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Yesterday's Highest Temp 67
Last Night's Lowest Temp 39
Tair Tnlglit With Light
Vrotst; Wednesday l-'ail.
No 277
Douglas County Products are
Shipped to State Fair.
Kxliihit Includes Kvrrythhig Agricul.
tiirul jMd llorticultiu-ui lro
dut'tM Pmked by Mr.
q Skinner.
0 The Douglas county Ohibit at the
state fair, which begins at Salem
next week, was loaded on the cars
in the local railroad yards last ev-!
entng and left this morng for-the j
capital city where it vill-ie entered
On competition with exhibits from
practically every county in the state.
C. W. Clark, who Mas in charge of
w 1
assembling the exhibit, hasi M orked
diligently or weeks, and from the
variety of0roduets secured I, work : close a ImirtBn The Clllzen3 State
was well done. Although some ofBnnki ot .Mvrtie Creek, was awarded
the exhtbhs on display at the recent : a JmiK,;e,lt ,n the sula of $397.83
county faaro included Q the ship- j irst c K Sn,m Attorno fees
rneiit. most of the products were gath- in0e mm of ,35 were aMowe9 te
red seft.rately and only the ,,-, 'as WHS lmcTest at , le(;ll
iiiuivesi cAiiiuuB uuiujiiuj, in oriei.i
thiQ exhibit includes almost everV
thins rariculturnl and honOultural
and rwijgit heir, but attract much at
tention at to? "lands of tr?e thous
ands of visitors w-ho will attend the
fair. OEven though Douglas county
should fall to securQone ofSlie valu
ed prizes the exhibit wil have the
i'feet of attroUng many mOcomers
to this district. O (
C. W. Clark, who assembled the
exhibit, leavPs for Salem tonlrQt i8e
Q.arntory to arranging the display In
the iQvillon? He will bg) agisted In
this work bv Cfiliintv Fruit Insnector
tbe Producers FrnlConiiiany.
Livery article Included in today's
shipment Ifi) Salem wnsOpaeked by
Ir. SkrCQr, and should arrive GXere
In good coQdition.
Wlille r. C': jjit in the habl.O
or ii'OsnrQ. ne oeneves that Doug
' county tfittm an exhibit which
6ot'!0 ot 'C&it reiOivP rec0;niti(fl)i Marshal Fenton 0.i&Otnorning re
01 tl9ons of the .'fTjIges engaged j celved a tckOram from the aiO.orl-
J0 cSttCfi l:Bo tno AuTltv ex
0B '
'IDOPOinO Ot iOven o'cloc6 a
(ffr&'AJJ oS9i9a O-tfi tole.Ot.0.1 at
n fO of th bi9e0 i0'O.ts, Or.
dJao9,Oj ft!rS kttfftOro;, on South.v,"s aB. when tho stor'Qof Mrs. A
(b OS O 6?8Bt. tP hngpy ocu?ionC. Kldd & Son was situated In the
SiS r8 CJ9 mOiss of t'OIr doi:Oh-!ll AbrahQi biiildlmO at the cor
tfi. 98a iWlftOOd Q.vrdO 0raO O to! c JaiOon9nd Oak streets. Mur
810. .: Q. QOKor, CoMir! phy fiiteredO;he store early In the
at tSlaD? Sas pronoBSOSd
(fOial o8r,l. co31 a clo0 6tO
fl 9y 09 O9 H. 09,011.
C. )(& hrifls. (&&. &iC3
t4CT A 1 8T3 cOr.09.- of gO en j
bii with tt oO ligSo?iied
lifc aWt? ea o 'D'li o fra-j
'Bj fffid? t)I0' QicQonio?. !
fr' : on l. & 9 pre ani of
pliL-ht. fe:OOr:ii. ! . eridlng
march w.A !i'Jliy 7ii-7. nia
(Jh I'S bride.
