The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 04, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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..Myrtle Camp No. ineett
Jfcery second and fourth Tuesdaj
tvvevery month in the Eagles
Travolinc neighbors are cor
,uJ!y invited to visit cut camp
Flank Clements, consul; H
. Stubbs, clerk.
U. "O. l M. huscimrn r.ivu. -u.
holds regular reviews on fir
and third Wednesdays In th
Maccabee hall. Sisters of othoi
cordially invited to attend our re
hives visiting In the city an
views. Olive Green, lady com.;
Jessie Rapp, R. K.
O. K. B. Roseburg Chapter, No. 8
holds their regular, meeting on tlu
first and third Thursdays In each
mouth. Visiting members in good
standing are respectfully invited
to attend. Mrs. Jessie Davis, W.
M.; Free Johnson, secretary.
. u, K t'oaeuurg Aonc, o. 1497,
meets second and fourth Monday
in their hall on Jackson street at
8 P. M. Een North W. P.; B. P.
Goodman, sec.
M o i k K x isiumiKiuioon OF
A.uiatiCA Meets in Maccabee
Temple every 4th Friday of each
month. G. L. Wright, President;
Emma McMulIen Secretary.
I. (. O. K. Risim 5iar Lodge No.
174, meets in Odd Fellows Temple
every Friday evening. Visiting
brethren always welcome. Ed S.
Cockelreaso, N. G.; W. S. Powell,
R. 8.; M. Fickle. F. S.
U- P. O. Ji Roseburg Lodge, No.
326, holds regular communica
tions at the!- temple on second
and fourth Thursdays of each
month. All membors requeste?
to attend regularly and all visiting
brothers arc- cordially invited tc
attend. Pinger ' Hermann, E. R.
I. O. O. F. Phllctanan I.odge, No
8, meets iu Odd Fellows Temple
corner of Jackson and Cass street
on Saturday evening of each week
Members of the order in cooi1
standing are Invited to attend. J
R. Bailey, N. G.; M. M. Miller, R
8.: L E. Mllledge. F. S. "
burg Lodge No. 1037. Meets in
Maccabee Hall, corner Cass and
Pine streets, every Tuesday even
ing at 7:30 o'clock Visiting
brothers invited to attend. L.
Wimberly, Dictator; H. O. Parge
terf Sjc.
(5 A. 1'. A. sj. Laurel
A TV Lodge, No. 13, holdt
yv regular meetings on tb
(J second and fourth Wed-
o nesdays of each montii
Sojourners Invited to attend. N.
Rice, W. M.; R. H. C. Woods, Sec.
Camp, No. 125, meets at the Odd
Fellows' Hall In RoBeDurg, ever;
first and third Monday evenings
Visiting neighbors always wel
come. M. B. Oermond, C. C; J.
A. Buchanan, elerk.
Circle, No. 49, meets on first and
third iionday e.enlngs of each
month in the I. O. O. F. hall. Vis
iting membors In good standlnn
' are Invited to attend. Mrs. Ethel
Easton, G. N.; Clara Cawlflold,
Vmpqua Tribe No. 44, meets every
first and third Monday of each
month at the Eagles' 'hall. Vlslt
Itlng chiefs welcome. J. V. Brown,
Sachem; C. II. Terclnfkl, C. of R.
iiitoTiii:i;nooi) op amehican
VKOMEX ML Nebo Lodge No.
1S28, meets every second and
fourth Wf-dnesilny of ea!h montl
at the Fagles' hall. -Visiting broth
ers and sisters welcome. E. B.
Perrlnc, F. M.i S. E. Krohn, Cor.
The best all-round l'am
ily Sewing Machine that
can be produced. Made in
boLh Rotary and Vibrator
The rotary makes both
Lock and Chain stitch. The
;y latest up to the minute
iA-teel attachments with each
wnachine. Sold on easy
payments. Send name and
M-lrcss for ourbeautiful If.
T. catalogue free.
WhiteSewin Machine Co,
1460 Market St
San Francisco, California
white jsjing
C. L. REAfflES
Democratic Candidate
For Representative
pd. adv.
