The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 02, 1912, Page 8, Image 8

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B. Fenton Is Said tc Have Assisted in Moving The New
Sign to tlis Once Famous Bawdy House-Women of
Rcseburg are Scored.
Following up tlio moHt logical ; the front of the former den of Ini
rlew. The News lant night received i ,,itity. As the men were about to
dellnlto Information to the effect that ,rve the last Bpiko, one of their
B. Fenton, marshal of tho city of ; number turned to Kenton and In
Hoseburg and democratic candidate I ijured: "Is the sign crooked?" "Yes
for Bhorlff of Douglas county, was , )t lg B n(ti0 crooked." replied Ken
tine of those who looked on at the j ton, "but never mind, The News Is
moving of the Isgn of Tho Kvening crooked too." Such waa tho declara-
News from Its station on jacuson
street to the once famous bawdy
liouse, on Main street. It was also
Kenton, so It Is said, who stood by
:ind watched tho decoration of the
Seme enclosing tho erstwhile bawdy
lloilHe with '" ""Horsing "Women
Uoes' It seen .osfiible that B. Ken
tzB. Uie man who was appointed
marshal by Joseph MioollI, aad whoso
fluty It is to protect society Slid prop
erty would stand by and permit a
ilBgraccful undertaking ub tho one at
sslle. It hardly appears reasonable,
.but nevertheless such Is a fact. The;
'V.n,,. iw,t tinlv linu liirnrnmllnii Mint!
'Kenton watched the removal of the I
-sign, but that he was the person who I
stood by when the men nailed it on 1
IYI . . ..
jr.... - -j jv. . .-.,". .
1 I r t ' ,
A k!.!;e-Y.';u-:!i-kc Dookcast; fr the lu st an:;voi'
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answer will come with a brief study of the picture.
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your answer in not over twenty-five words on a pieco
of paper, furnished by us for that occasion, bearing
only j'our name, answer and address, and send it to
Answer Editor KICK & KICK, 117 Cass St.
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open to all. Only one answer from each contestant
will ho considered, so send in mily your best answer.
The contest closes Nov.
submit tod must be in (
later than that date.
. 1 1 i
niMiiioeu a weeK later.
Should be Re-elected to Congress
Hccause ho surpaases all opposing camliiiates in abilib
experience ami (pmlltications for (.'oiiRrrssman-
Bcvauso nil his interesls nrs in Oregon, where he was born, ami he
knows lu-r people, u'sources anil in lu.-Uncs.
lleoausi ho innually travels thimsatnls of miles over tho l'irst Dis
trict, learning the neeils of his constituents ami has secured mil
lions of dollars for their benefit, and has aided land entrynien,
veterans and others.
Iieeause he has been a faithful servant of all the people and not a
favored few, and in national airsirs has rea.'hod a position of in
fluence so that President T.ift and Koosevelt, his associates of
all parties, and constituents, generally praise him in terms
similar to tlnve used by Governor West, who in an interview
after a visit to the National Capital said; "In intellect, ora
torical ability and devotion to the interests of tho people Hawley'
head ands stand shoulders above tho great majority of tho mem
bers of the National House of Representatives."
(hud A lv, Congressional
tlon of a man who is serving the
city of Hoseblirg as marshal, and the
IKirson who asks the voters of Doug
las county to elect him sheriff on
Tuesday next.
The News' Informant, who Is a per
son of responsibility, says Kenton not
only overlooked the sign-moving job,
but he Is said to have remarked that
trm work had been done according to
"contract". In view of Kenton's ac
tions does ho appeal to the voters
of Douglas county as tho proper man
for sheriff? Can you impose trust
In a mun who Is at present serving
as city marshal, and at the same
time winks at tho destruction of
property and the protection of crime.
In this same Joint which today bears
the label of "The Umpqua Valley
4 U I
I fl n ft
1 5
1(, .1912. All iinswcrs
In1 Answer Ktlitur's haiuls not
The prize winner will be aiir
Committee, Ut l'istriet.)
iiiiowx is F.vom:i.
