The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, September 18, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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Editors and Publitdieru.
BiitiHcrlptiun Kate Dally.
per year, by mail $3.00
Per month, delivered SO
Per year $2.00
Six months 1.00
Entered as second-clans matter
November 6, 1910, ut Roseburg, Ore.,
under act of March 3, 1879.
TIIL'ltKllAV, KKPTK.MKKH 1H. 10l;(
That was a very successful and
well timed reception and banquet
that was tendered to Governor West
laHt night by the business men or
tbe city at the new Umprjus. It was
a real Informal, unconventional so
cial greeting and meeting of the men
of Hi fairs, with '.he Chief Executive
of the state.. There were no poll
ties, no fen co fixings, no button hol
ing, no whispered corner conferences
and no frills. Men who differed
frankly and forcibly with the guest
of honor on policies and theories and
act 'j, were as cordiul In their greet
iuH as those -who have suported
him In every manner. One of these.
arid he Is one of the most Influential
factors In the uf fairs of Importance,
ventured the remark, that while
there was iMJBsIbly not a single ques
tion on which he and the governor
agreed, still they were the best of
frienclK, and he was glad to be there,
and this was the spirit that animat
ed all.
Nearly one bundred guests were
In their places at the banquet that
followed the reception In the hotel
lobby, and which lasted up to the
last mlnuto allowed before time ror
departure of the officials for the
north, Judge Dexter Hice cted aH
t oust master In his usual felicitous
manner, and after cigars were light
ed called upon Circuit .Judge Hamil
ton for the first tall. His Honor
was more than gracious and Impres
sive In hlH remarks, nnd was given
the closest attention while he cover
ed a large Hold of local topics and
much good seed was sown on very
fertile soti, from which results and
benefits are sure to accrue. The
informal chat made by the governor
next, was given the heartiest appre
ciation and was more of the nature
uf a little friendly conversation with
old timo friends than a set speech,
Ilk that delivered at the fair
grounds In the afternoon; laughter
and aplii'ise greeted him continual
ly, stories of personal experience
with some of the others present,
roinomhornnces of campaign events
all told In on Inimitable way, went
far to show tho remarkable vote
getting capacities of the man.
Tho lant and longest speaker on
the list was Professor Kebec, of the
Hlate University, and ho Interested
this assembly of busy men In many
things that were new to them, while
he kept their attention during his
lengthy speech, with his remarkable
diction nnd superbly rounded sen
tences. Such occasflons as last night arc
of more benefit in bringing the vnr
lous sections of city and county to
gether, than many other means that
have been used, and while we cannot
always have n governor with us nt
these times, It Is not necessary, for
when the men of a community meet
In social Intercourse as this was, one
finds out things In his neighbor that
ho did not kno wwer there, kindlier
foidlnk's are promulgated over the
curling smoke nnd after the well
served viands. Let us have more of
them and seo what a harmonious
feeling will Iw started and kept alive.
The Christian Tennis Club will
give an auto tour around the world
September 23. Watch the store win
dows for display cards. Hemember
the date. 2 ;t p
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20 fet high and 26 feet deep This
gives to Koseburg a Htage that Is
as largo as Is needed to show the
best plays that travel, it gives the
actors plenty of stage room to ren
der an artihic Interpretation of their
parts and does away with the cramp
ed appearances pj familiar on small
er stages. The dressing rooms are
situated under the club rooms of the
Klks temple. They are six in num
ber and are fitted with lavaicrlea
and wash stands. Cement floors
cover these rooms and they aro sani
tary and well ventilated.
The orchestra pit Is adapted to ac
commodate -six pieces. Jt Is low
enough so that those in the orches
tra will not interfere with the view
of any of the audience, The Rose
burg orchestra will be employed to
give the musical program at all the
road shows. When the house Is used
for pictures only a pianist and a
trap drummer will be employed. The
music at alt times will be under
the personal direction of Mr. and
Mrs. G. O. Gryee, of Portland, both
of whom are musicians of note in tho
metropolis. ,
Moving pictures are good only
when the machine that throws them
on the screen good. The best film
ever made becomes blurry and un
sightly through a pour machine.
Manager Uloom provided against this
when he purchased the Motiograph
machine for use In the Antlers. The
Motiograph lb the first picture ma
chine that was a success and It has
continued to maintain Its lead, it
bh rows (i orllllane ;im f Uc.kerless
picture osi tho Bcreen, one that will
not the eye while looking at it.
It Is provided with a patented double
cono Beml-lnterrupter shutter which
reduces1 the period of non-ex osu re
by about 25 per cent and Increases
and Intensifies the picture when
thrown on the screen. In addition
to this machine Mr. Uloom has still
another one for use In case of emer
gency. He has purchased a rfpot
light projector of the latest pattern
and a dissolving slide machine for
use In special scene slides.
