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fu;Falr Tonight ' Thursday
f $ .Hoi m.
" V 4-., v.
Today's Highest
Temperature, 78
No. 903
iRoosevelt Unreservedly Says
He Favors It.
Japan) Slay Ask V'nltcd States To
Stand Good For Death of Sub
ject Alleged, Murderers
; . Ask For; Trial.
(Special to The Evening News.)
WINSLOW, Ariz., Sept. 18. Col.
Roosevelt went himself one better to
day and unreservedly declared in
favor of the recall of all public offic
ials, and would have It apply to
everybody, including the president.
He denied in his speech here that
jiucb. law would destroy the independ
ence of public officials. The schedule
-laid out for Roosevelt will carry him
into Albuquerqnej) New Mexico, thlB
afternoon. ' '
' Ono Lone Jap Killed.
" "WASHINGTON, Sept. 18'. It was
"reported at the state department to
day that a Jap was killed in the bat
tle preceding the capture of El TiKre.
Mexico, where he was employed In an
American mining camp. Since he
was employed by Americans the state
department expressed the fear that
the Japanese governmnt may try to
hold the United States responsible
tor his death.
Want Immediate Trial.
NEW YORK, Sept. 18. Two of
the men held on' a charge of murder
In connection . with the"- killing of
Gambler Rosenthal, pleaded not guil
ty before Justice Goff this morning,
and both asked for Immediate trial.
They were remanded back to the
Tombs. ... -r
Involutions Not Allowed '
WASHINGTON. ,. Sept.- jjiThe
state department published a note to-,
day explaining why the government
intervened In the Nicaragua rebell
ion. The tenor of the note indicates
that the United States Intends to reg
ularly put a stop to all Central -American
revolutions which appear "to en
danger lives and property.
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Note by the Editor: Beginning today The News will take up, one
ea"h day, the several .Initiated amendments to the constitution of Oregon
Jind those proposed taws of similar origin and the referred acta of the
legislature. The News will discuss these measures from an unbiased and
nu unprejudiced point of view, only keeping in mind that which is for the
! Interests of the people as a whole.
Woman Suffrage.
Woman suffrage is the first amendment in the pamphlet sent out
by the seoretary of state to the voters as -provided for by law. It Is
particularly appropriate that the woman suffrage amendment came first.
The pamphlet la 252 pages' in length and the average voter will. perhaps
wade through the first ten or fifteen pages and then cast the '.book aside
or use it to start fires with in the morning. But the point la right here
the voter will read the' arguments pro and con on the woman suffrage
question and will know something' when he comes to vote on
the subject in November.
; There is. much to bo said In favor of permitting women to vote and
little- real .argurnent against It. The strongest reason for not permitting
women to vote is sentimental, and founded on a deep rooted belief, made
stronger through centuries of usage, that woman's sphere Is In the home
and that because of that she .Bhoild let the men decide on all matters
concerning the government of the people as well as the home.
True It Is that woman's sphere Is. her home just as much as man's
sphere is to provide that home with the necessities and as many of the
comforts of life aa his 'earning' power will permit. But man's sphere
has never hindered him from exercising the rights of citizenship. Very
few men neglect their business becanse they have the duty of voting.
Occasionally we find a man .who devotes most of his time to talking about
what he would do If he were In office and has a ready solution for nil
problems that confront '.our public officials, but that man is the exception
lather than the rule and is In the snme class with the woman who neglects
her husband, her children ; and. her home In order to gossip about her
neighbors' business and- affairs,' either this man nor this wo'man can
be taken as thp ..type of the average man or woman. . They are in a class
fby themselves and receive little recognition at the hands iof their follow
beings.. ; .., ; ..(-.
In the pamphlet referred to above the privilege is granted to both
sides of -each amendment to state concisely their views for, or, against the
particular amendment. We will take up briefly the argument's' of those
who oppose this amendment of granting to the women-of this state the
right of suffrage.. . We quote each argument In full.
, "(U .Suffrage is to be regarded not as a privilege to be enjoyed, but
as a duty to be performed."
This Is a literal truth. No bne denies that suffrage Is a duty. We
believe that those women throughout the Btate who are asking that they
lie given the ballot so regard' It. They are not seeking the ballot as a
means of enjoyment. They want It because they think that If woman
Is given a voice in the affairs of our government that many of our
institutions will profit thereby. They nom ciuenshlp us high, If not
more iso, than does man. She regards It as a duty which goes inmd
In hand with her home.
