The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 04, 1918, Page 4, Image 4

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In Latest Novelties
New shipment of choice
numbers is now ready
for your inspection at
49c, 69c, 98c, $1.49
. Don't forget J. M. Judd's ad. n-7
See J. M. Judd qulcu ror gray oats
and vetch seed. n-7
No house wife will try to get a
meal without milk to cook with.
Phone 180 for the best milk. . tf
Go to tne orand Grill and order
fresh Eastern oysters, served In liny
style. . , '. tf
Mrs. William Riggs went to Su
therlln this morning to pass ttt day
with friends. . ,
They all ask for Roseburg' Dairy
Milk and Cream the price has not
advanced J3.75 qt. by the mo. tf
Leave your subscriptions, for
magazines with Alden Harness at the
Fiction Library. nip
Milk is the only feed, that will
Runyan dahlia blooms lor sale, 25 satisfy the whole family. i. 76 per
cents per dozen at the garden, 804 qut, by the Mo. Roseburg Dairy &
Mosher street. tr Soda woncb. tr
Phone llfl'ZO lor wood. R. Stubbs,
Melrose. tf
W. A. Smith, of Glide, was a busi
ness visitor in the city Saturday.
See J. M. Judd for gray oats and
vetch. See him quick. n-7
B, Mundt, of Looking OlasB, was a
business visitor in the city Satur
Kodak finishing by one who knows
how to give, you the best. Clark's
Photo & Kodak Shop. , v . tf
Mrs. J. A. Rlppey, who spent sev
eral weeks at Walla Walla, 1b home
' 'I
Probably the first Christmas par
cel label arriving in Roseburg was
received by Mrs,' George B. Houck
this morning from her husband, Ma
jor George Houck. Major Houck
hinted that fruit cake and silver
pencil would be acceptable and there
Is every indication that Santa Claus
will answer his wishes favorably.
The best kodak nmsntng. Clark's
r noto & Kodak Shop. , tf
- Fresh Eastern oysters, any style.
at the Grand Grille. . tf
Subscriptions for magazines solic
ited, jnctlon Library. N-30
The Misses Grace and Mildred My
ers. Of TjOOklmr ftlnRR wnrA RnRohiiro-
visitors Srturday.
Mrs. C. F. Hopkins, who Bpent
several days at' Seattle and other
northern points, returned home Sat
in peace time, war time, summer
time or winter time, you need milk
try the Roseburg Dairy. Phone
180. ' H tf '
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lilburn this
morning received the happy news
that a 11 1-2 pound boy had been
born to tnelr daughter, Mrs. Florence
Lilburn Wells of Portland.
Conrad P. Olson appointed by Gov
ernor Wlthycombe as Justice of Su
preme Court to succeed Frank A.
Moore has worked his way from a
poor farmer boy. He knows condi
tions in all classes. Keep him on
the bench by writing in nls name
November 6th. pd adv.
Matinee Every Day, 2 to 5
Evenings, 7:30-11 New Time
Closed until
is raised.
Live-wire Doings of City f
where advanced Instructions will be
given to officer material and a chance
will be given to obtain commissions.
For the present Mr. Shoemaker will
assist his fathor in the Roseburg
store. ,
Influenza Patients Better, !
O. D. McAlllser and John Enger,
both of whom have been seriously 111
with Influenza, are reported much
better today. This 'no ws will be very
gratifying to their many friends.1
Oakland lady Dead.'
Word was rece'ved In this city
Saturday announcing the death of
Mrs. Fred Powell, one of Oakland's
mose highly esteemed young ladles.
It Is understood that death resulted
from a severe attack of Influenza.
The sympathy of Mr.. Powell s many
rrienas in tnis city is extended to him
in nis sad bereavement,
Loaves For Portland.
Miss Olive Mathis, a teacher in
the. Roseburg schools who took the
nurses' training course at Reed Col
lege this summer, and who recently
received orders to report for over
seas duty, left Saturday tor Los An
geles where, she will visit for the
next two weeks before leaving for
New York from which city she will
Elkton Soldier Will Return.
