The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, March 04, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Fisk Pattern Hats
Kayser Silk Gloves
Bell Millinery
March 7-8, Friday & Saturday
Nobby Suits-In Wool Serge, Poplins, Velours,
trimmed in braids buttons, buckles. Well
made and well lined. .
New Line of the latest Dolman Coats. "
New Taylored Skirts In Chiffon Taffeta, Trippala
. Cloth, Baranett Satin, Plaids and Stripes.
Waists-Georgette, Crepes in Henna Cord, flesh,
Belgian blue and white. '
Round Ticket Silk Hosiery.
That You Drop in and See Our
Spring Dry Goods
Ladies Furnishings!
There has never been a time when careful buying
was more necessary than right now, during this rer
construction period. Wewantoui
Out of Town Friends
to come in also, and look over our new goods, and :
.we assure all patrons that prices are held down to j
closest margains. t
Dealer in Dependable Merchandise
Jersey Brand
Delivered Fresh Every Morn
ing to Your Grocer
Get Your TiresFixed Up Now
before the spring rush starts. I
Repair and Retread
all makes of tires. ;
Douglas County -Agent for Diamond Tires. Ask
about my guarantee. Something new.
- i
Johnson's Retreads
216 N, Jackson St. ' Roseburg, Oregon
HMd) Eczema Remedy
Just a few drops of that mild, soothing, cooling wash, Meritoi Ec
zema Remedy, bo highly recommended for Eszema, and the itching
and burning is gone. Scientific investigations- have taught us that
eczema is positively a skin disease and curable through the skin alone.
This remedy ls'anDlled direct to the skin. If you are afflicted with
this distressing ailment we ask you to try it on our guarantee. A
trial will convince you of its merits. Price 60c for trial bottle. One
dollar for large size.
CHAPMAN'S PHARMACY, Roseburg, Oregon
Contracts Taken and Estimate Pnr
nlshed on All Work la Oar Use,
Household Goods Promptly and
Carefully Moved
Live-wire Doings of City
Olalla Residents IVslt.
Fred Byron and Ed Jennings or
Olalla were in the city yesterduy
looaing alter business inatterB,
Will Visit In City. .'
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Patrick will
arrive Thursday to visit for severul
days with their daughters Clara aul
l'nys Auto Pino. "
Miss Crystal Wiarnock, yesterday
paid a fine of $1.00 in the Recorder's
court, for leaving her car standing
without lights.
In From Olalla.
Col. J. O. Day, the well known
Olella resident spent yesterday in
Roseburg attending to business mat
ters and visiting with friends.
Will Meet Hons. '
Mrs. R. C. Markee, left yesterday
afternoon for Portland, where she
will meet her sons Roy and Chaun
cey, members of the 69th Artillery.
Brockwuy People in City.
W. S. Johnson ana daughters tiia-
dys and Mabel of Brockway, spent
the day In Roseburg Monday visit-'
ing friends, shopping and attending
to business affairs.
Administrator Appointed.
Alfred Koch was appointed ad
ministrator, yesterday, in the estate
of Sanford Crocker, Deceased. G. W.
Kimball, W. A. Sprague, and O. J.
Lindsey, were appointed' appraisers.
Final Hearing Order Made.
An order of nnal hearing in tne
separate estates of Mary Ream, Mack
Fearn and Jake Fearn was made
in the probate court yesterday. The
date of nnal hearing has been set at
10 a. ni. April 6.
Suit Is Filed.
Suit was filed in the circuit court
yesterday by 'Norman Lombard
against Austin Jones et al, to recover
the sum of $425 with interest and
costs, the amount being said to bo
due on a promissory note.
West Fork Man Here.
Fred Ingram of West Fork Bpent
the day In this city, being interested
in the case before the Justlco court.
The defendant Cook is charged with
entering Ingram's dwelling and pur
loining a valuable rifle.
Renalrlns Building.
