The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 19, 1913, Page 5, Image 5

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Grand Jury Takes Recess at
Eleven O'clock.
You are commencing a long time contract which will involve
the payment of a large sum of money.
Therefore, investigate the different insurance companies 'compare
their advantages and disadvantages. Then insure in the
one that SUITS YOU, BEST regardless of what
i! PAY Ul-K
Hl'SIIANIt .XXI) Wll i:
The Massachusetts Mutual
Life Insurunce ('mMiny, of
Springfield, Massachusetts,
was iiicoi'iHtrnU'cl in lSol.
lis record covert more than
sixty yours of careful mau
aucir.ent, growth of financ
ial strength, and perfect
service of its policyholders.
Rooms 217-218 Perkins Bldg. Roseburg, Oregon
Olio lno I'resewtmcnt Is With
.ImlKe W. Hamilton This
Afternoon Jury Adjourns
t'ntii DenfinlKT ii.
(Talk with "Hutch". tf
Albert Pul in and wife left for Port
land this moniuiK where they may lo
cate permanently.
II. P. Conn went to points In the
Willamette Valley where he will look
over the country. '
.lames lnman, of Looking Glass,
was a business visitor in Hoseburg
for a few hours today.
II. T. Watson left for Portland
this morning after a few days spent
in Roseburg with friends.
(Jeorge Kohlhagfm has returned
from Portlutnl where he escorted sev
eral carloads of beef cattle.
The price is always 10 cents at the
Antlers' except for road shows and
special vaudeville acts. tf
F. S. Green, of Wilbur, was a
business visitor In Hosebur;; f,r a
few hours last evening.
Dave Lenox leaves for Klamath
Kails Saturday where he' recently
purchased a confectionery store.
John Hunter returned here this
morning after a few days spent at
Portland and other northern cities.
A. H. Hinkson, of Eugene, arrived
here this morning to spend a couple
of days looking after business af
fairs. E. W. Page, of the Page Invest-i
ment Company, went to Drain this'
morning to spend a day or two at
his mill.
Mr. Chambers, of Riddle, returned
home this morning after a day spent
in Roseburg. Mr. Chambers lives on
a homestead.
A marritfge license was issued this
morning to Klmer hongbrake and
Mary V, PhiUips, both residents of i
Douglas county. ;
Scott Morrison, of Peel, spent the ;
dr.y in Roseburg attending to various j
business matters.
Captain Collins, of Eugene, will;
nirive here this evening to conduct:
tie banki'iif trophy shoot , which j
will be held here tomorrow. J
An execution for the sale of prop-j
erty in the case of John Reynolds vs. j
I' rank Wannainaker was filed in thei
circuit court this morning.
D. K. Richardson, of Sisson. Cal.,j
arrived here last evening. He leaves
tomorrow for Coos county where hu j
will probably locate permanently. I
For sale at the chrysanthemum
bazaar, flowers, uproot, nome i.iaiio
candies, runes, pies, ruiice meat in j
jars, plum puddings and jellies. nl9j
Charles Barnard, of the Roseburg-1
Mar.-hfiiMd stage lines, went to Eu-i
gene this morning to spend a few1
days looking after business matters.
Save JO cents on every collar ou
spend by taking advantage of thoj
10 per cent reduction sale at Joseph-'
son's. It only lasts until November!
20. tfi
Mr. and Mrs. George Crenshaw, j
who have resided here for some j
time past left today for points in
Arizona where they will probably lo
cate permanently. I
Elder Mowre, of the South Met ho-'
dlst church, arrived here last evening,
from Coos countv where he conduct-1
ed a series of religious services. He
left for Portland today.
M. Shaver and wife, of Ashland,
who have been spending some time
at Portland and other northern
cities passed through here this
morning enroute home.
Dr. DeLapp has leased offices 317
and :JIS in the Perkins building.
J. H. Booth is at present at Chi
cago, Ml., according to cards receiv
ed In this city.
