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Yesterday's Highest Temp . 0
Last Night's Lowest Temp 36
Fair Toiiiplit. WeiliieNilay
Xo. 1SJ
Captains Oliver and Smith Ad
vancing on Enemy.
Excitement is Intense as the Day For
Final Returns of t lie ItJitUe
fur Members Draws Xear
JSulli Sides Confident.
Reds. A short, time afterwards Cain
tatn Smith, of the Greens, was scout
ins about to see what his staff were
doing and he came across Marshall
with the red ribbon. Me bustled up
and In tones of anxiety exclaimed
"Here, you don't belong to that
bunch, yon belong to our side the
Oi een side! " Ho then produced a
Green ribbon and replaced the red.
Marshall then produced six cards and
said "It was a goud thing that you
came along just now for 1 was on
License Committee Submits a
Lengthy Report.
The News will bo glad to get
details of any social event that
may occur in the city; also ad-
The battle Is on in earnest. No
quarter will be given in the closing
days of the great congest ror mem
bers for the Commercial Club. Of
course this Is a bloodless battle, but
nevertheless there will be a great
killing. Captain Oliver leads the one
gallant army and Captain Smith the
o tiler. While they are opposed to
each other in a "general" sort of a
way they are moving against a com
mon enemy those who do not be
long to the commercial club. It is
the object if the battle to see which
side can capture the most of the en
emy. Touay Captain Smith has the
be tit of it. The Deacon turned over
to the secretary of tiie club L'u new
Members which brings the green to
tal up to 47, Captain Oliver turned
in 1 cards which brings the Reds
up to 4,0. There is just one member
b. twe(u tu?m.
Captain Smith was seen in his quar
ters this morn ins and slated t hat
when the 2Sth arrived t lie day set
for the close of the contest that the
Greens would have the Reds backed
clear off the map. "It Is all over
but eating the dinner on itie Reds'
was the emphatic way in which
Smith declared himself while he
pufied contentedly on his clear Ha
vana Obak cigarette. '"In the lan
gunge of our lute and lamented Theo
dore the great 'we have 'ein licked to
a frazzle , was the only other com
meat which Captain Deacon Smith
would make for use in the paper.
Hut Captain Oliver is equally pes
simistic beg pardon optomistlc is
the right word. He was seen at an
early hour in his tent while in the
act or shaving preparatory to tn
skirmish of the day. "It doesn't
make much difference which side
wins." said Captain Jackt "it is all for
the good and glory of our dear old
commercial club. We want more
members and if this contest brings
them in I don't care whether I eat
the dinner or pay for it." Captain
Ol ver men gave one or two more
scrapes of his safety razor and turn
ed around to vour reporter and said
"but let me fell you one thing the
Reds are in the game to the finish.
We are going to get just as many
of the members as we possibly can,
because it is for the good of the club
and the city of Roseburg, which we
all love and are proud to live in."
And with that he put some more
la;her on his lace and quietly, but
nevertheless firmly, indicated that
tiie iiueiview was at an end. j
More pleasantries have come up in i
the conical. Captain Smith approach-:
ed the wife of a member ol tiie Red
team, it happened that the Hon of
th;s man was a member of the
Green team. Caplam Smith, with
an angelic smile on his dome-like
1 a i;e said, in 1 a r. gu a g e which he
tnought would have a tendency to
melt and thaw the heart of any
woman "Mis you know
that yen should wear a green ribbon,
instead of that red one you have.
i,.it t:.f lady came right back at him
and said "Why should 1? Toil me
your reason." And thereupon the
'Deacon gave vent to the most cogent,
log.cai and forensic argument -town:
" Because you know that if it
came to a choice between your hus
band and your son you would stand
bv your son." And then he stood
at respectful attention waiting the
word to pin on the green ribbon. But
it never came.
Cainain Oliver, when informed of
this strategy simply held his hands
up In honoi, and, with a pained aud
s-addeiied expression on his counieu-
auce, said "awful, awful''.
A. J. Lilburn, a hustung member
of ihe Reds, has been out scouting
V r members and the other dtiy
thoeght ho could get one for h in side,
He then betook himself to the Econ
omy Grocery and interviewed Fred
I'-iry, tt1" popular clerk oi tnai
place. Fred said that'ie didn't
Know whether he should join or not.
Mr. Larson, the proprietor of the
place was standing nearby and paid.
