The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, January 10, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Bargain Day!
Every day is a bargain day
with you when you come to
J. C. Penney Co. for your
merchandise. We save you
money on every purchase.
Contracts Taken and Estimates Fur
nished on 41I Work In Our Line.
Household Goods Promptly and
' Carefully Moved
"D-40" Mitchell Six
Let Us Show You
I. F. Barker $ Co.
Roseburg Oregon
Are you, over lost year's successes? '
Well, you have a reason to be, and we congratulate you. Quite the
opposite, howovor, Is the condition of having ones head "all
stuffod up" with a cold, and howovor good a reason there may
have boon for It, there Is none, whatever; for continuing It.
There's a Rexall Remedy
' ' ' At
Nathan nn Perkins
Fullerton TJie TReCXlUL Store Building
tour eyes and your buslnoss noel It.
Are the most efficient Electric Lamps made.
Sold By
Douglas CountyLight and Water Co.
Matinee Every Day, 2 to 5
Evenings, - 7:15-10:45
The Bride's Awakening
' With MAM MURRAY In n rom-linclng Preachment against rloiulc
stlne Weddings. Don't bo found out Is the Hovcntli Command
ment. A startling story Uint lion n moral for Voting and Old,
"PAINLESS LOVE". An 1,'Ko Komnly presented by a great cast:
Babe Hardy, Hilly Armstrong, IVgicy Provost, Grnco Ornuk
tomorrow olive tell in "sioohet strings."
next tuesday and wednesday william 8. hart ix
"TRUTHFUL TUL1JVKR" and n Markonnett t J loom Chaser "Two
Tough Tenderfoot." In a couplo of spanna. . - -
Live-wire Doings of City
Leaves For California.
Ralph Baldwin will leave tonight
for points In California where he ex
pects to remain for the winter.
Marriage License Issued. -
- A marriage license was Issued to
day to Charles A. Carpenter and Olga
Olsen. Both are residents of Dole.
Destiny Whiskey.
Marshall Shnmbrook, Wednesday
destroyed' xl qparts of whiskey which
have been collected from various
bootleggers taken into custody by the
city autnoruioB.
Dance at Olalla.
A number of local people will leave
this evening for Olalla where they
will attend a dance to be given at the
wicnoiB Home, a good time 1b ex
pected by all.
Ill With the Influenza.
Mrs. Chas. W. Clark and daughter,
Mary Julia, are still quite ill with
the flue at their home in North
Roseburg. These 'are the only two
cases reported yesterday.
.Stockmen In the City.
C. M. McAllister, special repre
sentative of the Portland Union Stock
Yards, arrived in the city this morn
ing and will attend the meeting of
the Douglas County Cattlemen's As
soclatlon tomorrow.
Spend Winter In California.
- G. M. Alwyn, wife and son, and R.
Jorgenson and wife, of Great Falls,
Montana, left this morning for Lob
Angeles and other points in California
where they expect to spend the win
ter. They visited in this city for. a
short time with friends.
Former Resident Here. .
Sain Starmer, formerly one of this
city's most prominent citizens,, but
now residing at Oakridge, arrived
here this morning. and will spend
a few days attending to business mat
ters. He will probably return to
make his residence in Roseburg in
tne near luture. :
Stockmen to Meet.
The Douglas County Cattlemen's
Association will hold Its regular
meeting at the city hall tomorrow
to formulate plans for the coming
year. Men from various points of
the county and state will be present
audi an instructive meeting is antici
Goes To Albany.
Mrs. L. A. Marsters left this after
noon for Albany, where for a short
time she will make her home with
her daughter, Amy, head saleslady at
one of the large department stores
of that city. Later she will go to
Aberdeen, Walla Walla and other
Washington cities for a visit with
relatives. .. , . - :
Garngo Business SoldL
,-. Ohiistoph Hagen has sold a half
Interest In the Qlendale Oarage to
Major Hanks. The firm will be Ha
gen and Hanks. Both partners are
well known and highly esteemed bus
iness men and we predict an ever In
creasing business for this popular
$,rm. Qlendale News.