For County Commissioner.
This announces my candidacy for
re-election to the oflice of county
commissioner. When I accepted the
office from tho people four years
ago the county was $70,000 in debt.
In the past four years more road and
bridge work has been accomplished
than in all previous years of Douglas
County history, and today wo art
debt free. I shall, if re-elected, per
due the same course as to public im
provements, at the same time care
fully guarding tho peoples' inter
L3tsr" Examine the records and sat
isfy yourself as to my record,
pd. adv. M. R. RYAN.
0 Modern Apartments with bath,
hot and cold water
in each room.
h MRS. CALL AND, Prop.
Corner Jackson and Brockway
Streets; neir High School.
Rate, tti Per Week.
byLlltlil.L POISOX.
Every kernel of Bolduau's
Poison Grain contains a deadly
dose of powerful, quick-acting
poison, "set" In the grain by
a patented process.
Rain, snow, dew or damp
ground does not wash nut this
poison. It is the onl polBon
i.inh la hh srood bIx months
after as the first day It is put
out In the fields.
The best poison yonTe ever
used, or your money Dacr
Her 320 X Yes
It provides nix-tcnthfi of a mill tnx for
uppurt of Agricultural Collre uud Uui
verHity of Orison, K'v'nK them pornm
nout support and taking thmn out ot
politiL-B. It iilrtn prnviiii-n on Hoard of
Repent, llitis iolvitiff the problems of
co-operation, roimolidation, division oj
courses and economy of roxnoment.
It dors not Increase the average
rate of taxation.
It repeals the 6500,000 Univer
sity apjrorriaiioa bill.
The Bill ia midorsed hy Governor
West: ''TItis I'.iil in in tho intorukt ot
good businrss uLd should panN."
Ey I. II. Alderman, Stain Snpfrln
(PinU'iit I'nlilio iislruct i(u : "Kxirrieni fl
In otluT Rtnt's rihous imllae bill piiu
cipln to be f;oiiTt;t."
13.7 Will n. DalTtrMiilfnt, f rrp-.i,
fit.itu I'cdt raliott ol I.:ibir ; "Nn hr'
flM-nt can MifO'stfilliV cnitilit tli Vtcilf
to lln'f-tnTc that v.'ili !illiw the ailoptiun
of l!ic uiilian t.ix plan."
Endorert by Portland Tax Fa
t era JLeafiue.
Hill pn'p.irrrl by committee ofOovT
nor's ( ninti.iinr( Ji-nni of Ki--itta,
nnil at'niiiiisir. ii e vh.vt-( of Iho twi
(eisfer Ladies'
Tailering College
Ecom 324, Th'.rd Floor
I'erliins Bldg.
Kvrythlng pertaining to dresH
n..'iklni; and tailoring taught. Tui
tion JTi for full course. This
course nffr-r fnstrnrtlon in draft
ing of patrn1', rutting and fit
ting of em's, cloaks, tailored and
fancy drcH'es.
$15 course gives drafting of pat
terns without sewing
15 courso gives 10 days sew
ing. We Invite Iwvstigntiun.
In.tmctor & Mgr.
miss ri.or.KXcr: mcixtosii.
Did you ever try to suggest
a caption for a newspaper col
umn, or a subject for a news
paper story? Sometimes there
is as much cleverness shown in
tho selection of the title for a
picture its there is in grouping
the figures.
It is the title that awakens tho
human interest In tho picture. $
There is a wonderfully beau-
tlful picture in our show win- O
dow this week, but it lacks the
proper title will you give us
To the person offering us the
best answer, we will award the
beautiful Globe-Wernieko book-
case shown in our window.
You need not be a customer
of the store or make n pur-
chase here to get a ballot, as
t this contest is open to all.
Simply call at the store and
P we wilt supply you with a bal-
lot on which your answer is to
be written.
The contest closes November
10 and all answers must be in
the hands of the Answer Edt-
tor not later than that date.
The prize winner will be an-
nonnced a week later.