Major Willougbby and Captain
Wlhite, of Kugene, arrived here to
day to preside over the bankers tro
phy shoot here tomorrow.
Mrs. Charles Parrot t entertained
a number or her friends at a thim
ble party, on East Lane street, this
afternoon. Refreshments were serv
ed. Save a big, round dollar out of
every ten by buying your fall sup
plies here during our 10 per cent
reduction sale. Until November 20
only. Jose''snn'8. tf
Iva McAllister left for Portland
last evening to meet her sister, who
Is enroute here from Joseph, Ore.,
to attend the funeral of her brother.
They will return here tomorrow.
Mrs. James Hildeburn this after
noon filed a suit in the locnl justice
court, in which she seeks to collect
the sum of approximately 2'i from
E. G. Reilly, a local rallraod em
ployee. The amount of the claim Is
said to be due as rent for rooms.
The case of W. K. Hedges vs. E.
D. Riddle and W, J. Waner, an ac
tion to enjoin the defendants from
diverting the waters of Judd creek,
was submitted to Judge II amil ion
In the circuit court today. Attorney
J. A. Buchanan represented Hedges,
while Attorneys Nouner and Coshow
appeared for the defendants.
After a session lasting ten days
the grand jury reported In the cir
cuit court at 11 o'clock this morn
ing, and look a recess until Decern-,
ber 2, when its members will re
convene and further consider com
plaints brought to their attention.
The last four days of the session '
was a blank as far as indictments
were concerned. At least. The News
is informed mid through what it be-'
lieves an authentic source, that no
indictments were returned hy the!
body upon taking a recess today. A
presentment was filed with Judge i
Hamilton, and this may have some-
thing to do with one or more cases!
now under investigation. The exact
nature of this piuaeiitment could not!
be learned today. j
During the last days of the sea-
sion the grand jury is alleged to)
have heard evidence bearing upon j
certain business transactions of T. R.
Sheridan, while acting as president!
of the First National Bank; the case
of Walter Kinir, who recently shot;
and killed Georgo Bingham, of Ore
gon City, and several booze cases,
in none of the investigations were
indictments returned today.
While the granif jury formally
took a recess nl I 1 o'clock this morn
ing, its members were still loitering
about the trand jury room this after
noon, and from reports, were con
sidering matters coming under their
jurisdiction. Si-vera 1 persons were
standing about the corridor of the
grand jury room this afternoon, but
whetuer these people were witnesses
could imt be determined.
Tii ;to was considerable specula
tion in certain quarters regarding
the final report of the grand jury.
pom, thinking- that indictments
would be relumed.
Others, it iv understood, offered
to wager that the grand jury would
cease its operations for the session
without reiurni"'r an indictment.
The great majority of indictments
returned by the grand jury during
the session wire against " persons
(unfilled in jail, or out on bonds
pending a hearl" before the body.
Circuit ( Adjourns.
Concurrent with the action of the
uraud jury in taking a recess, the cir
cuit court adjourned until Novem
ber lis, when Judge Calkins, of Jack
son county, will come bore to try
several actions in which Judge Ham
ilton is disqualified to preside.
Bring them to us and we will show
yon how to get Christmas presents
free. They are valuable to us as well
as to you.
Notice our window for a few sug
gestions. Call at our store and let us
explain how easy it will be 10 secure
these nice presents. Commence select
ing them now.
Harth's Toggery
The committee In charge of
erecting the Elks dub moms
this afternoon awarded the
contract for the iurnl hin -x to
Mier it Frank, of Portland.
The consideration n htii.l to hi
between . fti.uuo and $T.'ltn. 4
The club rooms will be elab-
oiately furnished.
rroduy the Southern Pacific em
ployees received their monthly wage,
and as u result the merchanis wore
unusually busy.
her of words, the Rev. Lux being the
successful one.
Dainty f!tshments wore then
served. There was present between
75 and 100 and a most enjoyable ev
ening was Bpent.
