The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, March 05, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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tote evbwino news Wednesday, march a, 1010,
For Men!
SIZES 6 TO 10 .
Quality Best That
$3.50, $3.98, $4.98, $5.50
We Save You Money on Every Pair.
The housewife, looking to the family beaitb, will buy whore she can
get Freeh, Clean Groceries. Onr Stock is Clean and Sanitarily Kept,
and all good's are of tit best manufacture. Orders personally look
d after, ..
Clever Spring Models
Sophomore Suits
PRICES $25.00 TO $60.00
Clothcrafl Suits
, '. Famous Wool Suits
$20.00 to $45.00
Pruning knives, shears and saws. The famous swiss shear 'Corsell
Retser' on hand, but made In the good old U. 3. A. and priced at
only 3.60.
And how about that spray rig. Do you need repairs in way of rods
etc We have on hand the Boau 'Pilot' rod! Is (.head of anything
yet brought out
Continually under your oontrol, or spray shut on entlroly, when mov
ing from one tree to another by simply reloaslng pressure of hand.
Perhaps you need a whale outfit, If bo, call and soe No. 015, "The
AOMB" of spray machines tor any orchard. .
Churchill Hardware Co.
Billie Rhodes
The inimitable Billie of the happy smile and contagious laugh In
nor First Comedy-Drama.
The Girl of My Dreams
A happy story of how n Mountain Waif found lovo, riches and a
husband by being nor Joyful aolf. Aroul picture in 6 happy reels.
"CliKOl'ATSY" A two
adults soe
Money Can Buy
Matinee Every Day, 2 to 5
Evenings, 7:15-10:45
- part Toto Comedy.
Live-wire Doings of City
Will Visit In Rowbu'H. '
- Irvln Randolph of 1 jrtland arrived
In this city and will .iait for a few
days at the home of ;t. M. Wood
Returns to Eugene. .
William De Vore, of Eugene, who
has been visiting in Roseburg for the
past few days, returned to his borne
this morning.
Will Moot OMh. .
Mrs. L. burroughs and Mrs. C. O
Hosmer, left this afternoon for Port
land, where they will meet relatives
returning with tho 69th.
Mark Tlsdnle In City.
Mark Tiadale, the well known Su
thorlln resident, arrived In Roseburg
this morning and spent the day at
tending to business matters.
Visits on Furlough. ; i
Ed Shanks, a member, of the TJ. S,
Transportation Corps arrived In the
city this morning and will visit with
his parents for several days.' He Is
located at Camp Lewis.
Suits Entered in Court. -
B. O. Young and company has en-
tered suit against H. B. Rees for the
recovery-of $1605.51 and against F.
W. Babb for 110, both amounts be
ing said to be due on promissory
notes. . .
Decision Handed Down.
A decision In the case of B. Cody
vs. Hugh Black, for settlement of
title to land, was made yesterday In
the Circuit Court the land in quest
ion being awarded to. the plaintiff.
A bill for damageB was not allowed
Auto Collides With Bank.
While driving his' car up Win
chester Hill at about 3 a. m. Tuesday
morning, Jess Shambrook was unable
to make, the turn and struck the
bank at the top of the hill. His
car was quite badly damaged but no
one, was injured.
Return From Portland.
Mr. and Mrs; Willard C, Keyes re
turned Monday from a week's visit
in Portland. On the way up they
were entertained for a day at the
home of Dean and Mrs. Hope of the
law school. Mr. Keyes Is with the
local U. S. Forest office.
Social is Planned.
The Christian Endeavor of the
Christian Church, will hold a social
for the Choir of that church Thurs
day evening. A unique and interest
ing program is being planned and a
good time is anticipated.
Building Inspector Here.
Carl C. Holloway, Superintendent
of Construction, from the Treasury
Department, Washington, D. C, ar
rived In Roseburg this morning nnd
spent the day inspecting-. the local
Federal Building.
Failed to Arrivo.
Rev. C. H. Dickson has been ex
pecting his son Murray, who was re
cently discharged ' at Norfolk, Va.
Tho boy-wna expected to arrive last
night, but has evidently failed to
make connections or has been de
tained by storms.
W1U Rebuild.
According to word from Gold
Beach, business and residence owners
whoBe property was wiped out. In the
recent Are are already malting pre
parations eo rebuild, a cement plant
having been established to rurnisn
foundation material.
Return From Portland.
MrB. E. H. Huffham, formerly of
thlB city, but now of Marshfteld,
where Mr. -Huffham is employed in
the J. C. Penney store, has recently
undergone a severe operation,
cording to a letter received here, but
is improving nicely.
