The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, September 17, 1913, Page 2, Image 2

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D. Murray lft last night for Myr
tle Creek where hiB family is camp
lug. What's mure valuatie than money '
Maynard's lots at tbe present prices.
Phone F2. tf
Veva Uufck left laet nteht for C'or-
valliK where she will attend school'
for the winter. j
Just a lemmaer we can supply
your grocery wan (8. The M?e HIvh,
of course. tf
Mrs. F I). Marsh, of Taconii. ar
rived In this city laHt dIkIh for a;
visit with friends. I
A sure I!y killer for cows, horses ,
and other livestock for $1 a .gallon j
at the Hee Hive, of course. tf j
Ielia Gardner, who has been visit
ing Hazel Fancher left this morn
lag for her home at Ilaker City. '
M. L. Hurt left todav for Port
land where he will spend several
daya attending to business 'mutters.
A. II. Rnsay and Ernest Watkins
left tliiH morning for KiiKr.e where
tlicy wM! attend school at the LT. of
O. for tr.e winter. '
W. A. Wlilheaven left last nlgbt
for Med ford where he will spend a
week or ten days looking arter
busliiOHH Interests. j
IJuy lloseburg bread. Every time
you pay cents for a loaf of breud '
not made in Roseburg you wnd 4
-cenU of the 5 cents out of your,
town. U ;
K, J. Fisher and wife and J. H. j
Orytie and wife, left last night for;
Kdenbower where they camped outj
for the night. j
Josen O ruble, wife and son left
today for their home at Portland.
Mr. Gr'ablo has been employed by j
Arthur and son In this city for tho
past year. j
ur. j .u. ixy , uiuwmi mi-
physician, la now located In the new
building of the First TthbI & Savings
Bank at the corner of Oak and Jack
son street. Phones: 'Office 108, res
idence 149-J. tf
About twenty of the young people i
from the Christian church went lust
night on a buy rack ride lo the
forks of the river. They left the
city about eight o'clock and arrived
at their destination after a drive of
about an hour and a half. A large
fire was noun kindled on the sandy
bank of the stream and in a short
tlmo the "hot dogs" were sizzling
and "barking" over the blaze. The
girls had prepared a delicious feed,
consisting of sandwiches, welnem.
watermelons, coffee- and many other
things dear to the picnickers' hearts.
After An hour -or so around the fire
the party returned, a tired, but still
happy and noisy crowd.
Save money now Dy buying your
clothes, bats and shoeB at t'imon
Caroa, tf
Mrs. J. J. Sllntz Inft this morning
for Albany where she will visit for
several days.
Pure Jersey cream rrom trie Cal
kins ranch, fre&h every day. Tbe
Bee Hive. if
M. Vs. .Vorrfs and son, of iJlllard,
are in this city this afternoon look
ing after business affairs.
A. Henry, of Pasely, Ore., arrived
in this city Tuesday for visit with
bis parents.
Mrs. L. II. Il.ovn, who has been
vlKiiing with relatives In this city
left today for her home at Portland.
W. P. Kolton left last night for
(tln(1a)M tv .( r he win spend several
das attending to business matters.
M". A. McDnnah! left today for
.YfHic.ilIe where he will spend a few
days looking after business matters.
C. P. Barnard left this morning
for Eugene where he will spend a
few days attending to business mat
ters. G. W. Clinton and son left today
for Portland where they will visit
with friends and relatives for a week
or ten days.
Mrs. M. M. Meacham left this af
ternoon for her home at Sutherlln
after a day spent visiting In this
W. X. Haven and H. M. Gold left
this afternoon for Sutherlln where
they will spend a few days looking
after business matters,
II. N. McConnell left last night
for Kiddle where he will spend a
few days attending to business
Clean Comfortable
Furnished Booms
Gentlemen Only.
126 North Kane s20p
F. a. Wutklns left this afternoon
for Sutherlln where he will spend a
few day. attending to business mat
ters. F. H. Montgomery, of Switzerland,
who is making a tour of the United
States, and who has been visiting In
Boseburg, bus continued his journey
to Portland.
Don't scrub your linoleum. Use
Perfection Dressing, It restores the
colors. Use Cedarlne sweeping com
pound It collects the dust. For sale
by B. W. Strong, RoeHhurg, Ore
gon 1574-oct5-p
Miss Maude Klncade. who has been
visiting at the home of H. G. Wilson,
left today for Eugene where she will
attend school at the Oregon Uni
versity. Douglas County Creamery butter
Is the best on the market. Insist on
your grocer supplying you with this
homo product, which Is alwnye strict
ly fresh nnd guaranteed. Tvc pound
roll, 85 cents. tf
... JJLJ ...
