The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 13, 1912, Page 8, Image 8

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"The Wonderful Sleep Recipe"
The makers claim that the "Sealy" is the fin
est mattress in the mattress world. Will you
believe them? If not, will you believe what
we say, dealers in Roseburg for man' years?
And now if you still doubt, will you take up
our trial offer?
We hereby offer to allow any customer to
try the "Serily" fcr sixty (60) nights. If the
customer then docs not believe that The Sealy
is the Most Wonderful Sleep Recipe in the
mattress world, we command him to return it
to us free of all cost. What greater confidence
can the makers show? What more can we
do to prove to you our faith?
The Sealy is made of a single bat of cotton,
the finest cotton in the world by the way. So
good is the cotton that the mattress does not
need a single tuft.
Twenty Year Guarantee
And moro than thin, tho milkers gJtnnuileo that tho
mattress will nut Iwcomi! lumpy or holy for a period
of 20 years. Tills meant but a cost of $1 a year for
your mattress. That makes tho mattress cheaper thnn
(Hire, exceluior, ono of which lasts less than a year in an
unsatisfactory condition. Tho Sealy is cheapest and t ho
best In the world. If you will not believe tho makers,
or-tho dealer, then try the Sealy mattress for sixty nlghU.
"The Furniture Man"
Hit now for your Amos fetes, j
! Clark it ('lurk, Kotoyniphein. tf j
W. X. Crouch ond wife, of Oak
hand, spent the day in Hoseuuig at-
I (ending to business matters. i
j A great labor aavei self-wringing
I mop. Oraer now. J. W. Mote. P. O.
i box 107, Itoseburg. nl5
John Spaugh, the Looking Glass
farmer, Hpent the day In Itoseburi!
attending to varloua business inter-.
eats. '
Ora H. Porter, of Itoseburg, has
been appointed guardian of the estate
of Abraham Thrush, an incompetent
person. j
S. T. Hogdes, of Cold Hill, arriv
ed here this afternoon to Bpend a
few days visiting with his brother,
J. Wesley Xewland. :
j . K. W. Dyer and Charles McGee,
both residents of Myrtle Creek, are!
iendlng a few days in Itoseburg at-1
tending to business Interests. j
Patrick Lynch, of Astoria, who I
has been spending the past few days i
in Itoseburg as a witness for the !
State In tho trial of llobort L. Moon-!
ey left for his home this afternoon.
A. II. Carson, district fru;t com
inissloner, with headquarters at
Grants Puss, arrived here last even
ing to spend a few days looking over
a number of Douglas county orch
John l-'ulton. chemist at tho Ore
gon Agricultural College, left for his
j home tills afternoon after a few days
! spent In Itoseburg as a witness f6r
tihe ,Ktnte 'In a 'niiinbeA of liquor
i prosecutions.
. Mrs. Frank Menson, who has been
spending a few days at tho Booth
htinio In this city left for Sutherlin
tills afternoon where she will spend
some time visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walte.
C. I). Cannon has been appointed
administrator of the estate of the
late Mrs. Nellie Boyd. The estate
Is valued at approximately Jii.OOO,
Including real and personal property.
The surviving heirs are Dorothy and
Wallace Cannon, both of whom are
minor children.
Mrs. S. M. Itadelfinger left for
her homo at San Francisco this
morning arter spending some time
In Itoseburg. Mrs. Itadelfinger is
a daughter of the late II. Olmstead.
whose funeral was held In Roseburg
two weeks ngo. Mrs. Radelflnger
Green Valley Orchard Tracts
In 5 and 10 Acre Subdivisions
ten minutes walk of the S. P. depot at Green, Oregon, and only a
thirty five minute drive from Roseburg. The tract is nearly all level
land and beautifully situated. The soil is fertile and rich and full
of productive elements. Roberts Creek runs through the subdivision
CJJThese tracts are on the rural mail route. There is a general store
and public warehouse, a freight and express office at Green. A
number of dwellings are now under course of construction. Green
is a live and up-to-date community in every respect. These
tracts have been on the market for only a short time.
Persons desiring small tracts for fruit, vegetables or poultry should
see these at once. Lowprices, easy terms. Youbuy direct from owner
R. F. D.
Phone 2F13
mux . MnuK
was accompanied home by Miss Nina I
Olmstead, of this city.
Sit now for your nias folos.
Clark & ('lark, l-'ologruphcrs. tl'
Harold Hunt loft for Ashland this
morning where he will spend a few
Rev. S. C. C. Hickman delivered
a temperance address at the Pres
byterian church Sunday morning to
a well-filled house.
Sutherlin went wet in our recent
uays looking after business interests. , election much to the dsiappointment
n t. k-, i . , ',,;! , ,'of mRn' "llr K"01 citizes. Had
B. r. .Nichols, or Riddle, arrived
here this afternoon to spend a couple "r ll)Ci" '"""er a like at""le
of days looking arter business Inter-1 assumed by The evening News,
ests. tilings might have gone differently.
Sutherlin readers who depended on
Bert Riddle and wire, of Riddle, I our Ioe"' I'"ler for news never had
arrived here this afternoon to Bpend ' a lllnt tlmt there wus an important
a couple of days with relatives.
Mrs. I.ucinda Corkeran left for
Medford this morning after a few
days spent in Roseburg visiting with
her daughter, Mrs. V. B. llammitte.
Issue at stake, as no mention was
made or It, We shall hope that two
years' with the oen saloon will cure
the most ardent supporter.