"Why, of course you want to Join.
Jt is a splendid thing for any young
man to become identified with." But
Fred then urged that he didn't have
the dollar handy in his packet and
Larson came to the rescue again ami I
produced the dollar and bunded it
r.VT to Fred. Fred Nien signed thej
ird. and nave it ami tae uollur toj
Mr. Lllburn. The-geiHai Red teamj
member then took out of bis pocket:
i btiie red ribbon and proceeded to:
pin it on Fred. But I-arson spoke
up and said "Hold on a minute, I
think I am on the Green team and
if so I ciaini that my side should
have the credit for this member."
And while he .enl to the phon... to
; .tKe sure Mr! Lilburn pinned the
red ribbon cm Fred and ma-1 Lie-cape
for Larson was In fact a
iber of the Greeng,
A, T. Marshall, the pure food gro
cer, waa chosen by the Greens. But
a day or two after the Reds came
Mens ard a re. ribbon on h;:r.
tnl to'-d him he belonged to the
Lc'ieied Thut Work Was That of
Transients Nothing Taken Is
Proprietor's Relief.
An unknown person last night en
tered the Cafeteria, conducted by
Mr. Helliwell and situated on West
Cass street, and after ransacking the
sideboard left the establishment,
The would-be robber entered the
cafeteria by removing the screen
from a rear window. Once inside
the establishment he ransacked the
sideboard, which contained a quan
tity of silverware. As far as Mr.
Helliwell can determine nothing of
value was taken.
Xew Ordinance Will Probably lie
Submitted to the Council at the
Next Meeting of the Itody
A Few Changes.
vance information as to social City Council Levies Tax Last
luucuuiis put n lieu ior. ino near V ' rt
future. If you entertain, or ! , ILVCIling.
have knowledge of any friend
that entertains Inform The
News. Also send news of
parties, or any social function,
no matter how insignificant it
may appear to you. If you can-
not write the item send the de-
tails to "Maybelle," care The
v News office.
Believing that all business and pro
fessional men of Roseburg should
be treated in common and that no
partiality should be displayed, the
members of the city council, in regu
lar session last evening, considered a
report of the license committee rela
tive to a revision of the so-called oc-i urj tables $25
Vocal studio, per year $10.
Racket store, per year $20.
Restaurants, seating over 25, per
year $yt).
Sandwich and hot tainale vendors,
per year $10.
Spray manufacturing plants, per
year fill.
Sporting goods, per year $10,
lobacco store, with pool and bill-
Proposition to improve Parking on
North .hick. so a Street Fnds In
Spirited lh-lmto Ixiok
After Fire Apparatus.'
cupalion tax ordinance,
A careful survey of t lie report
shows that few of the occupation
taxes already levied are changed, hut
that in making the . revision of the
ordinance several business establish
ments, heretofore omitted from tiie
year $10.
tobacco stores, per
There was an abundance ofl list of donors, have been added and
"goodies" in the kitchen but these
wore (.verlooKed by the thief in his
haste io escape.
bkr oi-1 sr.Kiors i:n;s
Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. MeGehee
Plays Willi Dynamite Caps .
Fingers Severed.
'The little 10-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. D. C. McGehee, of Roberts
Creek, was brought here late yester
day afternoon suffering from inju
ries sustained through the premature
explosion of a dynamite cap. Dr. Hoo
ver attended the child and found that
partial amputaMon of the thumb, in
d?x and middle fingers of the left
hand was necessary. The shell also
punctured the child's body and face
in more than 100 places.
From the story told by the boy
will hereat ter be compelled to pay
their share of the tax.
I! use in ess establishments, not in
cluded in the report of the commit
tee, will pay the same occupation
tax as heretofore.
;t"he report was adopted by the
council, and it Is likely that the old
ordinance will be repealed at a fu
ture meeting of the council.- At
that time a new ordinance embodying
the business establishments mention
ed in the report submitted last night
will be included in the new ordin
ance. Tiie list of occupation taxes, fixed
by the committee in last night's re
port follows:
Agents, not otherwise mentioned,
per day $2.50.
Auto agents, per year, $25.
Bakery and. confectionery, per
year $25.
Bank, per year $50.
Book agents, per day $50.
he was playing with the dynamite year ,15. l"ou aiu' "Ul
cap upon the advice of companions,
who said it was harmless. Sudden
ly it exploded and the child was ren
dered almost unconscious.
