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. Subscription . Katee Dully.
Par ear, by mall, In oounty$J.OO
Per year, outside of county 4.00
Par year
Six months-
Entered as second-class matter,
November E, 1909, at Roseburg, Ore.,
under act of March 8, 18 li.
. The Associated Frew Is exclusively j
entitled to the nee for republication
of all new dispatches credited to it
or not. otherwise credited in tola
paper and also the local news pub
lished herein. All rights of republi
cation of special dispatches herein
are also reserved.
While tlLe war was going on, one
familiar figure ot dally life has been
missed, the book agent. It has not
been necessary; for good natured
people to stop their work for an
hour while the book man's ingratiat
ing tongue ran down. 1 Nor has the
busy business man fairly had to kick
the agent out of the door. But now,
the old familiar figures will be with
us again. Already there are signs
of the appearance of the literary can
vasser. He or even more frequent-
. ly she--lB not the crude specimen of
Balon-merson you formerly saw. The
agent 1b carefully drilled an instruct
ed by his employers on how to meet
objections. He will beat you in any
argument you may put up, so It is
of little use to start any discussion
with -him. The agents are drilled to
be courteous. Book agency calls for
a degree of persistence that leads
many solicitors to show their most
disagreeable side. They manifest
irritation when they fail to make a
sale, and practically tell the prospect
that 'he is a fool not to buy their
stuff. Also they have Irritating ways
of camouflaging tholr proposition.
They approach you with only the lip
end ot their terms showing up. All
you have to pay is $2.00, and of
course the fact tHiiat you have to put
up $6.00 a month for 10 months Is
a more afterthought, scarcely worth
mentioning. A great many excellent
people have mode money selling
books on the road. Many worthy
youths have thereby earned funos for
eduoatlon and otJLor useful nurnoses.
But one dislikes to see young peoplo
going into this pursuit. The booits
thoy sell can equally well be had at
some store, so no public sorvice Is
rendered when the books are taken
around from, door to door. Young
Ipeople do better to enter some lino
of work that serves a felt need, even
If they can't keep tholr hands and
. collars so clean. .
If evoryhlng has some use In the
world, what's the use of a barber
always combing a half-bald man's
hair so flat that it makes ihlm appear
entirely bald? ,
Two kinas of pride are difficult for
normal persons to understand that
of a dark past anal that ot a. ipiffllng
aescenonnt ror Ms distinguished an
' If your enemy Is guilty of all the
things you say, it Is not going to
make youi more Innocent to tell of
them. (
Supposing this Is a "vale of tears."
there's no reason why you should
make it an ocean of them.
Every baby has the right to be born
- or parents who think he Is better and
prettier than any other baby.
It is harder to romembor
blessings than your cursings.
With four deaths in four duys, 150
cases ot influenza reportod, 57 pa
tients at the hospital, tho city coun
cil restored the inMuonza ban In Mod
ford yostorday, closed Bchouls, the
atres, churches, poolrooniB, bllliurd
halls and ordered! the weurlng of In-
nuenia musKs. Tho prohibition Is
more stringent than during tho first
epidemic, and it Is hoped by prompt
action to eradicate tiho flu.
Phone 11 j'ZQ lor wood. B. Stubbs,
V-elrose. tf
Spare Your Clothing
Wear Combination Overalls!
One Piece Suit
Garage Man this Combination Save
All Suit will appeal to you. Easy to
get into, and no suspenders. Comes
in one- color Kahki.
Closing out a tew numbers
In mens high and regular top
shoes. Sizes
7 1-2 to 11
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Jacques and Mr.
and Mrs. S. Jacques attended! the Ba
zaar and also the Picture Show in
this city last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W.'s. ParkB of this
city visited at the home of her Mo
ther-in-law at there farm on Cow
Creek lost Saturday,
Miss Doris Glllons, the papular
teacher of the Fernval school visited
the picture show in this city Satur
day evening, when ehe presided at
tiho Piano and added to the very
pleasant entertainment. ,
Wm. Barber of the Wolf Creek
placer mines, visited this city last
week, aB guest of Mrs. M. E. Hamil
on. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Hamilton visit
ed their mother, Mrs. M. E. Hamilton
thanksgiving week.