The Westminster Social Circle met
at the home or Mrs. DeMuth Thurs
day afternoon. The afternoon was
Mr. Wilson, manager of the Salem ' S'ent ln sewing for the bazaar, which
brewery, who has been suendlng tho j ls to be nola some time the first
past few days in Roseburg left for week 111 December. At the close of
Ills home this afternoon. Mr. Wil
son was called to r-irrburg as a
witness rnr Hie pt-'e In a number of
local option rroi editions.
the afternoon' light refreshments
were served.
Fred C. Powell's case for damages
ngainst the I.use Land Company for
I Injuries will come up this term of
Wlllhipi Van Buren and T. B. Can- I court,
non left for Portland this afternoon. 0ne would think there was a bar
Mr. Van Dnren resides at Portland i tpl r money In the saloon "biz" by
while Mr. Cannon will spend some "1" number of applicants who' have
time there In search of a location. already visited Sutherlin, principally
Trom Roseburg.
Will Duer and family, of Hastings,
Neb., arrived hero Sunday evening
and will make Sutherlin their home.
The Duer's spent the month of July
here. Mr. Duer owns an orchard
tract and will build on the same.
Wm. Prior is having his apple
crop sorted and packed this week,
which consists largely of Baldwins.
They are of good size and highly
The paving of our principal streets
lias again been resumed and It is to
be hoped the work will be completed
without any further delay.
J. II. VanKuren and C. M. Hughes
with their families, arrived here the
latter part or the week, with a car
load or emegrant movables, and
have rented the Day ranch, west of
Sutherlin, on the Calapooia.
The Alpha Study Club met with
Mrs. V. K. St. John and Mrs. W. J.
Phillips. The arternoon was devoted
to Mnscognl and his works. The
club meets In two weeks with Mrs.
F. B. Walte which will he the last
or the outlined programs Tor this
x. y. x.
For mill work and high quality
lumber of nil kinds, call on the J. G.
Flunk Lumber Company. Phono ion.
"Wo deliver tho goods" tf
Hit now for your holiday rolo.
Clark .V Clack, Fotngrupliri-K. tf
Deputy Sheriff Dnugherty. of
Yoncalla, was a business visitor in
Hosclmrg for a few hours today.
Kor mill work und high iinll(y
lumber of all kinds, call on (he ,1. i.
I'limk I. millH'r Company. 1'liono 100.
"U'o deliver the goods" tf
.1. (1. 0,lnnne. of the Ml. Alto
ranch, near Glide, spent the day In
Hoselmrg attending to various busi
ness interests.
For in 1 11 work mid high quality
miller or all kind's, call on Hie .1. i.
l-'look Lumber Coiupany. Phono 100.
'We deliver the goods" tf
Th Roseburg lllj;h school basket
ball team has arranged for a game
with the Cotlace Grove team and
the rnnio will be jilnved In Rnseimrg
on Friday evening. November 1.V
Blankets, Comforts and Spreads.
'o ico cream Blankets here, all full
weight and full sl.o. Best all wool
A Large Stock
at the
Roseburg Book Store
I niankots In the City. Call and bo
convinced. HICK & 1UCK, . tf
S. Kolly wont to Oakland this
morning to look iiftor business mat
tors. Itomeniber tho chrysanthemum
hIiow in tho .Masonic building Friday
and Saturday.
See. tho new l'.allai: ru-iiof work
combined with punch work, on dis
play m Onive'a Art Emporium. if
Charles On hi and wife, of C'amns
Valley, are spending a few days In
ltonoburg looking after business in
terests. ,
Hermann Marsters, tne plumber, j
Is prepared to Install gas fittings at
well as pipe bouses. 11 guarantee !
utlsfnctlou. tt
oney Saved is Money
K (UANttm
irschbaum Gothes.
"IPhpaum Gothes.
C. V. Hopkins, of Portland, n
rived here last evening to stwnd a I
few days visiting with his daughter,
Mrs. .1, W. Oliver, j
A. S. Hulhert left Tor his home at!
Albany this morning after a few days ;
spent in Itoseburg visiting with bis
daughter. Mrs. A. B. Weseott.
The rase of the Slate vs. Jefferson !
ttuberts, accused of violating the
local option laws, has been set to
follow the Mooney trial. Itoborts
resides at Myrtle Creek and for'
sometime past lias conducted a
nr. Kit V Ilvwaier was ralied to
tilendale Monday evening to attend
I Clarence J. Walton, whose left eye
had been seriously Injured 1 a piece
(of steel. Walton was splitting wood'
j when n chip from stel wedge
'struck him In the eye, cutting the1
eye-ball. The doctor dressed the in- !
J u red optic, but Is unable to tell vol J I
how serious the result of (he wound
may be. Grants Trss Courier.
I ) ji A
t i f I vr I -i. . t 1
We. are ofrcrlng you the finest o pportunlty to save-therefore to make
money you have ever had. It's up to you to take advantage of this op-
portunlty 'iy purchasing your
ii tl
4m q
Fall Suits and Overcoats
. and other furnishings at our fTAv-' 7l ' rurn
which Is now going on and will continue until we are located ln our new
quarters In the now hotel building.
PI.EASR RKMEMBER that nil reports to the contrary, we are not
selling out nnd expect to remain In Roseburg and grow with the town.
All we are doing now Is offering you a chance to save money not only on
Suits and Overcoats, but also on Itnln Ormts, Rubbers, Itoots and Shoes,
which you will need now or very shortly.
x W '
' " i ,
. n,
imon Caro
m O - il
Cfrr,(K tot,. A. B. AmtM,