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Yesterday's Highest Temp . 61
Last Night's Lowest Temp 51
Fair Tonljtlu; Wednesday
No. 307
MercliantsOrdinance is Scored
by Councilman.
Councilman Zurelier Says Ho Desires
to Help Kill the MeiiMiro ilh
out Ceremony I May of
if Action Opposed, j
That the so-called "Merchants'
ordinance is a vicious measure, and
no unreasonable that It could not !
possibly bo enforced, Councilman :
Zureher last night opposed delaying;
action on the ordinance for another
week out of respect for the city at
torney. The ordinance came to the atten-i
tion of th council through a letter'
received from City Attorney Albert
Abraham, now in Seattle, to wie ef
fect that he desired another week in
which to pass on the legality jf the!
measure. In his letter, Mr. Abraham'
stated that he had written former
wty Attorney Grant regarding the'
ordinance, but had failed to ascertain
whether or not such an ordinance)
was now in effect in Portland. In
order that he mifciit further Invest!-'
gate the measure the city attorney!
asKed for another week's time.
Councilman Zurchor objected to'
the delay, and In defense of his ac-J
turn declared the measure to he of aj
vicious nature and unworthy of con
sideration. "This ordinance cannot;
be enforced," said Councilman Zur-i
cher, "and I desire to bco it killed.'
In order that I may help to kill It
is the reason that 1 ask its considera-l
tion ne re tonight. It makes no dif
ference whether Portland, Eugene'
and every otner town in the slate has;
an ordinance of this kind, it is of a
vicious character and deserves kill
ing." 1
A motion to place the ordinance
on final passage at last evening's j
meeting of the council failed by a
vote of 5 to 2. As a result it will not)
be placed on its third reading until j
next week.
That the ordinance will fail when
it tomes up for final passage is evi-j
dent from the remarks of the several,
councilmen present ' at last night's
ni't'iig of the council. '
A request received from the Pari-'
fie Suites Telephone Company asking
that the city enter into an agreement j
with the company with re g a r d to
maintaining a police light at the cor-;
ner of Cass and Jackson streets was
referred to the committee on electric
lights. The company asks for com-i
penation at the rate of $1 per year,)
and also that it be relieved of all lia-'
bi;-.:y connected with the operation 1
of 'lie said light. I
A petition asking for the paving
of the alley connoe! Ing Cava rand
I.ane streets and abutting the Per
kins building was presented at lust
night's meeting of the council and
. e or red to the t-otnmitteo on city .
improvements. j
toilet niainiiiined on the proper
ty of K. P. Patterson on Hose street
was ordered connected with the sew
er or -abated without dolay.
Last night's meeting of the coun-
cil wps one of the (shortest In years
and little bt'sineps was transacted, j
sti:ai.s AN OVi;it(XT; 1
Int t hi ml ShIcmiuui Would lscae
Trial on C'burur of Grand
1,iirccny. 1
,T. W. Cuthbertson. salesman for
the Urn ns wick. It hike Cnib'iidur
r npnny, of Prrttand wis brought
hf r last evening from Drain to serve
a ;rm of ,10 days in the county jail
ci. a charge of petty larceny.
f'n fhbert son was n passenger on
scthliound passenger train No. 13
yesterday nmin'ng find whs enroute
to oos Hay. lie otvupfed an nipf'i
Vrfh in a Pullman coach, while in
the lower berth of the same car was
.! R. TVvmers. nln of Portltud.
Whf-n tho tra n readied Drain short
).. ;ift(.r fniT o'cle-k In ihe ntorninr:
Cmhbertson left the train, and wfth
him he took an overrent belonging
In Ir. Ileyners. The theft was dis
r,,. :.:-fl t0on af' 'v.rrd. and Detec
tive Tiurns. of the Snnthern Par-ifi:'
f'iip-'ny, was notified. ' Inasmuch ns
Mr. Hums wag at Grants Pass, he
,IMI Tf CBT. KVI'ITf.Kl l lIK llol.DI II TO
ON K ( Ol'V OK lilt. (OIlK'S HOOK
"My Attainment of the Pole"
IIVKMSli NKWw. KO-Klll III l'. Oil Kc.O N
Miiflr(l--m lOc
ordered the Drain officers to take
Cuthbertson in custody and hold him
until such time us he (Burns) con id
return to Drain.
Cuthbertson was arrested accord
ing to instructions and held until
Detective Burns reached Drain ehort
y before noon yesterday. A confer
ence between the detective and pris
oner followed, and it was finally
agreed to allow the latter to plead
guilty to a charge, of petty larceny
and thereby escape a term in the
When arraigned before the Drain
magistrate, Cuthbertson pleaded guil
ty to a charge of petty larceny and
was given a term or 30 days in the
county jail.
Mrs. Ollio Cn! Would Kestrain
Green School District From
Issuing Warrants.