The Glondale Grange "has proven a
reliable asset to Cow Creek Valley
and our city. It Is a progressive,
wide-awake, contingent of intelligent
men and women, and their meetings
are usually sociable, helpful and in
structive to all. That the Grange will
aid materially in Bocurlng advantages
for all, that will make life easier and
inspire us all to higher ideals of life,
we have no doubt.
. We sincerely regret to hear that
Mrs. H. M-. JulllfT, a beloved and ven
erated Oregon- pionoer, is suffering
from a fall at her home. We surely
tender pur sympathy to her and hope
see may soon gain her usual health.
Tliore are sevoral coses of Grip In
town and! some apprehension is felt,
since there are so many towns north
that are again under quarantine with
influenza. Dr. Knott is carefully
looking after health conditions and
we hope that soon the disease will be
on the decline, so that our schools
will not be suspended again.
Glondale, under the moBt excellent
management by our present city offi
cials, Is making many improvements
and all are working harmoniously to
gether. '.Prosperity 13 in evidence and
there's plenty of work for all. Our
mills are all running on full time,
paying good wages and our mer
chants and groc-rymen are carrying
heavy, well' selected stocks along all
lines. ,
J. H. Brown city road! supervisor.
has had some very fine work done
on our streets lately.
Suinuel Stumbs, of HolmoB Valley,
was a city visitor this week, no had
lately paid a visit to Foote's Creek
in Jackson county, and states that
he found the prices of meat and other
commodities much cheaper than he
can buy them In this city, viz: Begs
bvb per dozen, uutter 60c per poun
and choice bacon 35c per pound. At
those prices the Footo's Creek folks
could sell a ton of Vhese products at
once In our. town.
Mrs. E. H. Smith of Philadelphia,
Pa., is a guest at the home of her
brother S. H. Robhermel, whore sho
will remain lndiinnetely.
Another Industry, to be located on
Woods Creek, is a possibility of the
near future. It is a Lath and Stave
factory, and culled timber will furn
ish tho matorial. I is an association
ot stock holders that form the enter
prise. A representative of the Com
pany hod a cruiser here looking over
tine timber (hat may be purchased
ror me lactory.
Rev. and Mrs. Morgan, after many
weeks of suspense, received a letter
from their oldest 8on Silos, who Is
In Fronce. , It greatly relieved their
anxiety, as he writes that he is In
good health and hoping for a speedy
return nome.
Charles Hobbs, contractor and
chauffeur on the Opelea-Glendale
stage line, reports a heavy travel and
iimuonse Christmas mall and many
gacKages to our soldier boys overseas,
Well, Charley Hobbs and his Ford
are always on time and we note, he
has a margin In tho transportation of
our popular and handsome school
teachers, who travel by this mail
route exclusively.
James Booth an Upper Cow Creek
farmer, was a city visitor last week,
Henry Kenlston of England, lias
token out papers of citizenship, to be
come a permanent resident of this
valley. We gladly welcome Mr. and
Mrs. Kenlston and their daughter
Miss Mary to a home in our Valley.
Tho Douglas County Fire Patrol
Held Its Annual Mooting at Portland
on December Slth at which meeting
the loliowlng olllcers were eloctcd for
1018: R. M. Fox, president; Geo.
VT: Mnrshull, vice-president; H. O
Purgoter, secretary and manager: W.
J. bander, supervising warden; Di
rectors: K. M. pox, 7.. I,. Dlniinlrk
Geo. W. Marsnoll, C. Shaw, Tho
mas Noud, Robert ti. Smith, Herbert
Armstrong. .
.Not better than the rest, but as
good as the best. Sittings made by
day or night by the new Mead a blue
ray electric light. C. W. Clark,
ground floor studio, 12B Cass 8tt tf
PORTLAND, In continuance or
its schedule ot launching a ship every
month and getting a completed vessel
away from yap' every 30 days as
well, the Alblna Engine & Machine
Works launches 3800-ton eteamer
Callabas. Hull wasOO per cent com
pleted and Should be ready for serv
ice before year ends. The Callabas
was ninth ship launched. There re
main ten vessels ot the same type to
be turned out.
The teamsters decline to strike for
Mooney, they say their union con
tracts with employers are not "mere
scraps of paper."
