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Lditoif and INiMlHliers,
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Entered as necond-cIasB matter
November 5, 1910, at Roseburg, Ore.,
under act of March 3, 1879.
It may be late to record any elec
tion returns from last week over the
cmintry, but there was ho little of
real solace to those of us who cling
to the tradition or the good old.
days whn elections were held under
party colors, when opponents were
republicans and democrats, with
mostly republicans, that the news we
received today will come as a gleam
of hope, as a ray of light, in the
gloom that has enveloped us ever
ulnce the cataclysm of last November
enveloped our great party in state
and: national defeat. From old Ohio,
and from Napoleon at that, the very,
(Jibralter of democratic strongholds, I
where a republican stood as good c
chance of being elected afl the pro
verbial snowball does to exist, from
that most beautiful prosperous little
city east of the Rocky mountains
from this place of alt others comes
the news that rejuvenates, reinnplres,
the news of the complete turning of
the tables, and the election of practic
ally e cry republican candidate on the
regular republican ticket rrom street
commissioner to mayor, from board
if council to members of the board of
safety. Good old town on the good
old Muumec, yolir maple shaded
walks, your level streets and solid
llocks of prosperous business houses
are rtlll further endeared to the
memory of your sons who have stray
fid away to other Bcenes, by this
cheering news. And say, Mr. Voter, in
any party, don't it sound kind of
good to you to hear of an election
ngnln where party Is arrayed against
party? Is not one prone to ask how
mntiv better men hav been elected
under tho newer system than under
the old party alllgnmeut, how many
loss wenklings have been eliminated
from office holding, and how often
liavo stronger ones boon selected?
Will we not have with us Infinitely j
and for nil tima to come, great
masses of voters for whom iin or- j
Knnlzcd party convention could pick'
iwt stronger and botl r nen to rep-i
resent them? Is it not true that. I
"wny down In our inner consciousness,
the majority o ' in would prefer to go
down to defeat or to exult In victory
under the banners of an organization,
whether thnt woro Republican, Hem
ocratic or Independent?
With Muerta in Mexican Situ
ation is Sought.
Pay jour Kas bill before the
flltwnlh and Ret the dis-
t county. nl5
Und Said to Ik Working to Secure
I'rc'identiul Candidate on Whom
tiie Warriiitf Fuctions
hii Agree.
(Special to The Evening News.)
ent Wilson Is believed to now be
.working for some Bort of compromise
with liuerta and is said to recognize
no other way of preventing blood
shed. Intervention undoubtedly
means fighting, and fighting in which
Americans would be Involved. If the
embargo Is lifted or Carranzu's cause
recognized It might be that the Unit
ed States would avert a personal en
counter with Mexico but war to the
extermination of one or the other of
the factions In Mexico must follow.
Tho president wishes to avoid, It Is
(ttid, this final conclusion of the
struggle that now seems inevitable.
It is leurned that Und Is sounding
Huerta concerning a candidate for
provisional president of Mexico who
will bo acceptable to both Curranzu
and Huerta. If such a man can be
found negotiations for a truce will
begin immediately.
V Kit A CRUZ, Nov. 12. According
to dispatches received here the fed
eral gunboats lying off Tuxpam op
ened fire on t he rebels who ure be
selglng the town this morning. The
attacking army was driven back by
tho fire of the ships. The rebel force
is estimated at u thousand men.
Tweitiy 'Americans from Tux pain
were taken aboard the United Slates
ships at Vera Cruz today. It is un
derstood that two others are still in
the beseiged town.
.lap Cruiser Fop Mexico.
TOKIO, Nov. 12. The Japanese
extent of the losses s!nce the storm
began, but it is said that at least .'.0
men have been drowned, white dam
age to shipping and loss of caigos
will probably aggregate two mill
ion dollars. A dozen boats are re
ported on the rocks at many points
along the lake shores, tud ivith the
storm apparently ovfr It is bulP'ved
that most of these crafu wj be saved.
The steamships Waldo an, I Turrett
Chief have been reported lust but
their crows were saved.
.More Wrecks Reported.
GOODRICH, Out., Nov. 12.
Wreckage along the chore of hare
Huron indicates that the James Car
minors, the largest grain carrier
touching Canada pois, is a wreck.
She carried a crew of Vi men. Sev
en corpses wearing 11 f? prrcT'ers
stenciled with the name 'Charles fi.
Prince," have been washed ashore at
Kettle Point.
Is Established by the State
About Your
g Tools
Itegnrdiiif; Management of Mu
nicipal Affairs Fx terns ion
Department to lie
In order to assist and ierve th3
communities of the state in their u
panding and developing llfo, (lie Uni
versity of Oregon has established a
department which has for Ks purpose
the accumulation of information on
topics which concern the general
welfare, and the distribution of this
data by means of libraries,
and specially nronared ronoris.
cruiser mzuma nas neen ornereu to among interested communities,
sail for Mexican waters..
