The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, September 22, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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    . rzz :S -i E " ,,,,-., ii I:
I- VtsSt j-r K : ) ' . I
II I .v.-li-.-'v-.fc .yv-.So- ". i I II II I W i
This is a great sale to gst you acquainted with S. S H. green trading stamps, the little things that save every housewife dollars,
adds to the attractiveness of her home and enable her to save in the buying for the hoeuckL We recommend that you see the
premium parlor, investigate the articles that are given away and begin saving Green S camps. S. & H. Green Trading Stamps are
valuable, why?. Because you are able to furnish your home with comfort and luxury that you are net ablo to do, were you not
using and saving Green Trading Stamps. .It also means that we give these stamps in appreciation cf ycur valuable natronage, and
wishing to serve you by giving you an extra inducement to trade at this store. IT IS A MERCHANDISE DISCOUNT that we
give us your patronage. We get a cash discount for buying in cash quantities and we turn this profit over to you in premiums.
If you live in Oakland, Sutherlin, Wilbur,
Winchester, Drain, Yoncalla, Riddle, Myr
tle Creek, Dole, or Dillard, by getting a re
ceipt from your R. R. Agent and presenting
same to th8 clerk from whom you make your
purchase to the extent of S10.00 or more,
we will refund your R. R. fare.
Stylish Wool Dress Goods
Oregon Wool Dress Goods $1.50.
Unequaled for wear and pattern, a cloth that is 58 inches
wide, beautiful. Many shades to choose from ("1
Ultra Manish cloth, buy at special P-L3l
Many Novelties at 50c Yard.
Yard wide novelty woolen in Scotch Tweed effects, diag
onal cloths that give excellent wear for chil
dren's dresses, suits, etc. Special
3 Yard Exclusive Patterns $1.00 to $3.00 Yard.
Beautiful wool dress goods, patterns that give style and
distinction to the wearer will lie found here in CPQ Vf
wide assortment of patterns and colors $1. to J)0UU
44-inch Wool Dress Goods at 98c.
Plain wool serges in 44-inch goods, the quality is better
(han you sometimes buy for $1.50. Look to QQ
this store for serges. Spoeial JO-
Dainty wool eliallies, special '. . . .
Our Great Ready-to-wear Dept.
ft: ,J? V
til t
Millinery DeLux.
We are showing the greatest collection of the newest
and original designs of our Milliner, the style, the
chic, is novel, the colorings are all the "newest.
Make this department serve you. Our ( Q 1A
prices of trimmed hats 2.98 to DO.lJU
Coats of Style at $9.95 to $35.00.
Oh. my, but they are grand the style is supreme and
every one. You see you want the materials are the
newest and we guarantee that you will like them.
We take a pleasure in showing vou. OC ff
Special $9.95 to '. . . . PoO.UU
New Fur Sets $7.5ito $35.00.
Dainty stylish new fur sets in the leading furs, fox
coon. mink, martin, lynx, white Siberian wolf; "es,
you'll have to see them, you can tell dQr A A
more about this. Special ". . . .7.50 to OO.UU
House Dresses SSc to $2.00.
Good styles in women's House Dresses. Whv wor
ry, and take up your time to make them. We have
style, fit and comfort tosrsther. Prices CO A A
at special 9Sc to vZ Ulj
Dresses cf Wocl S6.95 to $16.50.
Grand they are. you'll think so when von see the
styles, the materials, each dress distinct in itself.
lou can be easily suited and fitted,
too. -races reasonable at b.9o to.
What voi Save-
Not Wliat SmaimI
m caiJ soend ail
you have beeki spendinrf-
y-i save mhny aoUc
more than yoti have teen
saving, if yoU Get
ureen Stampfc with all
you ouy.
You will find that every article is the best that money can buy and they arc better than you would expect. The following things
are given away: Rugs, Library Tables, Dining Tables, Electric and Gas Lamps! Chairs of all kinds, -Book Cases, Writing Desks,
Jardiners, Musical Instruments, Pictures, Cut Glass, China Wear, Sets of Dishes, Books, Bibles, Albums, Carpets, Bed Spreads,
Sheets, Pillows, Statues, Eric a Brae, Silverware, Silver Sets, Hallracks, Dressers, Chiffoners, Combination Book Case and Writ
ing Desk, Taberets, Umbrella Stands, Sewing Baskets, Stands, Shirt Waist Boxes. In fact you can get anything in the world you
want if you have the Stamps to get it with. Begin today and be a stamp saver. You will be surprised what economy you will
practice and not know how you did it. Stamps will do you no harm and make th e home expenses less.
