The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, October 02, 1913, Page 5, Image 5

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I - .- mi 1 (i (i iijt i c t- JiiXUo l" r w
XnrrJl o rffiri Home Sites in Bogards Additionwilllbe offered at a Special
A V7 L. Opening Discount Price for Fifteen Days. Lots are large, level
W ly lv L 1 f anC CSe iar surace sree- City Water. Buy a lot where
fg$ 'staj. k b$ k yu can raise ftuft vegetables and be independant. Terms to
Iftn fil f suit purchaser.
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Lute Knulcs and wife, ct' Peel,
tvere visitors In Kosebnrs for a few
hours today.
A marriaise license was issued at
Eugene yesterday to Harry M. Wheel,
er, of Uoselmru, and Lillian Rrehant,
of CottaKe drove. Both have been
married before. The groom is aged
24 and the bride 29.
.1. W Perkins' Cadillac automo
bile arrived here from Portland to
day. The machine has been at Port
land for some time undergoing a
complete overhauling.
James Donuhew. of the Pearce
harness store, returned here, last ev
ening nrter a day spent in the coun
irv He succeeded In bagging two
China pheasants, both of which he,
brought to town to substantiate his
Charles Patrick and .loms TrcTren
returned from West Kork Tuesday
evening where they killed a mag
nificent buck. The deer weighed
iSuppllp.l hy New Process Kle-tro.
Corptnati"!!. N. i f
Karlf Court nevor prefpntd
more fharminc Metsiclc than tli
ra.-Iiii-n rete neta ai utai hiihuh?!
th(w plare. This phntnisnph.
.,:., nc i. iQ ranno'l ronvfv
,'ff. r ih txanisltf colorlne
the extremplv modish (fowns worn
l)v llu- entrants
' The iCgic fand of those who de -
141 pounds after being dressed. This
Is the largen deer killed in the
West Fork vicinity for the se;is"n.
Mrs. S. K. Krohn and sitter.
Mabel Webb, loft for Portland and
other northern cities last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. II. Davidson left
for their home in Iowa this morn
ing after a few days spent In Kose
hurg visiting at tha homo of Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Holmes.
A pretty wedding was solemnized
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. S.
Buell. at 84(1 Mill street last even
ing, when their daughter, Mlm Grace,
was united in marriage to l.ihdon
Itorroughs, Tile wedding ceremony
wa performed by Rev. K. M. Mears
and was witnessed by members of
the immediate family and a few in
timate friends of the contracting
parties. A delicious wedding dinner
followed the ceremony. Mrs. Bur
roughs is one or lioiehurg's most
accomplished young ladies nnd has
a host of close friends in this vicin
ity. Mr. Borrougiis is a Southern
Piicific fireman and is well and fav
orably known In local railroad cir
cles. The happy couple will make
their future borne in tltis city.
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cren the fahifwi? has added an Mtra,
j touch of ;-nnart ti' to these last word
' gowns and tlv-r. is nrwh to dellj-'ht
a - tj,e (.V(? n.i appeal to tho arMmic.
f,,npp A HRUaj the d'inerft have
, eotten a far away from prevailing
thei modes as pOK?it.e. thus vanishinc
of i urcsetil nylfa from u?n In fajhlonahl.-
) Eallif?rln!:!i. It ha twen truly fairl
I 'ht tho slave lo faihlnn mupt Inilceil
1 jiompsa a kfy to the mint.
4tff l llevns the KUilly parties will even-
tually be found. t
nrt.t.n.u ,,f Onl'l'1'1.1. i
transacted business niiitters in the
city for a few hours toduy.
Quite a few housewives assembled
nt the public market thlsi morning,
but. were disappointed to find the
building uninhabited.
.M. K. Mieth, a Portland bridge
contractor, arrived hero this morn
ng to Inspect the work being done
on a number of bridges throughout
Imuglas county.
.1. U. Gofi nnd daughter, MIsh
Bessie, of Kellogg, and Miss Kdith
Mattpin. of Oakland, arrived here this
niernlng to spend a few days visiting
'.vlth friends.
II. K. lbert. agent for the Wells
rargo Express compnny. has gone to
Itosebiirg and from there will go into
i lie mountains to hunt doer. W. I).
Evans, relief agent, is taking hi,
place at the local office. Eugeno;
Guard. i
W. II. Johnson, a Southern I'acift -conductor,,
whose home was nventl'
robbed of considerable cab ami .
ji'welrv. returned bore last evening
from Ashland where he -nt In;
siiirch or tile guilty parlies. ,m-,
thot'gll every effort has been m i:le to
apprehend the ro-pouslble person or.
persons nothing has li'en round
which will tend to oslnbl'sh their.