'I he News Ollice can use a con
siderable quantity of wood this
winter. There ore a number of
subscribers living in the country
surrounding Roseburg who have
wood for the market. We will
accept wood in payment of sub
script ions and will credit the full
mat ket price of the wood on ar
rearages, renewals ami new sub
scriptions. Where the amount
due us is less than the cost of the
wood we will pay the (inference
in .ash. Bring in the wood be
to re the rains come. We want
the wood. You, who owe us for
subscriptions, need the credit.
Uct busy and let us have WOOD.
he News
Mrs. G. E. Aldrlch, who has been!
visiting In this city left today for
her home at Wilbur.
F. H. Aubun left this afternoon
for Portland where be will spend a
few days attending to business mat
ters. Irene, Elvaine and Rose1 Mundt.
of Ijooking Glass, Loft , to day foj
Portland where they will visit with
friends and relatives for a few days.
If you want a swell, up-to-date
tailor-made suit, place your order
with G. W. Sloper, of the Hosehurg
Cleaning & l'i'CSNing Works, who
hundles the world wide A. B. Rose
samples, from $15.00 up. A per
fect fit guaranteed. Freeh dry clean
ing a specialty. Suits pressed while
you wait; Hats cleaned and blocked.
308 Jackson street. Phone 47. 06
That a Ger.eial Election will be held
In the City of Roseburg, Oregon, on
Monday, October 6th, 1913, between
the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 0
o'clock P. M. of said day (provided
that the judges shall have the power
to adjourn for one hour at noon)
at which said election the following
officers will be elected, to-wit:
One Mayor to serve for two years.
One City Recorder to serve for
two years.
One Treasurer to serve for two
One Councilman from each of the
four wards of the City," each to serve
for two years.
One Councilman froui Word No. 1
to serve for one year.
Saj? election will be held at the
following named polling places, and
conducted by the, following named
Judges and Clerks, or their duly se
lected substitutes, to-wit:
First Word Polling Place, Court
House; Judges, Wm. Carstens, F.
W. Dillard, T. A. Raffety; Clerks.
Belle Good, Emma P. Cardwell.
Second . Ward Polling Place.
Umpqua hotel; Judges, A. A. Bel
lows, M. Jeanie Bulck. W. E. Mars
tera; Clerks, F. P. Brown, Mabel
Van Buren.
Third Ward Polling Place, Rose
burg hotel, Judges, J. P. McKay,
Rita K. Cobb, A. 8. Buell; Clerks, j
Edna Wharton Emma J. Chambers.
Fourth Ward Polling Place, City i
Hall; Judges, Ida C. Giles, W. B.j
Hammitte, G. V. WlmberJy; Clerks.1
Addle Josephson, Mayme C. Hicks. I
Notice is further given that at said!
election Ordinance No.- 515, entitled j
"An Ordinance licensing, taxing, and;
regulating businesses, occupations,
professions, callings, trades and em
ployments within the corporate lim
its of the City of Roseburg, Oregon,
and regulating the manner of issuing
licenses, and providing a punishment
for the violation of any provision of
this ordinance, and repealing Ordin
ance No. 313, passed by the Common
Council on the 13th day of June,
1910, and all ordinances amendatory
thereto or in conflict herewith, and
declaring an emergency," passed by
the Common Council and approved
by the Mayor of the City of Rose
burg on the 23rd day of December.
1912. upon which the referendum
has been Invoked, will be submitted
lo the vote of the qualified electors
of said City for their approval or re
jection. The lorm in which said
referendum will bo submitted on the
official ballot Is as follows, to-wit:
"Proposed by Referendum, Ordin
ance No. 515, to license, tax and
requisite certain occupations, etc.,
providing a penalty, repealing Ordin
ance Number 313, and declaring an
300 Yes.
301 No.
Recorder , of the City of Roseburg,
Oregon. s23
.. I. O. K Roseurrg L,oege, :u
326, holds regjlar communica
tlonR at their teoiple on second
and fourth Thursdays of eacl
month. All members requester
to attend regularly and all viniiim
brothers are cnrdlall' Invite
attend. A. C. Secly, E. R.; H. S.
Slocum, Bee.
burg Lodge No. 1037. Meets Id
Eagles' hall on Jacksan street,
second and fourth Tuesday even
ings at 8:00 o'clock. Visiting
brothers invited to attend. George
Neuner, Jr., Dictator; H. O. Parge
ter. Sec.
, Circle, No. 49, meets on firBt and
third Monday evenings of each
month In the I. O. O. F. hall. Vis
iting members in good c'anding
are Invited 13 attend. Mrs. Minnie
Matthews, G. N.; Clara Cawlfleld.