0 Tho Housefurnlsheds.
: w - w S i
Teacher of Piano and Harmony
Down-town Studio. 223 E. Lnno
Street.1 Home Studio 7 17
Hamilton Street. Phone 3C2-J.
Gl'ltnON A. FORI',
Vocal Lessons.
Studio 312 E. Cass Street.
Phone 191-J
Roseburg ... -Ore.
Pianoforte Instructor
Muiscol Kindergartener
Studio 423 Ella St., Phone 33-K
Xen-e nnd Spine SpcciullHt
Chlropractic-Neuropth is a Nat- ft
oral and Advanced Scientific
Art of Removing tho Cause of ft
Disease. . si
(fironlc Cases n Specialty
224 Cass St. Roseburg, Or.
O ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft -
mt. uko. e. nout'K,
PhTiciin anrt RnraHin.
Office, Itevlew llldn., SI.
Rosewjrj,. Oregon. J
ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft
( nn. li. k. hi:i:m.'.v,
Vyo St'1clnH')t.
'- 217 South Sicphnrt Str'-t.
ft Hoseburg, OreEon.
ft III!. S. L. IleL.M-P t-
Oslcopatliic I'liyslrinn ".
ft Successor to
Tin. .7. h. CALLAWA t '
ft Phono lli! ft
ft Itoviehurg Xut. T'ank Hldg. ft
Mrs. C. Crannls solicits hand
embroidery work of any k:nI
either by the piece or hour. For
reference, Mrs. F, C. l'hr;ier.
li 1 2
WANTED A mini and family
sires work as caietakers of ra
Inquire at News office r, "
. 1 if mure t',,j,!'
211 West Washington streei
regular, gnod fare, r;i""t n, ,
VAMKi) or illicit!:;
lady fnr rrmanont ?np!ny:v,ci:t
for a few hour a day in Tt"e
biir. Address "MC" rare Th
News. 548
WANTED Experienced ranch hand
$2750. Box 66, DIxonville, Ore
milk. Box 6fi Dixonvllle. 335nl9
WANTED Young ldy for office
work. Must !.4 able to operate a
typewriter. Inquire at this office.
tf 547
WANTED To purchtiso 25 head ot
goats, not over two years old. Ap
ply J. E. Leonard, Olalla,. Ore
go". W A N T E D G i : Yto a ss Is tCa house -work
and act as companion t
lady. Apply at T26 N. Kane St
VA.NT TO PUltCHASK Aboill 25
Anpora goats, not over 2 years old.
Apply to J. E. Leonard, 'Olalla
Ore. BlOn:
HO V S E K EE PIXQ nbO M S 3u n fur
nished housekeeping . rooms; also
5 room cottago for rent. Inquirt
410 W. Douglas. 54 0-tr
WANTED Students for mandolin
and guitar. Thorough instruction
and rapid advancement. A. Fergu
son, Herrlngton House, city. nlS
GTR17 V AN if E boiupetcnFgirl for
general house work can find good
steady place by applying to Mrs
Albert Abraham, 100 Spruce St.,
or phons 101-J. 223-tl
Competent cook and waiter for
country hotel. Applicants please
phone or write to F, L. Jones,
Scottsburg, Ore, at onco. tf-513
WANTED Employment at house
cleaning or any other work
Clinriio reasonable. Inquire John
N. Wright, care The News office
SlSUlTCASB LOST Saturday, some
where between Pltzer street, and
tho Ilrlnkerhoff ranch, contained
girl's clothing. Finder please
leave at News office.
WANTED Good team, must bo In
first class condition and ono good
milch cow, must bo milking; aiso
want good wagon and harness. Ad
dress L. E. J., care News of
fice. WANTED Sheep goats, nursery
stock or what have you in exchange
for a well bred mare, city broke,
also 4-year-old pacing horse. Are
first class. Dox CG Dixonvllle.
