The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 18, 1912, Page 5, Image 5

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' (By Madame Qutvilla.)
(Madame Quivilla will be glad to
answer auy and all questions pertain
ing to womanly beauty. A personal re
ply will be made provided, a self
addressed and stamped envelop Is
enclosed. Address Q., care News.) j
Earrings Age the Face. ;
The long earrings are especially
pretty wltb tbe cap like bats and thq
hair worn over the ears on a Gypay
fnce. They are also ipretty upon
5 eung women of vivoclons tempera
ment, but you must always remem
ber that earrings will age you- face
at least five years and in som) cutc-s
ten. Diamonds should never be
worn in the ears, a thuy detract
from the brll" v of the eyes.
One large ' Its translucent
splendor set of,. the pink flesh of
the ear, is ofttiiL tretty. However,
I sometimes feel as a friend of
mine does about rings if your ears
are pretty they do not need embel
lishment of earrings and if they are
ugly you do not want to call atten
tion to them.
Beauty experts in this country
as well as abroad are beginning to
realize that this organ needs their
attention just as much as the face.
They are learning that pink ear
lobes are of great assistance to the
woman who is striving to retain her
youthful appearance, that they bring
out the pink in the cheeks most
wonderfully, while the cold lifeless
ear reflects its ashy hue on the face.
The up-to-date beauty specialists are,
therefore, advising a gentle massag
ing of the ear, pinching the lobees
to make them plump and pink.
Many women too, who never rouge
their cheeks, Invariably ronge their
ears, as it-really works wonders in
their appearance. "
Then there are ears that protrude
which always cause much sorrow to
their owner. They should, of course,
have been treated in childhood, but
even In the mature woman will find
great help In tying them down with
a narrow ribbon at night just be
fore retiring. She should also mas
sage them gently every night with
cream or olive oil, keeping ev-
nilnd that whore they have
been neglected twenty, thirty or
more years It takes more than a few
i-days, weeks or months to restore the
elasticity of the skin, make it pliant,
and thus gradually lessen the prom
inence of these obstreperons organs.
The first wrinkle of age comes on
the side of the cheek, just In front
of the ear, and Its possessor is, as a
rule, the last person to notice It.
Just behind the ear there Is usually
a falling off of the roundness of the
neck, and the hair becomes thin,
leaving a bald look on the woman
over forty if she is not careful to
remedy these Important blemishes.
Massage will do more for these
growing Imperfections than almoBt
any other facial defect.
Some women also, from lack of
pare, have ugly black-heads in the
car. These, of course, can be easily
obliterated. The only thing is to
pay attention to this important
member. Sometimes one wonders
that nature is as beneficent as she
is to women for few of them repay
her with intelligent care of them
selves, although they waste the time
that should be given to physical
cleanliness and cultivation, bewail
ing the fact that they are not beau
1 ,r charming womankind,
. A .- 'AVhx&ttf:- HM;) Mli N8f ihf?WAA
Bert Hall, of Olengary, will leave
for Portland tonight where he will
attend the Northwest Laud Show.
rtussoU Carpenter has returned
fitom Salem,
past year.
wherti ,he .spent th
J. H. Oliver, of the firm of Hlmes
& Oliver leaves or Portland tonight
to nttend the Northwest Land Show..
Some unknown person or person
late Inst night scaled the iron grat
ing In ront or H. B. Matthews' cigar
store at the corner of Rose and Cass
HtreotB and appropriated 'conslldor
able tobacco as well as a number of
cigars and pipes.- Tbe theft was re
ported to the police but as yet no
clew has boon ascertained which wlU
load to the Identity of the guilty-parties.
oafld ci
el' In
,fie Brothers have closed out
til r drygoods business here and
sh pped the remander of their stock
Friday to their store In Washing
ton. There is a good opening here
for a general merchandise store,
there is but one in Siuherlin.
C. W. Hartley, who has been with
the Sutherlln Land Company for the
past two years in charge of the gar
age, left Friday for Los Lngeles
where he has accepted another po
The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. O
A. French on Tuesday afternoon.
goodly number was present, at th
and New Mexico. She will visit un
til the holidays, when she will ro
Uirn to Wheaton, 111., her home. .
