The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 08, 1912, Page 8, Image 8

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    i;' " HE WAS A COWBOY eeSb
. . errtvif c78- No bod - y sluip"il to ar - guo or ask the rra- ton wliy... .
As SUt by MONTGOMERY & SrtJNl niado. He ask'd an 1 rish nail - or to driuk so-no or -jingo - ado
in Charles Dillingham's production N i i i 1 j i :: ;
" "THE OLD TOWN " T. WW- ' . ;
Words fcv Music by ) - -"nr h?' , J
HARRY WILLIAMS EGEERT VAN ALSTYNE fi-t-a--- tt br EET:-f---: E 1 g---j.--iJ :
IT,. CHORUS. s - '
Mirrh lime. , ' 2.' Ho " 5a:i-3---S-- I
(Till ready.) ' I - ,- I -g-; .
. '-J--- mm Ho was a cow - boy, a cow boy in a show;-.. Ho --
f-ftz5.9, --(:- fT'i" i "J r . I- i -mm : m I 3 ft -: Ho was a cow - boy, ho wore his hair in curls; They
4 , j p
V gpriterr TTjTS rry fefe l fe - V f sr "S'T '" :t 3 :' :S:: -
g2 U H '-P ! rfc! rr--. -rrr-r--.-; . -. firr--
' quo - ro was a Orraw or, who rodo to town one day; no frightened men and (Sy-3 ? . g . t g - -h, 1
jour-ney'd to tho liow - 'ry, to have a lit - tie fun, He'd not been there ten U -..r., .
. ro,lQ 0 bnrk - mg bron - clio wjiile tho bfind jjlnv d a - va - o. "ill'! - '
n u. mmmmmmmmmmmm J 4 . J J i say ho 'did it just to ninko a hit wiih ' all the girls, "XIP!" I
IgP -3: r :3n arr-j-rr-g-rjrrF - -
j f I ' r i fS- j 1 i ) J r... 11
m-0r-& ij - ie: --jW'.,- . S - - I'll s
VBi-:p- 31 -fl- -r-z-rri:rj- gMs1? ? -T- W :
' " j -tf-
-A--l -j 1 I 1 I 1 S '.""1 " m i '
V-P-l' - m' V - jjm -' " - -At N-r -V .. t (
ir " J-2 Lsi L J- -V Eg.-.gfcJf.---4
( wo - mon a - long dear old Froad-way. Ho yoll'd "gft un - dor cov - er," as - J 49 " " II
min - utca till bodio odo Btulo his gnu. Al - though lio was a cow-boy, no - Ho was a cmy - hoy who mot Lis Wa - tr - loo ; Ho thoucrht ho was a II
- . ilo was a cow - boy from tluwu in Ilex - i - co ; I. know ho was a II
yijt$fr 3- y -- j 1 rr-d-r- .-. Hjit.1r- -: Q. ' J , --. j J i ' II
L.- Iv 1 j- :S:-3: -J: :S r'"-' II
( TO.-2;-: :rd HEEZ! !J?iT- . ) .--J . Jr- .d f .rs: II
VbV -, , I n 1 1- - ( t- -rr-.- - j . g --j -n-mv -zz II
-- ' ' ' ' 1 -. 0 j . ,
i " 1 1 p ,E --- -: II
p-t-?. - lr -6t:j--y--K rrtfcd-6!-- - . J- &b-:?-----;:;? --- 1 r5-.;-r---
ho wrait nail - ing by, For ho wan out for trou - bio, you could seo it in his v , , . ,,nl , .,.,. ... . ' . u0 1
bod-y was a-fraid, Ilo quick-l.v got in trou bio, for a grout mis - take ho cow-b" for hta moih Sr toU mo -o":::::: .
. )'y r: f T ' f T ?" r W '
) i r q s r 1-ni 7 3
I r-r. -4 h--1 ' i - j- J -t T . - II
-j ' -P l--j 0 j CL.-K-- 1 I- w - : i rr 1 1
p 'i r - T "r- I g . ;
Copyright, mcmix, hy JEROME II, KKMICK & Co., New York 9
Used by pennisaion, MURRAY MUSIC CO., New York. JVb. 220, He was a Cowboy. Xo. 220. r
, residence through the rear door "TK0fM
! iminiiiiK tu (ins Hiiydi-r
populy (1:11110 Warden Tabor, of
AViDHt Kurlc, Is siiontttns a Cow days In
linwihiirg altonillnc; court.
(JoorKn Hontli h'ft for Kugoun hirtt
nliiht wlmro bo will H-?ud a few (Ih.vh
lonlihu; afior bimhuB liittMThls.
13. 1). Itarbtu- ii'tuiiH-il to Myrtlo
Crook this inoruluj; nftor a fow d.i
Bjiont In Itoaobui'K 11ml vicinity.
Noloy & Iti't, tlie pluniborH. ru
contly comphMoil the task of plumb
tuK tho homo of Mrs. Olllvant in
tho (Jrovo.
A marrhiKo llronao was Issuod this instructions.
Huh man, hulti resident a of Uoulan
I'Vtr mill work 11 ml lilh (pntlity
lumber of nil klmta, cull on tho J. (i.
I look Lumber Company, l'huno 1X.
"Wo deliver tlio nomls" tf
lanu'R Chrlatinn Alexnnder left for
I'lM-tland and i-:nk:ino laut evening
where he h:is bu-UnosH inattors uood
Itik ..Is at;cntlon.
NothhiK 'w under tho sun, so the
nnylNK but thoro's nlway's
something now In needlework nl
t leaves' Art Kmportum. Wr ship
ment Just In or the new and popular
cut work. NlRht powns, hags, pin
cushions, centers, pillows and scarfs,
.lust tho thliiK for Christmas. Come
early nnd got a choice selection with
intuit?, mm iibu) reiurueu iQjagent. returned nero tins morning
their home at Kiddle this morning . from Washington. D. C, where he
after a few days snent In : H1,e,,t several weeks on government
visiting with the former's mother.
Uttle Dorothea Abrahnm loft for
Portland this morning where she will
spend a few days visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Mack.
H. C. Wilson, the Indian land
Mrs. F. T. Ott, of Murion county,
who has been spending the past few
days in Itoseburg visiting with her
son left for Marysvltlo, Cal.r this
morning where she will spend the
While attending one of tha local
theatres Inst evening some unknown
person or persons entered the home
of Robert Leadbetter, on Lane
street, and stole two flngs and a gold
watch. The loot represents a total
value of approximately $250. It is
presumed that the thief entered the
residence through the rear door
which was unhooked, and left by
the same exit. At least, the key to
the door was found in the qtitstde
of the keyhole when Mr. and Mrs.
Leadbetter returned home from the
business district. The officers have
been notified of the theft, but at noon
today they had been unnble to ob
tain a clew upon which to base an
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