A. B. Haines, of Elkton, who is
Just returning from a trip to tho
Presidio, where his son, recent!
wounded In France, Is recuperating
In a hospital, passed a few hour In
the city Saturday. Mr. Haines wss
summoned to San Francisco last
Monday by a message from his son
from Chicago. It Is expected that the
reiurneu soiaier win visit at m
home in Elkton within a few weeks.
F. W. Hopkins, a prominent young
Medford man, went to Eugene this
morning, to take a preliminary exam
ination for entrance to an officers
training school. Mr. Hopkins has
been attending .. ntntn nnlvarsilv
of Minnesota for the past two months.
Hill Huntington Seriously 111.
Phil. Huntington, an Oakland drug
gist and well known in this city,
was brought here Saturday and plac
ed in Mercy hospital undor the caro
of Dr. Ai F. Sother. Mr. Huntington
Is seriously ill with pneumonia and
his many friends here hone for his
speedy recovery.
Returns to Ourtin Today.
Miss Marie Gllkeson, who has been
passing the week end at her home
in Roseburg, returned to Cut tin this
morning where pile Is teaching
school this winter. The Curtain
schools has not been closed oecause
of the "Flu", no cases having been
reported In that district as yet.
To Enlist In Infantry.
Sam Shoemaker returned to Rose
burg Saturday from Eugene, where
he has been attending the Officer's
Training School for the past month.
Mr. Shoemaker haB applied for Im
mediate service in the infantry and
expects to receive orders to report
at Onmp Fremont by December 1,
Following is the list of the polling
places in this city for tomorow's elec
. Caro Precinct Christian Church,
Parrott The Denn house.
Woodward The Roseour:g hotel,
Umpqua Creason's building ad
joining the North Side grocery. j
Benson Page Lumber Co's office.
Deer Creek The court Jiouse.
Lane Douglas Abstract office. '
Bellows 612 W. Lane street.
(Mrs. Layhey.) k
Hermann 412 South Jackson St.,
lu'rencn nouse.)
Roseburg City Hall.
Hamilton Kennedy's house.
West Roseburg West Side school
Mill Fair grounds. :
Edenbower Eden bower store.
i j. Smites
Two Vicious Measures
On" the Ballot Next Tuesday
No 309 and No 311
Both are fathered by Millionaire Jackson, of Portland
and pertain to the publication of the Delinquent Tax List
and Compensation for the publication of Legal Notices.
Vote NO On Both of Them
25. Dear Mother: The village where
I Bpent my vacation Is la Bourbonne
In the Auvergneleave area, depart
ment of Pay ae Dome, South Central
France, just a little north of a line
drawn from Lyon to Bordeaux. The
weather was fresh and Invigorating,
much like Montana in the month of
September. For a week or so be
fore I arrived a great deal of rain
had fallen, but the first five days of
my stay were clear and warm, the
last two quite wet. The scenery is
beautiful almost beyond description.
The hills are rugged, somewhat like
those of Montana, partly wooded with
fir andi other trees, and in the open
spaces covered with green grass to
the very tops.
a Bourboule consists principally of
noteis, a laige Casino and a bath
establishment. Its mean elevation
is about 3600 feet, it is prettily lo
cated In a Valley as the pictures will
Mount Dore is considerably higher
that La Bourbole, but the same
character of a town hotels Casino
and bath house. The bath establish
ment in Mt. Dore contains a mineral
spring in which Ceasar is slid to
have bathed, and today there is a
spring marked "Source de Ceasar":
These bath establishments are im
mense affairs, and one can ' obtain
almost any variety of bath for the
nose, throat, feet, rheumatism, show
ers or tubs. The water comes from
springs sufficiently warm. It Is good
to 'drink, contains a large 'per cent
of arsenic, but is not laxative.