Pnino facers wanted Monday morn
ing by Tillson & Co. Inc. -
J. Stevens and wife, of Tiller, are
sendlng a few days In Roseburg with
Sam Starmer returned here yes
terday morning after a day spent at
D. C. Pltzer spent Sunday at Myr
tle Creek and other Southern Doug
las county towns.
Eber Wright returned here this
morning after a couple of days spen!
at Eugene.
A." J. Bellows left for Portland
this afternoon where lie. goes to at
tend the Annual land show.
Mrs. Short, of Drew, arrived In
Roseburg lust evcuing to send a few
days visiting with friends.
See the new Italian Relief work
combined with punch work, on dis
play at Grave'B Art Emporium. tf
Miss Neta Hermann left for Med-J
ford yesterday where she will send
a week or ten days visiting with relv
For mill work nnd liigti qnnlity
luiuhci' of ull kinds, call on (bo J. O.
Flnok Lumber Company. Phono 100.
We deliver tlio goods" tf
James Christian Alexander return
ed here this morning after a few
days spent at Portland, Seattle and
other northern cities.
S. E. Hall left for Portland this
morning, where he will attend the an
nual land show. Enroute home, Mr.
Hall .will spend a few days at Sa
The trial of Bert Daley, recently
Indicted on a statutory charge, is
drawing to a close In the circuit
court this afternoon and should be
concluded early tomorrow. The prln
clple witness to testify today was
Bert Daley, the accused man. He
answered all questions freely, and
denied any knowledge of the crime
for which he is on trial. He de
,clarcd that he was In Miller's soft
drink emporium during the entire
afternoon of the day named In the
Indictment, and consequently could
have taken no part In the disgrace
ful affair as contended. In brief.
Daley claimed that he was the victim
of mistaken Identity and was being
From now on you can got
fresh dressed chickens at all
times at our market. We will
pay cash for all kinds of poul
try, dressed veal, dressed pork,
eggs and hides. We buy for
cash and sell for cash. Come
and see us before selling or
Jackson's Poultry and Produce
Market. Phone 310. 507 N.
Jackson Street.
afternoon the attorneys were making
their final arguments, after which
Judge Hamilton will deliver the us
ual instructions to the Jury.
Delos Matthews has accepted a
position at the Hislop shoe store, in
the Perkins building on Cass street.
Mrs. Frank Churclhll, wife of a
locul hardware dealer underwent an
operation at Mercy hospital this
morning. The operation was suc
cessful and the patient is resting
easy this afternoon.
John Alexander, the Glide mer
chant, expects to leave for his home
tomorrow, after several days spent
in Roseburg. One of Mr. Alexander's
horses contracted pueumonLa follow
Ing Its arrival In Roseburg la3t Fri
day, and for a time it was thought
the animal would die.
A specal train of seven coaches
transporting an opera company en
route from San Francisco to Port
land passed through Roseburg at 11
o'clock this morning. The train Ih
operated under a schedule faster
than that of tho "Shasta Limited"
and the train should arrive at Port-
laud not later than five o'clock this
Collides With Street Car-
Two Fatally Hurt.
refused by the distinguished Ameri
can, who asserted ho desired to land
with the other posscngers and In tho
same way. Mr. Wilson was given an
ovation when he arrived here.
LAW80N To Mr. and Mrs. C. D
Law son, of Looking Glass, In Rose
burg, on Sunday, November 17, $
In tho County Court of the State
of Oregon for Douglas county.
In the matter of thd Estate ot
Carl Ratsch, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the
undersigned Is the duly appointed.
qualified and acting Administrator
of the Kstate of Carl Ratsch, do
ceased, and all persons having
claims ngainst the said Estate are
required to present tho same duly
verified, within six months from dut
of first publication of this notice, to
tho Bald Administrator.
Hated at Roseburg, Oregon, this
18th day of November, 1912.
Da to of first publication, 1 8th day
of November, 1912.
Administrator of tho Estnte ot Carl
Ratsch, deconsed. dlS Court 8u,stJiins Fedora
Court Hilling President-Kli'ft
Ktiiys Willi Common Herd
Declines Invitation.
(Special to The Evening News.)