FOR TRADE Nice live acre tract of
land in good town, suitable for
sub-dlvldlng; hns nice cottage and
Improvements; Will trade for
home In Roseburg. Here Is a good
chance to make some money. In
quire News office. 217-tf
FOR RENT Good house In desir
able part of city. Inquire at 450
Rast avenue. BUOtt
ROOMS Inquire at 302 West
Washington St. No children. n7
I'Oll KENT Four room bonne, con
veniently located. Inquire Watson
Davis, Edenbower, Ore., or Phone
25-F-ll. nU.
FOR RENT Kino largo G room
IJungnlow new and nil modern, in
good location. $18.00 per mo.
S'.e Perrlnc Real Estate Co. iOI
Cns St. t!
i OH MAi.l'..
FOR SALE .Seed wheat, o;its ami
cheat, also 2 Berkshire boars., old
enough for service. Cheap If taken
at once. Address E. A. Kruse.
Hoseburg. Or. 1 1
FOR KALE -Extra largo pure bred
lironz turkeys fo7 breeding pur
poses. Tome $5 each and hens t''
Will furnish the local market wliu
corn fed turkeys for Thanksgiving
If ordered. Mrs. O. O. Urown.
DlynovlIJo or phono 3F25.
MUST S I :i,'L i 6 ihgV " jots' "with
good ' room boutio, store room utt'l
wooih-hed, 2 chicken houses, s.nali
"lerry patch, 40 clilckeiiH and win
ters wood. ihls Is going cheap
for ctisli. Call quick at News ef
lice for a iieularH. nu-::;:
KOIt SAI.K Choice orchard or p
d'Ti truck land In live nnd t '
acr tracts. Plenty of wntur. I.-tn'l
will raiPfj anything (hat .nn be
ralK?d fn thin vHoy ; nrntcr,
vl'Mn ?,? "ninutG drive or Kos
l:tf. IlaHrurid sf.itfon within fi;ii
t If.uto v u'.k nf nny jnrt nf Vi
r -t:b '!.! slot.. Prices raonable nnd
f-nlj fm t'Tins to suit hiiyr-p. (,':il
nn or fiddrcr-s Tht News offiro fnr
further particulars, fiftfttf
i:."l U. (;oOD H!IY-'-Teii ncnfVjiiRt
ontMldn city limit, bst of Roll;
water for Irriatinif, fhlfkcn pnrkf
nnd flno chink. houefl, fruit,
f'-u'id. nnd one of the fluent loca-t'oTi-c
In the rniinty f'r a homn
This tract can l3 fitibdlvltWid nnd
Rnld lis city lotH Jf desired. It I
nn lnv-Htmcnt at prices aked. Ad
drf-ss D. K., box 53, HoBeburff, or
(nqnlro at Wewa offlco for Infor
mation. tf-520
i-'Oli SALE OR KENT Several mod
el p Houses. Appl to S. Y. Si.i
iner, or c.'.ll phone 177-L.
.'OK SALE Dahlias. licat produced
by air cr nature, at Soldiers home.
Ccme and see them. A Colo.
l'"OR SALE Good team, harness and
new 3-lncli wagon, for sale or will
trade for wood, hay and good milk
cow. 102G Corey Ave 472tf
FOR SALK Good work mare, will
sell cheap, or trado for cow or
yearling heifers. Address Box 57.
Edenbower, Ore. or phono 25-F14.
Nov 2.
FOR SALE Secoud hand rour-cylln-der
automobile, in excellent con
dition. Will sell cheap. Apply at
this office for information and
price. 28I-tf
FOR SALE Nice, gentle black
mare, weight over 1000, 11 years
old. Flue for lady or family
driver. Price $100. Inquire News
office.' 349tf
FOR" "SALE Puro"bred and-"good
layers Rlack Mlnorcas, 5 hens
10 pullets and a cockrel, price $111.
Phone GF4, or address Ray Jlabe
ley, Roseburg, Oro, o2S
I'OR SALE 40 head of stock sheep,
partly shropsulres. Most ot them
' are young and will shear woll.