SUootH Through Hnmf.
While emptying a 32-callbre re
volver preparatory to cleaning It, H.
.Corvalho, of Wilbur, had tho mis
fortune to shoot himself through the
hand. First aid remedies were ap
plied and Dr. Sother called, the in
Jury being dressed and promptly at
tended to. Tlfe wound Is not serious
although quite painful.
Culled to Portland.
County Agricultural Agent C. J
Hurd was called to Portland last
night to attend the reconstruction
convention now in progress at that
city. Mr. Hurd has been one of the
foremost Douglas county residents in
working to And positions for tho
unemployed and was last night call
ed by telephone to appear at the con
vention to assist In formulating plans
to bo carried out In this state to give
empiuymont to the returned soldiers.
He will return home tonight.
Oelrbrnto IWtiT Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Phillies cele
brated the thirty-nrth anniversary of
tneir wedding Wednesday, ana were
rocelplonts of congratulations from
ninny friends. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips
were married in Indiana, the former
bolug a native of Hoosierland. A few
yoars ago these estimable peoble lo
cated In Roseburg, where Mr. Phillips
nas engaged In the tailoring busi
ness. That there may be many re
turns of their wedding anniversary.
is the universal desire of hosts of
Oregon friends.
mth Sllll In France.
In response to a ouery wired to
wnsnuiginn uy tne Eugene Guard,
telegram was rocelvod yesterday stat
ing that the 65th Artillery Is still in
France. The query was sent because
or tno persistent rumors that the Ore
gon unit would arrive in Sun Fran
cisco this week and Bottles dlflnltelv
any doubts as to where the regiment
Is located. The telegram further
stated mat tne regiment would dis
embark on the Atlantic and would
not come through the Panama canal
as was rumored.
Opens Real Estate Offices.
Mr. J. A. Walker, well known real
state man, who was for a long time
associated with Perrlne & Marsters,
and Inter with the O. U. Helblg Co.,
who bought out the former dealers,
has opened offices at Room 2, the
Roseburg National BanK Huntdlnz.
and will conduct a general real estate
business. In addition to this line
of work. Mr. Walker will also do
auctioneering, and as soon as ar
rangements can be completed,' will
write Insurance His long residence
here and wide acquaintance through- j
out tne county, gives, mm consider
able prestlgo, and doubtless all ven
ture will be successful,
Returns to Camp. . .
Cecil Blakely, who has been spend
ing a short furlough with his parents
at Glide, returned this afternoon to
Riddle Residents In City.
G. E. Aikins, the Riddle business
man, and Bud Crow, also of Riddle,
were in the city today looking after
business matters.
Entertains For Son. .
Mrs. F. W. Chapman, this after
noon entertained several friends of
her son, Jacic. GameB were played
and refreshments served.
No Meeting Tonight.
The meeting of the Fullerton Par
ent Teachers Association, which- was
to occur this evening, has been post
poned unt,. a future date.
Final Account 'Filed.
Final account was filed in the pro
bate court today in the estate of Wil
liam Applegate. . Attorney George
Neuner, represents the estate.
Goes Back to Salem. ' ' ' , '
Mrs. K. H. Pickens, who has been
visiting with her . parents, Mr. and
Mrs. 0. P. Cqshow, in this city, left
this afternoon for her home at' Sa
lem. , . .,
Webb Pennie Returns Home.
Webb Pennie, who has been In the
navy for several months, is home
again, having been mustered out. He
was a member of. the band at the
Seattle naval camp. . - -
Admitted to HospitaL
. The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. V. Converse, of Drain, was today
admitted to Mercy hospital suffering
from a ruptured apendlx. She Is
under the care of Dr. Sether who
will operate tomorrow.
Mrs. Brumfield Entertains.
Mrs. L. M. Brumfield, yesterday
entertained a number of the very best
young -folks at her home in Alexan
der's Addition. The children played
games and enjoyed! a general good
time until late In the afternoon, when
delicious refreshments were served
Mrs. Benson and Son Returns.