Judge J. W. Hamilton this morn
ing listened to the arguments of at
torneys in the action recently filed by
Mrs. Ollie Castle, in which she tisks
that school district No. 5, (Greens)
he enjoined from issuing school war
rants in the sum of $3,000 Tor the
purchase of a site and the erection
of a new school building.
Mrs. Caf?tte claims among other al
legations that the election at which
the erection of he school building
was authorized was not called by a
majority of the school board; that the
school board failed to give the re
quired 20 days' notice of the election,
and that t he election was held on
Columbus Day, a legal holiday.
The school district contends that
the election was held according to
law, and consequently should bo de
clared legal by the courts. Judge
Hamilton has taken the matter under
advisement and it is not likely that
a decision will he forthcoming for
several days.
Dlstrct Attorney George M. Rrown
nppeared on behalf of the school
board, while Attorney W. V Card
well represented the plaintiffs.
Guns Protect General Diaz
From Huerta's Anger.
American Arretted by Hucrtn OlTIc
ialM at Vera Cruz N"ewsp:tK'r
Man Seeks Safety on
(iiinlMmt. Wheeling.
(Special to The Evening News.)
VKRA CRPZ, Oct. liS. Geni;ral
Felix Diaz, following his escape from
he city, is still aboard the I'nited
Stales gunboat Wheeling in the har
bor here. Diaz appealed to Tinted
States Consul Cnnada last night for
p ot net ion following t lie arrest by
Mexican officials of L. fPium. an
Aniorican, who had accompanied him
from Havana. It is understood thai
Mlum is suspected with too great ac
tivity In behalf of Diaz, and his ar
rest followed. Consul Canada h
investigating the aTfair today. Ce
cilia Ocon, Jose Sandoval, two Diaz
supporters, and Alexander Williams,
a newspaper man, who appealed to
Consul Canada for protection, were
sent on board the Wheeling. The
Mexican chief of secret police at Vera
Cruz, wired Iluerta that Diaz had
escaped from the German hotel at 1
a. in., from where he climbed over
the roof and sought refuge in the
A merican consulate, where he con
ferred with Consul Canada. The tel
egram to Iluerta did not mention that
Diaz was subsequently sent on hoard
the Wheeling for protection.
I!lu N Concent i lit itm,
PllOWNSVIIXH, Tex, Oct. 2H.
Hebel troops are concentrating about
Monterey, according to advices re
ceived here this afternoon. Six hun
dred men are reported to he in 1 1
way from Mntanmra to reinforce the
besefgers, and the speedy f;ill of tb
-An is predicted bv cons'itot'onali"'
leaders, whose troops are entrenched
on the outskirts of the city.
Mi soitriuu V. ins I iist hoiee,
N'OHTH PI,TT. Or. Msrton
Pitch, of Kirksville, Mo., won f ft
choirs In lite tuM-iiiincni land lot
tery drawing ham today.
Kxtrn Kur 1'u.lRve
District Attorney Prepares Let
ter of Instruction.
District Attorney Shown How Kloe
lions Should Ho Held in Order
to Avoid Possibility of
In Order to guard against any pos
sibility of invalidating the special
l oad elections to be held during the
present year. District Attorney Geo.
M. Hrowu today prepared the follow
ing letter of insti uctiuus, coi)ies "of
which are being mailed to all road
supervisors in the county. The in-'
structiens were riepared after care1
rul investigation, and should be of
interest to every pei-Ani who is in
terested in holding legal road elec
tions in the future. The instructions
"By request of the County Court
I have attempted to prepare a letter
contain .ng iii'trurXioiis concerning
district .road meetings and the levy
ing of taxes by them.
"This letter haa reference to the
Act of 11)03. At the outset, you
are warned to be careful with the
record of your proceedings. The stat
ute must be strictly complied with.
"To emphasize this statement, the
following excerpts are carved from
opinions of our Supreme Court:
"The evidence of the levy of the
tax must affirmatively appear from
an inspection of the "records of the
meeting of the el ei tors, or their
representatives In making the same."
"District road meetings legally
D 17 A T
, Saved from Starvation the Result of One of Our Last Cartridges.
"We continued our course southward, as we followed, wolf-like, in the bear foot
prints. The sledges bounded over the icy irregularities as they had not done for months,
Every crack in the ice was searched for seals, and with the glasses we mounted hum.
mock after hummock to search the horizon for bears.
"We were not more than ten miles beyond land when Ah-we-Iah located an auspic
ious spot to leeward. After a peep through the glasses he shouted. The dogs under
stood. They raised their ears, and jumped to the full length of their traces. We hurried
eastward to deprive the bear of our scent, but we soon learned that he was as hungry
as we were, for he made an air line for our changed position. We were hunting the bear
the bear was also hunting us.