Un-equaled Style and Quality
n -c , Everung Gowns $12.50 to $30.00.
Beautiful creation of clingiig materials, the things
that make evening dresses b ;autif ul. The style and
grace to our garments are f; r super- d0 A A A
ior to other lines. 'See them '12.50 to J)oU.UU
Rain Coats $4.9 i to $12.50.
We are showing all the lat st styles in Women's
ramy goods. You need the n in this country and
we have plenty woolen fabrik Look (fin rA
at them now. Special ... P.OU
iviessaune Pemm at $1.98.
Exquisite Messaliue PetticoJts iu all the new shades
American beauty, smoke, liupe, cerice, new green;
have fancy ruffles, heauti'ul styles. d1 AQ
You should see them. Speci d J) . ZO
Children's Coats atB1.50 to $10.00.
mi. . ii ,. .r, . . ..
j-iie grueiest collection ot elliltlron's Coats that vou
ever saw. The styles, the Inaterials are excellent,
,1 . (c I i i
emu e are oiiering greater values than ever
before and they are priced lolver than
usual at $1.50 to
Women's Kiaina at 98c.
Dainty Flannel Kimonas, asluseful an article that is
amongst a woman's waitJffiHr. i New lat-QO
terns to choose from, style neKv all sizes. Snec.tOC
Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries
Ribbon Taffeta or Satin 5c to 50c.
We carry all the staple shades of Satin and Taffeta Rib
bons. Pinks, blues, reds, white, black,
navy, brown
Largest stock of Velvet Ribbon in the city.
A big assortment of lace insertion, and some edge to
choose from. These values arc up to 40c a yard. "I
Special JLO'
Big Sale Embroideries, yd. 5c.
A big sale vl Kinbroidery edges and insertions, a hun
dred patterns to choose from. Regularly sold at 10c
and 12l-o. a vard. Duv all vou want now at .
: :
Hosiery That Wears
35c Women's Cashmere Hose 25c
Women's Biaek or Grey Cashmere Hose, fast
full weight, excellent value. Special
25c Women's Bursons 20c.
Women s Hurson Hose, seamless hose. A boon
to tender feet. Secure a hose that wears, fast d
35c Children's Wool 25c.
l ine quality wool Hose for children. All si.zes, fast
A lloM. that will uive satisfaction. At the SpecialQr'
35c Silk Lisle Special -25c. o
I '.lack, tans and white, all sizes, lleautiful silk lisle'
l ine value. I.nok to your 1 losier needs now. Special
Children's Hose Special 12c.
hxtra wctLtht cotton stockings for children. All
last black and a hose that wears. Special .
o vv omens jsuick iiose iuc.
A big value
All sizes.
in woineifs regular Yl'-.v. grade of Hose, fast
I'lieijualled for
1 for wear, per pair. jQ
35c Out Size Rib Top 25c.
Women's Diirson seamless foot. Out size, rib top.QP-
also white sole stockings can be had at Special OC
Regular and Out Size Lisle 50c.
Some have gold lops, lavender top and plain lisle ton.
extra fine grade silk lisle, all sizes, reuular onu
sizes. Special per pair
Infants Wool Hose, all sizes
mk.vs i)i;r:ss khoks, seior. t.f;o.
W"e Kuarante tiiar. Ihd Ilea's Dress
Shoes you buy here are untfj J f(
i-ilu;ili(Mi tor war untl s'ivlbt-vU
MKX'S WOItK SliOKM &1.15.
All our $1.00 .Men's Work Shoos,
nmtlo wiih huavv solea an aq n
stout latlior for wear... O.IO
;i..- mkx'S ii;i;ss shoks
Ti cl an til an odd lot of Men's Dress
Shoes, mostly larso sizesQ nn
Choose from taa at S:eoia J.OD
Kixi i: s:ioi:s, sim-xial isi.a.-..
