The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 18, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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Editor uiid Publishers,
Subscription iiutcs Daily.
Per year, by mail $3.00
Per mouth, delivered 50
Per year $2.00
Bli mouths 1.00
Entered us tjecond-clasB matter
November 5, 1910, at Ro&eburg, Ore.,
under act of March 3, 1879.
Under he law it becomen Urn duty
of the sheriff of 1Mb county to ap
point dfipnty sheriffs to uci at each
voting precinct in the county on elec
tion day. At the election held re
cently Sheriff Qulne fulfilled hit
jiart of the law and made tliufle ap
pointments. They wer satiHl'actory
"With the public bo far a we have
hcen able to find out, with one ex
ception. In this one hiHtance a pro
tent wfiH fil'.-d with the Hheriff im
mediately after the appointment and
the charges brought to the sheriff's
attention were incompetence and in
temperance. The uppiiltnment, how
ever, was not revoked and the deputy
wan instructed by the sheriff to per
forin IiIb duty with respect to the
office. I'art of this duty requires the"
deputy to provide u suitable place
for the voters to cast their ballots.
in the precinct In question th regu
Jar voting place in the past has been
t a general store in tho vicinity.
Tho deputy, however, was unable to
obtain the use of this store because
the proprietor was on of those who
had protested ng:i Inst his appoint- j
inent. Tho sheriff was notified and j
imniee'lately sent a tent and other!
equipment for lluvdeputy to estiiblishj
u voting place. This was dom. j
On election day hoiiio of tin; rest-1
dents of that precinct notified the
whorlff that the deputy was drunk
and unable to fulfil the duties of,
"hlH office. Sheriff Qulno made a)
hurried investigation of the charges;
on election day but was nimble to;
stunt n In t hniu. 1 Ms conclusion was j
that there was a neighborhood fac-!
linn Involved and that the deputy!
hud acted competently and faithfully.
ilu( the charges were not to be
net aside so lightly. The News re-,
celvetl two telephone inosHHguH from1
tho precinct on election day stating
that t he deputy was under tho in
fluence of liquor and that women
refused ot go to the tent, to vote. The
J'Jowh called tho sheriff and asked
that official whut was the situation.
Tho sheriff replied as Indicated
above. Later The News received n'
---communication ri'oin : espnnslblo !
man In tin; precinct who reiterated
tho charges. Tho charges were ser-j
Ions yet Tho . leit that tho f
proper dace fia their Investigation!
whs i he. giiand Jury und the coinniu-j
nlcatlon was not published.. Within :
tho past few days additional proof of
the truth of the charges has been
presented in permm at The flow's of
fire. Tho letter written to The Ncwh:
and the verbal statements of the uf-:
fair come from men of unqiiest inn-!
ed Integrity and Bobrlety, men whoso
reputation for truth and veracity 'arc
of tho very highest. When the charges'
ronio from such men It shows plainly j
that im neighborhood row Is respond
Bible for them and that the chaws1
nr tho honest conviction of honest:
men. j
If these charges against the-deputy j
ore sustained he Is not a fit person
to hold this responsible position and;
tin nould he summarily removed. The
T4owh is satisfied that a further in
vestigation should bo made and the
wreused party, ir found delinquent,
denlth with according to his desserts.
f 0.0ft a year. It has made ice for Dewey in a statement giving the real
a number of years, hut the council reasons for that order. He states that
nays that now because it makes ice the order to t;fas firing and retire
it will have to pay $100.0') a year. was made through a mislnterpreta-
A .confectionery store and mush; Uon of a report regarding the amount
will have lo pay $20.00 now Instead of amruunietion on hand for tlif eight
of $10.00, as before. inch guns or the flagship. The re-
A drug more without a soda foun- port stated that but iirtee,i rounds
lain paya JiJO.OO a year now and will were left for the-:! guns, and these
continue to do so In the near future.! would be used in five miuuu; firing,
(lei a drug store that operates a v.o the order was Kivcn to retire and
rda fountain will have to jay $5o.otjj redistribute ammunition und not to
year. This means that the drug get breakfast. Jt was, however, soon
-'ore pays an occupation tax of ' discovered that the report should
:MUi() a year for Uio privileqo nfjhave meant fifteen round had been
riming a fountain. Hut a book store! fired and there was plenty of all
'at runs a soda fountain has to kinds still "on hand. During- this
ny only $1.0.00 additional for t he j Interval the snmke had liried and it
Ivilege of running one, Surely thisi was fouud that the enemy was badly
not Just, not equal taxation. j damaged and In little condition to
The electric light and water plant; continue the battle,- so breakfast was
mder the new ordinance pays but: served, after which the attack was
375.00 while In the oast It has oaid 1 renewed and with the result ihn
$100.00. i world knows. I
Under the proposed ordinance on
fa'-tory and cold storage will have $20.00 a year, .ust for a
moment let. vn go back to the brew-M-y.