For particulars Inquire at the farm
;f 3. W. A:cn'esu, Mcrusw, Oro.
and five room cottage in Southern
California. Good schools, excellent
climate, near the oil fields. W.i:
exchange for tract of unimproved
land In Douglns County. . Inquire
nt News oflice. 614-nS
FINE BUNGALOW Will soil ol
trado finest proporty in good rail
road town for Roseburg residence
or farm near city. This bjngalo
is new, modern, 3 large lots go
with it, delightful view of river
and town, and rents for $17.50
per month. This is something ex
tra fine. AddroBs, Owner, News.
Roseburg, box 112.
ONE ACRE HOME Nice little place
)ust outside city limits, good six.
room house, barn, chicken buuse,
yards, etc , all fenced anil in first
class condition, gronnilB set to
youug fruit trees, Borne In bear
ing, big shnde trees' by house, all
for only $1,800. Inquire News of
fice. 21-tf
by 100 feet, ono block to school,
near store and nostofflce, River
side Addition, owned by non-resident,
who will sacrifice it at $275.
This place 1b b bargain, being best
of garden Boll. Address N. R.. box
65, city, or Inquire News office.
TRADE OR FOR 8ALH Nice tract
of 10 acres only three miles from
dty, best of roads, fenced, but
no buildings, nice young orchard,
spring, etc. Will trade for city
property. Making line suburbuo
homo. Inquire News office for
particulars. 41-tf
$40 AN ACRE Farm ot 135 acres,
practically ell tlllahlo, one-fourtb
mile to river, on main highway,
beautiful location, and the finest
kind of paco for dairying and or
chard, fenced, spring, no build
ings, and 8 nillrs from Roseburg
Cheap as dirt nt tho price. Inquire
L, News otftco. 141-tl
clusn in, flno large house, good
barn, windmill nt well, water piped
to house, 12 acres young orchuru
nutouiobllo raods all year, and in
every way a desirable place, lia
provemcnts worth $1,000. Owuo:
will sell for $5,200. terms. Ad
dress Newp ofllcu for particulars
box 55.
IK.N ACItb! ItAHtf AiN A lino Mtllt
placo on bent. rtad In tho county
fair hnuno, ham, nnrfin? and well
nearly elht acre 4 In cholc.s fruit
mostly in havy huirirt(;. Ia- h Li li
3 miles frniti Renter of city. (). 1;
er will fi4:ll on trrmn. Iiwinlrn 11
N'ewrt ofllcu, or iuIdreM (hniti
earn Nw. I'i'.l l
KOIt HALK"OH TU A itilUiiUiy'ii.
provf-d 10-iktq trHct 1 milo frora
pood town, now 7 -room, b'inj'filow
Kond barn and poultry hotthes, t
a r-res in orchard and berries, splen
did btratlon, tl rn clriHa vTy way
One of the fineyt plnres In Kouth
prn OreKoi. Hldf-walks to depot
arid town ; crop all In nnd will
trade for Itosi'Lurir property 01
farm nar city. Addrosa Ownor
Nfwn ofllrw. box 111
FOlt MKN ONf.Y Tor Bale or trado. j
equity In a nice, new, nifty, nobby,
up-to-the-fnlnuto liUN'GALOW.
rnent walks. co!bo base, pavecj
JiKtrlet, near school. A "home"
not a "house". Convenient inter
ior nrranst'-tiietit with "catchy"
outside eff'-rt. Cot t!tis now and
wear off tho "first" paint. Wood
In basement for a year. Will con
sider anything useful from a
nil.K". Addroaa XYZ, Nowa of
fice, Roseburg, Of. 622-tf
HAY FOR SALE Oat and vetch, ex
cellent quality. Phon6 1SF5, 6
Dixonvlllo, Or. 633-nl9
FOR SALE Several large water
tanks. .Also storage room for rent.
Inquire 156 Rnst avenue. f07tf
FOR SALE A number of good
brood sows, nt Shady Point, three
miles south. I, N. Johns, routo
No. 1. 531-116
FOR SALE Good team of young
horsos, now wagon, nnd harness at
bargain. Inquire W. J, Cioot,
Ruckles, Ore. nlS
FOIt-SALIi Nlco"rjving"dnTlU
gentle, city broke horse, light
buggy nnd harness. Phone J IS.
or call nt 301 Perkins bldg. tfG2
FOR SALE Handsomo leather dav
enport, nlmost now, a bargain.