"Getting behind a hummock, we awaited developments. Bruin persistently neared,
rising on his haunches frequently so as the Letter to see E-tuk-i-shook, who had arranged
himself like a seal as a decoy. When within a few hundred yards the dogs were freed.
They had been waiting like entrenched soldiers for a chance to advance. In a few
moments the gaunt creatures
leaped at the great animal and sank their fangs into his hind legs. Ah-we-lah fired. The
bear fell.
"Camp technique and the advantages of a fire were not considered the meat was
swallowed raw, with wolfish haste, and no cut of carefully roasted bullock ever tasted
better. It was to such grim hunger that we had come.
"Then we slept, and after a long time our eyes reopened upon a world colored with
new hope. The immediate threat of famine was remold and a day was given cvrx to
filling up with food."
railed shall have power to determine
what, if any. county roads or por
tion thereof of the road district trhail
be improved in any special miinno,',
and to determine the extent and
character of the improvement, or in.-:
provemont,, thoy shall mtiko tlur-'
on; provided, howevti", that the pro
posed Improvements they Khali inalif)
thereon and the character and man-;
ner thereof, shall first have been '
submitted to the county court; und :
shall have power to levy a specWl
tax, not to exceed ten mills cn thu
dollar, rpon all taxable rent and per-;
suual property of thy district, fer
tile prj--t--" of raising moiiay with
whiot; to defray the expense ct Mich
special improvement, or improve
ments, and such levy shall ho, bnsod '
upon the valuation of the taxable
property of the district as shown by
tne last certificate of the couiuy'
c!et k v.-2xl preceding the district n;ad
meeting at which the tax Is levied.
"It wiil be seen by reading tin
above . sections thrift 'the proposed'
Improvement and the character and
manner thereof" should be submit
ted to the county court for its up-.,
proval prior to the voting of the int.:
Hence, there should he two moot-!
lugs; the ffirst for the legal voters of:
the road district to get together and
dibcuss the extent, character and
manner of the special improvemnet
which it proposed to make, ui.t to
place their determination In somf le
gal form for the purpose of submit
ting the came to the county court as
required by said section.
"To bo olearly within the law and
as a malt if of expediency it Is ad
vS'Ml that each of the two road
meetings he called after due notiro
as provided by statute. At the first
meeting the original petition ad
dressed to the road supervisor re
questing him to call the meeting, the
notice of the call and the affidavit
1 of due proof of the giving of such
notice, should be read at tho meet
ing and filed1 " ith the secretary nnd
become a pnlrt oi' the minutes there
of. The . secretary should mark
(Continued on page 2.)
ong ays starvauon wnen months,
life depended on -stray birds, eaten raw.
encircled the puzzled bear.
Are Recovered by Detective
Burns Yesterday.
iMtVtlvo Jumps on HihmmUt and Over
take ThUvew at leoiwi Men .
Are Tmuih ClmracU'i-M,
Says Detective.
Hnterlng the postofflce at Anlauf
during the temporary absence of tho'
postmaster at noon yesterrday, two j
men who gave their names as Bert
Jackson and Karl Smith appropriated
stamp to the value of $30, 87 pen
nies, a number of fountain pens and
uousideruble other merchandise us
ually kept for sale in a country store, i
ICntrance to the building was effect-'
ed by prying open a window at. the
rear of tho structure.
Immediately following the rob
bery the thieves .started south along
tho Southern Pacific railroad track,
apparently bent on reaching this city.
nen the postmaster returned from
luncheon he discovered the robbory
and immediately gave tho alarm. A
m3f;'.g was uent to Drain, and for
tunatt.y Detective Burns, of the
Suuthci n Paell -c Company, chanced
to he ut that city. Jumping on a
railroad speeder. Directive Burns
slatted In a southern till octlon, and
upon rei-c'iing l.aoifi buc needed in
overtaking the crooks.
Ho placed tho pair under arrest and
took them to Drain whore they were
turned over to the Olivers pending
notification of Poiioffh Inspector
S. H. Morse, of this cllji. On the
thieves-, Detective Burns found the
r W.-,p,. i . I
Almost without a sound, they
stolen stamps, the money and the
other "missing articles.
lmumuch as the robbery of a post
office is a federal offense the men
will probably be turned over to tu
govU umeut officials for prosecution.
With the goods found upon their per.
sns It looks i s though the thieves
would be convicted without apparent
Detective Hums Bays the accused
men ure tough appearing1 character
and claim to live at Portland,
Majority of Talesmen Como from
Towns and (Nmntry Outride of
County Clerk Kdward Lenox and
Sheriff George Qulne this nfternooa
selected tho jury for the November
term of the circuit court. The list
K. H. Perrlne, Hoseburg, real es-'
tate; A. A. Bellows, Koseburg. far
mer; l' M. Crow, Yoncallu, furmer;
V R. Thompon, Yoncallu, farmer;
r). A. Seiber, Koseburg, laborer; J.
