The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, December 23, 1912, Page 10, Image 10

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F. B, Warner spent yesterday at
Hullieiiln and other northern cities
with (rlcndis.
John Kcrnan, a local school suiier-1 !
visor, spent yesterday at Oakland;
visiting with frlenda.
See Children's Rockers, Mothers Stools, and Brothers Magazine Racks.
Alvtn Tipton, who la attending
college at McMinnvflle, returned here
Saturday nlglit to spond the holidays.
Mildred Pool, of Junctlou City,
arrived in Uoelnirjj at evening to
sjend Chrlatimia visiting with rela
tives. (
Mr. Leach, a cleric In the local
Southern Pacific freight offlcea,
spent yesterday at Drain visiting
with frfendn.
Ilert Sperry and wife, of Portland,
arrived In Hotel) tug lant evening to
Apcnd the holidays viRlting with Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Kaulkner.
C. II. N. flronvold, of the McClul
len hotel, returned here last evening
after a few days Hpent at Portland
ind other northern cities.
nichatd Hall leaves for Seattle to-
night where he will spend Chri-UinaH
with friends. Mr. Hall owns a beau-,
t If ill ranch at Glenhrook.
Den Hiintlngtnn, of Drain, is out
after the position of reading clerk
of the EOtmte during the coming Bes
r.ion of the leglHlnturo.
Mrs. K. M. Houcrg and little son
1' ft for Albany this morning where
they will spend Christmas visiting
at tho homo of the former's pureits.
Judge J. W. Ilnmllton returned
hero yesterday after a day spent at
Kugeno whero ho attended a meet
ing of the Iluurd of Itegents of the
State University.
Mrs. 10. II . lhifram Irt for Albany
fhis morning where she will spend
ChrlHtnifiH vl.'iltlng with her parents.
Mr. Ilufl'Htn will probably follow to
morrow evening.
Hank Jones, of Myrtlo Creek, lert
here today for Red iodge, Montana,
where he expert to locale perman
ently. Mrs. Jones preceded her hus-
bnnd to the Montana city bouio Uine
Zophor Agc.e, of Portland, arrived
In HoMeburg yoHterday to remuln un
til after ClirltMiins. Mr. Ageo is n
traveling Btilosmnn and found It con
venient to ho arrange lih trip that
ho might spend the holidays In this
section where ho has many relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Unitzenhlser,
of Cleveland, Ohio, aud Mrs, W. II.,
Delmnn, or Los Angeles, havo arrlv-,
od hero to spend Christmas at tbe
home of Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Skin
ner, at Vlnstons. Mrs. Lautzenhiscr
and Mrs. Del man are sisters of Mrs.
H. A. Llndgren, of Melrose, spenl
Sunday in Itoseburg visiting with
What could make a nicer Xmae
present than a piece of genuine
"Heraldic Bronze," hand painted
China, pottery, or hand embrofderled
linens. Graves keeps them ail. tl
Lincoln Wright, who was quite
badly burned about the arms and
nock Saturday while In the act of
making a gas connection at the home
of Mr. Harvey, of the Harvey-East-
man Grocery Company, Is said to be
Honiewhat improved today. Tho pa
tient's injuries were dressed by Dr.
According to press dispatches In
yesterday's issue of the Portland
Oregonlan H. T. McClnllen, of Rose
burg, is a candidate for nsaistant
clerk of the house of representa
tives during the coming session. Mr.
McClnllen Is a clerk of no Httld abil
ity uud should have the hearty sup
port of tho Douglas county repre
sentation in the legislature.
Kiro Commissioner J. W. Perkins,
assisted by members of the local fire
department, yesterday flushed every
hydrant In the city, as well as mak
ing a number of repairs to the pres
ent fire fighting equipment. While
at Portland Mr. Perkins says he will
inspect considerable fire fighting ap
paratus and will attempt to secure,
prices on a combination automobile'
firo truck.
Tho taking of testimony In the case
of tho First National Bnnk vs. Ku-
gine Hnuan was concluded in the cir
cuit court late Saturday afternoon
after a two day's session. Tho bank
brought suit to recover approximate
ly Jtl.OOO, alleged to he due on prom
issory notes. This amount Mr. Han-
an claimed he deposited In the bank
hut failed to receive proper credit.
Quito n number of witnesses were ex
amined, and considerable time was
consumed in tho examination of the
hooks of the bank which were In
troduced in evidence. Judge Harris
has taken the caso under advise
merit and It Is not likely that a de
cision will be forthcoming for sovernl
tit griiT -nn ntemt
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Mrs. Easton left for Portland this
afternoon where Bhe will spend
Christmas with her son.