I arrived 'ihursday evening about
3:0 u. m. and used the remainder
of the. day checking in and securing
my room. I stayed .in a good hotel
and Iliad a room nil to myself. I
dined at another hotel about a block
away; the meals were splendid and
the service good. I especially en
joyed the drinKlng water, which is
very pure. 1 think a drank three or
four glasses with each meal.
Friday I vlsltedi Lake de Guery.
This trip is arranged with the Y. M.
C. A. the night before, as the jour
ney Is made in four seated vehicles
drnwn by horses which are rented by
the Y. M. C. A. Lake de Query is
quite small and is nothing spectacu
lar In itnselt. It is the .source of n
small stream at an elevation of 4,137
feet. Just beyond the lake however.
Is a wonderful view of the Tulllere
and Snnaaoire. One can see dArn
a beautiful valley nnd out across the
country for 30 to 60 miles. (I's
hard to say just how far one can
Saturday I intended to rest and
did stay about the village Luring the
morning. In the afternoon an Amer
ican, who has lived In Switzerland
for a long time, hired one of the
four-seaters, to tnke some Y. M. C.
A. men and women for a Tide. I
happened along just as he needed
a' soldier or two to fill up the rig.
I dldi not know till after we had
started, that I v-ns due for another
visit to Lakede Guery, uut I found
We .have It in many beautiful
patterns with white and gold bor
ders. What would make a more
beautiful gift for mother 'this
Xmas, even a few pieces will en
hance the ueauty of her. table, so
that she may feel a pardonable
pride when the guests sit down.
We feel that we could not sug
gest a gilt that would be more
appreciated. .v
- We have just received a large
shipment Imported direct from
France and you can find a good
selection here.
Setter have those glasses fitted
now and rellive that eye strain.
the trip and the company very en-
joyaoie at mat. '
Sunday morning I attended a very
Impressive service in the Y. M. C. A.
rooms, we, had some special music
In the way oi solos, and a verv fine
address by a prominent mlntste of
Chicago. A band concert was held
at Mt. Dore in the afternoon, and
my partner andi - hired a donkey and
artana arove up to the concert,
am sure I have not laughed so much
since I have been in France, as I did
at that donkey.. Mt. Dore Is prob
ably, if miles from .la Bourbole and
up-grade. It took us an hour and
a half to go to Mt. Dore. That don
key simply could not be incuced. im
plored or forced to faBter than a
walk, and a very slow walk at that.
We gave him corporal punishment
till we were ashamed', and we woulu
get out and -push on the back of the
rig. when he felt the BTcs slack,
(thinking no doubt, he was eolng
down -hill) ,he would trot along very
nicely, but ub soon as we climbed
In, he immediately shifted to low.
But he certainly knew the way home,
he trotted bncit In about 26 minutes,
Monday I climbed Puy de Sancy.
This was by far the most strenuous
trip of all. I went up to Mt Dore
on the Train and walked the re.
inainder of the distance. - In the
party were a -x. M. C. A. secretary,
an english speaking French girl from
Paris as his guest, and about a dozen
soldiers. There are two trails up to
the summit of this mountain, one
winding easily up around a canyon
the other a more direct climb up the
face of the mountain. Three of us
took the latter route ana were on top
an'hour anu a half before the otherB.
We came down the long way. Puy
ae Sancy is 6,192 xeet high, and the
view from the top is not obstructed
In any direction. One can see seven
lakes and numerous towns and vil
lages, and a 'great expanse of country.
It is said that Mount. Blanc can be
seen from this eminence, but when
I was there it was too smoky.
That completed!- my hitting with
the exception of one trip to Mt. Dore
and two rides up tne funiKulalr and
walks around the top of the moun
tain climbed by It, In the evenings
the Y. M.. had entertainments of var
ious kinds, movies, stunts, musical
programs, etc. The Y. M. has rentea
the Casino in both le Bourbole and
Mount Dore.
La Bourbole is a resort anu a great
many wealthy, French people live
there auring the summer months, to
take advantage of the fine air, moun
tain climbing and scenery and the
baths. The season was about ever
when I arrived and most of the visit
ors hadi left. A good many of the
French I met talked a little English.