At all times lexcept when road
Bhows are booked there wilt be one
mntlnee eAery afternoon and 'two
shows In tho evening. The matinee
will begin at 2:30 every afternoon
and the evening shows will be at
7::t0 and 8:45. The doors nre open
1 5 minutes before the show starts,
''or both road shows and picture
shows uniformed ushers will seat
tho patrons: of tho house, Bert
Hates and Herbert Qulne are the
courteous young men who have
been employed for this purpose.
The following road shows have al-'
ready been booked. Other contracts
aro arriving every day. Manager
Uloom will try to have nt least one
good road show a week during the
Officer Ctiii, Grand opening attrac
tion Oct. 4
The Uiro Oct. 22
Tho Prince of Tonight ....Nov. 13
Within the Uiw Dec. 2
McKadden's Flats Iec. 20
George Kidney Jan. 30
Tho Wolf Feb. G
The other nights of the season
when road shows are1 not billed the
Antlers will be conducted along the
same line as the Hellig at Portland.
Four clean. wholesome motion
plays and retrcshf ug music will bo
tbe regular program. The upstair
seats will be omn only on Saturday
and Sunday nights. Only when road j
attractions are hilled will the seats i
be reserved. On all other occasions
patrons will be permitted their choice
of the seats that are not alread or- i
cupied. i
Tho theatre will he cool and pleas- '
ant In th csummer time and comfort, j
ably warm In tho winter. Manager
Uloom says that the Algiers will
not. be the coolest place on earth be-
he doesn't want bis patrons to
i i'Phh like lqulmo, but promises
thiH on the hot; sirlt.rv lnys his!
pa'rons will find a delightful day to
spend an hour or two in a place that
will make them comfortable.
The exiert eloctrician 'that has
been employed by Mr. Bloom comes
from Portland. Mr. George B. Evans
has had several years years exper
ience In the Portland theatres and,
will look aKer the Mights during
rORd show engagements and on other
occasions will operate the Motio
graph machine In the fire proor
booth In the gfUlery.
it would not be proper to conclude
this description of the Antlers with
out saying a word about Manager
Bloom, He Is a hard man to inter
view. Ho Is modest to an extreme
and while he answered all questions
about the new play houne and was
courteous in taking a News repre
sentative over the plans, still he does
not feel like saying praisewrothy
things about the play -house. He
wants the public to make these ex
pressions. Mr. Bloom has resided
In Portland fjr the past 15 years.
He Is man lea and has a charming
wife and a little girl just four years
old. Mrs. .Bloom and their little
daughter will arrive in Hoseburg
within the next few weeks and take
up their permanent residence here.
For the paMt ten years Mr. Bloom
has "beea visiting Hoseburg and
every time he caime here he was look
ing for the proper opening. He liked
the. city and he wanted to make it
his home. After ten years of travel
he found the owning he had been
looking for and he snapped It up.
He wants to give the people of Hose
burg the best there is In the motion
picture world as well as the very
highest class of road shows that can
be obtained. 'I want the people of
Hoseburg to feel that the Antlers is
their theatre. They are the ones to
be pleased and I want them to feel
free to offer suggstions looking to
the betterment of the theatre both
from the viewpoint of the shows and
pictures and the convenience of the
patrons," was the way Mr. Bloom ex
pressed himself.
It 1b probable that an informal
opening will be given on the nigfit
xtf September the 30th. If so, pic
tureswill be shown and Mr. Bloom
will ask the people of Hoseburg to
view the ihouse before the grand
opening. In this way the people will
have an opportunity of seeing the
new theatre at a moderate price be
fore Officer 666 arrives.
FOR. SALE 85 or 140 acres of good
bottom land, two creeks running
through the place. J. M. Thomp
son, Camas Valley, Or, ,G92-oll
TO TRADE For horse buggy and;
harness preferably, a high power-1
ed motorcycle, just out of shop'
and like new; two speeds and'
clutch; magneto. One of the class-
lest machines in county. Inquire;
of News. 1908-tf
FOR 8 ALE Draft colts, good ones; I
two yearlings and two 2-year-olds.
Driving team, matched bays. 5 '
years old; work horse, mare, price!
?50, Bull, Red Polled, registered,
two years old. Sheep, seventy-five ;
yews; sheep pure bred Polled De-i
lane bucks; ranch, 160 acres fori
sale or rent, terms. Isadore M. j
Irvln. Ten Mile, Oregon. Phone!