Jack Wilson went to Riddle this
morning to spend a day looking af
ter business matters.
William Buxton, of Brockway,
spent the day in town looking after
business Interests.
Winnie Gaddlo, the plumber, leaves
for Portland tills evening where he
will spend Christmas.
1. L. Lee, the Looking Glass
fanirer, spent the day in Itoseburg
attending to business matters.
W. E. Talcott and wife went to
Yoncalla this morning where they
will spend Christmas with relatives.
Dr. A. F. Setlicr has returned from
Portlund where he spent the past
few days looking utter professional
James Becklcy, of Oakland, re
turned home last evening after a few
days spent in Itoseburg with relatives.
J. M. Trefron und wife left for
Grants Pass tills morning whore
they will spend Christmas with relatives.
Mr. Browne, tho Camas Valley
merchant, returned home today af
ter looking after business matters in
Host. burg.
Attorney C. S. Jackson left for
L'unyonville yesterday morning where
ho will spend a few days with his
Judge Lawrence Harris returned
to his homo at Eugene yesterday af
ter holding a special term of court
In this city. ,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Doollttle, of , Cot
tnpo Grove, arrived in Itoseburg this
morning to spend the holidays visit
ing at tho home of their daughter,
Mrs. E. W. Hedgpeth, at Dlxonville.
Flora and Maud Stubbs, daughters
of Itichard Stubbs, the merchant, loft
for Grants Pass this morning whore
tchy will spend Christmas with their
grandmother, Mrs. S. T. Hammond.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Walsh, the
former traveling salesman for the
Blake McFall paper company, left
for Portland this morning where
they will spend Christmas with the
latter's parents.
Acting upon the advice of Deputy
Game and Fish Warden Morgan,
Justice of the Peace Marsters today
dismissed the case of the State vs.
Arthur Woodin, accused of violating
tho fish laws.
Miss Hazel Jewett, of Corvallls,
has returned here to spend Christ
mas at the homo of her parents, j
Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Jewett, on South '
Main street, i
Mrs. J. M. Overton, wife of a local '
Southern Pacific brakeinan, arrlvod'
here last evening from Portland and
left this morning for Glendale where i
she will spend Christmas with rela-1
A very protty wedding occurred atj
tho homo of Mrs. I). Bell, on South !
Mnln street last ovenlng, when W. R
Klnsel, of Sutherlln, and Miss Eva
Howard, of Wilbur, were united In i
marriage. The wedding ceremony
was performed by Itev. J. N. McCon-j
nail, pastor of the local Christian
church and was witnessed by mem-,
bers of the Immediate family and a
few intimate friends of the con-,
tracting parties. Among the out-of-town
guests who attended the wed-1
ding were Hnjol Jewett. of Corvallls, '
Hose Pairott. of .Monmouth; Mrs. L
N. Koonpy, of Eugene, and Mrs. B.
Cusey and daughter, Helen, of Dallas. :
Mr. Klnsel Is well known at Suther-i
I In when be Is engaged In building
and contracting. His estimable bride
Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J
Howard, of Wilbur, and Is one of
Uouglus county's fairest daughters. '
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ihe happy couple returned to Wil
bur tooay whore they intend to make
their future home.
D. H. Hollowell and wife, of Olalla,
are registered at the Grand hotel In
this city.
Mr. McBroom, editor of one of the
Chehalls, Wash., newspapers, arriv
ed here last night and left for Eu
gene this afternoon. Mr. McBroom
formerly lived in Roseburg and was'
at one time connected with the Rose-''
burg Review. He expects to spend
Christmas at Eugene visiting with'
his wife's sister, Mrs. Charles Fish-'
er. I
bonie unknown person, unques
tionably without brains or principle,
late Saturday night or early Sunday
morning, partially painted the brick
pier, situated at the northeast cor
ner of the new hotel structure, with
a coat of water-proof paint, resemb
ling tar. As a result Contractor Ar
thur, who has charge of the build
ing, will probably have to spend no
less than $100 In replacing the de
faced bricks. It was first thought
that the substance could be washed I
from the brick, but this was disprov
en when an attempt was made to
do so this morning. The citizens of .
Roseburg are Indignant over the af
fair, and It Is believed that a sub
stantial reward will be offered for
the apprehension and conviction of
the guilty party. At any rate, a man -who
will do an act of this kind
should be sent to the penitentiary for
a term of years and thus protect so
ciety, and most especially people (ho
are attempting to upbuild the tqn.
George Hoover, who haB been
spending the past few days in Rose-
burg leaves for Portland tonight
where he will spend Christmas with
his family. it' iT?!
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