The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, October 09, 1912, Page 8, Image 8

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Over Europe Hostilities May
Start any Moment.
Greek Minister Huh Left f'onstull.
tfnoplc for Alliens Ileprosen
tntivce Other Powers In
volved Ixwtvti Tonight.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 8. Accord
Ing to dispatches received here thlB
morning Greece has recalled her min
ister from Constantinople. This fact
given rise to fears that the war fa
really on. Announcement that
Greece, iltilgarla and Servla have
Jointly declared war against Turkey
is momentarily expected at the state
War Iteally fclsts.
LONDON, Oct. 9. A dispatch to
the Exchange, telegraphed via Paris,
says that Servla and Hulgaria have
severed diplomatic relations with
Turkey and a state of war exists.
(Jl'eck Minister Gone.
PARIS. Oct. 9. Dispatches from
Constantinople state that tho Greek
minister has loft for Athens, and
probably the Bulgarian and Servian
ministers will depart from Constan
tlnople this afternoon.
oi'' iioi;i,.s county.
(Iiniriimn J. C KiiHci'lon, of County
Central Committee Kx
plainH Situation,
In view of the peculiar political
condition which confronts tho voter
at the approaching election, as a
member of tho repuhllcnn county
central committee of Douglas county,
I desire to call tho attention of the
republican voters of the county to
tho Importance of tho election Inas
much as tho material Interest of the
people aro largoly Involved In the
Col. Roosevelt has left tho repub
lican party and la now the loader
nnd In fact the sole proprietor of a
new party, which calls Itself tho nat
ional progressive party. That this
party linu no chance to win In the
election, every oandld person who has
any knnwlodgo of existing polltl
conditions will surely concede
The light is now us It has been for
f Iirty yours past between tho republl
can and democratic organizations,
A vote byi a .republican for Hoose.
von. ih n pair vote ror Wilson, mid
tho greater tho number of Roosevelt
voies in mo pallet box on November
5, the greater the probabilities arc
of the cloction or Wilson. Thero Is
not it possibility of Roosevelt carry
ing more than threo states, and as
tha election day approaches tho prob
ability of his currying a single stati
grows small by degrees and beautl.
fully less.
Wo do not believe that the men.
who imvo heretofore voted the repub
lican measures, will now abandon the
party which has managed the affairs
, or the government so long, and un
der whose management the country
..... ,..,, ,,, , ,,,, greatest power
on earth, will wander off after
strange gods. Thero is no reason
Why he should do so.
The administration of i',,.i,i.,i
mi mis neon wiso ami patriotic, ir
during his administration anything
for the material Interest or the coun
try has railed of accomplishment, an
that tho fault was with congress mid
examination of th, record will show
hot with the president.
Is there any reason why Ih" repub
lican party shiiuM retire from husl-
in una lime, is there anything
In the condition or the country that
warrants the voters In finding I lint
the republican puny Is a failure, and
thai the country would be better
managed by puling the ,ipmm,t(.
I'urlv In power. What has the re
publican party done, or bus fulled to
do, that hns given the voters reason
to distrust It and conclude that times
would be better, mid business more
prosperous by a rrnne-e.
Does th- tanner, the merchant
the labor,..-, the professional man
have nnv reasons to bcllcvo thnt he
would In nnv nnv be better off by a
rhange or administration.
If nnv chance N made II will be the
nemocrnts who will control the Gov
ernment nfter March 4lh nct. Is
fhere anvtblng In the history or that
onrtv ror the Inst half renturv thnt
lends a sensible man to the conclu
sion that business would be belter
thnt wages would advance, there
would be mo'-" rirndovnictit muter n
Democratic administration than tm-
der the lendersbln of President Tntlj
ff not then whv take the chances of
a rhnmto. Arter nil to the average
,,.. nnlitics should be a matter ot
"lnes, nnd not of sentiment, and
Ms vole should be cist where II
would most benefit him.