Identity. Marshal Fenton is work-!
ing on the rase, however, and he-:
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lleves the guiltv parties will even-
tually be found.
T)r Shoemaker is sufleilnt; from
the effects of a badly liwniil ha. id
mi.-, ii i mi,! Trntn thn It tiev liel'l IMt lltll-
llon tf a box or matches which he
waa carrying home.
Henry Uagley, head of the Ilagley
tobacco' works, at Detroit, Mich., ar-
rived here this morning to spend a!
few days. I
.Mrs. Berylo Ogdcn leaves for Eu-1
gene Saturday where she will joln
her mother who is visiting at that;
Attorney George Neuner nnd
John Throne were among those who
went to Salem last evening to attend
the state fair.
G. 11. lleblg. wife and two chil
dren lett nere in in morning lor ui-
gate. Ind., wnero tney win siieini
thn winter visiting with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. Olson nnd chil
dren left for Iowa this morning
where tiiey inleml to make their fu-t
ture home. They have resided
for nearly two years.
Countv Clerk Hdward T.enox re
tiorts many nppllcations for hunting
ti.., OJ ,l.,i-in,. Hi .si few ilavs.
The unexpected rush is probably due; I'" he'd at Suthrrllll on November 4.
i tb enlng of the China phens-iTbe -liiion was signed by ,il real-
nut season.
(. A. ;iiriH'ii. wifo and rlilldn-n
,.r n-Mi, .rm iii-i'ivi.d lierp tliiK morn
inn nflor Vi'iil'n a f-w i:vs nl..
V.j i'-nwl Mi.ffifil :!). n it xniiii-
i-ni Oif-rm 'iM-; Tmp fanillv will I Ainm inn w ih,km-i.pi; riii'iui.v uu-i-..!t.:iin
li-ro nnnl Sntii'ii- or Mnndny' d..r im dir.M-ifon (.r Kukmumt 0.
when tl.pv will rani m:u tioir jmir-i IlirkH. Tho Rln-i'is nrt- hfltiK i-Jivd,
nw tfi the (n.ii. wn';1 t,lf Wf"'l coinidfh-d Hit
S.1.00 to Jl j.0() a
of a kind, special
( II Xl.uS
William S. Evans, of Portland,
spent the day in Uosebtlrg transact-
ing business inattera.
M,.s , Vogel, of Los Angeles.
s spending a few days in Koseburg
visiting with frlemls.
jss prUn,.-, 0f Kiddle, spent the
inv in Hi.iurK attending to husi-
ncsH matters uud visiting with
C. II. Chamberlain has Just com
pleted a new modern residence for
.MIsh Blanche Hales, on Ileur Creek,
which Is a decided credit to that lo-
cul t v
Countv Judge Dexter Itice. Com
nilssiionern Jefferson' Wiley and liar-.
ly Plnlislou and futility Mlglueor
M. II. Germoiid spent ii.: i!..y -a the
l,creMvclnity "f Tiller ilhey In
J sliet-tfii the roads and bridges.
i 'IMIIMMI llli'H nii iiht
county court yesterday reiilest ing
Ml"" " special micui opiion en-, ,
will pniliiihly iiiit lie onic (lei-lsinn In
I IK- ti i a i tor iH'fnrH adjourn iiu; i;tl
In i lie itcsmM w.k;
k (if liiyiim out Ovi'ilimk
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study of harmony nt 9: SO Sat
urday morning at my studio In
the Commercial Club building.
A class will be nrganl'.ed if
enough are Interested.
ndditlon will ho ft vulunbln acquiHK
tlon to tho rtty.
J. H. rorKon, of Champimnn, im
arrived hero IhhI evnnliiR to spenA
h Tnw diiys InoIcinK over the coun
try. (leor e 1), Iln.elett, of Myrtlfr
Creek, spent the punt few days )fe
KuHeburK ntteiidiiiK In InsHitieRM inaK
teiH. Me returned to IiIh lioiuo tn
tiny. (pfirp Shnridtin, of North no-niV
arrived tere I ant even In it ro p4'tit
a few d;iH InnkhiK niter luisinesfe
mat t era.
Carl h. Shotniaker r'tiiriH'd fruit.
Kate in thin nioininn where he HpenV
a day attending tho stale ruir, lie
1 epni 1 s t Ise I IiuiImm eon nl y pei-ph
Jn hi la n t over l heir Riiecf-s in win
ning the lihi'j rihlx'ii In the (Hiinri--
ennipfl it ive ovetilH.
SI nmn Can i has rum plried tbfr
l:isk of inovlhis from IiIk erstwhllp
(Mini-tern In. tlie Karker hiilldinir (u
I:Ih iipw Htnre In (lie U in pi mi lit)el
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