Extensive alterations are being
made to the front of the Dysingcr
store building on Jackson Street. Thu
old front is being removed and en
tirely new and modern display win
dows will be placed,' while the floor
will be lowered to street level and
other alterations and) repairs made.
Meeting is Held.
An Interesting union Young Peo
pie's Meeting, was held at the M. E.
Church Sunday evening, when W. A
Newmyre of the Y. M. C. A. of Port
land conducted) the services. Mr.
Newmyre is Assistant Secretary of
the Boy's Working Reserve of the
State and held a meeting for boys in
the afternoon.
Await News From Son.
Mr. and MrB. Epperlyy, of West
Roseburg, are anxiously awaiting
news from their son, Ernest, who
landed at New York yesterday, with
the 162nd Infantry. Although they
have not heard from the lad since be
fore ChriBtmas, they feel quite sure
that he is all right, and must have
been with company I of the regiment,
The 162nd landed from the Cruiser
Frederick, which brought over 15
men from overseas service.
Easterner Buys Fino Ranch.
The John Dlx farm, consisting, of
126 acres, near Myrtle Creek, has
been sold to A. W. Caswell, a recent
arrival from Phlllipsburg, Kansas.
The deal was made by the W. A. Bo
gard realty firm. The property Is
valued in the neighborhood of liu
000, and has a fine prune orchard
in full bearing. It is considered an
excellent property and an income pro
ducer. Mr. Caswell will take im-
Says We Must Keep Feet pry,
Avoid Exposure and
Eat Less Meat
Stay off the damp ground, avoid ex
posure, keep feet dry, eat less meat,
drink lots of water and above all take
a spoonful of salts occasionally to keep
down uric acid.
Rheumatism is caused by poisonous
toxin, called uric acid, which is" gene
rated in the bowels and absorbed into
the blood. It is the function of the
kidneys to filter this acid from the
blood and cast it out in the urine. The
pores of the skin are also a meant of
freeing the blood of this impurity. In
damp and chilly, cold weather the- skin
pores are closed, thus forcing the kid
neys to do - double work, they become
weak and sluggish and fail to eliminate
this uric acid which keeps accumulating
and circulating through the system,
eventually settling in the joints ' and
muscles causing stiffness soreness and
pain called rheumatism. ' -
At the first twinge of rheumatism
sret from anv Dharmacv. about-, four
ounces of Jad Salts ; put a tablespoonful
in a glass ot water and drink before
breakfast each morning for a week. This
is said to eliminate uric acid by stimu
lating the kidneys to normal action.
thus ridding tne blood ot these impur
Jad Salts is inexpensive, harmless and
is made from- the acid of grapes and
lemon juice, combined with litnia and
is used with excellent results by thou
sands of folks who are subject to rheu
matism. Here vou have a oleasant.
effervescent lithia-water drink which
overcomes uric acid and beneficial
to your kidneys as well. ' -
PRUNE TRUES $1S per 100 Not
war prices. i. uivrnu, oo ami St.
FOR SALE Used cars, 5-passenger
Bulek and Overland; also Ford
truck. iJotor Shop Oarage.
FOR ' SALE Prnotlcally new Oliver
typewriter at a bargain. Its worth
the money. Inquire at News office.
FOR SALE Used Ford, Maxwell
. and Dodge Bros, touring care. Call
at Dodge Agency, Cass St., J. O.
Newland, prop. '
FOR SALE. Hay at the Edenbower
Orchard tractB. Fred Fisher, man
ager. Phone 26-F4.
FOR SALE Bull Orphlngton eggs
for hatching. N. C. Aahby, Route
2, City. Phone 9F3. ;
FOR SALE. A 1017 Chandler Six,
4 paBenger roadBter. A snap for
- somebody. See It at the Rosehurg
Oarage. ' tf.
FOR SALE Cow, half Jersey ana
halt Aryshire; gives one gallonyor
better now on dry feed, ClaB.
