The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 21, 1912, Page 2, Image 2

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Because our stock is complete in all lines. Our prices are a winning
feature every time. If you are going out for a day or week,
let us fit you out for tbe trip.
To besold for second hand prices. One machine fully equipped with
tandem, headlight, generator, magneto switch, horn, and 3-inch
auto tire. A goo'", chance to get a good machine cheap.
Douglas County Light & Water Co.
WHILE you live in our neigh hnrhooil we hope to keep
you on our curitomur list. To do this we Intend to
dive yon the bent of service, the beat of drugs end
the heat BfttlsfHction that Rood intention!, gooil goods and
proper price can give.
If there In any point In which we fall abort of our in
tentions, we ahnll he pleaded to know it. If it can be rem
edied, it shall be ; it not, it will not harm either of ua to
talk it over.
We are In your community to anil aooda, and we can
not do that unleHS our trade ia natietied : 'our trade' means
you and a few others.
When wo recommend DIKE'S remedies we are offer
ing to you the best that can be obtained, and for theae
remedies we have the exclusive sale In this neighborhood.
Each DIKE preparation that wo pell should MnvIniA
you that we ntaan to eive you excellent aooda. They are
ninde of the heat IniiredientB, by skilled pharmacists, in
well equipped Inbonttorios, anil each remedy is recom
mended by thousands who have lined them.
Sole Agents For DIKE'S Household Remedies.
Krohn'sDrug tore
Maccabce Temple"
Cass Street
We Guarantee
your shirts, collnrs an 1
ruffs to ho perfectly luun-(U-rod.
when Rent to our
l:nndry. Wo want moro
work and are Running for
yours. Wo give the best
finish to your linen, nro
quirk In deliveries ami
riiure only fair prices. A
trial order will ho appreciated.
Why Fuss and Fume With Any other
Than the Electric Light.
No wick to trim.
No chimneys to clean.
No tank to fill with oil.
No mantels to break.
No pipes to leak.
Electricity Is the Best, Cheapest,
Cleanest and Safest Way to
Light Your House
A Little Beauty Talk.
I leu due lie ia often the result of in
digestion. No woman, however perfect
of feature, can be truly beautiful when
a racking pain draws her face full
of flue linen ami dulls the expression
of the eyes. The next time you are
sufTeriiiK with headache try drinking
a half glatis of cold water into which
.have been put the juice of half a
lemon and n half teaspoouful of soda.
The drink Ik not unpleuhuut, and In
many It brings almost Immediate
A woman w1khu hair in always soft
and k! i telling h:i disclosed the secret
of her attractive cuiiTure. She buys
u p-ckaso of aLsurbeut cottou from
the druggist Xext she strips n layer
fm in it and places the layer over the
bristles of a wire hair brush, pushing
it well down until tbe bristles pene
trate the cotton, which should lie close
to the back of the brush. Then she
strokes the hair, beginning near the
scalp and giving a vigorous stroke to
the ends. A few of these firm strokes
will reveal how large n quantity of
dust and smoke can be taken up by
the cotton, the result being the same
as the cold cream bath to the face at
the end of the day.
Just as cold cream leaves the face
bright and fresh, the cotton brushing
leaves the hair with a brilliant sheen
and n natural fluffitiess.
The cotton stroke should be admin
istered every night Just before retiring,
nn open window being the Ideal place
for the beautifying process.
Kvery woman has known the misery
of needing n shnnipoo nfter n Journey
and not being able to have It at once
because of lack of facilities. The hot
and cold water may be handy, but not
the shampoo medium. So prepare this
before you leave home and carry It
along In a tightly stoppered bottle n
three ounce vial will do.
Itoll enstile soap shaved to a powder,
about two heaping tcaspoonfuls In a
little water, putting In about two salt
spoonfuls of washing soda. When get
ting ready to wash the hair, massage a
wee bit of cold cream into the scalp,
then slightly wet the hair nnd work
In the scalp Jelly or liquid Into the
seal p. of course.
Hlnse as usual, trying to keep the
successive waters at nil even tempera
tu re. It Is the sudden change from
hot to cold water that makes the hair
harsh, as It Is so often found to be after
the most careful shampoo.
The reason given by beauty people
for iKiiling the soap used In shampoos
is that this preparation makes It still
more bland. If the hard enke Is rubbed
directly upon the hnir It Is bound to be
harsh and less bright than If the head
Is washed by a regularly prepared soup
as directed.
Toothbrush Wisdom.
