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Entered as second-class matter
November 6, 1910, at RoHeburg, Ore.,
under act nf March 3. 1879.
mx Aix ok jl ik;i;s.
Judge William L. Dickson, of the
Common Pleas Court at Cincinnati,
Ohio recently delivered an address
on tile Hiibject of the recall ot Judges.
Ho gives some clear and forceful rea
sons against It. We deem his ad
dress worthy of republication. It
Ib as follows:
In this country the foundation of
law Is a constitution national or
state. The constitution is the will
of the people the will of the ma
jority expressed In their sober mo
menta, carefully and with intent to
protect all the people, Including the
minority. If the will of the majority,
too often considered the will of the
people, were always to obtain there
would be no need of a constitution.
It Ib this will of tho majority, the
constitution protecting tho minority,
which gives us the only form of gov
ernment of nil tho people, for all of
the people and by all of the people.
This form of government in tho only
real liberty and union, one and in
separable. A union implies, means,
restraint, mutual concessions, by all,
for all. These mutual concessions,
restraints, under a constitution, mean
the law, and without which there can
"be no liberty. The will of an unre
strained majority Is tho rule of a
mob, Ib a constant revolution, un
certainty, national and state indiges
tion, business depression and ulti
mate ruin.
We are nil in favor of tho rule of
the people. But what kind of rule;
and by how tunny people? Certainly
some fixed rule, and certainly a rule
3iy all tho people. Any fixed rule of
living Is a law. The fixed rule then
Is tho taw. By nil the people means
tho majority and the minority. That
Ib, tho majority restrained by u rule
-tho law. Hence It Is easily seen
that a government of, by and for the
people, liberty and union, can begin
iiid continue only under tho law.
The law must be supreme or all is
A judge Is required to take an oath
of office. In this oath he sweara to
support the constitution and the laws
hanging upon It. This oath Is re
quired by tho peoplo. The source and
limit of his powers are the law j
made by the people. He swears to
obey the law as It Is, not as It should
h lie tan.Tot go outside of or faster
than the law. His duty Is to keep
r breast of the law, not nbreust of the
lines. AH that cu.n rightly be re
ctii;vd of the Judge is reasonable con
duct in his office, jtameiy, such con
duct as an ordinarily reasonable man
would do under the same circum
stances, namely, common honesty and
a common knowledge of the law.
Tho judge Interprets the law. His'
position Is and must be Biipreme In
a land of law,, liberty, and union.
Cnfortunuteluy the judge Is human.
Hence ho must err or he would be
devlne. The public must expect from
hfm, therefore, only human, common
honesty, common Intelligence and a
common knowledge of the law. The
law Is a science, a common knowledge
of which requires somo Intelligence
and some study. This study is want
ing In the. majority of the people and
in the majority of the press. The
science of the Jaw, like the science
of medicine, chemistry, engineering,
astronomy, etc., can not be known
by the masses. There Is a royal road
to the knowledge of any science. A
scientific man is made, not horn.
Should this unrestrained, untutor
ed (in the law) majority of the peo
ple und of the press attack the judge?
Criticize? Yes! Hut let It be just
criticism und that, too, based upon
some knowledge, l.vt It not be for
gotten that an attack upon a Judge
is easy and always hits ready, eager,
receptive and sympathetic audience.
When a Judge decides an Issue one
side must lose. Fifty per cent of the
litigants damn the judge, twenty-five
per cent of the litigants, when they
consider tho cost, pay the fiddler,
Join the fifty per cent, and the othe
twenty-five per cent of the litigant"
always claim the case was won bv
them on Its merits and forget the
judge and dispute the lawyer's bill.
Tho Indiscriminate attacking of the
Judge by the press and the people Is
one of the fads of today. Hence we
see the horribl assassinations In Vir
ginia a complete recall not only
of the Judge, but of the entire ma
chinery of Justice. Effective at least.