Portland Swifts to aid state in
dustrial growth. Developement de
partment established by packers. Big
opportunities seen. Special effort to
build up district around flrmXNorth
Portland plant will be made.
Baker Baker mines to be devel
oped. Seattle men purchase old
Highland property. High prices of
silver and demand for other minerals
indicate revival of production
It Is the highest and most ipatrio-
tic duty of our lawmakers to inform
themselves of needs and conditions of
our great productive Industries anu
to back such policies as will help and
not hinder the developement of our
Oregon City Crown-Willamette
Inn at West Unn formerly opened.
lbanon Cannerymen anl grow
ers meet. Demand for strawberries,
red raspberries, loganberries, Lawton
blackberries, evergreens and green
gage plums emphasized.
Fish industry is of the first Import
ance and (provisions should be made
for Increasing output or fish hatch
eries and building new ones.
Portland Brazing and Machine
Works recently welded 22 on fly
Grants Pass Chrome ' prospects
brighter. Government to give pro
tection. Cannot fair minded and uncor
rupted Americans unmask policies of
paternalism now menacing this na
tion? Shall the American republic
go down under class legislation or
will It stand for fair ploy ond justice
ana a square deal or all?
Edho R. S. Stanflold to winter
sheep from two 300 tons silos loaded
with corn.
Portland Willamette Iron &
Steel works making standard scotch
machine boilers. No let-up in de
mand! since war has ended.
Now that the war has ended am
coast states face prospect of losing
ship contracts, public Teallzes what
this Industry means and the neces
slty of a national policy which will
encourage individual construction of
ships In order that this great indus
try may -be maintained.
Portland J. C. Bayer & Co. are
able to furnish roofing tiles having
all the characteristics of those used
in old spam. Mexico, and on Fran.
clscon nilsslonB of California.
Augene Lane County to pave 18
limes new rood at once.
Portland Northwest 'produced
132,000,288 feet nironlann lumhor
during war.
Roseburg Douslna Cnnifiv tn imt.
choso carload purebred stock.
f.ugcno Loyal Lorrlon Lmrjrern
and Lumbermen plan erection of a
clubhouse here.
Raise more cattle and less grain
or a live stock femino Is nrpilletn,,
by the secretary of International live
stock show In Chlcnuo. Tho ..,,.
conditions apply in a lesser degree
tn mieup inuusiry.
rorunna Moeclalv Vmmdrv ,,,i
mar.nine works rus hlnir n.-,lo,-a m
ships fittings. During war, 100 ner
cent-of companies output was for war
Eugene Lane Cnuntv hna ,i,tnna
In 300 tons nlfalfa this year.
Pilot Rock voting water svstein
Continental countries mn imra
nil descripions of wool clothing and
there Is every Incentlvj to encourage
wool Industry and Increases flocks
Readi the announcement of Finch
anan & Tollman on page four.
Magazines! Depemlier li),hlnw nr.
tors. Fiction Library. . ' .i-fi
Yon will soonor or later use Dia
mond Brand hard wheat Flour. Why
not now? Quality the best. Cost
Umpqua Valley Products nrA itnnv-
colled our milk supply comes from
the best herds In the Valley Roso-
ourg uairy. tf
Coffee 'th crenni. Mush with vn
makes good breakfast Pliouo 186
ror the Milk and Cream. tf
Milk and Cream bv the nnnrr
13.75 per month for milk. Roseburg
Dairy. Phone 1S6. tf
Go to tne Grand Grin and nriW
fresh Eastern oysters, served in nny
tf I
The dinner hnll'a r I
llnA Al-Olltld Thla a.Hn.
has a similar sound For various'
needs nnd at a small nrlre Our'
pure milk and cream is sure mighty
nice lioseuurg Dairy; Phono 1SK. .
Many baffling and mysterious
cases have been solved by
but none called for more cunning
and Ingenuity than the case of the
"Dying Detective", which appears
in A. Conan Doyle's latest book
The Last Bow
other books we have just received
An Amazing Interlude Rinehart.
Tales From a Dugout Empy.
The Gods ot Mars Burroughs,
The Wonder Woman Long.
The Winds of Chance Bench.
The Sheriff's Son Raine.
Mr. Editor:
I would like to montion a few facts
regarding the fishing industry ot tho
umpqua River.