The only Baby Shoe that will Rive
the little one comfort, ii!a 4 nn
sizes, 2 to 5. At Special I ,LtO
Sizes 5 to 8, sivclal SI. .10
We enn shoe to Im- to perfection.
C i
Heavy Cotton Rib at 50c.
Kxtra heavy cotton ribbed Men's
Undearwear. All sizes, the best
vhie that we have ever of- ra.
fered, garment OvC
$1.25 Men's Dress Shirts 95c. '
We sell the best dress shir?on the
market and the price is low. Plain
or plaited fronts at Spc-
50c Men's Work Shirts 39c.
Men's liiin blue Amoskef Ohaiu-
bry. The shirt of service and qual
ity. All sizes 141, to 17.
Special (g)
Dress Skirts $4.00 to $9.50.
Again we show here the newest that is to be found.
All the new effects that are found in higher priced
lines. You fine here drape, slit side, Gf f
front, etc. See them at Special $4.00 to J.OU
Hat Shapes $1.00 to $6.00.
Again you'll find here the most stylish hat shapes
that are shown. The color schemes are wonderful,
the styles are the newest. I want you cCf A A
to see them at Special JD.UU
Our G-rSat Ready to Wear Department unequalled
style, unequalled lowness of price.
Women's Suits Priced at $14.95.
Fancy Serge Suits, all sizes, the new fall styles, tail
ored Coats, Velvet Collar, new drape Skirts. An
exquisite garment for the low pried "I Fa
Color, navy blue. Special D JLfl:.0 '
Women's Suits at Special $19.50.
We are shewing an exceptional array of high grade
tailored and novelty styles, drape skirts, high waist
line; something that is unusual in regards to
value. Best wool materials at 50
Women's Suits at Special $24.50.
The most beautiful garment that we have shown fer
some hue. All the new tailored effects. Many
stylish drape skirts, the newest OA JA
shades and cloths DZ('t:.OU
Men's Wool Underwear gar. $1.00.
Men's fine white underwear, an
extra grade of voolen grment.
Weight just right fori j?j Art
this country .) ,4. pS.VU
Men's Hea'y Heeded at 50c.
Sanitary Fleeced Underwear, all
sizes, extra heavy cotton; gar
ments that give k tis- C A
Eoys' Overall: Special 50c.
All sizes in Boys' heavy den&i Ov
eralls,d.)lue, have) patched ry,
knee and Seat. Special .... (d'i
$1.00 Bib Overalls 85 c.
Men's striked bide, plan grey or
plaint due overalli. Made w ith bib,
7 pockets, overall that giv or
service. Special 00.
Linen Thread at
Pure Linen Tape at
Collar Button at
PilloAv Cordinat 3 yards for . . .
'I- Finishing liraid
Satin Sleeve Protectors
c Peai'l Muttons at
Minding h'ibhnn at
TV Finishing l&aid
Steel Knim'r'eedles
1 1 L-e Pearl Mu'ms at
Cotti'it Sta'.' iiiiling
Hat $ius , ;..
1'aiicy Meiie Muttons
TV Mending Tissue ..ft..
Clark's O. ;T. Cotton fi for
ilc ( 'oinmon l'ins
5c lns-l(H)o.ui0 ', ,
Si,. I 'in.. iy.,.l .(,,!
VTV liest Pins ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'''.""
So Stewart "s Safety ljjis, a" sizes
10c Cube Pins. eoloiQ
(c Small t ulies at
Vo-... i i ti . , '
h- i.iiiti iiMse .-Mippoi rers
5c Shot I .aces, black and tan
oOO yd. Mast ing (utton
Tie Snaps, black or white
8c IbMiksaed hives at
Tie ,M:t-ev Ho,,k and Eye at
'e Shne s at
Tie ( 'ollar Stays . . '.
I a runty: I 'alls at
liarniicr Cutton at
Luster Cotton at
.3 for 5c
.. . Olc
6 for 5r
. .5c
. .5c
. .8c
. .5c
. .8c
. .5c
. .2c
. ,5c
. ,5c
.5c and L?c
...3 for 5c
Mens' Furnishings
Knit Wrist Canvas Gloves 3 for 25c
Everyone knows what a knit wrist
glove sells for 10c, the world
over. Buy all vou want or.
p 3 for L OK.