S. Boardmau, Koseburg, farmer; N
w. Kirkendall, Camas Valley, far
mer; C. (1. Franklin, Klkton, farmer;
B. H. Jones, Myrtle Creek, farmer;
J. E. Leonard, Olulla, farmer; A. I.
Clayton, Melrose, farmer; Lawrence
Neumer, Glendale, liveryman; H. S.
Powell, Millwood, farmer; W. FJ.
Stephens, Myrtle Creek, farmer; W.
Lucas, Camas Valley, farmer; 3. D. .
Chapman, Glide, farmer; A. Tomp
kins, Olalla, farmer; K. W. Binder,
Klkton, fanner; Buddy Mumpower,
Drain, farmer; Jay Booth, Oakland,
farmer; S. Q. Ollnghouse, Glendale,
farmer; A. J. Dear, Oakland, farmer;
J. F. Clements, Rosehurg, contrac
tor; W. H. Kopeke, Gardiner, far
mer; A. K. Nichols, Riddle, fanner;
C. K, Watson, Glide, farmer; S. M.
Snell, Drain, farmer; L. B, Skinner,
Hrockway, orchardist; L, L. Bodie,
Hoseburg, farmer; John Alhro,
Galesvlllo, farmer; J. W .Morgan,
Looking Glasn, farmer.
Administration Officials Admit ,
Situation Alarming.
WIIhoii Dreutn of Pact Itetween Na
tion of Wotteni lleinl-sphcro
Mom-nh Dncti-lno Upheld
In StrlcteM. Ht'iise.
(Special to The Kvenlng Nowb.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 28. Inter
vention in Mexico seemed almost in
evitable today, and government or- .
lirjul in close touch with the admin-
"l ration admitted an much without -reserve.
Diaz's appeal to the Amer
ican consuhtio i ould not bo disre
garded, it Is s-.tld, and ho owned to
on-ul Canada at Vera Cruz that
his life was in danger, nnd It would
have inhuman to have refused
u!tn ndnti.-Hioii to the consulate.
ilnco Diaz did nut consider hhiihel.
safe even under the roof of tho Amer
ican consulate, there was nothing left
tin but put him aboard tho Pnit-
d State gunboul Wheeling. That
verv Itwiilenl. It Is licit denied. hiiS
4iavely complicated the already com
; 1 1 x inn. it is thought likely
hat Diaz and his companions will
be taken to a neutral port where
he will be uumole-!ed. It is expect
ed that lltteria will make formal de
mands for the surrender of Diaz, but
of courye the United States authorl
tieK will refuse to comply with tho
Jeni'ind. Alexander Williams, nn
A f)er!cnn newspaper correspondent
still aboard the Wheeling.
IHii v of InleM-MM PlaniMMl.
Ptesld'ii! Wfl on nnd Secretary Kry
'ti pr l" lining n "unity of inter
tits" of nil lliM nations of the West
ern Henil:-"tiere, v;ih tile Inforprela
t ic in placed upon I'm uttcritnccH of,
t p.efMii-nt. ni ,nl (!, yesterdav.'
'.l'ero he ;idiie;ed tlm Southern;
! Niii :iifn hi I niigrey. Politicians and
diplomats win) heard Pi eH dent Wil
son's sin ech ure convinced that fit
pieHidein in tn;illy oiitliut'tl tho policy
Hint he and lit van have deciflefl upon,
and bv which they believed it will bo.
(risible Id put all effectual uttip to
'ho f ret oen t. tiurilnn'i which have,
'lihtiitticil tlte renttai and South
ie rlciMi t ; 1 1 f - during the past. It,
li tnnJei'Htood that the iidni'!n!tra
i m tntendu to ellinltiate every sug-i:,'-i
ion "f "dollar dlplotnacv" J'vomi
j ' ''e pi i :.-. i). it ltd Km to maintain 1 1'
, Monroe Doclr'-ne In I(h mwt Itt,ra1
j pep The crevblent. It. in ald on
! eeelient autiioillv, hit'i detenalned
j to avoid littery em ten In Moxiro if
i pel nfhle, but il the l-nlted State
i itmut Intervene at all, to withdraw
j from l ho country an soon as order
' in hn rcHtoied.
Hov ltally, who has been living
i at. Hoteburg for tho patU four yenri,
and firing a Southern Pacific engine
on Iho run from HoHeburur to Afh
i lend, N oientPng r few dayn In t''
city. He Is hero primarily to be with
hi.- nlHter, Greta Hallev, who under
went an operation at the Willamette
sanatorium yesterday. Ho snyn ho
note considerable chance In the clK.
and all for the best. Ho experts to
return to Hosnbnrsc Wednesday. S.t
u SiaU'tiati.