I am informed that the cannery men
and other lower river fishermen nr
going to try to dliange the closed
season for Chinook Salmon a month
or two later in the spring.
This would mve the canneryman
and the cold storage fisherman
chance to exterminate the Chinool;
as they did he Silverdmle Salmon.
Few ieople realize the fact that
the Stlverside SpecieB of Salmon ar
practically ext'.rmlnated. Do you
know that we have had four dr
falls and that very fow SHversides
reached the spawning beds. You will
ask why these salmon has not spawn
ed as In former years. The reason
why they didn't spawn is because the
water being low, that the salmon
would come Into the buy and stay
there till they were practically all
caught by he net fishermen, this
being he case four successive years,
or the life time of a salmon. Other
reasons the sflversldo has become
r-ractically extinct, is on account of
the closedl season for netB being so
late as No. 20, as by this time the
Sllverside run Is over and there being
practically none left to spawn.
Since the now railroad at Reeds-
port affords better transportation, the
salmon Industry has been greatly in
creased; this also has worked hard
ships on the SHversides.
If you would mention these facts
to the lower river fishermen they will
argue ana pretend that there are
plenty of Silvorside, and say that we
caught more this year then ever be
fore. This last assertion is probably
true, Dut stop and think a moment.
these salmon they caught this fall
were iiatcnedi In the yoar 1914.
. If only a few salmon snawn in
1915 you would get a very light of
salmon in 1913, or four years later.
The cannerymen and fishermen are
aware of these facts, and therefore
would like to get the Law changed
so they would have free access to tho
Chinooks, and If thoy caught most
of the Chinook for four years, these
would also be practically instinct.
If you must sell yor.r Llborty bonds
sell to us. If you can buy more Lib
erty Bonds, buy from us. We buy and
sell Liberty Bonds. You cannot do
ootter. You may do worse. Cash
paid for your Liberty Loan Bonds.
Any issue. Call and see us. Rice &
Not better than the rest, but as
good ns the best. Sittings made by
day or night by the new Mezdn. blue
ray electric light. C. W. Clark,
ground floor studio, 125 Cass St tf
nave your fruit or ornamental
trees, vines or bush-s pruned by a
man with practical experience; write.
1OUIS H. BErtGo- D,
fKow To Get Relief When Head I
mw iiwv man oilmen up. .
Count nftyl Your coM in head or
catarrh disappears. Your clogged nos
trils will open, the air passages of your
head will clear and you can breathe
freely. No more snuffling, hawking,
mucous discharge, dryness or hnutachm
no struggling for breath at night.
Get a small bottla of Fir', tv...
J?lm from your druggist and apply a
... ... utB iregrnat aniisepuc cream
in your nostrils. It nenetntm thmno-h
eVCrV ftlr Da&Sam'of th hMrfl annlhinA
"a n-mg the , swollen or ufismed
'"u membrane, giving you instant
f? . eolds-kand catarrh yield
, Don't. tufled-uj and
. 1WiiHWJ1k
Notice is hereby given that the
County Superintendent of Douglas
County, Oregon,: will bold tie regu
lar examination tor state certificates
at the new high school building,
Roseburg, Oregon, as follows:
Commencing Wednesday,- Decem
ber 18, 1918, at 9 o'clock a. m. and
continuing until Saturday, December
21, 1918, at 4 o'clock p. m.
Wednesday Forenoon.
U. S. History, Writing Penman
ship, Music, Drawing.
Physiology, Rending, Manual
Training, Composition, Domestic
Science, Methods in Reading, Course
of Study for Drawing, Methods in
Arithmetic. ,
.. Thursday Forenoon.
Arithmetic, History of Education,
Psycholoetgy, Methods In Geography,
riecnanicai Drawing, Domestic Art,
Course of Study for Domestic Art.
Thursday Afternoon.
Grammar, Geography. Stenography.
American Lltorature, Physics, Type
writing, Methods in Language, The
sis for primary Certflncate.
-sRo o -hON..l erons
Frday Forenoon.
Theory andi Practice, Orthography
I opening, i , rnysicai Geography,
English Lfteratur, Chemistry.
Friday Afternoon.
School Law, Geology, Algebra,
uivii uovernment.
Saturday Forenoon.
Geometry, Botany.
Saturday Afternoon.
General History, Bookkeeping.