MARYSV1LLE. Cal., Nov. IS. A
freight train ran into a street car
as the latter was crossing the rail
way tracks here today and while the
car was full of passengers, perhaps
only two of the fifteen passengers
were fatally hurt. The car was
knocked off the track and foil thirty
feet Into a ravine, William Carpenter
and Lewia Stono are expected to die.
Hntli Tub Trust Hit.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 In a de
cree bunded down today the supremo
court upheld (lie decision of the fed
eral court of Maryland which Issued
nn order dissolving tbe Standard
Sanitary Manufacturing Co., and nl
iled concerns forming tho "hath tub
The declfiion is considered tho most
important since tbe Standard Oil Co.
decision. The court held that the
trust had no right to declare a mon
opoly on a patented appliance.
Xo Itelfrr Tlmn Other.
HAMILTON, Hermunda, Nov. 18.
The passenger steamer having
among her passenger list President
elect Wilson and wife, docked here
this nfternoon. The mayor of Ham
ilton went out to meet Wilson In a
private yacht, offering to take him
off the steamer, but his proffer was
Exclusive Patterns
Ladies and Men's Suitings
... - M.--:-ttt . jar.-". J-t ?.
. ". '-St
Ackley, Practical Tailor,
111 Case St.
Word was received here today to
tho effect that JudRe Harris, of Eu-i
gene, will arrive here late In the i
week to nreslde over -several cases
In which Judge Hamilton is disquali
fied to sit as trial Judge. Included
in these cases Ib the quo-warrnntn
proceeding recently filed against
the Roseburg Brewing & Ice Com
pany with a view of annulling Its
charter. Inasmuch as this action in
volves a question of law, ft will be
tried before Judge Harris and not be
fore a Jury.
Dr. E. M. Stewart received a tele-
phono message from Olalla late last
evening to the errect that Mrs. J. 1
Callaway arrived there yesterday af
ternoon In fairly good condition, if
is probablo that the remnlnder of
the trip to Koseburg will be made to-
conclusion of the meeting refresh- tlon of his contention, Daley Intro-
tried for o crime that was committed j day. Although suffering consider-
by another person. In substantla-
ments were served. Rev. S. C. C.
Hickman was a visitor.
Colby Adams and family are com
fortably settled In their new quar
ters on the Donkel ranch, which Mr.
Adams bought some time ago. Mr.
Adams has been a resident in Suth
erlln Valley for nearly eighteen
i years. He sold his place here to'
t'rtin people who will live on the
Njude' Schrack. horticulturist for
the' Sutherlln Land & Water Com
pany, Is out of town for a few
O. A. French's sister, Mrs. Mass.
who has been a guest of her broth
er for the past two weeks depart
ed Monday for points n California
duced no less than twelve witnesses.
nil of whom gave evidence to the
effect that Daley's statements were
true and that he was in Miller's
resort playing cards at the time the
crime Is alleged to have occurred.
Owing to the fact that Daley Is quite
well known In Roseburg the court
room has been crowded since the
commencement of the trial Saturday.
Daley was arrested upon a complaint
of Mildred Cnsteel, a fourteen-year
old girl who makes her home with
Mr. and Mrs. George Noah. At
torneys Albert Abraham and Carl
Wtmberly are looking after the In
terests of the defendant, while Dis
trict Attorney Drown is conducting
the prosecution. At a late hour this
8ble naln. Mrs. Callaway is much
Improved and the attending physl-:
clan believes she will recover. Upon
her arrival here she will be admitted
to Mercy hospital that she may re
celvo the best of treatment.
Although refusing to be Inter
viewed, It was stated by close friends
of Mayor Mlcelll this afternoon that
tho latter this morning received a
letter from Governor West, In
which the mayor was asked to re
sign his office. It Is understood
that Mlcelll this afternoon Issued a
response to the governor In which
he refused to resign as requested.
The mayor is somewhat angry over
Governor West's recent clan and
says he will fight the governor to
the bitter end.
IG brush
the Fire Brigade
fire send help!"
Such a Bell Telephone message rallies the fire bri
gade to the darker point and the farm buildings are saved, j
Minutes at the beginning of a fire are wortli hours after the lire gets
The Hell Service saves those minutes.
It is an effective rural tire alarm system and the best possible protec
tion against loss.
It more than pays for itself in the protection it gives.
Are you risking" your farm property without the Bell system? If so,
call and see our local manager when in town.