
.,' ' " '" I itoraea.
...! 1 ir.-c.'ti.
l,w '' "" " il hT,"w. pe
' , ' P. cor. Itos
'"" ' -t nne eayw.i7.if
, .. "' .S";V' ,lr at
' ' e s J t 1 1
- '.' ; r r----r
-. 1. r- . " For sale.
' I-.'.'. ,'V," " rf'h part lea
"NT a..," ; "'". .
' -. - . ' ,' ' N- kla. e..
i rl.-ea. Im.nw , Imr-.rtera
""-:- s 7.-' Sr-s-lal
aa Fr.'J "ell
Tie Origiaaj
and oil have disappeared. After u..i
apply It only once or twice a wZT
Wash Hie hair regularly o,"
week. It ts not too often for aujna!
who ia botliered with too oil, hlj
Dear Mrs. Eilsbury: Like m,
other youug glrla that I know 1 .i
troubled with pimples and 'blarf
heads on the face, la there aimhln
that I can do to get rid of tUeni'
SIXTEEN, Oaklsns
A. The first tl,iB ,
eiiliiiK eanily, and eat very iiViu
pastry. U.t nothimt with tbuto
In t, anil d.. not drink hot chocoU
1 hU will help (.'really, y ou can
call on a reliuble pliyslciun and bu.
him wrlu- you a prescrlptUm ft,
ociie, aa this -condition 1, culau "
called. Vou mill pmhahly autni
entirely rid of them until you are w
or SO years old. Many youug neoni.
are troubled with acne.
visit for a short time in Bellingham
Washington, before returning 0,
make their future home west af
Leave Kor North
George Neuner. Sr., and I awre
Ntuner, proprietor nf the jul.H
Clxar store, and families Hi todai
for an auto trip to Kugene, CoitJ.
lis. Portland and Columbia hlgliw,,
They expect to be away about t'.
weeks. ;
Week-end At TiHei-
Among those enjoying the week
end at Tiller were Mr. and Mn
Kit-hard Williams, Mr. and Mrs. 0
n. McAllister, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn
Creason. Frederick Faye, Miss L-s,
Lalir-y and Hen Davis. A most love
I ly lime was reported.
j-ve Kor Portland
1 Kcv. and Mrs. E. W. Warrington
and children, and Mr. and Mrs. W
A. Warrington, left this morning by
automobile for Portland. Mr. and
..Mrs. W. A. Warrington will con
; tinue on from there to their home
' in Georgetown. Delaware. They
have been making un extended visit
here with their son. The Warring
ton's will. return to Rosehurg the lat
ter part of the week.
FOR SALE CHEAP 1918 Ford tonrlaf
car. Inquire eivjcejaaju.-,.
l- olt HA Lie First cutting al falfa bar,
115 per ton. One double disc gaiif
plow. J. M. Judd.
IJO IJOli CAH Tor sal cheap. Ht rru-
onuble caah ofrer refused. Inquire
Service OHrago.
Foil SALK .Small ahoaTs! lloieburf
i'roduco Co., 101 No. Jackaoa St.
Phone 279.
FOIl SALK Cottage with Karate.
Must be sold by the Sth. as party la
leaving town. Call at 7i'l) So. Pint 8t
FOK SALK Three year old cow, fresi
with Urt calf; good milker. A. T.
Taber. Phone 27-F12.
FOR SALK CHEAP Ouod auto seal
and cushion. Zdake koo.1 truck seat
t'. M. Jonea. 708 No. Jackaon St.
MAKK me an offer on house and lota 7
and 8, block . North Park Addition.
It. F. Durbln. Klamath Falls. Oregon.
FOK SALK Hay. Lota of good liar.
Wheat, oats, vetch, cheat and altaltn
hay. Per ton. 1 14 and up. J. M. Judi
FOK SAl.K 36 plKs from 10 to iS loa
In welaht. All in line condition. At
the eiverland Orchards. Charlea A.
11 rand. .
Feilt SALK 100 acres, 'i In grain,
open pastuie. Free soil. 1-S of frala
crop tor quick sale. $76 per ai-ra,
Splendid building site on Deer crack.
Uus Lindbloom, iilxonville.
FOK SAI.B I'upplea from Knitl'slt ar-I
Kentucky breed Fox hounds, lift Pr
pair; also Collie pupi (rum soei
working atrain, prl-o ".. I. II Jonel,
Hex 91. Oakland, Oie. JhoneJPri
S'OK SALE Oil TltADB Kxceptlonal
values In used cars at terma to suit
1V wash, polish and repair ana
guarantee our work. Motor Hi-
haime. V. Ia, McOrew, eol-J
Oak St.
Foil SALK .
Case Steam Tractor, J5 IIP... !1-
e'ase Steam Tractor. 1 HP
Advance Steam Tractor. IS II P. Z
Oarr-Scott Steam Tractor. '"7
tiarr-Scott Steam Tractor, II..
All In A-l condition.
Ore. .
Ford, aport model, with starter
Ford tourinir lt
Ford roadster J-j
Ford tourina
Studebaker boa; chnsala
J. O. NEWUND & s,):i..t.
r.,... - n uiantiits Strer.
miles east of Eugene. I JJjS
1-t.well, 10 acres first IU"I3
Itlver bottom. In ciiltlvatloa.
new buildings and fences ..rriTir.
station on ranch .orchard, fine aa
and poultry ranch. Will sell I rw'
per acre or trade for rl5?f S
business. Will give tern's. Fraaa -Wlslr.
Lowell. Oregoa. -----
Foil 8Ai.B 75 White Lai--!i-rn !
7r.c each. 6 O. A. C. at "Is w n
ta-ghorn cocks. 1.1.5(1.' are; s
birds for breeders. The ""'rT r.
from the college last year. I " c
strain Harred Hock " "" 1,1 ilrrW
1.50 each. 1 O. A. C '""'"hOr
Itock cockerels. J 5 "fpnoat
Harred Hock cock. II
I-F-.M. Fred A.eiotT. -5;
F1K SAI.B !0 a. C. White Uf
hens one lit. two years obi. '
and o. A. C. atrain. M""' ,es
for our pullets by 8ept ,I-hpw'.B
want some real hens .or M
purnoaea neat sprlne o-.p " .raas
ant will glad to quote f "
on a dosea or all of Jh,jT aurt
tain Rrnok Poultry luaca, '
CraaiK JOraa