Although suffering from consider
able pain the boy will probably ro
cover. .
FVL'XIXG ".-00M FF..V1 t 111-
Thirty Two Guests Are Present To
Knjoy The F veiling's
A very delightful evening was
spent at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
.1 nines Tern pi in, on Washington
street, yesterday, when Miss Mabel
Van lluren and Mrs. K. W. Kuyken
dall entertained about thirtv of their
friends at "500".
The Interior of the home was pret
tily decorated with chrysanthemums
and presented n very attractive ap
pearance. Miss Kli.abelh Parrot t and
Harry Stapleton were the recipients
of the prizes. Delicious refreshments
were served.
E. B. McAllister, Biakeman,
Crushed Beneath Wheels.
. D. Turner, Also a llrukeiium,
Ises Ix'g Near Dimmlck, Ore.
Is Taken To Grunt
Puss lor Treatment.
K. B. McAllister, aged about 22
years and a son of C. W. McAllister,;
of this city, was instantly killed byi
being run over by n Southern Pa-
cit'ic freight train, near Dimmlck, (
Southern Oregon, shortly after four;
o'clock this morning.
McAllister, who had
year $2:
been employ-! 'on aml
Book and stationery store, with
soda fountain $20. !
Bootblack stand, per year $5. i
Brewery and Ico factory, per venr:
Broom factory, per year $10,
Canning factory, per year $25.
Collection agency and adjusters,
per year $15.
Confectionery store and music,
per y-.'ar $20.
Confectionery, per year $10.
Contractors, all classes, per year
Cider and vinegar works, per year
Cigar manufacturing, per year
$10. .
Drug store, having soda fountain,
per year $50,
Electric light and water supply,
Iter year $75.
Klectric supply store, per year $15.
Enlarging picture agents or photo
coupon sellers, per day $5.
Five and ten cent store, per year
$20. i
Fruit packing house, per year $20.
Gas comnany, per year $50.
Ice factory and cold storage, per
year $20.
Local agents vd'u-? for cm me
houses, per year $10.
Music teacher, .audio $10.
Nursery agents, per year $J0.
Bruiting agents, per year.
Printing and newso-jpe office, per
County ExptndituresFor 1914
Total $107,278.00.
Income From Two County Offices
Total 910,000 Tax Levy Will
'Total Something Over
II Mills.
The county court this morning
completed the task of preparing Ihe
budget of expenditures for the year
l!)M.' This budget Is compiled un
der the provisions of the new law and
will be published In table form in
tomorrow's Issue of The News.
Following publication of the sum
mary of expenditures the county
court will hold a Bpeclal session on
December 15, and listen to any and
all remonstrances than may be pro-
On account of the inability of the
council to secure definite figures rel
ative to the valuations of property
in Roseburg for tho vear I I'll!, the
city council, In regular session lust
evening, deckled l j levy a 0 -m 1 11
tax. Based on thi variations of the
year 1912. which are the only figures
available at thin time, a 10-mlll levy
will raise something over $25,000.
Council man Walter Hamilton
chairman of the commit ten on cur
rent expenses and accounts, report
ed that ha had investigated the tax
ley at some length ami was of the
opinion that 10 mills would be nec
essary to meet the current expenses
ut' the city, provide interest for out
standing bonds isnd reduce tho pres
ent. debt of the city. While Coun
cilman Hamilton said ho did not ad
vocate wiping out the city debt, he
thought it would be well to reduce
it annually until it finally faded Into
Acting upon Councilman Hainil-1
ton's suggestion I he council lrv!d
a 10 mill tax which with t he in
creased valuations for tho year 1 !H ;i
will raise something over "$25,0000.
This sum. Mayor Rice believes, will
ho sufficient to meet the current ex
penses and provide funds for interest
and other expenditures.
With a view of keeping tab on the
amount of money expended In new
buildings in the city the council last
night introduced an ordinance pro
viding that prospective builders must
first obtain a permit before proceed
ing with the construction of any
building within the city. In tho ap
plication for a permit the applicant
must specify tho estimated cost of
the proposed structure. Its nature of
construction, Its locution, and last,
but not least, Ihe kind of material
to be use( in erecting siild structure.
The cost of the permits follow:
Buildings not exceeding $1000 in
cost. $1.
Buildings costing more than $1000
and not to exceed $5000, $2.