25c Heavy Tvool Sox 19c.
Extra heavy Wool Sox&r Men,
brown an and grey.fade of good
strong wool yarn. Special
per icjir
12i2c ESkvy Cotton Sox 8c.
Think of it, an extra heavy Cotton
Sox, always sofa for 2 pah' for 25c.
Buy all you want at
SpeciaP ; . .0
VWM '.tv S uf
WOJ1K.VS DlilvSS KIIOKS ff.i-,0.
We offer unlimited styles of Women's
llress Shoes, all the i-oasim' ma
leathers and quality the hesiy.Jjy
We are showinK a lurite line of
Women's Dress Shots In Gun Metals
and Patents, sofiW; tizes ljmo pa
Vicl leathers. Snoclal 06.t)U
;kovkh siiouks rent tkmhor
ki;t $i.o.
Women's Grover Soft Sole Shoes;
they are the only shoe made that
Kives a woman comfort in foot wear.
Buttos and laee styles, lilucljt t in
and brown, Special 5)4:. UU
ItKI) CltO.S.S SIIOIiH $.1.00 and l.r0.
This famous easy sole and comfort
Shoe lit patents, kanfr. kid and gun
metals. A shoo that Is (f J pa
boon to tired feet. $.oo nii.JpCl.ull
l'o ll$)o a complete line of L'hiQircii's
Buy the Famous Munsing Wear, It Wears, Por Meft. Wofiomft. ajiirFor the Children
j 3 & & tgi
Women's Wool Vests and Pants.
Woe plaited wool Vests and Pants, natural an white.
sizes including out sizes, 7, 8, 9. A garment
that has comfort and wear. Special
Mes Muhsings $1.50.
at line garment for men s dressing. A heavy cotton gar
ment. All sizes, suitable for good wear.
Men's Munsings $2.50.
An extra fine wool Union Made, with closed crotch, just
right for comfort and good durable GK'car.
Women's Unions at $1.25.
White or Cream Fleeced Unions, all sizes to 6, also with
short sleeves. AVill give extra good wear.
Out sizes T, 8, 9, $1.35
Light Weight Women's 98c.
Light weight sleeveless, ankle and knee lengths. Many
women wear these the year around. Buv
here at special "
Fine Wool Unions $2.00.
lunsing Wool Unions arc exceptional in the above price,
The lit and wearing qualifies arc par excel
lence. Whte or natural only. Special
Munsing Vests and Pants 50c.
Bleached only, Munsing Vests and Pants, unequalled
lor wear an deomtort. Buy
)tch, just
nlso with
your winter
50c each ;j
Women's E&unsing Unions $2.00.
part wool garment, will give excellent ser
vice and wear. All sizes. Special at
Kin's Ui$?ns i$ $1.25.
Men's winter vight Munsing closed crotch.
-Good 'weight for fall, only
T?-. TTT 1 TT: r f-r
x nits wuut unions
W onu s fine wool unions in tUc munsing make, every
garment perfect. Once used, alwaysfjised. QO A
See them Z.DU
O Beter Vpol VesQand PaiQs $1.5.
There are iQue better made and none that will out wear
these garments, white color. We are pleas
ed to offer these at, per nnent
Children's Munsing Union Suits 50c.
O The.v arc fr I'ys and Girls in sizes 1, 2, 3. They r a
are tne best tor children. ill wear, at Qecial Jul
Sizes 4, 5 and 0, for children's ages 7 to 12 at special 65c
12 to 11 years at special 75c.
O Boys' and Girls' Merino Unions $1.25.
For all ages fr 3 years t.Pl-1 years. You will find these
Munsings the most useful VQt you can d or
buy. Special " pl.D
Best Grade at $1.50.
These are the bt that you cau buy. Unions j r r
of extra value and unusual year. Ages 3 to 9 p I OU
Dr. Denton's Sleeping Garments 50c to 75c.
We have this famous sleeping garment that protects the
i A t m i'iiif flirt n J rrlif T5iI j- no .-x i i.
4 Special DC
Hat Elastic at 5c and 2 for 5c
Men's Garters at special 25c
Hair Nets, all colors 5c
Steel Crochet Xecdles 2 for 5c
Childrens Shoulder Supporters black or
white O
Ladies' Shoulder Supporters . .