"(2) Hitherto the women of this state have enjoyed exemption from
this burdensome duty, and no adequate reason has been assigned for de
priving thein of that Immunity." r
Of all the childish arguments ever offered on a public question
of such Importance the above Is about the most childish. The argument
!f It can be termed by that name Is the spirit that animated the Tories
lu the war of the Revolution to remain loyal to the crown. Citizenship
i a duty and a burdenstime' one at that, according to the statement
made above. Why not let woman share thnt burden. Is It because of the
chrlvalry that every man displays for the weaker sex? We presume that
Is the reason why the argument was advanced. Tet hore In Oregon there
1b a determined request on the part of w'oman for the ballot and If chiv
alry Is to prevail let us men who have the decision of this question with
in our nanus acceocle to ttlier request and give them the right or duty
It you please to the ballot, , Because woman hag never had the ballot
In this Btate Is no reason why she should never have It If she want
It she Is entitled to it. Those who do not care to exercise it after it is
granted to them can stay away rrom the polls Just the samo as twenty
per cent of the registered voters do now.
.."(3) Because conferring surfrage upon the womon who claim It,
would ImpoBe suffrage upon the many women who neither deBlro It as a
privilege nor regard It their duty to seek It."
In answer to this argument it might bo again pointed out that twnfy
per cent of the male Voting population of this state annually stay away
from the polls. While It Is a duty of every citizen to exercise hla righl
t,f franchise there is nothing In our system of government to compel that
citizen to go to hc( polls and cast his ballot. ft Is Optional with
Mm whether or hothe voteB. Granting women the right to the ballot
joes not mean mat women will be compelled to vote at election time.
They may go to the polling booth and cast their voto or they may stay at
at home or do anything else that happens to please their fancy. Those
women wno want tne ballot should nave It. Thoso who do not care to
exercise It can leave It alone. Because some men don't vote Is no reason
to take the ballot away from others.. , - -
"(4) The need of America la not an Increased quantity. iut an
Improved quality, of the voto, and there Is no adequate reason to believe
that woman's suffrage by doubling the vote will Improve Its quality."
That phrase "Adequate reason" BeemB to he a favorite ono with
those who are opposed to woman suffrage, nut the fart remains that
wherever woman suffrage has been tried the quality of the vote has
Improved. PerhapB not at every election, but In crises whore everv vole
counts. The stay-at-home woman vote will offBct the stay-at-home mnn
ote. And the same Is true of those who vote. Hut when a mnmi !,,
Is at stake the women may be safely Counted on the right sfde of the
nuestlon. Judge Undaey, of Denver, the groat advocate of Juvenile courts,
has been repeatedly elected through the woman vote of thnt county. All
rorrupi ano powerrui innuences that were In that highly Immoral city
have been brought against this man and had It not been for good women
Ihcre he would have gone down to defeat every time he was a candidate
for the office of Judge. The great, majority of women ar0 opposed to law
lessness, Immorality.- corruption and all the other political evils that our
government is heir to. By their vote against these evils women have
ttamped out much of this In those states where Buffruge exists.
(6) The household, not the Individual, Is the unit of the state, and
the vast majority of women are represented by household suffrage."
That Is a pretty term household suffrage Invented by those on-nos
ed to the extension of suffrage to women and who wanted a nice sound
ing word or two to catch the unwary. Hut household suffrage means noth
ing. If woman's sphere Is the household and wo believe that It In
and the household Is the unit as the antl-suffragettes have correctly slat
ed, then we should think that the one whose sphere is the household should
ue entitled to vote on questions and matters of state, the unit of which
Is the household, as above stated.
"(6) Women not so- represented (by household suffrage) suffer no
practical Injustice which giving the suffrage will remedy."
This refers, wo presume, to maiden ladles and widows. But why
fhould they be deprived of the ballot If they want It. It Is their privilege
to vote Just the same as their more fortunate or unfortunate slaters.
This class of women Is extremely small, 6ut they are entlfled to the same
(Continued on page 4.)
i My fall term In voice work
opens Monday, Sept. 23. All
old pupils, as well as new ones,
wishing to take up work are
Invited to call at the tsudio for
hours, rates.. jetc.
312 E. Cass. !
Place Congressional Ticket in
The Field.
hoim;u-i,ku nuptials.
lYomiueut Ijookinjr fthiss tjl lrl
Wedded To Nevada Mit.