Insley, R. F. D. tf i
FOR SALE Top buggy, one light
single hack, twj sets harness, one
horse; will work single or douoie,
gentle for woman to drive. Ad
dress: Box 18, R. F. D. No. 1 city.
mediate possession of his new hold
ings and the retiring owner expects
to make his borne at Myrtle Creek.
Will Visit" Niece.
Mrs! W. T. Wright, left yesterday
afternoon for Salem, where she will
visit with her neice, Mrs. W. L. Mc-Oeorge.
"Gets-It" 2 Drops
Then to the Dance!
"Goodnight to Corn Pains-Corns
Peel Off With "Geto-It."
"Say, girls, you can laugh at
tight shoes, or damp, corn-pulling
weather, bis bumpy corns, calluses
on the soles of your feet, corns be
tweea the toes, hard and eolt corns,
"IVs AD Off WHk TUs Fhm Con Now-,
if you will lust touch the corn or
callus with a few drops ot QeU-lf
What a blessed relief It Rives to
corn pains I You won't li mp any
more; you can enjoy the dance
every minute. Then to see how
that corn or callus will come right
ott complete, like a banana peel and
without the least pain, la Juet won
derful. "Gets-IC Is the biggest seller
among corn removers In the world
today, almply because It la mo won
derfully simple and always works.
Be sure you get 'Gets-It."
""Gets-It," the guaranteed, money
back corn-remover, the only sure way.
costs but a trifle at any drug store.
MTd by E. Lawrence & Co.,Chlca(o, III.
Sold in Roseburg and recommend
ed sa the world's best corn remedy
by Nathan euiiertoa.
"I Have to look this way, but you
don't" Easter Is coming soon, but
you still have time to have that cult
tailored to your measure. - One that
fits you and Is made for you. Our
suits are absolutely guaranteed to
give satisfaction. Come In and look
our samples over and get our prices.
' (Try Our Way. )
We call and deliver. Phone 277.
Hemstitching, plcot edging, pleat
ing, button covering, -braiding, all
kinds of fancy stitching. Waists
made to order. 321 Perkins. Buna,
for filing letters or card cases for
loose ledger cards, are always user
In offices where they file away let
ters and bills and keep copleo of
those written In the office. We havo
some good ideas in the way of letter
flies, cabinets, letter copying presses,
besides everything that oould be
called a blank book filing cabinet.
Orders filled for all kinds of frul
,boxes. ...
The J. G. FlooR Co.
Roseburg, Oregon. '
We can loan you money on im
proved property. Plenty of money
at a low rate of interest. Investi
gate our monthly payment plan.
. . ' '.
Douglas Abstract Co.
Pnrk: Ki-uo.
If pleased you'd be
With the meat you buy
For beef to roast or pork to fry
Beef and pork our leading crop.
You'll find us always on the hop.
Scrupulously clean, we use the mop.
Geo. Kohlhagen, Prop. Phoae 08
FOR SALE. Hand-made hack, two
- Boats, pole and shafts, hack har
ness 1 single harness, open buggy,
1 buggy harness, dirt cheap. Will
give you a horse free. . Call 726
First Ave., fltortn.
FOR SALE. Undivided half Interest
In a working placer mine. Will
' take a light touring car for part
payment up to 1,000. For partic
ulars address F. . Schmidt, Rose-
burg, Star Route. ' U.
FOR SALE 160 acre homestead re
linquishment, 8 miles of Grants
Pass: good house, running water,
' 20 acres cleared, good garden and
plenty of oak timber; outside
range for cattle or sneep. u. u.
Buck, Grants Paw, Ore., Rt. 1.
FOR SALE Why pay rentt Buy a
house of your own. Here is a bar
gain for cash: Three-room modern
house, good condition, large lot,
shingled - wood - shed, good hen
house, cement walks. Apply to
owner, 1133 Harvard Street, West
Roseburg. Will arrange terms, tf
WANTED Scrap iron, metal, rub
ber, rags, chlttlm bark, hides and
. wool, Berger's Junk Shop, Phone
182. ' -
WANTED To rent a good apple or
- chard. ' Give full particulars re
garding age of trees and location,
Address: H, care News office.