Well Known Butcher Leaves.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sleep, left yes
terday evening for Buffalo New York
nnd for points in Pennsylvania,
where thoy will visit nt their former
home for about six weoks. Mr. Sleep
has been employed as a butcher at
the Kohlhagen market.
Expects Discharge Boon. .
Captain J. A. Buchanan writes
from Fort Columbia, Wash., where
ho 1b now stationed, that he hns re
ceived, orders to check tho company
property, which Ib preparatory to re
ceiving a dlschargo. Pant, nucha-
nan expects to be out of the service
within two or three weeks.
Visit nt Kugcne.
Miss Margaret Shupe and Miss Do
rothea Abraham were at Eugeno yes
terday to spend the day with the for
mer's sister andi brother-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. T. M. Jackson, and family,
Laugh When People
Step On Your Feet
Try this yourself then pass
It along to others.
It works!
Ouch I T I T I I This kind of rough
talk will be heard less here In town II
people troubled with corns will follow
the simple Advice of this Cincinnati
authority, who claims that a few drops
of a drug called freesone when applied
to a tender, aching corn stops soreness
t once, and soon the corn dries up
and lifts right out without pain. . I
He says freesone la an ethr com
pound which dries Immediately and
never Inflames or even irritates the
surrounding tissue or skin. A quarter
of an ounce ol freefone will eoit very
little at any drug store, but is sunt-
elsnt to remove every hard or soft I
corn or eanus rrom one's feet. Millions $4.50: District. Hedden Bluff, $2.60:
of American women will welcome this District 66, Haines, $10.60: District
announcement since the Inauguration I Kentucky, $13.00; Kellogg not re
of the high heels, ported as yet. Total $80.76. X
$9.50 per barrel, net, at Spray
plant In Garden Valley. Guar-
anteed 30 hydrometer test. Ad-
dress. Garden Valley Fancy
Fruit Association, Wilbur, Ore-
gon. Phone 32F3. tf
returning to -Corvalis last evening.
MIbs Abraham le'a Roseburg girl and
a student at the O. A. C. Corvallis
Times. , - - . , J,,,; .. .
Returned' From Marshfteld. :
, Benjamin Chllson, who has been
absent from home for some months,
during which time he has been em
ployed at Marshfteld, returned to the
city last evening to visit with bis
father, B. F. Chllson. - . . -
Committed to Asylum.
' Calvin Kirtloy, of Drain, was ex
amined this morning and found in
sane and committed to the State Hos
pital. With proper treatment It Is
believed he can be cured as the cause
of his derangement Is a malady with
which Le has been attracted for some
time. .
"Bill" Karris Is a Regular Dad.
W. F. Harris, the local abstract
man, la carrying a happy smllo today
one of those kind that "stand out
all over." A fine ten and one-half
pound boy arrived at the Har
ris home today. "Bill1 says the
vounester - has already declared
against the league of nations Is con
vincing terms.
Aid Meets Thursday.
The Ladles Aid Society of the
Christian Church will meet tomorrow
afternoon in the parlora of the
church. Matters of business of im
portance will be attended to, which
will be followed by a social hour,
The ladies are planning for consider.
ablo activity during the . next few
weeks. . ..
Funeral Hold This Morning.
The funeral of Mrs. Ona Royor was
held this morning from the Rosoburg
Undertaking Parlors, Rev. C. H. Hil
ton, pastor of the Christian Church
officiating. Many sorrowing friends
and relatives were present and the
floral offerings were many and beau
tlful. - Interment took place at tho
Odd Fellow s cemetory.
Julius Riddle Gets Furlough.
Julius Riddle writes his father.
Judge I. B. Riddle, stating that he
has obtained a 14 day furlough and
will visit Marseilles, France, only
four from his company were success
ful in obtaining 14 day furloughs
although several were allowed to go
to Spain for a weok. Julius had de
sired to go to England, but was un
able to secure the needed permission.
Boys Don "Olvles".
I t.A number of the returned soldiers
have invested in "civics" and the
conventional olive drab ' has been
layed on the shelf until the next
war. One of the fellows today stated
that the feeling of Jumping from the
uniform into the civilian attire is in
describable and when the cold wintry
winds whistle up his trouser legs he
Is tempted to return to army styles
and the warm wrap puttees.
Parent-Teachers Meeting. .