VTe ) (. trac!iily cowntWorked In the county jail and upon
!n u')' reati .ofre."(r!k;
chH.'on..and embroidered ov-l
t mcssaline. She crieii lovely
arm boqnet of ro-, terns and ane-l
.liitifl' five fntian n'Ail.Knc l.rn.ilf.l was Fev'd. the '.Iniirit ri.u
, ,.,.,,.(si,.. r..,...
ore ston(g)rlnk rofica. Table drcora
utkn3 were carried out in the name!
olor whom, the center piece beinyj
nf pink nstt, InterminKled with j
Xt'TT.z, Rrat-efully dra;ed fth pink
r'bt-rnfl. The brfde. an accomplish
ed d?ui!hterQj Mr. and Mrs. Amadon.
i veil known anions the younper r
tii HoseburK. with whom she has
hosts cf friends, while the proom 1p
he only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Marsters. Prior to In kin charge of
the big farm in Happy Valley, the
croom held a clerkship in the Rore
burg National Bank, of which -his
'ifher U rachler. The happy youne
couple left for the south this after-
noon, and will visit Crater Lake, via
automobile, thence proceeding north
to Th Dalles, and from there to
Portland. Included in their wedding
trip will be a visit to friends in
Aberrb'On. Wnshtnertnn OninlHpr Irt
will find them established in their j
comfortable new home at Happy Val-
ley, where they will, after that date)
"he at home" to their hosts of j
Judge J. W. Hamilton this morn
ing handed down several decisions In
the circuit court. S. H, Morse was
granted a 'Jddgment in the sum f j
$i'CS.13 agaiiirft Elizabeth Clark. In
terest and attorney fees were also
lllcluded in the judgment. This suit
was brol,sht t0 forecloSe a mortgage.
j In a second decisiQ W. M. Mender-
sou was awarded a judgment in the
;siiO of S12.3S2.22 against Arthur
Attorney fees in the
Bum of $750 were allowed by the
nniirt This unit unc hrnnrrl.f tn tiim.
ru,fl r, H,lfYfwir violet nm t? I.
Sab in was granted a judgment in
the sum of $169.20 Cfcainst C. K.
Short. In tho 'ter suit the plaintiff
sued to recover on an account.
mm m
Douglas County Convict Leases
Trusty Camp.
KiQ-Q Murphy Was SQtcnccii T
Five Year Term fyy .Indue
ililltm-y iH Days
Yet To Serve.
o o
ties of the sie penitentiary ai Salem
to keep a Iookoih Tor Frank Murphy,
who about four years ago was sen-j
iced to a term of five years in
I riaoii lor burglariz'g); the .iore cf
Mr..Q. C. Kldd. At the '(tyt.f ot
Mimmv's es.QiGhe was employed i's
a : rusty near the reform school
The crime for which Murphy was
Out to pfVOi o tarred about four
enlng, and r&J.Ung tire sare unlock-
en pri'iy open uiiy inner coiiipaiurieiii
aQI escaped with Jjomethlng over
O'200. At the time he comrSJued the
it he was detiOed by tly late Cap-
taia Knnussyout not in two to hlo
hl'.i work
Noticing 3;nai on the
0 Oi In nnt of the store. Mi
phy Imbed through a rear window
id dlsnQirQed. The oilers were
sumnicd and Qor a hour's search
MurplW was apprehended In a local
I rooniing house where he had secure
loi'iring for the night. In a water
p.Oher Wifi.d the money whlohO
he npproiOated.
(5i-'ollofeng Murphy's capwe he w-as
being rtftyl was ronvici.fff) and s"?n
teid to a term of five years In the
! statt ienitentiary. (gj
At the time(c)r Murphy's ''I'c
00 1.ib vnl 1 1 ulTVt ill CO millet 1 11!
his swtence.
gKAIMNf; iis(;ha k.
rHIhADKLPHIA. Sept. 22. Cr;iz-,
eed by fear of disgrace, Preole.
19-year-old farX R'r after Riving
birth to a child while at work to
day, wrapppd the Infant In her apron
and hurled ft from a fourth story
window to the Rround. A passerby
picked up the bundle and found the
infant Mill alive. The Rir) was found
crouched In an old closet of the fac
tory and rushed to the hospital. The
baby died1 and the mother la In a
critical condition.