Until this year the brewery
was the only institution where ice
lias been made in Itoseburg for a
number of years. The brewery paid
a tax of $50.00 a year for running
When one considers the number
of different ways In which the apple
can bo prepared Into luscious appe
tizing dishes that tempt the palate
of the epicure, it can he realized
a brewery and was not taxed for its; what a hole will be made In the pro-
c business. Now when the occupa- ductlon were every one in Oregon
Hon tax ordinance Is to he revised alone to have their fill of their
and another place where ice is manu-l special favorite on a designated day
aciureu nas ueen established the tor its consumption, such as is nrt
council says that the brewery shall vided by this date. What a moun
pfiy $50.00 for tho privilege of muk-! tain they would make, if they were
ing ice while the other plant shall i all put in one great pile, all the
pay only $20.00. We believe in fair! frerth apptes that will be eaten bv the
nlay In this matter even with the i school children and the rest of us
brewery, i apple lovers over this state alone to-
I'rlnting and newspaper offices, day. Then add to these the ones
will -be compelled to increase their I needed in making the apple dumn-
nuvemsing and sunscrlptton rates ir , lings, apple fritters, fried apples,
the proponed schedule is adopted by roast apples, apple butter, apple
the council for the tax for giving the; sauce and apple pie. There are other
people a newspaper has been raised; ways, but these will be sufficient for
from $ 1 5.00 to $25.00 a year. ja list of edibles that can be pre-
And the restaurant man who feeds1 pared from this great staple Trait,
the )nibi:e and makes large crowds1 Mail King Apple, first mentioned of
possihln to congregate in this city: all fruits of all the trees in the orig
han been rained li 00 per cent, orjinal habitation of man, vour fame
from $10. no to $:;o.00 a year. lies-J has not lessened from yoiir connec
taiirants which seat less than 25 per-It km with thR first original sin, but
hius are obliged to pay only $10.00! has Increased and gathered volume
a year. The restaurant which has1 in .nil these years and you have
h!x tallies which seat 24 persons will i reached the full bloom of perfection
have a decided advantage over the: jn thin far western new Kden on the
one which has seven or eight tables shores of the mighty Pacific,
and seats four to a table. Why thlsf
discrimination. i
Tobacco mores which have a pool1 There was no need for one little
or a billiard table in connection are: iirehin to stand around today with
increased lo $25.00 from $10.00 a , 'leeching eyes, and mutely asking
year. Hut a pool and billiard room his moIt! f'tunnt companion to
which does not well tobnei-oi must navi "gfmtuo de core," for every one; had
$25.00 a year lust the same. A to-! llismv, today, and the Oregon young
hacco store without a pool or billiard
table pays $!0.oo a year. Why charge
the cigar store $ 1 5.00 a year for
running a pool table and the pool ball
nroprietf"- $25.00 n year? And why
this discrimination?
Then again the old ordinance has
n tax of $ 2 j . 0 0 a yea r on music
uteres. Hut a confectionery store
which handles musical inslru meats
and sells music to pay only $20.00.
Wo wonder what the tax would be if
a man ran a "M uslc anil a f 'on fee
tiotiery H'ore" Instead of a "Confec
tionery und a Music Store "
We don't know what attitude May
or. It ice will take on t ho proposed
increase but We don't see how he can
consistently uphold it. A little less
than a year ago he was the leader in
s'er did his share to celebrate "Apple
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Jail this morning Marshall made no
denial of tho charges preferred
against him. In fact, he informed
the officers that he once killed a man
while acting as marshal at Sand
Point, Idaho. Inspection of the pris
oner s person revealed no less than
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There was a sharp advance in price cn ranges after
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Churchill Hardware Co
Remember Samoline the Great
""' i", (.. i i ,.,,,. ii , ...I,,,.., ....
,. movement iin.l one f !! Hmilii- SM(ilal01 w,ile m,iiuf, m ,jf.
toi-H of a petition to put the referen- ! . i .,,.0
(I urn on the occui.nt loti tax ordinamie ; HjK J,.,, wllen npir,Sed of her
which was defeated at the election
held a little over a month ago when
father's arrest, went to tho county
s jnil this morning where Hire begged
en was eieeieu to me poKiuuii 111 .1 ... : ( , ,. Ti ,r .t
ym- Insloml of iirr.Misms th., tnx, A t, , , .,.,,, ,,llhnl.
on rertnln ncuiuHlonn t. Hhoul.l bo ; , 1)t,IliMi lht, . ,,,. slu,
tlmnlni of lir p.cMM.t a.l in I n 1st la on. .,, .inil ri.M vrastmlo lu ,
o roilllco tho tax n 1 lllonn ho lino, nur. 0y wM mif,n ,;fln,.t
tho Pomlnn your hikI In t pla.'o , lo- t (f-()ni(.(, w
viho snnio othor moan, of i-als.ns ti n mm( (c) (1.1V(, lh(, j
nv.inio nooosaary to moot Iho o,o,'at-( ,,. l(, luT ,t(M.8 , th(J t T
ii K oxponsoa of tho , ly. N.x yoar , , ru.,.rB ,..v ,t, ,ll(1(.hlul: ls ,.
ho fix ,ho,il,l ho ahollsho.l '".,rc,- nooont of parlioinutiun in hur fath
KiiHolnirK Is olio of tho low ollios 1 .t - s crimen
proBronalvo toiKlonolos ami j, ..,,', f ,,, atil.