One of the attributes of the judge;
Is honesty. An ordinary judge of
common honesty ought to respect his
oath rather, must respect his oath
or ho a perjurer. This oath demands
obedience to tho law made by the
people, tho unrestrained majority.
the law that Is, as it is, not ns It
should be, or as desired. Tho Judge
administers justice according to law
fixed known luw whether the
siune bo right or wrong. If the law
be wrong, the restrained majority in
Its Rober moment must chango it,
not the Judge. A judge who obeys
l w unv rldled d wire of mi uner
stralned demagoguo majority violates
his oath, commits perjury and should
be Impeached and Imprisoned. Shall
a, judge who refuses to obey this un
bridled desire of the cultltude refus
es to be a perjurer be subject to re
call? Do the people of this country
want as judge a man who respects
his oath of office, or a coward the
mere puppet of a mob and the yellow
Harvey-Eastman Grocery Company
Harness & Johnson
Corner Lane and Sheridan Sts
We will conduct the business along the
same lines as it has been conducted by
our predecessors.
Old customers are invited to continue
their patronage at this store.
New customers are asked to give us a
We will carry nothing but dependable
merchandise, our prices will be right
and we will not substitute, but if its in
town we will get it for you.
Come in and get acquainted.
"Everything for the Table"
Willliim Kmery, of Colea Valley,
aiient the day in Hoseburg attending
to uttBlnesH matters.
Clayton Xegley and wife returned
here Jaat evening after several dayB
spent at Oukland.
Attorney Kenuen Jlarstora spent
the afternoon at Sntherlln looking
after professional matters.
Mrs. Charles White, of Myrtle
Creek, arrived here this afternoon
to spend a couple of days with
A. C HlHlop, of Eugene, owner
of the shoe store situated In the
Perkins building on Cass street,
spent Thanksgiving In Hoseburg vis
iting with friends.
Charles Wonacott, wife and baby.
of Portland, who have been spend
ing the past few days in Ro&ehurg
visiting with the former's parents,
leave for their homes tomorrow. Kn
route home they will spend a day in
Kugene visiting with friends.
The members of the Grants Pass
basketball team arrived In Hoseburg
this morning preparatory to meeting
the Hoseburg high school team in u
game at Sykes' rink tonight. The
teams are said to be quite evenly
matched, and a close and exciting
game is promised those who attend.
Following the destructive con
flagration which gutted the Metho
dist church this morning, Manager
Ollphunt, of the Palace theatre, call
ed up Pastor Maclean and offered the
use of his theatre for the Sunday
morning services or the church until
tho congregation could make other
arrangements. The Methodist poo
pie greatly appreciate the spirit
which prompted tho courtesy.
Charles 11. Poole, n school teacher
with headquarters at Glemlulo. and I
Miss Nellie Stuart, a recent arrival
In Hoseburg, were quietly married at
the parsonage of tho church
on South Main street, Inst evening.
The wedding ceremony was perform
ed by Hev. W. H. Eaton and mi?
witnessed by ti few Intimate friend
of the contracting parties. Mr. and
Mi. Poole left for (Herniate this
morning where they Intend to make
their future home.
Hev. Arthur Thomas, pastor of
the M. E. Church, South, and fam
ily, were Kreuny surprised i:isi even-
j lug when a number of tho members
( and friends of the church stormed
tho .parsonagci. The ?vcti.ig was
I spent In pleasant social intercourse
' and In singing a number of the old
I time songs. When the crowd dls-
persed, the dining room table was
found to bo loaded with all manner
of good things to eat. This token of
esteem was greatly appreciated by
the pastor.
Willi mii" iihi'
Come in and look us over. Anything from
clerks to goods with a Green Tag on is
marked at a big reduction to you.- We want,
money and you want the goods. You know
that when we offer a bargain it is a bargain
Now as an instance we offer you Alumi
num Ware on which we are overstocked at
an average of one-quarter less than the
price fixed by the manufacturers. They
may refuse us more goods because of cut
in price but what we have is ours and we
propose to realize from it. Nickle Plated
Tea and Coffee Pots and Tea Kettles at a
nice discount. Domestic Vacum carpet
sweepers at $10.00 restricted price is $19.00
We loose money and you get one of the
, best and most useful cleaners made. We
must close them out before Xmas. A big
cut on chafing dishes, alcohol Electric Per
culators. A few Electric Laundry Irons at
$2.00 to $3.00 less than regula? price. A few
A few pieces of Libby cut glass, copper egg
sets, electroliers. How aoout a Fireless
cooker. One, two or three holes, if you
are intvrested look for the Green Tag., Oh
well, we don't think of all the things that
will be tagged but come in often as there
will be something every now and then that
will surprise you.