Mrs. C. E. Benson and son return
ed to this city yesterday after being
called to Olympia, Wash., by the fa
tal Illness of her husbandi Since the
funeral Mrs. Benson has been, visit
ing at the home of her late hus
band s parents at Portland.
Dies of Peritonitis.
Geneva, the small daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. B. W. Taylor, died this af
ternoon or peritonitis, following a
ruptured appendix. Her condition
was so serious that, although every
possible attention was given, she was
unable- to survive. No funeral ar
rangements have been announced.
Alleged Deserter Released.
As no evidence aglnst him waB
available, Wm. Haley, who has been
In custody at the pounty jail was re
leased today. As he expressed a
willingness to work Marshal Sham-
brook found him a position on the
farm of - D. Boyer on South Deer
Creek. Haley was being held as a
suspected) deserter. .
Influenza nt Dillard. .
County Health Officer Miller was
called to1 Dillard today by the out
break or six new cases of Influenza.
Several localities In the county are
still In the grip of the epidemic al
though its force seems to be grad
ually -wearing away. Every precau
tion 1b being taken to avoid the third
wave now sweeping over the northern
part or the state.
Divorce is Granted.
A decree of divorce was today
granted J. M. Taylor from hlB wife
Mary A. Taylor. Mr. Taylor alleged
In his complaint that he and his wife
had lived together for 30 years and
that she then became infatuated with
Joseph Boltzer, of Coos County, and
with him as a companion had left
her husband and took up a new
home near Marsh flenld..
Letter Rwelved.
District Attornoy Neuner, today re
ceived a letter from Corporal John B.
Rondeau, who prior to his entrance
in the army, was engaged In the
cattle business with his brother near
Tiller. Corporal Rondeau Is in Co. H
167th Infantry nnd In his last letter
wnlch was written December 16th,
states"that by the time It was receiv
ed he would be on his way back to
the Statos.
The formal installation of Rev. J.
H. Dickson, as pastor of the Roseburg
Baptist Church, will be held tonight.
Mr. Dickson comes to Roseburg from
Alamosa, Col., but has spent most of
his life In New England whore he
has been pastor of large and Import
ant churches. Ho is now located with
bis family in the Baptist parsonage
on youth Main street. The services
at the church tonight will be of great
Interest to all andi the pastors of the
several churches of the city will par
ticipate In the ceromonies. At the
close of the services a reception will
be 'tendered to the new pnBtcr and the
ladies of the church will serve a light
eolation. Everybody is invited to at
'tend and get acquainted with Mr.
Dickson. This is the first time In
Roseburg that a formal installation
servicer has been held and it should
prove to -be an .inter sting occasion.
The program is as folows: -
Hymn Choir and Congregation.
Reading Scripture Rev. O. C.
Prayer Rev. L. B. Quick.
. Hymn Choir and Congregation.
Address of Welcome Mr. Hopkins.
Charge to Pastor Rev. J. C.
Spencer. ;.
Music Choir.
Chorge to Church Rev. C. H. Hil
'ton. - - '
Solo "O, Love Divine," Miss Allle
Address Rev. J. H. Dickson.
Coronation Choir and Congrega
Benediction Rev. J. H. Dickson.
Reception to pastor and wife.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. Three
well defined proposals for legislation
dealing with railroads now are be
fore Congress. Ralroad executives
today prosented to the Senate Inter
state commerce committee their plan
calling for private ownership and
operation under regulation of the
secretary of transportation a new
cabinet officer with statutory guar
antee of adequate earnings, rates to
be proposed by the roans and subject
to review by the secretary of trans
portation and' Interstate Commerce
Commission and with the Cabinet of
ficer authorized to supervise pooling
or equippment, common use of term
inals, rerouting of traffic, mergers,
contsructlon of new lines and Issu
ance of securities. Previously the
Interstate Commerce Commission had
suggested a policy of private owner
ship, operation under- government
regulation. Director-General McAdoo
had advocated continuation of Gov
ernment control for Ave years and
as an alternative early relinquish
ment for the roads from Federal
management. 'Shippers and repres
entatives of state railroad commis
sions have not yet presented! their
Instructions have been received to
suspend knitting activities as soon as
all knitted articles now in process
are completed and the small quanti
ties of yarn on handi knitted up. We
have a small amount of yarn on hand
which ltjs necessary to have knitted
as soon as possible, as wo desire to
have completed and ship all knitted
articles not later than the 20th of
this month.