Many Steamers go Down Dur
in Teriffic Storm.
Jtesldonts of Roseburg who have
Tocu in some of the largest cities of
the country, must have had tho tm
proKatou last night, that they had
"been transported 1o the great White
"Way of Broadway In New York, or
the noisiest corners of State street
In Chicago. Tho rival theatres hnd
installed shouters with megaphones,
and the various attractions were
pulutt'd tint in stentorian tones. Add
ed to this the hot wiener man seem
ed In catch the Infection, for he added
IiIh calls to (lie other pandemonium.
Some class to this city.
Itig Freight Steamer Turned Itottom
Up Marge ltrcnk.s Away I'"i"Oin
Tug Loss to Shipping
Tuesday .was social day n't
Mental Culture Club, and the enter-(for.
tainlim feature was the talk by Mrs.
mnniiiiu, Minn secretary 01 me
Child Labor Commission, on "Child
ren in Factories".
She told of the efforts of her de
partment in behalf of young children
to keep theni out of factories, that
they might atTain a higher mental
and physical development.
She also advocated vocational
training In the Hchtmls, und spoke of
the exceedingly bud condition of our
county .l.itl, attaching no blame to
the officials but placing it on the
After a musical selection by Mrs.
H. .lay Stone mid M rs, Short . of
"Wilbur, dainty refreshments were
IIUFKALO, Nov. 12. The Mutual
ITrunslt Company has been notified
by wire that the steamship Northern
tuoen, wrecked'at Kettle Point, On
tario, will be a total loss. The crew
of 22 were saved.
Steamer Bottom I'p.
POUT HlMtON. Nov. 12. The
identity of the freighter which lies
off t Ii(h port bottom up lb still in
doubt. Tug men stated yesterday that
they believed it to be the steamer
10. A. S. Clark. 'Ten bodies were
washed ashore rrom the wreck oduy.
mid eiuht of Ihesfi were hit-mil k-d
as members of the crew of tho liner
Iteiiina. Tims ami divers have pone
out to investigate the wreck and i'
. mo smp proves to ne iuo itegina h
the! Ipnves tiic Clark yet to be accounted
Seven Men Lost.
MKNOMIXKK, Mich., Nov. 12.
The tug Martin, after an nil night's
battle with the mountainous Lake
Michigan waves arrived here this
morning with the news that (he barge
Plymouth, which the .M r ' in Mas low
ing into port, had snapped her cattle
ami uone doft n with 8"V"ti men
Vessels Melt! Ill Port.
HKTIUMT. Nov. 12. Though the
storm is somewhat abated. the llreat
Lakes are a raging sen. and im-st of
the shipping which was held in port
since Sunday, Is preparing to s-iil .just
:is soon ns possible. Lake seamen
say it is too sunn to est i mat the
liusy officltls often do not have
time to keep up with I he latest de
velopments in the fields of public uc-
countiug, city planning, government j
organization, biicIi as the ewmiu.ssion
government or city munagemeut plan j
and tho treatment of defect i -.'a and
delinquent clauses. This department I
plans to collect the results of the ex-1
. perience of other cities and comma-i
nities throughout tho country andi
make ail tins information available
for those who wish to know what is
tho best thought on their respective!
problems. .' i
More specifically, tho department j
aims to do the following for the:
communities of Oregon: j
1. To provide expert information j
on the proiiie::; wnlch are arising)
In connect!' n with municipal admin
istration, as for example, the prob
lems' connected with Btreet paving,
street lighting, sewer construction,
and sewerage disposal, park adminis
tration, police and fire protection,
water supply systems, and questions
connected with the operation or reg
ulation of public utilities.
2. To assist and direct by corres
pondence and personal conferences,
communities which desire social sur
veys made, either of all the activities
of tho community, or of any special
phase of Its life. Never before have
men and women been so conscious
of tho need of knowing the facts
auout their communities. All real
constructive work must start with a'
fact basis.
Meat Cutters
Butcher Knives
Pots and Pans
For this week ending Nov. 15 we are
making a special offer of
Roasters at 75c
A rare opportunity and one that will not be duplicated.
Supply is limited, so come early.
Churchill Hardware Co
I:inee at the Looking (ilasa
OraiiKe Hall Friday nlKlit, Nov.
-1st. HosebuiK Orchestra.
Supper at the Howard House.
Kvuiyone Invited.