Buildings costing over $,"0iM aud
no :o e :ceed $15,000. $:i.
Bn.ldings costing over $15,000,
Fnder the provisions of the ordi
nance all permits must bo socured
freni the board of fire commis
sioners. Claiming that the p'ty charter
was in very bad condition and (bat it
needed tmmedinie nnenuou ai ine;
hands of the proper ofticera, Mayor I
Rice said he had taken the Initiative
In re-arranging the charter commis
sion so that the work of codifying
the charter might begin at once, The
mayor explained that the charter
commission was appointed under a
former adimnihtralion but on account
of t''" iilnc'F of lis chairman. Dex-
over $200,000, Councilman Cobb Haiti
he di:l not consider the city in a po
sition to meet such an expense at
this time.
Councilman Fullerton concurred,
with Councilman Cobb, hut was em
phatic la his declaration that tha
councilnien should talk the proposl
Hon over frequently aud if possible
arrive at some plan whereby tho re
fuse might be destroyed at a nomi
nal cost.
A petition signed by George Kohl
hagen and seven 1 hundred other
residents and taxpayers of the city,
was presented at last night's meet
ing of the council. Tho petition
asked that the council thko some ac
tion relative to grading and other
wise improving tho center parking
on Jackson street In North Rose
burg. Councilman Clark said the parkins
In question was unsightly and for a
time paHt had been used as a dump
ing ground. Councilman Clark de
clared that immediate action should
bo taken in the direction of placing;
Ihe parking In such a condition that
a lawn might be planted. .To get tho
pi uiohii ion oeiore ine council air.
Clark -moved that the city engineer
be Instructed to begin tho work of
grading the parking next Monday
morning, and if possible havo it com
pleted by December 4. Clark's mo
tion met protest by the mayor and
several of the councilnien, who con
tended that it was only fair that tho
proposition should bo Investigated,
wilh n view of determining the cost
of the proposed work. Some of the
councilnien. said the work would not
cost $fiO while others were of the
opinion that it would far exceed that
sum. In n few instances tho council-
men refused to make an estimate.
City Engineer Hicks was present
and explained that u little engineer
ing might help the appearance of
the parking. It was Mr. Hicka sug
gestion that tho parking be crowned
and thereby ovoid any possibility of
ftauding pools (luring ,tho 'winter .
Without tirther comment Clark's
motion was placed to a vote and
failed. The mayor then suggested
that the proposition be referred to
the city Improvement committee with
Instructions to investigate the cost
of the said Improvement and report
their findings at the next meeting
of tho council. A motion to this ef
fect carried by the almost unanimous
vote of tho council.
In making the investigation, the
mayor asked the committee to take
Into consideration tho cost of main
taining tho parking as well as other
incidental expenses which would re-
(Couttnued on pugo 3.)
Accused of Serious Offense at
Eugene, Oregon.
According to the f I mi res compiled: ter Rice, and ins Hunsenueni appo ni
billiard lull, per year
ed by the Southern Pac ific Company i
for about a year, was braking on a,-
southbound extra freight train at tne,
time tho accident occurred. Accord-1
ing to reports received at the local
dispatcher's office McAllister was of exemplary habltB and won many
morrow evening, and .the funeral win
probably be held on the following
day. The deceased was a young man
sent ahead to flag an approaching
train. He tlagued the train as In
structed and tills was the last time-
close friends during his brief resi
dence in this city. He was possess-
d of a happy and contented disposi-
he was seen alive. Although there tion, and was a favorite among those
were no eye witnesses to the tragedy! with whom he associated,
it is presumed that McAllister hoard-. His many friends and acquaint
ed the train he flagged on the oppo- ances deplore his death and extend
site side from the train on which he, their sincere sympathy to the heart
was working, and rode up the track broken family.
for a short distance. In attempting; 1 Et iikinuii lsos Jak.