Council Concludes Business
20 Minutes,
hew Complaints Are KHed With
Council and Meeting Adjourns
After a Love I-Vnst
WJ1I lliiihl Walks.
Last night's meeting of the city j
proved a tame affair less
than twenty minutes being consum- j
ed in trunsiictlng the week's accumu-;
latlon of business. j
Probabjg the most important mat-!
ter considered by the council was
that of awarding the contract for im-l
proving Reservoir avenue, from
Spring street, to the terminus of the ;
said avenue, to F. F. Patterson. Mr. j
Patttrsons' bid for grading the street .
was 02 H cents per cubic yard. An-i
other bid submitted by Manners &
Thornton was in the sum of C4 cents.
per cubic yard. .Mr. Patterson, to ;
whom was awarded the contract ex- nrmher of the stall they are to occu
pects to complete the work by No- j py. and each one will keep ns Ills por
vember 1. While j-e bid submitted , manent stall the number he draws,
by Mr. Patterson was considered a ! Persons who want 'o buy regular
trifle high by property owners cf- ; iy of any one farmer will thus be able
fected by the Improvement, they t(. locate him without going the en
thought It best to proOcd with the e length of the building,
work at once in order that it may be The interior of tho place haa been
completed beffre the fall rains begin. Q-vcr;d with hvy ilkling paper.
An ordinance autborzinig the Im- ihorouglily cleamO out and today pre-
provement or Glenn street was placed :
on its first and second readings. The
ordinance will oe up for third :
reading and final passage at the next
meeting or the council. '
Matthcws & Thornton, the contrac-
tors. wereOist night awarded the
si of $057.50. the balance alleged
lo be due thenOor the improvement
of Spring street.
Councilman FullertQ complained
that a certain sewer emptying into
the Umpqua river at the foot f
West Dougl-j street was In bad ct i
tlon and needed Immediate atu
tlon nt hands of the city. Arte
considering the complaint at sorit
9' jf
,! o.
i OrjOO O
r - - 1
I " o
ISui'pIb'd by N-w Prueofia KlrcT-i of li v ln.-k . howrd a bad leak whi' h
Corporation. N. Y. ) r j;rr;iii;tiuir tb watt-r lo ciH'-i' the
i 'itir.V.A at tlf e of Crc lnchr i
Sems Ifa yeatnrday that hf final I nrr. V;-.fii thn piolr.n- vu tnkPfi
work waaaiMi and that trr.iv.:rc nn twelve Tn-t in v.t r-'iarn
It will be finished. brr, lower lucks, Mlraflores.
This photograph kIhjws water -n- j t Bp(.mn but yesterday that run
terinic the Miraflores I.orks for 1 1 :;;'. w.?3 dl e;itinic whfther the can
first time after the blowing up or r) Wl.u!d i eontnieted bh what I?
the dyke which separated the canal ! known rb a "water level" canal or a
prism and the Pacific ocean. It was n "Jock and dam" canal, and now
not intended, however, to allow ihej tne r)Ve ,itirn shows the waters of
water In the locks so soon. After j the Pacific In the canal for the first
the water was let In the canal prism, j time.
the dyke bolwn up permitting the j The completion of this canal will
water to get Into the channel to oper-1 mark the triumph of engineering
atlng level, the stoney gate valve i skill over the clatrna that this canal
which was supposed to keep water out ! could never be ballt.
length the street improvement com
mittee was instructed to employ a
plumber and extend the said sewer
j several yards towards the center of
I the stream. In bringing about this
! imiil-riVAIlloKt rmmxilmiin PiillnHnn
said the difficulty would probably be
remedied and the complaining tax
payers would bo satisfied.
Councilman Strong called tho at
tention of the council to the deplor
able condition of -certain sidewalks
on South Main street and suggested
Unit Immediate action bo taken rela
tive to compelling certain property
owners to construct new walks. Af
ter a brief debate, the marshal was
iristrvcled to proceed and award the
contract for building all walks hereto
fore ordered by the council.
Kle,titeMi Stalls Are Provided mid
M ill lie Occupied for Vint
Time Next Saturday.