Yours very truly,
d-16 County School Supt.
it you want to Dorrow money on
your Livestock, Wheat, Wool or Lib
erty Bonds, talk with the First State
no savings Bank, of Roseburg. about
our terms and sorvice or write to as
The war is over and we want to
help you do your part in taking care
of the reconstruction which Is our
next great duty.
FOR SALE. -Cadillac
I. Hnrreison.
FOR SALE. 4-hole oil stove and
oven. $15. inquire 427 Mill St.
FOR SALE Buff Orpington pullets.
Asnpy, Hoseturg. Phone 9F3.
t'OK SALE Eight lots and small
-house, good location, sity ,water,
etc., ,$485. Inquire News. w
FOR SALE Shetland Pony Mare,
extra nice style; well broke, weight
about 500. Address Box C, Kiddle,
STRAYS Two 2-year old redi heifers.
Brand square, crop in right ear and
under slope In left ear. Phone
i f Fa
FOR SALE Or will exchange for
small stock ranch, block of Rose
burg property, small house, some
iruit trees. Inquire at News.
FOR SALE One gray gelding, grade
i-ercneron, 3 years old. Geo. Tel
ford, Happy Valley P. O. address,
Roseburg, Oregon.
bred Duroc Jerseys, also pigs, Irom
tnree months old up. A few good
young ooars. Chas, A. Brand
FOR SALE $1400 mortgage, paying
t per cent; uooa sound: invest
ment, will discount $50 if taken
at once. For particulars: Apt. 6,
iuo is. wasn St., Roseburg. d-17
X)R SALE Extra Fine Holstein bull
18 months old, out of one the best
herds at Kent, Washington. Would
excange for pigs or cattle. Price
$100. Phone 19F5 Lindblom,
FOR SALE Extra fine Holstein bull
IS months, old, out of one the best
herds at Kent, Washington. Would
exchange for ,plcs or cattle. Price
$100. Phone 19F5. Lindblom,
FOR SALE One Gas range with hot
water attacheinents, In good or
der and other household goods
mciuuing standard sewing ma
chine where used. For informa
tion Inquire Chas. Lerry, P O. box
car in tirstclass ropalr, just been
overhauled, practically nev tires,
Bosh magneto. $500 If taken Im
mediately. B. F. Nichols, Riddle,
horse, will work anywhere. True
and sound, also double work har
ness. Will trade tor 2nd hand
mower ana hay rake, or a bargain
for cash. Phone 11F26. Melrose.
FOR SALE Small white soup beans
10c per pound: ripe and green to
matoes 40c bushel; Green beans,
2c per pound, pick 'em yourself.
1326 Umpqua ay.. West Roseburg.
FOR SALE Team horses, weight
aoout zoou; one buggy, horse and
harness; side hill walking plow; 1
wlde-tlre wagon, 1 narrow-tire wa
gon, for sale or trade for cattle.
Will give patch of timber with a
bove Items. Also want half grown
turkeys, or poor birds. Wood cut
tcrs wanted. Phone 14F14.
FOR EXCHANGE Income property
that is alive and paying good re
turns on the Investment. This pro-1
tivix? is tuiueu ui, f id,ouu, ana tne
owner wants an improved ranch.
And will furnish full information
as the property and location to any
wanting to exchange a well improv
ed ranch for Income property. I
Please give full information as to
the ranch offered. Address Box
. "Z", Nowa office. I
A Good Wind-Up
Make the last month of the year count for MOST la
your .financial affairs. Open an account here at the
Umpqua yalley Bank so that you'll be able to start
next year with clear and unobstructed sailing.
B. W. SRRONG, - President
' D. R. SHAMBUOOK, Vice-President
ROLAND AGEE, - Vice-President
J. M. THRONE .... Cashier
the UftPQUft
The housewife, looking to the family health, will buy where she can
got Fresh, Clean Groceries. Our Stock is Clean and Sanitarily Kept
and all goods are ot the best manufacture. Orders personally look
ed after. y .
