Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, July 14, 1921, Page 4, Image 4

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I ABcia Hammersfy
I A Woman Who Wouldn't Remarry
MS ithomn
should your crankcase
Automobue manufacturers carefully recommend, in their Books of
Instruction, refuar draining and cleaning of the crankcase.
This U necessary because engine operation causes road dust, carbon,
fine metal particles and other impurities to accumulate in your crank
case oiL This gritty oil circulates through you . engine, impairs its per
formance and ultimately leads to rapid depreciation and
and does not impair the lubricating effi
ciency of fresh oil used. The cleaned crank
cast la raflllad with tha correct grade of
Look (or the garage or dealer displaying
the elgn shown above, It means "Befrar
To meet this need, Modern Crankcase
Cleaning Service has been established by
Brst-claas garages and other dealers, co
operating with the Standard OO Company.
Theae garages and dealers use Calol Flush
ing Oil, the scientific agent that cleans
out old oil, dirt, grit and other imparl ties,
operation and longer angina lit:'
Cherries Shipped .
In Carload Lots
It has been proven definitely this
year that cherries can be shipped
Jong distances In Urge lots. The
Oregon Growers Cooperative Asso
ciation has shipped over 300 tons of
(toyal Anne to eastern markets
this season. Tbls variety of cherry
lias been harvested and the black
cherries are coming In now.
The association has been shipping
jtmborts In car lota this year and
they are the first to go from Salem
to the eant In solid cars. The fruit
has lo be sorted with eslreme care
es only the bent will stand tho long
trip and thn packages were labeled
with the Mlstland brand which la the
mark of the highest quality put out
t.v the Oregon Growers Cooperative
Hepnrts shnw that the cars ar
going through In good shape and
that the fruit la standing up well on
the long trip. The association Is rto
Inir everything In Its power to p.:t
Oregon fruit on oastern markets In
surh a way that the growers will re
ceive the best returns for their pro
ducts and Oreaon fruits will come to
be known as tle bent on the market.
Ooodyear Bemee. Bervlce Oarage.
HKItLlN. July 13. (U. P.) The
mailed fist of the German ex-empcr-
or Is offered for sale In Berlin
The ex-empress At'gust having
heard her husband mentioning the
"mailed fist" and the "shining ar
mour" repeatedly during his famous
speeches which enlightened the
"World has made up her mind to
tnake Willy an extraordinary birth
day present She gave an order to
a! .famous English silversmith to
make an Image of that "mailed fist"
of solid silver.
The Iron flat arrived in good time
and Augusta placed it on the break
fast table of the Kalaor. It wns ex
pedited somewhat speedily Into the
corner bv the receiver who for sonr
reason did not seem to be pleased
with the present. From here It was
picked up qulotly by the Empress and
told l.'.ter lo a man who Is In pos
session of It today. Since he Is a
ood patriot and a business man
he Is trying lo sell It, preferably to
an American.
We want fresh fruit of all kinds.
Will pay top market prices . Dut the
fruit must be clean and first-class In
all respects or we do not want any of
It; we use only the best grades.
On and after tnls date The
Service Garage win be able to
furnish Chevrolet Service and
Glenn H. Taylor.
332 N. Jackdon St.
Movie Closeups
"TIE BEST mi '
Do you
sx X
Rudolph Valentino, who enacts
the leading male role of Julio In
Metro's coIossh! production of "The
'our Horsemen of the Apocalypse,
by Vicente Masco Ibanez. also plays
opposite Alice Lake in her new star
ring picture, "Unchartered Seas
which will be shown at the Majestic
theater tonight.
Mr. Valentino is aecn as a young
sea captain In "Unchartered Seas,
a story from the pen of John Flera
ng Wilson, and adapted for the
ei-reen by Elwoort Jenks. Bayard
Vlellnr, director of productions at
Metro's West Coast studios In Holly
wood, Calif., considers "Unchartered
feas" the best story Mr. Wilson ever
lias written. Wesley Ruggles di
rected the photoplay.