The Farmers' Public Market build
ing Is ready for occupancy. Tho old
blacksmith shop just south of the
McClallcn hotel annex on North
Main street has been leased and stalls
have been built in. Thero are 13
'O n n of a uniform size and each one
5 numbered. The members of the
nssrclatlon have drawn by lot the
scnts an attractive appearance. The
exterior will ' bo painted and the surrounding the place will be
cleaned up.
The new home of the public mur-
ket is well adapted to the purpose,
Prions will not have to walk farther
than before ,and during the rainy
Ecaton will have protection against
IVo weather.
Mrs. C. W. Williams has purchased
a 10 acre tract ot land, formerly a
part of t! e Park Ifjult Land. The deal
was consummated by .lames Chi lian
Alexander., president t the felling
93 I
O j , , , '
. S O , l 'i
X : t "
Mrs. James Staley Threatens
Sheriff Mesters.
Mrs. Staley Contends That Her Cluu-
actr Was IlcfaiiitMl lly I'tter
Written by a lxical
Deputy Sheriff.
Claiming that her character was
defamed by tho contents of a- certain
letter written by Deputy Sheriff Fred
Stewart, of this city, and received
by Sheriff Hank Mesters, cf Spring
field, 111., Mrs. James Staley, wife
of James Staley, who was arrested j
here several months ago and later
sentenced to a term of 20 years in
the Illinois penitentiary, has threat
ened to bring Bult for damages
against the latter ofriclal, according
to Information given a News repre
sentative during his recent visit at
tile Illinois city. 0
From Ktnteuients of Sheriff Mos
ters, of Springfield, he wroto Deputy
Sheriff Stewart, of this city, asking
for Information regarding Mrs. Stn
ley's reputation during her residence
In this locality. In reply Deputy
Sheriff Stewart gave the desired in-
Takes Slap at Judge Van
Fleets Rulings.
Contributing to IW'HiMpiciit y of Youii'j
C;ii Is IVtiiitble t'nder tho
Man Art Hulzrp le
fen so In IjOnIii.
(Special to The Evening News.)
WICHITA, Sept.. H3. United
Slates Judge Pollock today took is
sue with tho ruliQ of Judge Van
Fleet In the DigUB-Camlnottl caseH
lieu he handed down a ruling In
tho case of Lee Barker, chnrged with
violating the Mann white slavo act.
Jyge Pollock mild that the Mann
act wis not Intended to present tho
personal escapades of men and v.o-
men, but had reference only to Iran
porting girls from one state to an
other for commercial purposes.
Kub'N Ih'feiiHn Weakening.
ALBANY. N. Y,. Sejtt. 23. Ifcor
to the last )i ofOfeno by the im
peachniei.Q(-m"'t'H vote OaltiHt the
governor's contention (hat the
sembly acted unlawfully In siting
the )QeedIngH, 8ul's lawyers to
day callQ up tho (uestion of suf
ficiency of the charges anst their
rllent. ri-'Qey Herrick made the
argumenrfor the defense. Nellher he
nor his associate, be said, desired to
Bbleld the governor. OurQnvi)
inent, he argued, "1h one of laws
and rQ) of ni The a;?ernb!y nml
t!ic iiipa('hmeii( court ) hot )i
coverned by tlie laws of the tuale.
:nd I hone laws Hay that a piihlTc iQ
flei:il may be iini-euchod on ly f nr
'wilful and corrupt mint (induct of
office'. ' Kulzer'a atlornev took the
ground that bis client had in no wise
been guilty of such conduct.
1 11 ll If (pal ( nei vllip (pin-If I,
rOM'MIII'S, Hept. 2 3.--Another
victory for municipal ownership of
publie utilities was wuii today when
the Ohio supreme cour t dismissed the
ult flbd bv V. It. Dunn, represent
ing ffirporat Interests, restraining
tho city of Cleveland from lasulng
iionds in the sum of I,000,0'M1 for
etni;llslilng a municipal lighting sya-
A consignment of 00 mules, owned
by Wlllett & Burr, the contractors
employed In building tho Smith
Powers railroad in Coos county, ar
rived here thi morning. The ani
mals are being held here pending or
ders from their owners. It Is be
lieved that they will be shipped to
mints In California where the con
tractors have considerable work at
formation, and In one paragraph stat
ed that "Mrs. Stuley waB once found
In the rear room of a local barber
shop with a young sport." This let
tor was filed awny by Sheriff Mas
ters, of Springfield, for future refer
ence. Some Ume after the letter
was received by the Illinois ofriclal
a newspaper reporter was passing
through the correspondence dealing
with the Staley case, and unfortun
ately came across the lotter In ques
tion, lu a subsequent article tho re
porter quoted parta of Mr. Stewart's
letter, and In particular the state
ment pertaining to her presence In
the barber shop with a young sport.