"Don't Forget The Green Tag".
KitKixs m iuuv;,
Publicity Manager George Sehlos
ser, of the Roseburg Commercial
Club, late yesterday received a letter
from nn Kastern gentleman to tho
effect that he had made a careful
Investigation of Roseburg and vicin
ity and had decided to Invest a sum
not to exceed $250,000 in a manu
facturing plant for Roseburg. This
amount, tho gentleman says, may be
increased materially in the event hi?
associates are satisfied with the prop-i
osition. Mr. Schlossor refuses to di
vulge the Identity of the writer of!
the letter at this time. The gentle
man further writes that he found j
unaititidiHc l.ii-iHMiu iisiu prevalent
In Roseburg on his recent visit here,
and that several- local "knockers"
were always alert to prevent mater
ialization of any enterprise that
would prove a boon to the city und
Its inhabitants. In this regard. tb
Umbrellas Repaired
At N. E. Corner Rose & Casa Sts.
Shoe Shining Parlor
Kentleman says the people of Rose
buri! should forget their petty differ
ences and worn Harmoniously in up
building the town.
Poultry Exhibitors!
Get Your Birds Ready for the Show
December 9 to 14, 1912
KMKMHKIt entiles for tho poultry Show positively close at
S p. m. 1ct 7th, HU2, and i;o entries will be received for
-competition after that date. Hlrds must be In the show room
by 6 p. in. on ive. l. Inhibitors can s'iul birds any time 3 or 4 days
nheud If they and birds will be received and enn-d Tor. En
trtea must bo on blanks furnished by Secretary. Single birds 25c;
pens $1.00 In addition to single entry. All birds must be leg hand
ed and entered singly, except ornamentals, which, are 20c per pair.
Judges G. G. Wherry and T. A, Raffety
Premium list now ready. Call on or address
Secretary E. E. Wimberly, Roseburg, Oregon
A wedding In which a former
I uoseniirg j on up lauy was one oi me
principals occurred In Portland yes-
terday, when Miss Klhet Shape was I
(united marriage to Earl Jackson, the,
i latter of whom resides at Junction
; City. After a briof wedding trip:
', the couple will return to Junction !
j City where they expect to make their
future home. Mrs. Jackson resided
j in Roseburg for several ears prior;
i to her removal to Portland and has
ja host of friends in this vicinity,
who wish her a long and prosperous
wedded life. Mr. Jackson Is not -known
In this city. Among those
, who attended the wedding from Hose
burg were Albert Abraham and fain-'
I n'.
Aftr brief consideration of the ev-,
tdence adduced during the progress
of the hearing, County Judge Ci. W. 1
i Wonacott late Wednesday even Ins
dismissed the petition filed by Or- j
vflle Thrush, who nked that he be
appointed guaidian over his aged;
father. Abraham Thrush. In arriving'
at a conclusion. JuiIko Wonacott held
that the elder Thrush was competent
to transact his personal affairs, ami
had not reached that stagy of help-
( lessiu'ss (hat he needed a guardian.
Attorney Khmer Hermann represent
ed the elder Thrush, while Attorney
Huctuinan A- Porter appeared on be-
half of the petitioner. The evidence
adduced at the boring Vtt sonit-'
! what conflicting, and indicated that
the petition was filed following n
family dispute, and not for the reas-!
on that the petitioner was sincere Inj
iTctccitttg hs father.
Green Valley Orchard Tracts
In 5 and 10 Acre Subdivisions
ten minutes walk of the S. P. depot al Green, Oregon, and only a
thirty five minute drive from Roseburg. The tract is nearly all level
land and beautifully situated. The soil is fertile and rich and full
of productive elements. Roberts Creek runs through the subdivision
JThese tracts are on the rural mail route. There is a general store
and public warehouse, a freight and express office -at .Green. A
number of dwellings are now under course of construction. Green
is a live and up-to-date community in every respect. These
tracts have been on the market tor only a short
tjjPersons desiring small tracts for fruit, vegetables or poultry should
see these at once. Low prices, easy terms. You buv direct fmmnwnw
R. F. D.
Phone 2F13