Call at room 8, Roseburg National
Bank building. tt'513-
GOATS FOR SALE Registered An
gora goats of both sexes tor breed
ing purposes, heavy shearers. Ad
dress J. I. Chapman, Wilbur, Or.
FOR FALE Four-tool nr comwooa.
I' or carload lots write to Jonathan
Richardson. Leona, Ore. Order
now for fall delivery. Carload
lots $3.25 a cord. 14G-dtt
lots, good view of city Hi block to
proposed paved street, good view,
well drained, nad a property tha
will please the critical buyer, only
$1,350. Terms. Inquire News
office. 278-tf
35 ACRES treo sou, well drained, all
In cultivation, ideal location for
poultry and orchard, fairly lovel,
good county road, 8 ',i miles east
of Rosuburg, 3 miles to P. O.,
church, store and saw mill. Price
$2,750. Box GG Dixonvllle. Ore
gon. 532-nlS
FOll SALE OR TRADE A 47rooir,
hotel, completely furnished, 3
Btorles, Just across street from city
park, 1 blocks from Main streel
In town of 10,000 with 3 railroads.
' For further particulars address
123 S. Holly streot, Modford, Ore
gon. n!5
FOR SALE ill Roseburg, 4-ruoia
house on Flint streot, No. 242, all
furnished Is bringing In $144;
lights, water, patent toilet, sower
connection, pnved street, etc. Price
$l,iu0; part down balance $10 per
month. Address R, P, Simpson,
Leland, Or. 304-tfaw
money yourself. Will sell a beau
tiful location for home at gresi
bargain. Only small amount down,
balance long lime, hardly any In
terest. Tract contains 30 bearing
trees of choice fruit, city water,
end Is only 10 minutes' walk from
poBtoffico. If this appeals to you,
Inquire News office tor particu
lars. 3131,'
nblo farm of 75 acres, 1 'j mflo
from tho city on good road. Good
home, barn etc., fenced and erosa
fenced, splendid spring of water,
orchard of about 3 acres of choice
varieties In good condition, in
fact, nn Ideal home place. Will
take uuncumbercd, desirablo city
homo as part payment, balance
long time at G per cent Interest.
Ask Tho NeWH. 54 2-tf
THItHK C(JOI FAU.MS tor Halo by
tho owner. All near Uoseburx. o
main var;on road, near Kchool
and church. Good stream of wat
er and live spi'lnH of water on
each placo. Small orchard, house,
barn and out houses on each placo.
Suitable for fruit, farm Ink or
stock ralsliiK. Prices No. 1, $l,fj0it;
Nt. 2, $3,000; No. 3, $5,000. Ad
dress or see IC. W. Kuyltvn'.f.all,
206 W, WnHhlnstnn street. n?,2
4S0 acre wheat ranch, comulet
hm( im fldlii'iH, on ma in road,, ouly
6 miles from good 'all road town,
will lie Mild on eitHy crop payments
to renptjiislhle fomer. Wouf;' p.c
cept imttKlaa county property In
exchange for a larj? part of ranch
value. Only small amount cash
required. My curing pokaefi-Ion
of raiic!i at once, fall crop can h-i
sue etfiilly Mown. luui't delay,
but In 'hi I re uf It. U. Wood, Nw.
nfficn for r'etnllp tf
5 11
IJItK IT IS A ho u I tne llneiii homo
In tho valley, uil In cultivation
city privileges, modern house of lx
rooms, gaolIna pumplnn plant,
plenty of water for lawns and gar
den. If It In a country homo Just
out of town that you want, do not
nn in nee i rig min. will sen ail Or
part of property. V'rivat tele
phone to city. It will pay prospec
tive homo seekers to Investigate
thla placo. Inquire at News office
for particulars, or call at premises.
C. D. Maynard, Just west of fln
dlon Home. 23-tf