Mrs. Stnley's brother took exception
to the article, and from what can bo
learned has threatened to file suit
against Sheriff Mesters. In fact, It
was lntlmnted that attorneys have al
ready been employed. and that tho
suit will be filed at Borne date In the
near future.
In the event the flu It
mnterlnlizcs. Sheriff Mestors says It
will be based on the grounds thai.
Mrs. Stnley's character has been de
famed. That she will aHk damages
in a substantial amount la the belief
of Springfield residents who appear
to ho close In touch with the con
templated proceedings. While Sheriff
Mesters says he had not Intended
that tho letter In question ahould be
made public, he flays ho earns little
fr any suit that. Mrs. Staley or her
brother may file. In fact, ho snya
he can summon wltnessoB from Rose
bui'g'who will testify aa to the truth
of Mr. Stewart's accusation and
thereby eliminate any possibility of
Mrs. Stnley collecting damages.
The Staley family are considerably
wrought up oVer the sentence impos
ed upon Jam on Staley, and In revenge
are attempting to holster up some
chnrge upon which thoy can get even
with Sheriff Mesters and other offic
ials who were Implicated, In effecting
Sialey'a capture.
In the event the suit mentioned
materializes, Deputy Sheriff Stewart
will probably he called hack to
Springfield to testify, and If possible,
substantiate the charge rnado In his
letter against Mrs. Staley.
Inasmuch as Mrs. F.tnlcy's trouble
lu this city waw a topic of general
gossip It Is not likely that Sheriff
MeslorR would encounter any difficul
ty In substantiating the contents of
Deputy Sheriff Stewart's letter. In
fact, there are a dozen persons In
Hoseburg who are qualified to testi
fy that Bhe was detected In n local
barber shop with tho young sport
mentioned in tho letter, and nt an
hour not far from midnight.
SALEM, Or., Sept. 22.- Gideon
Steiner, pioneer nnd formerly prom
inent buMlnessan of Halem, and
father of It, E. Leo Stolner, super
intendent of the Oregon state hospi
tal for the Insane, died this morn
ing nt his residence on Twelfth stro3t.
Three weeks ago he suffered a stroko
of paralysis, which, with compllca
tlos, resulted )hlu death. Me was
73 years old. He was ono of tho
most widely known men In thla city,
having come hc-e In 1885. Ho took
a prominent part In business and
other affairs.
Besides his son, Dr Sfolnor, ho
leaves two daiightersOlis Milton L.
Myers and Mrs. W. A. Denton, both
of Salem.
Knneral services will bn held to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at. (ho
residence, after which the body will
be taken to Halem for cremation.
Mrs. Carrie Hayues, who bn: been
pending the past few mouths In tho
Knxt, Is expected homo some 1 1 mo
within the next two weeks,
William Dysnrt, a resident of Mel
rove, wan arrested lute last night by
Cofislabh Kdward Singleton on a
rhargu of iiiug profane and indecent
lanifuago In the prince of Mr, V.
Prenchern and Mrs. Kred Brothers.
When arraigned beforo Justice of
the Peace Marnier this morning Iy
sert entered a plea of not guilty.
Tho trial has been set for tomorrow
afternoon at two o'clock. According
(o the statements of the prosecuting
witnesses, Dysert addressed them In
Indecent terms. In the absence of
District Attorney George M, Brown,
who 4 at present In Coos county,
.h'dtlce Marsters will probably ap
point a special prosecutor to rep re- .
p"nt Iho state.
. i' ' I