The enson Parent-Teachers Asso
ciation will hold a special meeting at
the BChool building, Thursday even
ing, March 6th, at 7:30 o'clock. Mr
S.- C. Bartrum will give an illustrated
lecture on Forestry. . There will be
special music and a Bocial hour will
follow the lecture. ' All parents and
patrons of the Benson School are cor
dially invited to be present. Children
when accompanied by their. pnrentB
will be admitted to the auditorium,
Word was received in this city
today of the sale of the Riddle State
Bank to D. S. Beals, an experienced
banker who until recently has been
employed at Springfield. Mr. Beals
Is a man of fourteen years exper
ionce in the banking business and
was formerly cashier of the bank of
which he is now the owner. A busi
ness meeting hns been held and new
directors and officers chosed, a com
plete list ot which was received today
by The News too late for publication
but will appear In tomorrow s Issue.
Still it ralnB.
The 'Elkton Union High School
Board met in regular session March
1st, and voted to add another year
to their High School course, thus
making It a Four Year Standard for
next year. This 1b a move in the
right direction nnd will do wonders
in bringing better educational ad
vantages to this part of the county.
The regular meeting of the Com
munity Club was held at the I. O. O.
F. Hall February 28th. Program as
follows: Illustrated lecture, "Our
Boys In France", (slides furnished
by the University of Oregon), Stere-
optlcon belonging to the High School.
Kecttatlon by Mary Binder; Debate,
Resolved that every voter should
be compelled by law to exercise his
right of franchise." Afflrmntlve
Rev. Stratford, Kenneth Grubbe, and
MIsb Anna Binder. Negntlve Mr.
W. O. Grubbe, Miss Lena Binder, and
Mrs. R. O. Thomas. The decielon was
rendered in favor of the negntlve.
Judges: Jack Kingston. J. A. Peter
son and Clyde Rydell. The Commun
ity Club meets every Friday night.
Illustrated lecture and program at
each meeting. Everybody Invited.
The result of the Armenian Syrian
Relief drivo, Fred A. Golf, captain,
for this community is as follows:
Elkton Dtst.. 34. $30.76: District 35.
Paradise, $19.60: District Walker
Our Diamond Ring
is worthy of your choice
diamonds pure of color and
great brilliancy are shown.
Your, inspection of these
beautiful gems solicited.
Roseburg, Oregon.
(Continued! from page 1.)
BCrlbed, none of them being a failure.
and always the objective was taken
in less time that had been given
Lucky for the Jerries they hoisted
the "white flag" two weeks too early
for. In Just about two .weeks more
the Yanks would have had the KaiBer
doing their "kitchln police."
The destruction along the battle
rront or .Northern France exceeded
all of our wildest dreams. For over
two weeks we wore fighting In and
around Verdun, the most famous city
of the war.- TIiIb city Is one mass of
ruins, not a building there but what
has been torn to pieces by German
ehells and In spite of the enormous
pressure placed against It by the
German army the slogan ' of the
French army stood: "They shall not
pass" and they didn't. The under
ground city of Verdun is wonderful
and the Roseburg fellows had the
privilege of visiting there and see
ing the most remarkable thing that
could ever be imagined. In that un
derground city there is room for 80,-
000 men and they have stored there
enough rations to last twenty years.
During every year of the war the
Germans shelled that city and the
days we spent there the Huns "were
dropping shells in the heart of the
ruins as big as "blacksmith shops.
Traffic at the front during the
drive Is immense- one' long contin
ual stream of wagons, motor trucks,
ambulances, artillery, and "dough
boys". At night not a light Is visable
and the trucks drive at breakneck
speed down the wonderful military
highways, pressing close upon the
heels of the retiring Hun.
' When a returned overseas soldier
speaks of "cooties" a broad grin usu
ally crosses the. faces of the by-stan-ders,
but is these same bystanders
could have had these little pests
clinging to their form for over three
months getting "three squares per",
they would not find so much amuse
ment In It. We had all brands, Qer
man, French, English and Yank and
would have willingly signed separate
peace witl. them at any time. It Is
a very common sight to see several
hundred soldiers sitting along a road
side. "reading" their undershirts.
And confidentially we must admit
that our cooties were with us up to
the time we passed through the
"de-cootie-izer" at Camp Dix, New
Jersey, last month.
It seems to be the popular craze
nowadays to stand on the sidewalks
and yell "hurrah for our heroes" as
the A. E. F. boys march down the
streets, but we all know that the real
credit belongs to those who fought
and died "over there" the boys that
paid the supreme sacrifice and
now have a wooden cross marking
their resting place In France. It is
a pitiful sight to walk over a fresh
battlefield and see hundreds of fel
lows in olive drab laying in death as
they fell in battle and one cannot
help thinking of the mothers of these
boys as you gaze upon the most hor
rible side of war. They have died
that we might live and their memory
should be kept sacred throughout the
years to come.