to pass between two cars, and thereby V. D. Turner for tho past vear
alight on the side bf the track near- employed as a brakeman by the
est the train on wiiicli he was em-j Southern Pacific Company, sustained
ployed it is presumed he slipped and j the loss of a leg shortly after 12 o'
fell on the rails. At any rate, his; clock last night, at a point about
body was horribly mutinied and ho! two miles north of Grants pass,
was dead when found by Conductor! Turner was working on freight
Harry Coffin. The body was taken; train No. 221, Hotithbouml. and was
to Grants Pass where it is being pre-! running over the top of the train at
nar"d for u. patent to th-a city fori the time of the accident. Ii is be
biirial. i lieved that he slipped and fell be-
Edgar Bates McAllister was one:twen tVo cars. His cries attr:ictd
nf thrt best known voting men nil-1 nlh"r members of tiie crew, and he
ployed by the Southern Pacific Com-1 v as taken abnard the train and hast-i
pany in this city. He had ben work-'
inc'for the company for about a
yeitr and was considered an eificient
and trustworthy trainman. He was
brn in Valpara iso, Neb., and rani"
West about a y- ar igo. Short ly
'l erenft' r he art fpt'd employment
ui'h tie Southern Pacific Companv.
Other than eaing a father. C. W.
McAllister, he is niir i v i by four
:ters, ! P. I. Met 'arty. Mioses
I va and I ris Mc A Hist or, of Rose-
burtr, jtnd Mr.-. J. F. Head, of ,Jo-j -im-d.
eph. Ore.; also a brother, O. D. Mc-1 v ill will
"n n to Grants Pass where !: was
admitted to a hospital. It i under-
uas nine
id had
i. Pa-
tood ti at hi 1
ed from his bod: .
Turner was a ottn
Ven emploe. .y t!.
( ;! c i' uipaiiy for a year. Hv
ems ar. raid r'Sid" ne;;r Vii'mir.
Hi '.. i.S a ine-ni. T ef t ho i'.I rt ll'T-
hood oi R.'t ilw a v 1 rain men -i nd v. a-,
a r ir -; I ; : r art irii.rn at Q . On
Ufcu;it of llii' M-rintis injur;-- h:is-
probable that Turner
main in the Grants Pass
Ailister, of Roseburg. I l.ospita! for som" time.
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. McAllister, tho- pf;s uliarly. both accidents occur
former's father, C. W. McAllister, red within a radius or five mile.
And Mr. McCarty left for Grants Pass end within four hours of each other.
l:is morninn where they will take, Both men also worked out of Roe
hp.rre of the remains. Th body will bur-;, each being employed as brake
5 brctigV. hore on tr.iin No. l to- man.
by tie county court the expenditures
of the county for the year 1914 will
total approximately $H'7,27s.oo. To
raise this sum, together with the
money necessary In appease the state
coffers, ii will be necessary to levy
a tax of not less than 1 4 H mills.
The proposed expenses of the rmin
ty for the year 1914 aie segregated
us follows:
Roads and highways, salary of sup
ervisors, road master. -oad viewers
and surveyor. $10,000.00.
Reuisi ration and elections, $5,700,
Sheriff's office, 85.700.
Clerk's ori'lee. $5,fi00.
Treasurer's office, $5,200.
A-nxi-or's office, $K,425.
Court, house, janitor, water, light,
fuel. rpir, furniture, and incident
als, $4,000.
Circuit ri.urt, $10,400.
County court. 5,nun.
.Justire court. $2,000.
Coroner, $5nu.
Insane, $2o0.
School superintendent, $4.fiO0.
Health officer. $750.
Fruit Inspector, $1,000.
Widow's p'-nslons. $5,000.
Care of poor, $ I 1 .000.
Jail, $1,000.-
Juvenile court, $250.
KerneF. $i,"oo.
Tax rebate, $750.
Scalp bounty. $2,500.
Scaler of wights and meas'ire.
Stork Inspector, $ 1 oo,
Current expenu.', printing, etc.,
$7. .','".
Fred .MaihhaU AdimU That He Onco
Killed n Man While Aellng in
mi Official Cnpnlcty at
Sand Point, Idaho.
Detected as he entered tho flouth-
........ ii,,. ..rfi,. ..r ...... niu ln,l.',.
he had uraeefullv side-stemied the''''" Pacific depot at eight o'clock
obligation of the position and had'thlK morning, preparatory to board
resigned. To fill the vacancy caused; lug a tram for the South, Fred AJlir-
shall was placed under arrest by
Sheriff George tjuluo and Deputy
Sheriff Fred Stewart and Is being
lodd ut the county jail pending tht
arrival of officers frofu tingoiie.
Marshall, the lOugene ofticera ul
lege, is a smooth criminal und baa
a somewhat checkered career. He la
wanted at the University City, so It
Is said, for committing an assault
noon a. hidv of that city with a dan-
announced that a meet-1 gioiiri weapon.