' The story centers about a girl
V'honn husband proves himself
worthless, despite her efforts to re
claim him. The youth s trail by his
wife and father and the success of
a second man. go to make "Unchar
tered Seas" a thrilling tale of the
sea. Much of the early part of the
story takes place about San Fran
cisco harbor. ,
I am experienced In all forma of
beauty culture; facial massage, hair
shampooing, and tinting, marcelling,
permanent wave, manicuring, scalp
treatment and violet ray. Our new
iiuarters. rooms 1 and 2 In the Dell
Winters llldg., are now open and we
Solicit your patronage. Well equip
ped and sanilary. Hours 9 to 12
and 1 to 5. Other hours by appoint
ment, rnone &pz.
That exesdlent iress work that
knowktljre of hiirnionr those
are the thing's that impress you.
Incidentally, such work is one of
ur accomplishments of which
we lire particularly proud.
Arundel, piano tuner. Phone 189-L
Moore Music Studio opens SepL 1.
Pennsylvania Tire Service. Ask
us. Ford Garage.
Goodyear Tire Servtaa. rnrd
PalnlfM extraction of teeth at
room , Masonic temple. Dr. Nerbaa.
I Going on a picnic? Get your
lunch goods at Fouteh's Confection
ery Pennsylvania Tire Service. Ask
us. Ford Garara.
t A Huryrhm tor Roland Early.
We were in my little living room
when Roland Early assorted that 1
knew that be was In love with me.
As he apoke I sat down heavily In
a nearby chair, and he, taking it aa
n Invitation, seated himself In a
great arm chair beside me.
For a moment I was so enraged
that I lould not apeak. This u
twice In twenty-four hours that I
had been told that I knew of the
love of a married man for me and
each time there was at least a alight
intimation that I lad encouraged
this love. i
Mr. Early seemed to have mlv
construed my silence, for he contin
ued to look at me with a most pos
sessive tenderness!
Finally I got my vocal cords into
such control that I felt I could speak
without my voice trembling, and I
aald: "It Is very strange that two
people should feel themselves better
able to gauge my knowledge of your
regard for me than I am myself. It
la also strange that both should take
It upon themselves to inform me of
that knowledge upon the same day."
"Who else has said that I love
you?" he demanded In alarm. It
was apparent that he did not want
the world to know it, however, much
he flaunted it before my eyes. "Was
it that fresh young pop-in-Jay who
strutted about town with you In that
gypsy garb?"
"No, Mr. Early, Larry never -non-tioned
your name. He classes you
with his father. It never enters his
mind that to me, as well as to him,
you are not an old man who has fin
ished with love and youthful pas
sion. Larry is really young and be
brings a splendidly fresh outlook
Into rr.y life."
I purposely made this as insulting,
as I could and I saw Roland Early
winced. I even caught him rjrren-j
titlously looking Into the long mirror',
that was across the room.
What he saw there evidently re-
assured him (he was a splendid '
looking man at the zenith of mature
manhood and vigor), for he smiled I
tolerantly. Then I saw his face
change again as he Inquired: I
"Have you seen Jeff Turner since:
he returned?"
"No," I answered, "and if I had,!
Judge Turner would not have had
the effrontery to say to me that I.
knew you or any other man was in
love with me.
. "Except himself," interrupted Mr. ,
Early. ,
I allowed this to go unchallenged,'
for, to tell the truth, my literary In
stincts were getting the best of any
personal interest I might have in his
conversation and I decided, as I had
in the Interview with his wife, to let
him rave on. Doth were new types
to me.
"Well." asserted Mr. Early, "who
ever told you that I was in love with
you and that you knew It spoke the
truth. Why, girl, I have loved you
every minute since the first time I
saw you. Tou must have seen what
a hopeless thing it was from the very
first for me to put you out of my
life. ' Heaven knows I have tried
hard enough to forget you. This is
why I persuaded my wife to go to
Chicago to a sanitarium. I wanted
an excuse to gel away from you,
Allx, but I found through those long
months of torture that it was no use.
I love you. Allx, love you as I have
never loved before."
"So your wife told me."
Roland Early jumped up from his
seat and came over to me, his face
pale. "Have you gone mad, Allx,
or have I? What do you mean by
laying that my wife told you t What
did she tell? When did she tell it
to you and where Your talk is
"I am perfectly normal, Mr.