Hand Made Wash Page
Agate Buttons,! dozen for
AVire Hair Pins, paper
Wire Hair Pins, box
Knitting Cotton, black or white
Shields Omo Brand
Whisk Brooms
Back arid Side Combs .
All Kinds of Barrettes
Box of Bone Hair Pins at
, . iocto 5Q;
. 15c to 50c
Oval and Pound Embroidery 1 UhQ 10c
Hoc Hair Brushes 25c
Dressing Combs, all kinds 10c to 25c
All Kinds Fancy Bone Buttons, per
dozen 15c to 50c
Corset Shields at special 25c
Corset Stays, 5 or 6 hook 10c
Crochet Cotton, all sizes . . .' 5c
Arm Band, all colors 5c
Initials for ShSirts, while at ...... i ... .5c
?.5c Hair Polls, special 25c
French rool by the yard 25c
Shetland Floss 10c
Knitting Worsted pound 25 n
Zepher Knitting Yarn 10c
Curling Trons at 5c to 10c
Silk Soutache Braid. 12 yards 8c
This Coupon Good For Ten S.& II. Green
Trading Stamps FREE
If presented upon making a purcha se of 50c
or more, these stamps will be in addition to
your regular Stamps given with the purchase.
27 inch Messaline Silks at 79 cts
We carry every desirable shade vi Messaline in this width,
greens, ieds, browns, greys, pinks, blue, black, 7) .
cream, white. Used extensively. Special yt
Yard Wide Skinner's Silks $1.50.
Beautiful yard wide Skinner's Satin Drape De Fore, all
the novelty colors, brick, lavender, cerise, new rose, taupe,
purple, nay blue, in fact every shade that is d r A
wanted. Eemember, two season guarantee. y I
Brocade or Plain Charmeuse $1.50 and $2.00.
Plain colored Charmeuse in all the new shades. 40 inches
wide, the clinging beautifies drape cloth. -.t ca
Special y I ,o)
Brocade Charmeuse, the ultra novel ty of the season,
the shades and colorings very desirable. ito AA
Special ;
W e are showing Brocades messaline silk poplins, soft taf
fetas, checked Skinner's silk, living satins, Foulards and
Orcno De (
7fj V I V
j v 1 .1
New Fall Mdels at $1.00
Excellent styles for fall, made with
low busts, long skirt, some boneless
heavy supporters. Good quality nn
corset. Special J)I.Uv
New R. & G. Lace Front Corset $2 to $3
A new adventure in P. & (1. corsets that
will be welcomed. Styles that are
adapted to any figure and not the ex
pensive cost of lace front, tfo do a a
See Special ipZ-)).UU
New Self Reducing $3.50.
The only corset that gives satisfactoq
wear to a stout figure.. It will wear,
give CQinfort and reduce the flesh of
the wearer. See them at 0 r a
Special tjM.DU
Brassiere at Special
8c Calicoes at Special 5c.
American Calicoes in all new patterns, suitable for r
every day needs. Special at QC
8c Percales 28-in. Special 6c.
Percales in a wide range Qf patterns to choose from. A
cloth that will wear and wash well 28 inches r
wide. Special OC
10c Bleached Muslin 8c.
Yard wide Bleached Muslin. A grade usually sold for
.mc; utiy an you want at special per yd
30e Sheeting 2 yds. Wide 25c.
Bleached or brown Sheeting in regular 30c grade, f)r?
two and one-fourth yds. wide. Special per yd O C
20s Galeteas, Special 15c.
(i'alctca cloths that make excellent ck'thes for the, little
toiks, Huitalbo, too, tor the grown ups. New
15c Kimona Flannels 1214c.
Beautiful pattern to choose from. Flannels that make
dainty kimonas, honso grown. Buy now at
20c Curtain Scrims 15c
I'ancy Curtain Scrims,, new styles, suitable for any and
every house. The swellest patterns to choose! P
from, yard wide. Special JLJ3C
12Vc H ?avy Outing3 10c.
White or Fancy Outings, neat patterns, fully 100 pat
terns for you to choose from; also plain colors "1 f
Look to your flannel needs nw. Special J-UC
12 l-2c