TcadiciK of Eoschiii-x Are Guest of
Honor Refreshments
Are Served
iTho W. C. T. C. gave a pretty
reception for the teachers last ev
ening at the residence of Dr. and
Mrs. F. W. Hunt, on Kane street.
The house was beautifully decorat
ed with fall liowers In artistic ar
rangements. A short program was
given during the evening when Miss
Hornibrook rendered a vocal solo,
followed by a piano duet by Mes
dames Eastman and Smith. Miss
Hornibrook also favored the crowd
with a piano solo.
Oregon apple day was duly cele
brated hy a fair representation of
Oregon's luscious fruit which has
gained a national reputation,
A game or "animated spelling"
caused much merriment, as a peanut
as gh'en to each person who help
(: 1 make the various words. A sack
of peanuts was given as a prize to
the person forming tho greatest ntim-
The Store
That Serves
You Best
New York Store
Green Trading
Stamps Are
Money Savers
Fighting the Merchants' Trust
1J TVrl New Underwear, New Umbrellas, New Rubber
IMeW lUUdy Boots, New Ruching, Fur Trimming.
.25 Silk and Cotton Hose 19
.50 Silk and Cotton Hose 39
,79 Aft Silks 69
$1.00 All Silks 89
$1.25 All Silks 1 98
1.50 All Silks 1.29
1.75 All Silks 1.59
2.00 All Silks 1.79
Advisers to President Think
Plan Good.
RcIh'U Am The neatest Concern of
the Administration at I 'recent
WINp-ii Would l-:xtei-iiiluato
(Special to The Evening Newv
WASHINGTON'. Nov. 19. It Ib
not lluertu's attitude but relic;! ue
tivitleB which have t'onipHculeil the
Me.xleuu ultuutlon. Villa's execution
or Tederal prlsonci-H ut Juarez, ami
the reported massacre of federals
hy Gonzale's men at Victoria, coupled
with i'arraira'H nttitude of defiance
toward the United States, has made
It practically impossible, it Is felt,
for the administration to reci,4nl.o
the belligerency of the cousttiutlou
allsts. Advisers of tho resident
who formerly urned liftlu;; ihe em
bargo on arms in order that H'luria
miKlit be more speedily ov:i'ihiovn,
have now chanKcd their minds,
"lion't reconnize either faction, but
let them exterminate one another,"
is what they tell the president.
Xcw HumiMliIre Sails.
VKKA CUl'Z. Nov. 19. The bat
tleship New llauipKhire left for Tux
pan, today, In response to a request
from the roliimiiuder of the Louis
iana, already there. Why the New
Hnmpsnire Is needed there Is not ex
plained, but It Is supposed ihii sit
uation has grown more threatening.
Kllmlmttn ItosM's,
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19. Presi
dent Wilson's first move to elimin
ate hossism I rom (ho democracy is
expected to be made Friday, when
he is expecleil to discuss I lit; parly
program with -McCoinlis. As chair
man of the democratic national
committee, McCoinlis wants to re
tain that position, and has announc
ed that If lit does he will initiate a
movement (or tile elimination of
hoswism fiotn the ranks of the "iin
t'Tlftled". Alter his conference with
the president Friday McCombs has
promised le issue u public statement
us to the outline of his plans for
New Vork. If McComhs enters the
fight with New York bosses, It Is
stated that he will have the hacking
or Governor Glynn, placed in power
ty Ihn Tammany machine, Mayor
i .ect Mitchell and Malonc.
I'l'letl Si llinlilt h Trial IbKlns.
NKW YOltK. Nov. 19. Priest
Hans Schmidt, confessed nuirderei
of Ann Aumuller, whosj body be
dismembered uiul threw fnlo Jhe
Hudson, went on trial here today.
O'he accused himself was absent, as
he relaxed to hurry In preparation
to go into court. Most ,,
...voted to filling the Jury box.