In common with all oewa-
papers of the district which ad-
vocate good government, the
Port Orford, Curry County,
Trlbuno, has come out edltorial-
ly for District Attorney George
Jl. Brown for re-election. In Judgment and a person who believes
speaking of Mr. Brown and his I ln "e enforcement of the laws. Did
candidacy, the Tribune says: anyone ever hear of Qulne destroy
"The brewery and saloon In- Ing property for the amusement of
terests throughout the district some friends. Not much, Qulne Is
are making a hard light to de- !to ,"8T ferreting out law violators
feat George M. Brown for re- I In Douglas county. B. Fenton Is not
electon as prosecutng attorney.
By his Impartial enforcement of
the law Mr. Brown has evoked
their enmity. This fact, coupled
with his well known ability as
a prosecutor, should Insure Mr.
Brown'B election, and the vot-
ers of Curry county are going
to do ther part towards tills
News" there at one time resided a
number of Inmates of the lower
world. These Creatures were well
known to Kenton, who apparently al -
lowed them to cnn.nue the r nefar
ious conduct wltUc;. ..ioi&statlun.
Fenton was marshal of KorAburg at
tho time, but for nil of that, he wink
ed at the offenses and claim ;d he
had no knowledge ofthel being.
Finally, The News tuok o light
against the underworld, and after
bitter denunciation at the hands of
a certain element, the Inmates or !
the joint weio arrested, brought Into
court, convicted and fined. On the
witues-s stand In theso cases. Kenton !
evaded the Issues, and in substance,!
testified favorable to the creatures.
audi is the record of I). Fenton. J
tho brewery candidate, who seeks f
eletlou as sheriff on the democratic I
"rket- !
In addition to helping move trie ,
sign of Tho News, Kenton Is also !
said to have witnessed the decora-j
tlon of tho fence of the once famous I
bawdy houso wtll signs reflecting up
on tho women of this community. I
Women, what do you think ot the I
present city marshal and tho man !
wlio is at present seeking election as j
sheriff? Do you heliev that ho call j
offer you and your children protoc-i
lion? Mr. Voter do joii intend to !
vote for a man who would cast ques- j
Unliable reflection:: on your wife audi
daughters? Mr. Voter. just scan
thoso glaring signs, "Vote for Wom
en," then observe the background,
and deliberate. There Is but one
conclusion, B. Fenton and his follow
ers have npaprently lost their own
self respect.
With all. of these facts, enhanc
ed by the argument that Kenton is
the brewery candidate and the very
man who hns played the rirt of a
lieutenant for Mayor Micelll for
somo tlhio past, can the voters of
Douglas county e!r Fenton oherlff
on Tuesday next. There appears but
irschbaum Qolnes.
v I
one reasonable conclusion, mil that
Is the relegation .' Ft,- to the
The voters of Douglas county who
advocate good government are on to
Kenton. '
George Qulne, the present incum
bent of the sheriff's office Is a clean
and honorable citizen, a man of good
the person for sheriff of Douglas
county, considering that his past rec
ord will not stand the closest Investi
gation. During his incumbency as
marshal fo Roseburg he has done
nothing, whatever, save arrest a few
helpless drunks who were unable to
walk. Did anyone ever hear of Ken
ton raiding a "near" beer emporium?
Did anyone ever claim that Fenton
ntjtempted to njd Roseburg of Its
glided palace of Iniquity? No, Fen-
I ton waa never accused of doing any
thing like that.
George Qlilne Is the logical, the
capable and the efficient candidate
for sheriff He should receive your
votei Mr. Douglas County Citizen.
Christian Science, corner Main &
Lane streets. Sunday School 9:45
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like It. Preaching at 11 a. ill., by
fiev. .1. MacAllister, theme "Christ's
lild for a Tired World". Keep the
mid-week prayer meeting in mind,
Wednesdoy evening 7:30. We unite
with the other churches In the Sun-
day night meeting in the armory.
b'istinii Church,
'. N- McConnell, pastor. Sunday
school 10 a. m.: preaching II a. in.;
0. R. G:.10: union services 7:.'!0 p.
m. at Armory. Mr. Eddy will speiik.
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' t