There are many people In Douglas
County who resided here during the
last Cleveland administration. Do
I you recall the business conditions
Hint existed at that time, and If so
do you want some more of It. Do you
remember that there was no employ
ment for labor, and that one-half of
tho laboring men In the country
without food, except that given by
charity, and without shelter.
Do you who were engaged In farm
ing at that time recall that there was
practically no sale for farm products,
and that live stock brought less than
one third that It will now bring in
the market.
Do you recall the fact that the
courts were full of proceedings to
foreclose mortgages, and that In nine
caseB out of ten the party who held
the mortgage was compelled to bid
In the property for the amount of his
Examine the Court records of
Douglas County and see how many
mortgages have been foreclosed in
the Inst five years. You will find
Do any of you who were residents
or Douglas County during those
years of calamity recall the difficult
culty you had In finding monoy with
which to pny your taxes.. And do
you remember tho long list of de
linquent tax sales published In the
newspapers In those years.
Some of you who lived In the
country adjacent to Rosoburg will
doubtless recall that during those
lenn years a man who was engaged
In delivering wood was fortunate to
get $1.2.1 per tier for It. Not enough
to pny reasonable wages for hauling
It to town. He got nothing for his
wood, or for his labor In cutting It,
but he had to have a little money
with which to buy shoes and grocer
ies, and the man In town who bought
It could not nfrord to pay more.
These were the conditions when
the Democratic party was last In
power. Have you any reason to be
lieve that like conditions will not
nrevnll ir that party is again re
stored to power..
Do you recall how ninny houses
were vacant In the towns or the
Cnunty during thnt period, and those
of yon who bad houses or rarms to
rent enn easily recall the amount or
rent you obtained In those years.
Compare thoso conditions with pres
ent conditions, and then determine
ir you wish to take any chances In
ngnln putting tle democratic party
In power at Washington.
Does the man, who has recently
bought bind upon which he has made
lint u partial payment, believe that a
change or administration will In
crease tho value of his land, or better
ennble him to'seruio tho money with
which to ninko his nddltlonal pay
ments. H ho docs he Is foolish.
Does the man who has land to sell
believe that the market will bo im
proved under a democratic adminis
tration. Does the merchant or other
business ninn believe or have reasons i
to believe that business will Increase
or even hold Its own It we liavo a
rhnngo of administration. No son
ill. In mi. n believes It.
Under the administration or Pros-
went tart, the Panama Cnnn Is
Hearing completion. We on the
due const believe, and h live reason
to believe, that the completion or this
great enterprise will be or Infinite
Importance to our coast, and that all
classes of business will bo greatly
benefllted by tho canal, and that the
Purine Suites will enter Into an era
or Unprecedented prosperity through
the construction of this canal. The
money to build this canal was ap
propriated by a republican Congress,
and It Is being constructed by nnd
under the supervision of a Republi
can President, and In a short time
will he completed.
Do yon reel that you should now
urn the party nnd the President.
who have financed thin great enter-
nrtso. nnd hnve bronchi the n-nrli in
almost n conclusion, out of power.
The cnnnl has been constructed by
i Uehiibllcnn administration.' nnd a
Republican administration should
manace it utter Its completion. Ornt-1
Rude to the party, which has carried
tn practically a successrtil rnmplo-
Hon this irrent work, should certainly
nromnt the voters or the PaclMc
''oast to support this party to which
tin-- -r. Ind -l.'ed for earning on this
' enterprise, wb'-h will be com
"b'led within the next two years It
Prescient Til rt Is re-elected.
The Reoubllrnn. N-tlonal. State.
District and County ticket Is com
posed or men who are entitled and
should receive the support or all men.
who have heretorore nrrlllated with
the Republican party, nnd all others
who d.-slre the Country to grow and
What rtminclnl disaster mnv
""-'-'Ve tel. eonntrv- If President
Tsft is defeated, we, of course, rfln
t now foretell, but ImU-Inc the
future In the pnst, we do know that
we have reasons to fear a depression
in business nnd financial Injury to
m;iny of our people.