The strict rules of the censorship
guarding against the use of profanity
In the columns of a newspaper for
bid us touching very deeply on the
Infamous Brest 'rest' camp in France.
This comp is three miles wide and
three feet deep with soft slushy mud.
Our regiment lost more men there
than we did at the front. The soldiers
were forced to work night and day
many of them sick from cold and
exposure and the person or persons
responsible ror the horrible condi
tions existing there, should be held
accountable by the people of the.
United States whose sons are suffer
ing In a pest-hole Indescribable.
For the benefit of the "fair sex of I
the village" who have asked us in-1
numerable questions concerning the
French girls, we will say this: The
American girl hns them beat a mil
lion ways and all of us who have re- j
lurnea ana mose wno win soon re
turn, can say honestly that our heart
is still intact and has suffered no
breaks canned by the affections of a
"petite mademoiselle Francatse."
County Court met this morning
for its usual monthly sesBlon. On t
account of the funeral of 8. L. DII-'
lard the afternoon meeting was ad-l
Journed for a few hours but consid-!
erable time was occupied late- aud-l
Ring bills and receiving reports. The
court will probably adjourn tonior-
row afternoon during the funeral of j
Governor Wlthycombe. I
The Economy Book
The record In whlchls kept an account of Income and ex- ,
penses is often called "the economy book" this la be
cause it enables people to save more money.
Prudent is he who deposits a part of each dollar he earns.
Your account is invited. ' '
The Roseburg National Bank
Roseburg, Ore.
Get your spray materials at the
Marstere Drug Store. - tf .
Nubone corsets made to measure.
Mrs. Mary E. Miller, phone 206Y.- tf.
Order Ginger Ale by the case for
home use. We make a fine quality
of Ginger Ale, as well as all flavors
of soda. .Phone 186 tf
; Boll Millinery You are Invited to
attend our spring opening. Every
thing new In millinery, March 7-8,
Friday and Saturday. '. - - .7 '
: Attention, ' automobile owners-
bring your tires to the Roseburg Gar
age for bighclass vulcanizing and re
pair work at reasonable prices, tf.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Rapp left last
night for Portland, where they go to
meet their son who has Just returned
with the 69th company.
A study class in theosophy meets
at the studio ot Miss Hayden every
Thursday at 8 p. m. Anyone interest
ed in this line of thought cordially
Invited. 6
High Class; Something to Enjoy
Uplifting Music, Instrumental and Vocal :.' '
Warwick Quartette
Lyceum Number
High School Auditorium, Saturday Night
Four Young Men. Enjoy It With' Us.
"On the Quiet"
An excellent picture nnd splendid cast. With Two-Reel Tom Mix
Children 10c ADMISSION Adults 20c
Adolph Zukor Presents
This Is the mountain story that Mary Pickford scored such a trem
endous success In. a few years ago. Perhaps you remembor the
story of the girl, born of a turbulent mountain clan, but reared in
the peaceful valley, who finally heard the call of the blo d and be
came an "Eagle's" mate.- If you remember it. you'll wnt in
. It again! if you haven't seen it Goodness! What a treat you've
missed. With Two-Reel James Montgomery Flagg Comedy Rom
ance and Brass Tacks. Featuring Peggy Adams and Olln Howland
Children 10c
WANTED. Modern furnished house
for three adults. Phone 89-L.
FOR SALE Farm team, weight
1200 to 1300, with collars, $140.
Phone 106Y. .. . . .
WANTED Small drag saw and cir-'
cular saw. What have you.' Ad
dress, Box 1272, city. m-0-p
WANTEDTwo pruners and man for ,
general work. Write Overland Or-.
chards, Roseburg, Oregon.
FOR RENT Cheap, 6 rooom house '
with good garden spot. Phone I
436-j. , ' .;
WANTED jan and wife for fruit !
farm, preferably one with orchard '
experience. Write Overland Or-
chards, Roseburg, Oregon. '
FOR SALE. Two homes, 6 and 11 f
acres rich bottom land. Best bar
gain at Melrose, Oregon. Chas.
Kyes, Melrose.
WANTED-Have a client who wants
to buy 6 or 6 room house; must be
priced reasonable and not too far
out. See W. A. Bogard, 406 Cass
Antlers Theatre
John Barrymore
Aults 20c