Will all who possible can call at
the Work Room and receive a small
quantity of yarn and complete the
work before January 20th? This no
doubt, will be the last call on the
Red Cross Knitters for service for our
soldiers. DEXTER RICE,
Chairman Military Relief Com.
We, the uderslgned, sincerely en
dorse Mr. Mahoney's auto street car
proposition to the diferent districts
of the city, knowing it is a long felt
want and believe the people within
these districts would do well to give
mni meir neartiest support. -J.
E. McClintock, Pres. Com. Club.
B. W. Strong, :-
Rev. C. H. Hilton, .
Marsters Drug Company.
(The Associated Press.)
SPOKANE, Jan. 10 An order was
filed In tho federal court here today
naming F. E. Conners, of Chicago,
rwnlvar nf thn Rnnlfana ar,A Inl.nH
Empire Railway Company. It is al
leged that the rond has been losing I
ton thousand dollars per month, due'
to the influenza and increased cost
of operation In the past few months. '
Have your fruit or ornamental
trees, vines or bush s pruned by a
man witn practical experience; write.
Koseburg, Oregon
Dutch bulbs now on sale at "The
Fern". Hyacinths, crocus, tulips, all
colors, freesla and gladioli. Mrs. F. D.
Owen. Ill West Cass street. tf
BROCCOLI CRATES for sale cheap.
J. u. Thlel. Yoncalla, Oregon.
FOR RENT 6-room house at 130 N.
Parrott, in good condition. Inquire
114 N.Flint.
Science plays Its part In a steam laundry and modern methods
render contagion Impossible.
Be fair to yourself and your family. Patronise a steam laun
dry. Try our way this week and measure cost fairly. On that
basis, outside of the safety basts, you will win by sending the
wash to ns.
, 'Phone we'll call.
PHON 1 70
You Find Both .
Safety and
'. By keeping your valuables in our Fire :
' and Burglar Proof Vault, you have
' ' ' both Safety and Accessibility. The . .
, cost Is very reasonable you can rent '
a Safe Deposit Box for $2.00 and up . ,
per year.
TheKoseburNatiorial Bank
Roseburg, Ore. ;
Monday 1b' bargain day at the
Roseburg Cleaning and Riesslng
Works. Men's suitB French Dry
cleaned and pressed for J1.00. Ail
work given prompt attention. Bar
gain dav prices do not include cnll.
Ing for clothes or making deliveries,
tiring your clothes in. tf
; . ' ' Y W ''
. Not better than the rest, but as
good as the best. Sittings made by
day or night by the new Mezda blue
ray electric light C. W. Clark,
ground floor stuuln. 12R Cass St. tf
'Fatten ,
m. tt i mKS tst dollars .
tion. Swedfch turners -j
can't afford to. ney nayoio "-.r---to
. profit possible, mai s i wuy " ----
separator m dwbuuu
gaFiii-'TTinritt nrmiiii
Here Is the separator we sell because we can guarantee It to skim
ami to a mete trace. .. . ..,..
Rcsebnrg, Oregon. .
Early Spring j Hats!
Just a Word to Let You Know That
Duds for Men
Have just received a Spring shipment of Hats. All '
colors, Greens, Claret, Grays, Blues and other shades
Antlers Theatre
Douglas Fairbanks in
'Bound in Morocco'
Virginia Pearson in
. . . -' t
A play that will reach down Into the deepest cells of every Mother's
Heart. With Outing Chester Picture.