WANTED. Men to cut 16-lnch stove
evood at 11.65 a tier, block at
11.40. Alexander addition, j, UJ.
Plalsted, phone 16-F2.
. land You may have car rates on
1-3 or 1-4 car. Car to be loaded
the latter part of this month. Ad
dresB Box 166, Roseburg. m-3
WANTED Team of horses 4 to 8
years old, weighing not over 1200
to 1260 each. Anyone having such
a team to sell will do well' to call
on C. C. Long, or phone 10F21
ANTED To purchase 10 to 30 acre
tract of land Improved or unim
proved, near railroad station. Must
be creek or river bottom; bearing
: prune orchard preferred. - Address,
J. B. Henslee, Riddle Ore. '
FOR RENT Four furnished hduse
keeping rooms, 246 N. Rose St,
cara Bark and Oregon Grape. Ber
; ger's Junk Shop, Cass and Pine
Leghorns, bred from best laying
, stock. Setting ot 15, II. J0. Mrs.
J. Aitken, Phone 26F6.
We can supply you with expert Me
chanics and Tractor Operators.
Hemphill's Trade Schools, 124 N.
6th street, Portland, Ore."
COLLECTION. Reduce your profit
and loss account. Let A. A. Chap
man do your collecting. Room 1
and 2, Roseburg National Bank
Building, Roseburg, Or. Phone 91.
Bannerman Campbell. Studio over
Ott's Muslo Store. Mrs. Campbel
will teach throughout the wlnter.
Phone Hotel Umpqua.
Bannerman Campbell, Pupils de
siring Instruction In class will
please call for particulars,
Studio over Ott's Music Store.
C. W. Leghorn hens mated to
males from O. A. O stock; $1.60
per 15. Rates less on orders of 60
or more. Helen C. Leeper, Oak
land, Ore. .
RENTERS Why do you constantly
continue to enrich the landlord?
The average renter will pay out
$200 per year of good money for
privilege of living In a property
worth about $1000. In live years
you could own the place aud your
money all comes back to yon If
yen play the game right. Why not
begin now. Will sell you half block,
small house. Ileal location, small
payment down and balance month
ly. See Mr. Wood at News offlcn.
Property will never again be at
cheap at right now.
Umpqua Valley Fruit Union,
Hardie H Sprayers
The Hardie Special Triplex Power Sprayer pays Its way.. With
first class fruit commanding high prices, with labor both scarce and
costly, a Hardie power sprayer which by its effective work, . In
creases your crop of the higher grades of fruit and cuts your labor
bill in half, surely pays Its way. A demonstration Is our moat con
vincing argument. Call and see.
r -r . --.r-. -I,-,,-,,-, ,-, ,- ,-, irLflJUUUUI H,
2 3 4 6 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Seed Time
And harvest shall not fall."
Neither should, you tall to plant some '
early flower seeds, ,
The wild flowers of the forest 1b, Nature's challenge. A wide var
iety of carefully selected, sure-to-grow seeds, marks our part In
helping you to meet that challenge. ' ,
TJic IfiexjaJUL Store
Perkins j
- ..'...'.' . (.',.';
Willamette Valley
Table Potatoes!
While they last at $i.65per
Cwt. in sack lots. Get your
order in early.
We also have a limited supply of".
Rose," "White Rose," "Gold Coin"
and "Burbank," at especially low ...
prices. Onion sets for a time, 12yic
Peoples Supply Co.
Victrolas, Edison
Diamond Disc &
Pathe Phono
graphs, ranging
in Price from $25
to $300. Also
Victor, Edison and Pathe Records:
Our special ofrer tor a limited time. Come In and buy a selection!
of records, paying for the records only, and select the machine you
like best, next' month start paying for the machine on small monthly!
payments. Buy where you can compare to your own satisfaction
the three best makes ot phonographs tho Victrola, the Edison and
the Pathe. Also Pianos and Player Pianos on easy monthly inJ
tents. j