Tooth powders containing charcoal
have the effect of Khitentng the teeth
aa well aa purifying the breath. An ex
cellent Idea is to rub a little dry char
coal powder into the crevices between
the teeth upon retiring nt night, then
brush It nwuy In the morning. Char
coal absorbs all Impurities, either solid
or gaseous, leaving the teeth white nnd
glistening and the gums clean and rosy.
Any stray particles of charcoal that
might be carried into the stomach
would act ns tin nid to digestion rnther
than ns n detriment. Bicarbonate of
toda (common baking sodat has much
the snme effect, being n beuetit both to
the teeth and to tbe stomach.
A Toilet Water.
A good toilet water mny be made In
the following way: Take six ounces of
deodorized alcohol ami two ounces of
powdered Florentine orris root. Tut
the powder In a china basin and pour
the liquid on gradually until the whole
Is well inixeo". Then add six j Irons of
essential oil of-violets, and pour the J
whole into u bottlo and cork It.
This should be kept three weeks.
When It is wanted, a little of the frn
grant water should lie poured Into the
It's Good For Insomnia.
An entire milk diet Is an excellent
thing for the woman who Is troubled
Willi Insomnia. It Is also good for the
I one who Is so nervous that when she
does go to wleep she has the sensation
1 of fallliiL and wakes with a terrilli-
start. When these condi:lous exist U
j Is well to subsist on nillk alone f.i
some time. A grown woman should
' take a pint of milk ns a meal, but to
I keep her strength she should take four
I meals a day Instead of the usual three
" While the fall set strawberry beo
may be all right for sections where the
winters are mild and there Is abundant
moisture, the better time for ull of thut
section east of the Iloekiea Is next
April, about the time you will be plum
ing your early potatoes.
They tell of "rare days la June," and
it Is so, but those are likewise rare
days iu October and November when
It is warm enough so that a fellow isn't
running u heavy tire, yet cool enough
so that he Is not under the necessity of
paying toll to the ice man.
' A clean, well drained barnyard is es
sential from the standpoint of produc
ing clean milk, not taking Into consid
eration the comfort and satisfaction of
milking in such yard. The bam should
be located with tbe iriVn of obtaining a
slope uwity from the farm buildings.
It N wolf i v pui:i:ig a barrel o;
apples iiiM.:.' ie:inr for :he yi'i;ngste.
simply for . !: ipiiy iv oi.e i'tns the;,
will have in u'l,'.- j:iis of t :v pleasuu
taken in vul (';:. l.-:dentnli.i
these same :t"plc-i t: l:e';i .:i to the
tligesM(.j I ilis'j-v".!-; of a'.Ov (o'.l
If eaten Just before going to bed.
In protecting the rosebushes for the
winter :t very satisfactory plan is tu
cover lhm with an uid door or boards
which will shield the canes from the
thawing iiil1ucu"e of the winter sun
shine. If nu litter Is put around them
there Is far less likelihood that the
lul- e will tlr.d a harbor near thuin uuu
burk the stalks.
Feeders of beef cattle have come to
be pretty well agreed that better re
sults are secured If the grain ration 1
mlxcd with the roughage, this anr.nge
mcnt resulting In a more thorough mas
Mention as well as assimilation of tlu
rati ui. It seems to be in quite a meas
lire due to this fact that silage Is prov
lug m satisfactory a ration for fallen
lug steers.
The Interest on the amount Investc
In the materials necessary to build :
machine shed is In most cases a goo
deal less than the amount already 1h
up In machinery to be protected. Tl.
slipshod manner In which high prl
farm machinery Is exposed to the el;
un-nts constitutes one of the big yc
avoidable leaks lu American fun
A vaccine to check the ravages (
the horse plague Is being mnuufacturi
by tiie branch station of the Knnc
Agricultural college nt Iloxle ut Y
rate of 0.000 doses every day. T:
station will ship the remedy to nn
district which makes application fi.
it. The state veterinarian. lr. Schoe.
leber, reports that but nineteen horst
died out of 2.030 treated, two-fifths i
which were from herds lu which muu
animals had died.
Itoup in the poultry family Is wba.
bad colds are In the human species. Ir
the early stages of the disease a mix
tnre made of ten drops of curbolle acb'
and a tnhlespoonfu! of kerosene Is ex
.client, live drops of this being give:
twice a day. If the roup does not yleli
uunther medicine may be given uuuh
by adding rive drops of nconlte to i
pint of water. Besides this treatment
the affected fowls should be put Uj
themselves and kept dry and wnrm.