"But Allx, you cannot mean that
you have been talking with my wife,
and that she has told you that I was
In love with you. You have never
reen my wife nor she you."
"I had nover teen her until las'
night Then she came here and in
Ibis room said precisely the words
that I have Just repeated to you."
At tbls Roland Early almost
wilted In his cbalr.
"Why should I be subjected to all
these dramatics by you and your
wife?" I remonstrated before he
could again speak. "Truly I feel al
most Indecent not because of my
trypsy prank with Larry, which you
came here to find fault with me
about, but because I have put myself
in a position where I have not only
to listen to protestations of love
from a married man, but also to the
frantic appeals of bla wife to leave
him alone.
"Do you realize, Mr. Early, that
your wife came to rr.e late last night
and told me that you had asked her
to divorce you; that you had found
a woman that yon could not live
without and her whole plea wat,
'GJve him back to me, give htm
back?' " My voice broke with the
shame of it all and I trembled visi
bly. "What possessed her to do this?"
Roland Early spoke to hmself rather
than to me, apparently dazed by the
unexpected turn of our interview.
Things were not going as he had
planned. For the first time in his
lire he had found that he did not
know the woman he had married.
"I am sure Mrs. Early did not
know that you existed for me. I
have always been very careful never
to mention your name to her. How
did she find out and why did she
come?" he queried, speaking rather
to himself than to me.
I could not refrain from telling
.Roland Early a great truth and I did
not attempt to soften the blow when
I sald:i "Roland Early you may
trust a loving woman always to find
out the Innermost life of her hus
band. The life that a man loves
to think Is concealed from every
one In his secret heart."
Tomorrow Roland; Early's Confes
sion. .
l Mis' 'I WM
ma ,
I. Abraham
"The Silk Store"
. A sale of delicious home-cooklnr
will be held at Vonburgh Brothers'
Store, Saturday, July 16, by the Wo
men's Missionary Society of the M.
Service Oarage, Goodyear Tires,
If you hare any second hand fur
niture to sell, let Jarvls Bellows
make you an offer. They will pay
the drayags to have it taken away.
329 West Cass St Phone 25IT '
For a short time we are making a
special price on all portraits. We
also do kodak finishing, latest finish.
137 Jackson, Bell Sisters Bldg.
The next regular meeting of TJmp
qua Lodge, No. 314, B. of R. T., will
be held Thursday evening, July 14.
Goodyear Tirea. semoe Oarage.
.Tltnnv fftrmArlv Kn jj i-
cated at the Baney MathtwTJ
itnro nn Pail afro -
'.:r uua i
On and after this date The
Service Garagi will be able to
furnish Chevrolet Service and
Parts, s)
Glenn H. Taylor.
382 N. Jackson St
Thar What They Say About Walter
Jenkins, Song Leader.
That community afnetn la Muwt
medicine" for every community la the
belief of Walter Jenlrlna
community song leader who comes to
Chautauqua on the fifth day. He says,
"When we sing together our moods
draw closer together. We feel alike;
we think In terms of the group."
someone nas said that "Walter Jen
kins could make a group of wooden
There will be a meeting of all
prune growers at City Hall, Satur
day, July 16th, at 1 p. m., for the
purpose of considering harvesting
wages. Also considering pooling of
an prunes outside or association.
Httm I
L - 1
table drink
instead of coffee
Auto and Furniture
Phone 338.
708 N. Jackson St., Roseburg
Dryer Ready
For Dryer Stoves
and Pipe see
Sheet Metal Works
119 Oak Phone 428
Indians ting." Be certainly possesses
the nocanny ability ef potting every
audience in rood bnmnr rvn-t.. - im t
and 118 he was Northwest Song Lead
er for the Army and Navy Camps and
elnce that time has been Community
"" it ox romana, Oregon. Dtu
lo hi program Ur. Jenkins will also
Myrtle Point,
Coquille and
MarsKfield Stage
7-PiSMt'rx CidilUc-S Cits
daUy Ht1 CmNM T a. m.
Fare to Myrtle Point, l.4.
Fare to CoqnUle, 17.00.
rre to Marshfleld, M OO.