FOR SALE A 5-passenger touring
car, cost (1650, In Al condition,
$600. See Smith, Jitney, or in-
qulre Grand Barber Shop, phone 5
WANTED TO RENT Small furnish
ed house; must have garden. Write
or phone to Grand Hotel, room 16,
FURS WANTED All kinds: highest
prices paid. See B. F. Shields. 31
Jitney office. d-30-p
WANTED Scrap Iron, metal, rub
ber, rags, cblttim bark, hides and
wool. Berger's Junk Shop. Phone
WANTED Eggs, hides and 8,000
second hand sacks. Spot Cash
Basket Grocery, A. G. Dunlap,
tproprleor. Rceeburg, Oregon. -
WANTED All kinds of furs and
rabbit skins. Must be dry. Berg
er's Junk Shop.
WANTED To trade a good Jersey
cow for centlo, serviceable bull.
R. M. Wood, Roseburg, or inquire
News office.
WANTED Yearling cattle or 2-year
om Dumam or Heroi-l strain, also
siock sneep ana cattle. Geo. w,
King, Montague, California.
a tier for 16-inch wood, or $1.40
for block. C. T. Brown, phone
ir-zq. r-ree cahlns supplied- tf.
WANTED Oregon fruit and stock
ranches for exchange for California
nnd Nevada ranch and city pro
perty. See G. U. Helbig, 401 Cass
wawteu By reliable manufac
turer, a man of some experience as
. a salesman and can hanalo sub
atents to take the general agency
of their patented SDeclnltv for nmi-
glos and many more counties as he
can handle. This specialty has
merit and is usedi by the -best people
ui uim-aud loreign countries. We
nave men making $5000 to S25.-000
per year; takes small capital for
siock cnrriea. 1' or Interview see J.
ij. iewis. umpcua Hotel. 12-3
-Address, owner,
care News.
FOR RENT A two-room furnished
iiat. uiose in. And one comfort-
auie sleeping room, with stove. 119
FOR RENT Fruit farm. 37
apples, pears, cherries, four miles
from Roseburg. Good property,
liberal terms to right party. Phone
KosoDurg, Oregon,
run nunx uotel Umnnn t,..
vymiai i-utes oy week or month
for permanent guests. Inquire of
manager for particulars.
FOR TRADE computing oounter
caie, cost iz5, will trade for
good cow. B. T. Collins, Soldiers
Home. TO EXCHANGE Block of city res-
lutsucB prupeny, wen located, par
tially Improved, lor lot and house
of five or si rooms. Address E
A., care News.
Tho complete Electric Light and
. Power Plant
Bconomlcal In operation. Runs
on kerosene, gasoline or ras.
Koeeburs; - - . Oregon
Mats. F. D. OWEN
Cut Flowers, Potted Plants,
Funeral Designs, Wedding Bon.
queta, etc
111 Casa St. Roseburg, Ore.
Feed & Seed Store
Nice, Clean Wheat, Nice, Clean
Barley, some Gray, White and
Red' Oats. ,
Rolled Oats, Rolled Barley,
Mill Feed,-Yellow Dent Corn.
Fisher's Egg Mash makes the
hens lay.
Try Fisher s "More Pork" for
hog feed it's gr at. , ' , ,
Alfalfa Hay, Oat Hay, Cheat
hay. '
One Fresh Jersey Cow, 6 years
old. .
One his, Red Durham Cow, 3'
years old and week old, calf.
Some bargains In used ears.
One 3-horse gasoline engine.
Feed ground while you wait, ,
Empire Barn. Roseburg
Monday, Bargain
Day at the
Roseburg Qeaniiig
Pressing Works!
Men's. Suits French Dry Cleaned
and Pressed for $1.00. All work
given prompt attention. Bargain
day prices do not Include calling
for or delivering clothes.
308 N. Jackson.
Dry Slab Wood
In Cord and Tier Lots!
PHONE 128 , ,
Pupils deslrinsr Inntmetlnn in nlnaa
will please oall for particulars. Fory
Studio, over Ott's Musio 8tore.
Heinline , Piano School
Children's Fundamental lasses a
424 Perkins Bldg. Phone 380
OsteepathJo Physician A Surgeon
Phones: 917-218 Peridns Bldg.
Ofdee 110
Res. 454-J. Rosebnrg, Ore.
Licensed Chiropractio Physician.
222 W. Lane St., Roseburg, Ore.
Consultation,, examination .free.
Offlea Bonn 0 to B Phone 158.
Cnlropractle and Electrical
- - Treatments.