Your own Interest, ns well as the i
Interest or tho Country, will he
Kred Day has filed a motion In the
circuit court asking that) the case
filed by him against Nicholas Bahl
tpan be dismissed.
St. George's Guild solicits orders
tor comforts, tied and finished $1.
knotted 60c extra, also aprons and
rag rugs. n4
A. G. Young was today uppointed
administrator of the estate of Har
din Davis, deceased. A. E. Smith, A.
F. Stearns and C. A. McNabb were
appointed as appraisers.
H. A. Heavens and wife, or Cleve
land, Ohio, and P. J. Heavens and
wire, or Pittsburg, Pa., arrived here
today with a view of, locating in
Douglas county permanently.
Attorney B. I. Eddy today tiled
demurrer to ,the answer In the case
recently filed by Mr. Hunter against
the Clark & Henery Construction
Company. The demurrer sets up that
the contents of the answer Is In
sufficient to constitute a defense.
The local lodge of Moose Is today
working on n proposition to run a
special train to Salem on October
20, In order that the members or
the Roseburg lodge may assist In
dedicating tho new temple at the
capltol city. It Is believed the re
quired number or tickets can be sold
to assure tho special train.
For the third or fourth time with
in the past year, the Wolls-Furgo Ex
press Company Is today exhibiting
plans and specifications for a new
building which they contemplate
erecting on the Southern Pncific de
pot grounds. Whether the building
will bo erected Is a conjecture at this
Mrs. Olive Stephens today filed a
suit for divorce lu the circuit court
against her husband, Charles Steph
ens. The couple were married In
Douglns county on April 16, 1907 I
and reside nt Winchester. In Octob
er. 1907 the plaintiff alleges the de
fendant deserted her nnd has since
remained away.
Sherirr Ceorgo Qulno today receiv
ed a niessnge from the rhief-or-pollce
at Newark. N. .1., to the effect that
If had been decided to withdraw the
charge preferred against Felix Fel
rnth. who was recently arrested at
Oakland charged with wife desertion.
served by a voto for the Republican
Caiidldutos nil along the line.
Chairman of Republican County
Ever given in Roseburg', or, for that matter any other place
In the wonderful list of bargains we are offering
are included all our new FALL GOODS now on
hand and yet to come. REMEMBER. This Sale
continues until we are located in our new quarters
You Can't Afford To Miss It
Following receipt of the telegram
Kelratb waa released from custody.
Sol Williams, of Kiddle, was a
business visitor in Roseburg today.
E. A. King, or Oakland, spent the
day in Roseburg attending to busi
ness matters.
Mrs. Joseph Bartholomav left for
Albany and Portland to look after
business matters.
See the new I'.alian Relief work
combined with punch work, on dis
play at Grave's Art Emporium. tr
Mrs. F. E. Blackman left for Port
land this morning after a few days
spent In Roseburg visiting at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
S. R. Elmore.
B. V. Nichols, republican candi
date for representative from Doug
las county, spent last night In Rose
burg. Mr. Nichols resides at Rid
dle and returned to that city this
C. W. Howard, candidate for rep
resentative . from Douglas county,
spent yesterday in Roseburg visiting
with friends. Mr. Howard resides
at Glendale and Is quite well known
In this city.
A. .1. Henderson, who Is visiting at
the home or bis daughter, Mrs. De
Koss. In Flournoy Valley, was ad
mitted to Mercy hospital this morn
ing where he will receive medical
An intoxicated woman, who Is said
to have hailed rrom Springfield, Or.,
attracted no little attention upon the
arrival of the southbound local train
here last evening. The woman was
so Intoxicated that she could hardly
walk, an,d It was with difficulty that
she was escorted to a local rooming
house where she slept off her Jag.