Kiow 1, that him lotalno,! this nntiq-i,,, ,, ,.,., ,.,,,, lB
iiiito. . nirhalo ami opprosslvo moans j , , n,,,,,,,,. , Wl,
f ralshiR rovonno. It holoiiKs to tho
past, should ho nholishod ns soon as
posslhlo und ahovo all things It
should not now or at any olhor tiino
Tho i:hn.i' I'lvnnilltop of our now
city Rounril has rovisod tho oeciipii-l
tlon tax of our lnislnoss nion mul has'
cncloavorod to list all classos of liusl
nosa and fix n rato Tor thoso husl
llossos which liavo hlthorlo not boon
taxoil and In nonie liisliincos tho
roniinlltoo has Incroasod tlio tnx and
In nun Instance has dorroaaod tho ox
imitiK tnx.
Tho roport or tho cominltloo Is not
ninniliitory on tho council. Tho city
fathom imiy, lu tholr wisdom, rojoct
this roport or adopt such or its pro
visions us may soom advisable and
A hakory which carries confections
"Will In the future have lo pay J 15.011
A year Instead of $10.00 as under
the old ordinance.
A book ami stationery storo will
lllive lo pay (l.'i oo Inslea'd of
Tho same storo Willi a soda foun
tain will have lo pay $L!0.oo.
Heretofore tho brewery has paid
dressed, speaks fluently and lias none
of the traits atleiuiuut to tile average
criminal. Nevertheless, the Nllgene
firt'n.oiu nfiHii.,,1 sjiwii-it-r i.
bo Increaed. As loiiK as the occupa-! ., aihull was a had man, and that ho
would resort to daiiRorous tactics in
t 1 on rx 'iioFt p'i'Pd we commend the
council In Its effort to classify and tnx
all Industries and businesses In the
city, but wo also feel it n duty to
direct their attention to some Klnr
hiK Injustices and lueiiualltloB In the
measure submitted by tho license
oroor io escape. Mir tills reason.
Sheriff (Juino is taking no chances
Willi tho prisoner.
.Marshall this morning complained
of illness, and protested against oe
cHping a cell In' the county jail. A
physician was summoned and n brief
examination of the prisoner followed.
He was round to bo free of any se
rious ailment.
Tiie Kugeiie officers have been no
tified of Marshall's arrest nnd an of.
Those of us who recall tho battle
of Manila will recollect Hint one of, r, , rriv ,.,. .... ...,,
lo take him hack to the University
Artisans please tako notice that the
next regular meeting will bo In H
Maccahee ball, Wednesday evening,
November 10. Come anil enjoy a
social lunch and a general good time.
i If you want a good home-liko
; place for room and board, come
I 1o the McClnlloii hotel. Rates
Kor the next CO days Dr. It. E.
Hunt will give a premium with each
case of horse dentistry which will
entitle the bolder of the first choice
to $5 In merchandise at Pearce. s
harness shop. The holders of the
tickets not more than 100, will de
cide the choice among themselves by
a popular vote. This offer and com
oetiilon will close on December 31,
1913. "
$30.00 per month and up.
Hotel Grand
Cass S., Roseburg, Ore.
i'Thcre will be a box social and
entertainment given by the Kdeiibow
er socialist local, Friday evening,
November 21, at the Maccahee hall
in Uoseburg, A hand embroidered
sofa pillow will bo given to tho one
receiving the most votes. An hour's
program has been arranged, music
furnished by the South Deer Creek
orchestra. All are cordially invited
to -come and bring a friend. A good
time assured for all. Proceeds to
bo used toward the erection of the.
Edenbower socialist hall. n21
City, l'roserul ion will follow.
the little nolchulant episodes of that
historic event, was tho order given
to cease firing and retire in order
to get some ireaKlast neloie com-; A Knune anving ,)f ,n (a
plenng Ihe entire destruction of tlio: ev,.ry uol,,. Th.u.9 w,uu wo uf(
Spanish (leel. So f.rmly has Ibis he-you , 01,p , reilu(,tlon
come alluched to our traditions of, r,u Novl,mH. 0 0lv ,
lion miMiMii ,ioio u! i iiu " . JosephSOIlS. ff
UllU'MI Ml Mll'iy H,1 I iM.H-l
lien'ies. Hut now comes Admiral ! wl,1,t ,s "lo illfferenco ln'twei'ii an
farmer and n thief?
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i f: ).ui in
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