I. O. O. V. Phlletarlan Lodge, No.
8, meets In Odd Fellows Temple
corner of Jackson and Casa Btreets
on Saturday evening of euch week
MemberB of the order in good
standing are Invited to attend. F.
E. Erlckson, N. 0.; M. M. Miller,
F. S.; M. L. Whitney, R. S.
ple No. 4, meets every Wednesday
evening In I. O. 0. F. Temple.
Visiting members always welcome.
Mary E. Houck, M. E. C; Anna
W. Wimberly M. of R and C.
O. K S Roseburg Chapter, No. 8
holds ther regular meeting on the
first and third Thursday), In each
month. Visiting members in good
stnndlng are respectfully Invited
to attend. Mrs. Norah Flint, W
M.: Free Johnson, secretary.
Camp, No. 125, inlets at the Odd
I Keilows' Hail In ftoseourg, 3ver
first nnd third Monday evenings
Visiting neighbors always wel
come. J. A. Buchanan, C. C; M
M. Miller, clerk.
! I. O. O. F Rising Star Lodge No.
174. meets In Odd Fellows Temple I
j every Friday evening. Visiting '
brethren always welcome. R. C I
Agee N. G.; W. S. Powell, j
1 It M Fickle. V f.. I
I !
j mill III.KMOOK IK !M1CA i
j YKOMK.N- Mt. Nebo Lodge No i
i 1828, meets every second I
rourlh Weilm'srlBv of wieh montl !
! at tt """l'r' hall. Visiting broth i
ers and sisters welcome. Richard I
I Stubbs. F. M.: S. E. Krobn. Cor. j
j I. o. o. K. I'nion Encampment No. !
I 9, meets In Odd Fellows' Temple;
I every Thursday evening. Visiting
brethren always welcome. .1. U.
j Stephenson, C, P.: O. L. Juhnson,
R. S.; James Ewart, F. S.
h. O. T. !.-Roseburg Hive, No. 61,
! holds regular reviews on secern :
and fourth Thursday evenings Iti ;
I Vaecabee hall. S'sters of othet ',
j hives visiting In the city arf !
foniinlly Invited to attend our re-
I views. Mrs. Harry Pearce, lad
com.; Jessie Rapn. R. K. j
; Xv A. V. a A. M. Laurel '
1 ' V l.mlge. No. 13. holdi i
-V , resu'.r meeting on th. '
second atid fourth Wed
i v- in .;.i of ..Rch mc-ntb :
T.ojourners Invited to attend. J. W ;
droves. W. M.; W. F. Harris. Sec.
KA0l.ES. Knsebuig Aerte meets It
their hall on .Tarkson street, in
and 4th Mon.Iav evenings of eact :
month, at S o'clock Visiting breth '
in In cnod st;t!nting always ei -come.
C. P Lewis. W P : h '
Oi'odtptn, V. Pec Phone 1S3
Thousands of visitors will be in Sau Francisco
at the time of the Fair. Hotel . accomodations
will be at a premium at that time. We have
perfected a plan so there will be no inconven
ience to you. We provide transportation, ho
tel accomodations and every conceivable corn
fort etc We look after every thing and make
it very easy for vou to acquire all v.he privi
leges of our contract by paying a small
amount monthly. See
A. T. SCHUBERT, Agent,
Grand Hotel, - Roseburg, Oregon
You Dont' Have to
For Cement Culverts, Cement Sewer Pipe, sizes 8
to 36 inches. Cement building foundation and
chimney blocHs. Cement sidewalKs and Cement
worK of any hind.
I have five or six house! I will sell cheap, as I want to use the
money In other business. See my burglar proof window lock, ItB
O. K. See Pat's Elastic roof paint for leaky roofs, "'e build, move
or repair your houses. Business buildings a specialty. Over forty
years experience In building.
Panitorium Dye Works
AU work fully guaranteed. Goods called for and delivered. Prac
tical dyeing and cleaning of all kinds of Lwlies' and Genu' Cloth
ing, Cravenettes and Portlers.
uo N. Kit uui:KK O.IK.
Phono 245
Commercial Abstract Co
Abstracts of Title Filing Papers Prepared
Insurance, Et:.
Bonds ot all Kinds Furnished
Money to Loan on Improved Farm Property
Perkins Uuilding KOSEI1UKG, OREGON
To'.buy groceries if
store or call us Up
Try it once and be
TJlLNorih Side Grocery
Go to Sea to See
Telephone 21)8
Roseburg, Ore
All work first-class
you come to our
over the phone.
807 N. Jackson Streei