18F34. 1007-O1'
For Your Past Patronage
And in order to demonstrate in a more practical manner than in mere
words, also to indtice you to continue your esteemed favors, we have ar
ranged to give some one of our customers a present consisting of
we now have on exhibition. The value of this instrument is $400, and it
is guaranteed b? the maker for a period of ten years. We cordially invite
you to call at our store, inspect and try this beautiful instrument. You
have as good a chance of obtaining this valuable gift as anyone. Come to
our store and let us explain our method of
Giving Away this Piano
Also we desire to c'all your attention to the many splendid values which we
are nov offering in every department.
P. S. To help you on this we will give FIVE votes in place of one on all
granite ware sold duiing the week ending September 24.
SAMOLINE No acid or grit or poison in it, and naught to scratch or
corrode, and nothing therein to injure the skin, nor any benzine to explode.
Churchill Hardware Co
A Well Directed Blow At
High Cost of Living
September 15th to September 20th
We will put on sale a shipment of Lord Rahi
niore Linen pound paper' with Envelopes to
match at a price we will not duplicate again.
With our regular patrons this stationery needs
no intioduction. With those w ho are" not ac
quainted with its general excellence we state
that tins is a superior quality of white fabric
finished writing paper packed Sixteen Ounces
of Paper to the package ami regularly offered
at thirty-live cents the package. The Envel
opes retail twenty-live cents for fifty. Hegin
ing September 15th, we offer one pound of the
paper and fifty envelopes to match, 60 cents
regular value
Special for this week 39 cts.
..We (live (ireen Trading .Stamps...
New York Store
New Silk Petticoats, New Rain Coats, New Shoes for Infants and
Children New Womens Underwear. Agents for Famous
Red Cross Shoes and Munsing Underwear
New Munsing Unions Spec. $11.25
New Union Suits for Men and Women in
the famous Munsing brand all "1 Of
sizes at special low price suit J)l.uJ
Womens Dress Shoes for $3.50
New stylish boots for women, gun metals
patents, kid lace or buttou also rtQ f
velvet suedes at special price of !.). HI J
New Wool Goods yard wide 49c
A big new selection of Wool Dress Goods
These are exceptional values all A Q
staple colors and shades per yard TriC
New Silk Petticoats Spec. $1.98
New-Just arrived all the colors and shades
Ibat are in demand. See them atCI1 no
the store that serves you best atJl.yO
N.VrMA V M I.I.KHTON. ivoii.
lYrkt.n ItiiihlliiK
Lord Ashbourne's Will Disin.
herits Eldest Son.
I 'ml nt Never rorwave Son For Ae
erpthtg HonmnNm Italian
lUmUtj Cunfos Mimler
To Sin SitsHvt.
UVNDON. Sept. ' S.- The relig
ious and politic:.) convictions of l.t r,
Ashhoui pp. It neennio known today.
h:ivi cost him Just half a million dol
Urs. When his father' will w ;m niw1
hated It ns found that prnctirnlly
I he rut Ire e-tnte hail btvn loft to
tho youtiRor son, Ashbourne siicoeei
um only to the title, a fe family
holrlooma nnd $4000. The Into Lord
Ashbourne was an ardent Unionist
loader, and ho never forgave his old
er son for being converted to Roman
Catholicism and the Nationalist par
ty. The young lord h so enthusias
tic for the cause that most of tho
time ho wears Irish dress and talks
Itnmlttn Write of Murtler.
ItOMK. Sept. 1 S. Declaring that
they desired to prevent the arrest of
innocent people, two well-known So
cialist bandits named Handeitzo and
Callo. have written to the litornale
cli Sieilln confe-fring that they are the
murderers of . avalier Serge, es
tate agent to Prince Trnhia. who
was found dead on n lonely road noarj
Ciiltinisetta. Sicily recently. Sorffe, j
who w as known to have been in pos-j
session of n laree sum of money,
which he had collected for rentals.;
bad Wen robbed. The murderers In 1
their letter added a warning to cer-'
tain landowners in Sicily not to warn
the police when "unfortunate male-I a tninn,u .
factors" ask for small pecuniary aid. was Ise ed T " ,l Cn
B.ndo and Gallo today are still Kr Fl Zl Zil r MM-
at .arge although several souad5 of I spec i e ."wo Id 17
government troop, have scoured of thi ?.J "edltjo any one
their mnial haunts woureaj of r he fa mona sugar producing
t at"iog or the South
-. .....
That Son of Yours
His Education Guaranteed
at a Small Cost
Hon,. Off,c, Corben Building, Fifth d ,.torrtao Street., Portland
1!' w 'mrg, Or.vm.