, Committee.
was voted on October 31. and carried! The vocal pupils of Gurdon A.
appropriations amounting to nearly Fory gave an informal musical last
$200,000,000. lie is thus especlalyl evening at liis home on East Cass
well fitted to give advico and sug- street, and were afterwards enter
gestlons dealing with tho financial tuincd charmingly bv Mrs. Fory. Var
operatlons of cities, and to advise J Ions musical and other games were
with local officials regarding the in- enjoyed, and a dainty two course
spallation of up to date accounting i lunch was served. The rooms were
systems and the modem methods of i tastily decorated wllh autumn foliage
business procedure
Any community interested in these
opportunities, should address the
Municipal Reference Bureau,
University Intension Department,
Kugeni-. Oregon.
and chrysanthemums.
For the next CO days Dr.
; had practical experience In various
cily departments of New York City
ntut i1.t;.t...A.l I... .....
3. To co-o ate with boards of i . v..r , .. Vr rV...," " " "
atlon of the present budget which November 20 only, Josephson's.
Being Sonic Reasons Why We Solicit
and Merit Your Drug and Drug
Sundries Patronage.
ViiwariMiittNl stibstitt'iinti U p:;n t U-i'il hy many retailers whi stHMn
to ttnnk thin thn rtiiit thing tn tin.
When you cnniM tu hn Kigali Simv you will u't what you ask for
nnlt'HK tt h'ipptMi to lit out of our tock in our couii'leto utocks a
very ran? oifiirrenee.
So eateiutly tlo we eonscrve y mr bet interests tlmt frequently
our elni ks may siiyitest soutet ti lur whit-h they know or believo to
he better for ti)t purpose than itie Hrttrle railed for.
Trauai't icui of this knut In oir tot oeenr every day ami Invar
lablv our customers have thanked u for taking such .1 keen in
terest in their personal needs .tnd pur.-hnsr.
Such frimk, lioues-t advico u:!l be cheeriuiiy pivon reKardlns nny
thln wo s'H.
Your mv It in yourself mot your family to piunwtio a More utiieh
mmi lt ch(( Hue r with nml ran nud such honest morelmiullt n
dcH tlo
The Store
NATHAN FriXMItTON, lYop. IViklns Unildlntc
II V Citv Z?C Green Trading Stamps
county coniiniKsionors, city officials
heaitli officers, sunerlntoiHlents of
linns. HiioerviKiirs Din niinr vn (lint I
the best in format Ion and best way
of conducting tin put) lie business
may bo placed at tho disposal ot
every public official.
4. To co-oporato with county and
city treasurers and auditors," and
other financial officials, and to give
advice rcKU-rdiiiK the installation of
up to date methods of controlling re
ceipts und disbursements, and mod
ern practices connee,.,?:i with auditing
vouch era, purchasing supplies, and
toiling contractu.
G. To co-operate with voluntary
societies such as commercial clubs,
improvement associai fons, welfare
leagues, health societies, women's
clubs, etc., in working out plans for
social betterment programs: and
, w it h county cuperintomW-uts and
county school boards with special
reference to the finances of rural
No morn useful method of pre
senting ideas haw been invented than
the exhibit., often in connection with
;i series of lect tires to arouse in
lo'est jiihI co-opet at ion. Any munic
ipality In (he slate that' Is Interested
in this method of presenting com
munity nerds should consult with the
'Mention department of the univer
sity. This depn rt incut stands ready to
tell you v hat lias been done e'se-when-
and wl at nun he dime in your
community. It wit-hi s to he meful
in he service of the communities of
t h state. H very where com it unities
are be. -(oning of need: not
met. and of opportunities ii'Miieetod.
s soon as this consciousness exists,
a new responsibility rests upon the
community. It is not n opes'ien of
Wpelhn" pur schools t'. ;iy Ollir-f'Ilt-
ly conducted or our streets as tieau
as in other cities, but it is a ques
tion of whet her our schools and
streets and city administration are
t''o best we cm have.
The extension department is pecu
liarly well fined this year to co
operate with the towns of tho s'ate
in this work, either by ce: 're-a.on-detice,
lectures or perfn I ce lifer
ent s. as ii now has cp.on ts r- uuiar
.Mwi.m f;.pil! '! rr 1 (.
So ers. w ho low e ;?ed along
the lines of and social
science at Columbia univers tv. New
V01 k. and has for some t ime been
connected with the training school
for public service, which is conduct
ed by the bureau of municipal re
search, ltefore coming to Oregon he
mini win give a premium with each
case of horse dentistry which will
entitle I lie holder of the first choice
to $25 in merchandise nt Pearce's
" harness shop. The holders of the
Our regular prices ure always low. tickets, not more than 100, will de
V n offer you a straight reduction of . cide the choice among themselves bv
10 per cent from these prices during a popular vote. This offer and rr-n-
10 per cent reducton sale. Until uetitlon will elnK nn nrtQniKn ? 1
tf ' 1913. tf
-f ,1 Ai' li ii.
- i. Pi
1 1"'
hn IS? yr--tf .
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