The frying pan may he a handy ltu
plement. but ton many families de
lnd upon It altogether too largely li
l he preparation of their bill of fniv
Vegetables boiled are always more di
gcsllble than these fried, while broPetT
meats are not only more wholesome
than those fried but more toothsome
as well. The frying pan Is a fVrtili
source of linll-restlon. bad temper anil
domestic Infelicity, ami yet n wholt
lot of folks don't seem to realize llu
I'ntess the supply of seed corn Is
husked and pretty well dried out bei'ori
the first hard freeze there will be flu
same stew and sweat next spring abou
seed corn that there was last sprliu
Owing to the constant effort of farine:';
living In the north part of the corn bei
to grow u hiruer type of corn than cai
well mrture iu their latitude a gooi
deal of com does not ripen iiatunil
and dry cures on the stalk, as it usee
to years ago. uud the result Is that It is
no longer safe to select seed ears ut
husking time.
BUY A FARM 800,000 Acres to Select
Prom. In Central Oregon
Your liiat chance to buy (luml Farm I.ami at Such Lew Prices
Cpmk In And
Lot us t.'ll you about theso farina
If you desire to trade your small acreage on a larger farm
Wo will figure, with yuuJJS
OfflCftln Mnrt-r' Amu . NVn - Urrnut Hot
J Jame J. Hill, the great railroad mng
; nate and empire builder, of St. Par
has In view a plau which If put in!
execution is sure to mean much to tb
1 farmers of Minnesota, the. Pakotas uu
i Montana. lie proposes to organize ;
: company for the loaning of money 1
j the farmers of the territory referrel t
I at n rate of from 4 to G cr cei:
: whereas they are at present paying
per cent or mure. Mr. Hill usual!
brln- t pas the plans he set h
mind mi. himI the outcome of this nee,
ed enterprise Will le watched with
gcod deal of Interest.
Practice Thi Stunt For Grace.
To eorrect the stooping that so often
comes with nee practice walking with
n toad on the head. When shoulder
Hades become too obtrusive stand with
the back nunlust the wall nnd stretch
out the arms with the backs of the
hands against the wall. Keep this po
sit km for a few minutes, then lower
the arms and repeat the movement
Cr of Fc Chamois.
When wattling your powder chamois
do not rinse out nil the soap or it will
dry hard and harsh. lse a good soft
aonp and do not wring It out In clear
water. This will bring forward the
natural oils In the leather, and it will
be soft nnd pliable as new.
1 i'i.t e in agriculture or hortlcultu:
: I too often attributed In too la::
j measure to the farm being In this .
I that favored section, when the tin'
about the matter probably is that so
' cess In ersp-s noted Is more depende
1 on the man- IiU Intelligence and per
I veratu e- than upon the favorable o.
j vlroiiment t Ih found In soil and el
mate. The main thing is to have fait
I nnd hang on and do the best posstb
under conditions that may le nfforde
i IVubtlcss many a man In the hope
! Improving his condition has moved t
what seemed to be a more fnvonibi
! section nnd left a proposition wlii
I would have given hiin a irood nieasut
of success and prosjerIty If be bad bu
stuck bv It.
II Four times as much in first cost
I and five times as much in after
III I cost you are asked to pay for
III ' cars no more comfortable, sure
I I or speedy than the Vanadium-
knllt Ford. A rath
tribute to falsi rid e isnt it?
These new prices, f. t. b. Detroit, with all equip
ment. An early order will mean an early de
livery. Get particulars from Ford Agent for
Douglas County. G. W. Burnett, Koseburg, Or.
Phone 246.
Ail work flrst-claMii
Commercial Abstract Cc
Abstracts of Title Filing Papers Prepared
Insurance, Etc.
Bonds of all Kinds Futnifhcd
Money to Loan on Improved Farm Property
Perking Building
WorK equally well on Level land and Hillsides.
They are light draft and easy to operate.
We also carry in stocK SulKy Plows, Gang' Plows 1
and WalKing" Plows with Stubble Bottoms, Sod
"Breaker" Bottoms and "Blacll SticBy" 1
Bottoms. All good grades. j
Keister Ladie's Tailor College I
Everything pertaining to dressmaking nnd tailoring taught, t.
Tuition $25 for full course. This course ofrers Instruction In
drafting of patterns, cutting and fitting of coats, cloaks, tailored
and fancy dresses. x
$15 course gives drafting of patterns without sewing.
J5 course gives 10 days sewing. f.
We Invite Investigation
Instructor Mgr. Assistant.
Rooms 4, 5 and 6 Bell Sisters Building
Plumbing, Sheet Metal WorK, Tinning
and Heating
North JacBson Street, adjoining Peoples Marble
WorKs. Telephone 251.
WorK Done on Short Notice ROSEBURG, ORE
George Kohlhagen, Prop.
Wholesale and Retail Butcher. The best the market
affords. All kinds of Stock bought and so'd.
Phone 53