With the aid oi the cards I hoped
to get a fair idea of the country and
the sort of vacation I enjoyed. .
Love to all.
Bn. S. M. Hq. Detch.
There is a Standard
To the banking service of the Roseburg National Bank
which Is always maintained, securing satisfaction in the
transaction of all banking business. We regard it a
pleasure to serve you and meet your requirements.
Checking Accounts are solicited.
The Roseburg National Bank
Eo selmr , Ore.
At a meeting of tne teachers of
Roseburg at the High School this
morning. Superintendent Aubrey
Smith-assigned committees to canvas
mo iuhu in oruer to get a survey or
the nursing resources of this district;
The purpose of this survey is to get
an accurate Knowledge of the nurs
ing material avilable for the govern
ment service, although the signing of
the applications, which are to be dis
tributed by the tea'chers among the
townspeople, are in no way binding
and do not compel one to actually
do .- service. - All . classes of nurse
irom the amateur to the professional
are given an opportunity to list
tneir services. There is a blank for
graduate nurses, who are registered
or not registered, pupil nurses, who
are now receiving training in a Iiob-
pital training school preparatory to
becoming graduate nurses; for train
ed attendants, such, as women who
have been graduated rrom institu
tions giving a trained! attendant's
course, such as the Y. M. C. A.., hos
pitals for the insane, convalescent
hospitals, etc.; for practical nurses,
whose experience has been less than
six months or whose knowledge of
nursing has been acquired chiefly
through private nursing cases; for
the mldwlves and finally, for those
who have taken Red Cross courses.
As a purely local measure, the
teachers have been asked to ask at
each dwelling house wehther they
have bad cases of influenza in that
home, if so, how many, and if there
is anyone sick at the present time.
Mn Smith has especially requested
that , the teachers do not go into any
of the houses where illness exists but
that they remain out of doors while
making the inquiries.
The following teachers have volun
teered their services: Edenbower,
Mrs. Marses and MIsb Aitkin; West
Roseburg, Miss Agee and Miss Swin
ney and Mr. 'Fancher; North Rose
burg, Mr. Arehart, Miss Caldwell,
Miss Strachan and' Mr. Wick; North
Mosher and Jackson, the Misses Hor-
nar Klnnpr. Tnnxe and Kohlhaeen:
East Roseburg, Mrs. Thornton, Miss
Henderson and Mr. Smith; Grove dis
trict, Miss otewart and Miss Harvey;
S. E. Roseburg, Miss Parrott and
Miss Dillard.
At a late hour this afternoon
there are indications that Roseburg
will send a large number of appli
cants to general headquarters as
there are many In the city who have
had sufficient nursing training to
oome under the heads listed on the
application blanks.
Why change? . Conrad P. Olson Is
now Supreme Court Justice. Write
his name in to succeed himself in the
vacancy caused by death of Frank
A. Moore on November 6th. pd adv
LOST A pair of eyeglasses and case
Finder please return to uSews of
fice and get reward.
NOTICE The parties who took two
maltese kittens from 606 South
Pine street Iwlll "please return
them o the rpemises, and no ques
tions will b'e asked.
M'lilTE IN NAME OF CONRAD P OjSON and make an X before
it in the space on the ballot as shown below.
1 To till vacancy caused by the death of Fran1' A. Moore
' Voe For One
The One Piece of
Jewelry that he is
Permitted to Wear
We have a most complete assort
ment of American Made Military
Watches. Also other suitable gifts,
such as
Fountain Pens
Cigarette Cases
Identification Lockets
Khaki Toilet Cases
Pho.o ..'olds
On Cass Street
"D-40" Mitchell Six
Let Us Show You
I. F. Barher $ Co.
Roseburg Oregon
A Safe Guard Against "Flu"
Spray Your Premises
It Kills the Germs
Eight or ten 'drops in a glass of water
used as a gargle and for sniffing up the
nostrals as a preventative, cannot be
excelled. Inexpensive, you cannot
afford to be without it. . -. .
Churchill Hardware Co.