Mrs, G. W. Cluck underwent an op
eration at Mercy hospital this morn
ing. Drs. Seely, Helher & Stewart
were In attendance.
I. O. -O, K nislns Star Lodge No.
174, meets In Odd Fellows leinpln
every Friday evening. VlsltlUK
brethren always welcome. R. C
Ages N. Q.; W. 8. Powell,
It. S.; M. Fickle. !'. 11
-ji.v . II I'.tuiuwi ti- n.',i,
YKOMUX- 'Mt. Nobo I.oao No.
IbiiS, meets every secouu alei
lourth Wednesday of eaeu aiuliU.
at t'" ' - hall VMtln,. hrinM
ers and sisters welcome. Itlelmrt
Stithbs. F. M.: S. B. Krohti. Cor
I. O. o. !'. Union Kucampinent No
il, meets In Odd Follows' Tempi
every Thursday evening. Visiting
brodiron always welcome, J. O.
Stephenson, C, P.; O. L. Johnson,
11. S.; J nines Ewurt, P. S.
,. I it. t'J UuS.'Ul t.uv
Sail, holds regjlar communlcs
tlons at their tenple mi sucoiki
and fourth Thursdays or eacn
month. All members requested
to attend regularly aert all vl.ll:i
brothers art cordlullv Invited i.i
attend. A. C. Seely. E. H.; II. S.
Slocuni, Sec.
PYTHIAN SlSTKns tlmpuua Tem
ple No. 4, nieetB evory Wednesday
evening' In I. O. O. K, Tompla.
Visiting ineinherB always welcome.
Mnry 13. Ilouck, M, K. C; Ann
W. Wlmherly M. of R, and C.
Circle, No. 49, meets on first and
third Monday evenings of each,
month In tho I, O. O. P. hall. Vis
iting members In good etnndlne
are Invited to attend. Mrs. Minnie
Matthews, O. N.; Clara Cawlflelrf.
A. l' it A. M. Laurel
Lodge, No. 18, hold
regular meetings on th.
second and fourth Wed
nesdays of each montk
Sojourners Invited to attend. J. W.
QrovcB. W. M.; W. F. Harris, See.
UAULKS, Itosuuurg Aerie meets In
their hall on Jackson street, 2nd
and 4th Monday evenings of each
month, at 8 o'clock. Visiting breth
ren In good standing always wel
come. 0. P. Lewis, W. P.; D. F.
Goodinn, W. Sec. Phone 181.
I. ). O. I'. Philetarlun Lodge, No.
8, meets In Odd Follows Temple,
corner of Jnr.kson and Cass streets
on Saturday evening or eacn week.
Members of the order in good
standing are Invited to attend. B'.
K. Rrlckson, N. 0.; M. M. Miller.
F. S.; M. L. Whitney, R. 8.
L. O. T. M Ilosoburg illve, No. 61,
holds regular revlows on seconc
snd fourth Thursday evenings la
Maccabee hall. Sisters of other
hives visiting In the city are
coidlally Invited to attend our re
views. Mrs. Harry Pearce, lady
com.; Jessie Itapn. R, K. OKIHilt OK M(K)Hr: ItoMV
burg Lodge No. 1037. Meets In
Kagles' hall on Jackson streeL
every Friday evening at 8:0
o'clock. Visiting brothers Invited
to attend. George Nouner, Jr.,
Dictator; H. O. Pargoter, Sec.
Camp, No. 125, meets at the Odd
Fellows' Hall In Kosebtirg, even
first and third Monday evenings
Visiting neighbors nlways wel
come. J. A. Dtichanan, 0. O.J M.
M. Miller, clerk.
O. K 8 Ro8ebarg"ciiaptef,""NoT
holds the'r regular meeting on the
first and third Thursdays In eack
month. Visiting members In good
r'andlng are respectfully Invito
to attend. Mrs. Norah Flint, W.
M.; Free Johnson, secretary.