The woman was accompanied here
by a mnn claiming to lie her bus-
lined, nnd he, too, wns well loaded :
with Honor. The couple left Rose-j
burg this morning tor points in the!
southern part of the state.
L. T. Matthews returned home to- '
inv from Posebure. Ho made the j
t'in overland on the Coos Bay wagon !
'"id. Mr. Matthews says thnt out-;
''ie of Roseburnr he met a man from i
ti-is nnd of the line who ciid he was !
on Ms w-nv to meet a pen.'-nr of teams '
wMf. In noma o.-.lnn-. The !
Hinn snld the teams belonged to Two-j
n- Bros., tlm contractors, nnd that
hev were be'ng broucWl to Cms t.. j
to be nee 'a railroad construction
"nrk on thi end of the line. Mr.
WsMbewq snvs he did not know the
mnn with whom ho talked, but gives,
the renort. for went It may bo worth. I
Cons Bav Times. 1
By Attending The Greatest Actual
Delia Ohlsen, of Yoncalla, waa
visitor in Roseburg for a few hours
last evening.
H. Goe, or Perdue, spent the
in Roseburg visiting with
Oeorge Dlmmck, of Salem, was a
business visitors in Roseburg for a
few hours today.
George D. Rose went to Shedds,
Lane county, thlB morning to look af
ter business interests.
William R. Vinson, of Coles Val
ley, siient the day in Roseburg at
tending to business matters.
Hermann Marsters, trie plumber
Is prepared to Install gas fittings at
well as pipe bouses. He guarantees
satisfaction. f
Miss Zoe Rockwell, of Colorado
Springs, arrived in Roseburg last
evening to visit with her aunt, Mrs.
E. Reynolds.
Claud Cannon left last night ror
Portland, Seattle, Spokane and oth
er northern cities to look afte? busi
ness matters.
W. C. Harding, or the Harding
Land Company, went to Portland
last evening to look after business
Tho members of the local Moose
lodge held a sort or a 'get-together"
meeting last night, with about I!00
persons In attendance. Following
the regular business meeting, dur
ing which several candidates were
initiated, a delicious banquet was
served. This repast proved a feature
or the evening and was greatly ap
Progressive Rally
Saturday Evening, October !2?h 7:30 p. m.
A. E. ClarK, Candidate forU. S. Senate. B. Elmer
Kennedy, Candidate for Secy, of State, and
other g'ood speaKers will discuss live
questions. Come out and hear them.
preciated by those present The
Moose orchestra furnished music for
the occasion.
William Cobb returned here this
morning after a few days spent at
points In the Northern part or the
Miss Irene Crlttendon arrived here
last night lor points In Southern Cal
ifornia to make her home with Mrs.
J. W. Tollman.
George Stearns and wire, or Oak
land, spent the day In Roseburg visit
ing with friends and looking artei
business interests.
W. H. Prultt and wife, of Glen
dale,' arrived here last evening from
Ostrander, Wash., whree they spent
the summer visiting with their son.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schwartz and
child leave tomorrow for points in
Wisconsin where they will spend sev
eral weeks with relatives and friends.
County Commissioner M. R. Ryan',
of Drain, spent last evening in Rose
burg attending the "get-together"
meeting of the local lodge of Moose.
Robert Connor, who hns been a
patient at Mercy hospital for several
days, was allowed to return home
this morning. Connor sustained in
juries in a runaway, and for a time
his condition was considered seri
ous. A chimney blaze in the residence
of Mrs. Clara Rast, at the corner of
Rose and Lane streets, was respon
sible for calling out the fire depart
ment this morning. The house Is be
ing remodeled and the carpenters
kindled a fire in the heater with the
result that sparks were soon darting
out of the flue. Knowing that the
house wns unoccupied, ' neighbors
turned in an alarm and the fire de
partment responded promptly.
r n