When interviewed over tiie tele
phone this morning the Ktigene of
ficers Informed a News representa
tive I hat Marshall arrived there sev
eral weeks ago, nccotupauled by his
daughter and smi-lu-law. A little
later Marshall committed the assault
lor which he was ai rested this morn
ing. During his residence ut Kugeiia
the Lan.. county officers say he re
mained In hiding during the greater
part of the lime. Seldom was ho
ryl een about Ihe Ht reels.
and) As near as can he ascertained Mar-
hv the resignation of Mr. Hire, the
nutvor. said I'n had unpointed C-tr'
Wimberly chairman of the commit
tee, while Atlorney George Neuuer
had been added as one of Its mem
bers. The com in it ten no ciinmsia
of Carl Wlmberly, chairman, George
Neimer. Dr. A. K. Set her. B, W.
Strong, Frank Churchill and S. S.
Carl Wimberiy, chairman ol the
lug of the commission would hi1
called within the next few days,
when the actual work of recodifying
the charter would be commenced.
Councilman Fullerton, who for
several years past has advocated an
improved scv.t r system in Roseburg,
last niiit revived bis "hobbv." when
he said the council should take some
action relative to caring for the pevv
erage now ledng emptied into I ho
Sooth I'm puna river. Councilman
Fullerton said the river was
low d'lring the summer months,
-i dla neoiiK
11' ti' ienev .'Chi
Fair approot ia
S'ftM vrvl e
( ' h' r t linn f
C.'Wit.'s Ihe foil.
f MUltt . '', .OO'l.
I'd fund. $lo:i.
ion, $ 1 ,00o.
S 1 .nun.
I ,.X, t he I'fill ni v OK-
n g returns from
rer's and clerk's off if
i"! rk's f". all sources $;,&on
Treasurer, iuter'-M on deposits li.uuo
Total $9,900
In addition lo the nummary nf ex
peii!tnreH the table, arranged for
pu tit teat ion tomorrow will show the
est ! mated amount of tho t; levy,
together with the special achooi lev(en
tints far reported.
The levies of the cfwral towns of
the coun;y ate vis) given.
that the sewerage matter accumulat
ed tin the ro ks and other obstael
in the si ream with tho p-ml
Ihe stench was almost unbearable.
Rasing his crtnieni inn on discus -ion
i advanced In other cities and lowm;
! throughout the state, Mr. Fullerton
; said be believed It. wi.ubl be h.-t a
t few years until tin-re would he a
state law prohibiting tite present
i t.raet ice of alio v. nig He we i ago to emp
;tv info till various s';eann.;. YY'i-n
e or t liat t i aie eottn-s, Coiie;,Tiiau
i J'tillerfoti s-iinl it would be Iieesarv
for Ros'-bnig in common wiiti oth'T) jiin ,ls ,
'. n-uni'--p til! e . 'o h't-n or ot b rwp.o ( hr. utation. 11
': -iry it i t --. t ':iti'-i.m;ta iui-.
letton said be had no plan to offer,
1 ii rt hor than ad vising t he council i
that it would bo well to (Mhciikm the
siibj'-er air! th"i'hv bo !ti a position
to meet the emergency when it ar
rived. Councilman Cobb paid he had In
vestigated plans bu bin it ted by the
city engineer, and having for their
purpose the carrying away of all
Bowerago matter in the city and had
discovered that the proposed im
provement would cost Bomething
Khali, accompanied by his daughter
'"" ami son-in-law leu iMigene inio last
bat. 1 Haturdav night and arrived here early
the following morning, They Imme
diately engaged quarters at a local
r 'ortiing house, where I hey remained
iin;il this morning, when Marshall
pad:ed his belonging with a view of :
coiiiiiif,hg his Journey South. Sheriff
Quine received a lelcgraphic warrant '
Im'ih Knu'-ii" h'sl night and soon
then aiioi- ...; in -I that Marshall wat
in this city. Awaiting at the depot
I lib. morning I u : b --rs arrested
ntered the door of
appeared cool and
collected, and evidenced no signs oc
nervousness. In raci lie submitted to
arrest without protect, and accoin
panjod the officers lo the county jail,
where he In now being held.
Other than being wanted at L'u
geno Marshall Is said to be sought
by the North Yakima, Washiglon,
officers. There he committed a crime
similar to the one pulled oft Hi Ku
When interviewed ftt the com ity
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