The most costly neglect that
can be practiced by mankind
is the neglect of teeth. These
physical Instruments used lo
tear apart and grind our foods
should not become impaired.
If they do our health will suf
fer. A dentist should be con
sulted whether your teeth are
ailing or not. - -
Polnlees extraction.
Various painless method for
filling, etc
Teeth regulated.
Teeth replaced successfully
same day (new for your old
Pyorrhea cored in early stage.
Work fully guaranteed.
PHONE 488 Room 9
In the County Court of the ,
Oregon for Douglaa County
In the matter of the estate of Ck,
Rakr. dacMHAd.
To the unknown heir at laww
B. Baker, deceased. ,
In the nam of the State o v '
you ate hereby cited and reoui?
appear in the County Court ot t?.:
of Oregon for" the County of twT
In the court room thereof, at BWI
In the County of DouKlas, on iH
the 18th day of July, 1121, at ijvS
in the forenoon of that day aA
there to show cause. If any ikH?
why the following described ' tm
erty of aald estate, to-wlt: Tht, f
(1). two (I), and three (Si J
forty-one (41), of Klnneyi iZJJ,
Plat, an addition to the ci", u if
burar. in Oouglaa County (d'
should not be sold to pay th
against aald estate presented It.
allowed by M. L. Wei,o, the
trator of aald estate, amounting
aggregate to one hundred and
four (.134) dollars, and the '
the administration thereof '
Thle citation la aerved iinos I
the publication thereof in ,k. . .
bur Newa-Kevlew. a dally tnZ
published at Roseburg, In tall,
for four weeks prior to the datti.
named for you to appear am i
cause why the order of sale ihmiJ
be made by order of the Judge oil
court, made on the 16th day Mi
Witness, the Hon. Geo. K. J
Judge of the County Court of uv
of Oregon, for the County of Doi
with the seal of aald court affinal
lth day of June, l:l. t
I Atteat: IRA B. RIDDLB. Oft I
TIMBER. General Land IK,
Washington. D. C, June 11 m
Notloe la hereby given that mbirl
the conditlona and limitation, 11
Act of June , 111 (31 Stat, 111, J
the Instructions of the Secretary it
Interior of September is, liilin
p, 447). the timber on the folu.
lands will ka sold at 10 o'clock u
July 29, 1921. at public auction 1
United States land office at Boms
Oregon, to tha highest bidder 11 J
lose than the appraised value aAf
., iiuiwv, mw 10 oe su&jey
,h. Bnnwnvat " . 1. - 1 . -
Interior. The purchase nrice. 3
additional aum of one-fifth of oil
cent inereor, being oommisslou
lowed, muat be deposited at tia
sale, money to be returned U ai
not approved, otherwise patem i
issue for the' timber which bit
removed Within ten vesra. Rid, I
be received from citizens of th, ;1
ed States, associations of such d;l
ana oorporationa organised undv
lawa of tha United State or atT d
territory or district thereof onlj. j
application of a qualified purcul
the timber on anv leval tubita
will be offered separately befort ii
incjuaea ki any oner ot a isrftra
T. H 8.. R. W See 3, NE4i a
now n., noi 10 do soia ror las
11.76 per M. T. tl 8.. It. i W.Se
Lot 1. fir 1730 M red cedar II.
hemlock 160 M.; Lot i. fir Kit H
cedar 330 M.. hemlock 60 M; Lot'
2360 M.. red cedar 460 M, hemlot)
M.: Lot 8. Or 200 M.. red cedar
M ., hemlock 300 M., none of the y
be sold for leas than $150 pert
none of the red cedar or bankn
Be sold for lass than 11 !5 r
uiivnea) v, ft. PAKKOTT. I
Assistant . Commissioner. General
Douglas County Light and Water Ca
New Gould Batteries while they last
Chevrolet $11.00 Stndebaker
Bul 14.80 Overland
Podge ...rao '
ATry BuJck and CberroM
441 North JacKion 41
Coed Called foransj DcBvered
4T1 !
Roseburg Cleaners
J. F. DILLARD, ftoprletor
Geaning, Pressing, Repairing, Alteration J
lew Baritone tela,