At four thlrt,y o'clock this after
noon, at the home of the groom's par
ents, Mr. jand Mrs. T. L. Lee, of
Looking Glass, Miss Carrie Hodge
and Mr. H. C. hee were united In
wedlock, the ceremony being pro
nounced by Rev. Vernon. The wed
ding was witnessed by qnly a few
close frlendB and relatives of the
bride and groom. A six o'clock this
evening a reception will be held at
the Lee home in Ixioklng Glass, when
congratulations will bo extended to
the happy couple by the hosts of
Looking GlasB. people who hold Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Leo In highest esteem.
Miss Carrie Hodgo. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Win. Hodge, the charming
bride, has lived in Looking GlasB for
many years, and has a legion of
friends In thnt valley and In the
county. The groom Is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. T. L. Lee, of Looking
Glnss, and although a practical
stranger to most "of the residents ot
this section, Is a young mnn of high
Btnndlng In IiIbj homo community.
The happy young people will leave
for Thompson, Novada, on Monday's
train, at which place they will make
their permanent home, Mr. Lee bo
lug employed 1n the smelter there.
Nominated For Congressman From
Third District Bourne Failed
To Get In On The NonU
nation for Senator.
, .. I
Senator-A. E. Clark, Portland.
Congressman J. W, .Campbell,
Secretary of State Benjamin
Kennedy, Portland.
Supreme Judge George Joseph,
Railroad and Warehouse Com-
mlssloner Robert Service,
Baker. '
Food and Dairy Commissioner .
J. D. Mlckle, Hlllsboro. v ,;
Presidential Electors Dan Kel-
lnher, Portland; Levi . W, Myers,
Portland; W. K. Nowoll, Qaa- .
ton; L. H. McMahan, Salem; A.
K. Ware, Jackonvllle.
Accused of stenllng $550 from ills
father, Orvllle Thrush, of Camas Val
ley, was arrested tills morning' by
Deputy Sheriff Stewnrt and will be.
brought here tonight ponding ft pre
liminary hoaririg. The complaint was
Issuer! upon .Information furnished by
Miss Snrah Thrush, who Ir a daugh
ter of Abraham Thrush, the parent,
who lost the money. According to
Miss Thrush, her father entertained
little confidence In the banks and
ns a result cached the money on his
farm. Discovering the hiding plnce,
young Thrush Is alleged to have tak
en the money unbeknown to his fath
er or other members of the family.
The theft was discovered In due
time, however, and Miss Thriuth has
tened to iloaoburg whore a wnrrnnt
was issued for the alleged thkr, It
Is prolmhlu that the'prellniliiarylienr
I" S wtj lie held befyie-Jnstfce of the
Peace Reuben Mnrsters sometime to
morrow. j
JtKOrivM.Xi ST! I)
' ' I ijas-
MrsV- C li'nYles Holnllne has' rotnrii
ed from fjppkane, where she has
liWittlu gummer studying with the
eoltbfiite New York artist,- Eugene
nern-tUn. . r She -invites all former
pupils-, ai y;t) as new, (o cull upon
her this week at her residence sftlillo,
42.1 Ella street, relative to rates and
hours ;for the fnll form, beginning
.Monday. September 23. Because of
a demand tor piano kindergarten.
Mrs. Helnllno has arranged to In
clude morning classes for children
of four to seven years of age. In her
studio work, and will be pleased to
explain the system to any Interested
parents. Phono 3.1-11. ,24
aALsn, ur., eept. 11. in me
stormiest Blithering ot politicians ev
er assembled in the atate, in whioh
fists were brandished, shouts ot ''no v
gag rule" and other similar express
ions wore froquontly heard, and af
ter a determined fight had been made
for Jonathan Bourne Vy. a retinue ot
supporters who, were said to have
come to the convention led by A. A.
Muck, of sY. Johns, with the grim
purpose of nominating the senator
for re-election, A. E. ClorK, Ot Port
land, was yesterday nominated for
Tfltwl Ctlnlna uinnlnr frnm ftrnrrnn
by the progressive party, which mot...
In the armory In this city. P. VT.'.
Mulkoy wns well supportod, but ro
celved the shortest vote. '
Mr. Clnrk failed to receive a ma
jority of the votes cast on the flrat
bnllot und was declared nominated
when representatives of both ' the
other candidates withdrew their
names, the Bourne support evident
ly realising after Mr, Mulkey had
Withdrawn llial tho ex-senator's votes
eoiild go to Mr. Clark and nominate
lilni over Bourne. Full tickets were
declared for district, state and conn-ty.l-
For congressman from the first
(listing J. W. Cnmpbell, of Roach 11 rg, ,
was named, and provision was mado
(Continued on Page 6.)
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