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Editor and Bole Proprietor.
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RntArArl no. nflivtnrftnRi mntlpr
November 6, 1910, at Roseburg, Ore.,
ander act or March 8. 1879.
VIUDAY, Al'Ol'ST l, lUia.
: The lzak Walton's of this part
of the country )a,re )lnHltlng that
. the game warden should plant fish
both In the North and South Umpqua
rivers. A number of local wellders
ul tan rou anu lacKie wmn uihck hubs
planted while still others want trout.
The game warden says that the black
bass are destructive of other fish and
that sooner or later they will eat or
kill all the others in the streams.
An easy wny to satisfy both clnsses
of anglers would be to plant the bass
In the South Umpqua and the trout
In the north branch or the stream.
Black Ivass will not frequent the
North Umpqua for any distance for
the roabon that the waters of tha
stream are too cold. The bass must
bave warmer water in which to pro
rogate and thrive.' The South Ump
qua Is noticeably warmer than the
nonu umpqua unu hub ueiuK bu mu
bass will thrive here and the trout
In the other Btream. Of course at
the Junction of the two branches
the bass in time will drive out what
trout frequent those waters, but the
North branch being colder the bass
will not travel far lip that chunnel
and the trout will not he disturbed.
The bass is by far the gamier of the
two flsh, as It takes both the halt
and fly hooks and puts up a struggle
that equals the fight made by a sal
mon. No more interesting sport Is
ofrered to the lover of the rod than
bass fishing. It is a splendid flsh to
ontch and is most palallble to eat.
, Wo hope that when the flsh are plant
ed at least some bass will be placed
In the South Umpqua, and what flsh
are planted In the North I" m pq u
should be trout.
Editor News: . Mayor Gaynor. of
New York, was to be Tammany's can
didate for the governorship of the
fttate. The exposure of the partner
ship existing between the gambling
fraternlay, tho macquerpan, and oth
ers engaged in commercializing vice
and crlmo, on the one Bldo and the
Now York police on tho other, has
caused the mayor's camiMiign for the
governorship to fall flat The In
dictment of Police Lioutenaut Ileckor
for complicity In tho murder of Ros
enthal, who was about to make Im
portant revelations to the district at
torney, caused a great sensation. Clt
Izons Issued a call for a mass moot
ing to take up the matter of law en
forcement. Tho situation in New
York Ib of grave Import, becauso It
Is rocogulzori Vis being typical of
what exists In Icks conspicuous form
It was long ngo' predicted that our
republic would not endure because
lack of rospect for the law would
Increase nnd overwhelm our Institu
tions. It was worth fighting for the
foundation of this nation, It was
worth fighting to maintain Its exis
tence in the sixties, and imtrlotlc
people believo It Is still worth while
to light ngaiiiRt the rising tide of
lawlessness which would destroy It.
Whothor in the chief city of the na
tlon or In the llttlo Oregon railroad
town of Huntington, wherever viola
tion of the law Is connived at or
encouraged for lucre, there must cor
rective public sentiment bo aroused.
Greed is active everywhere and the
. baste to be rich Is undermining the
whole social fabric. For love of gold
men who wl8h to stand high in puh
llo estimation, who step forth at
There Are Ten Ten
ants LooRing for a
House Like Yours!
Any ono of the ten would
' consider your rental priro
reasonable, and our housf,
or apartment, IDEA!-exactly
what ho has been look
ing for!
Your "reasonably porsls
tont" use of tho "to rent"
columns of this paper will
' result in helping SOME of
these ten possible tenants to
find your houso or apart
ment. Tho details will bo
easy to arrangol
Unit Your ltoute Throitah
every opportunity as the representa
tives of the citizenship of their com
munities do not hesitate to main
tain secret alliances with those who
scheme and conspire to evade and
overturn the law and to corrupt our
ctttzenshlp. These men traffic In the
baser appetites and passions for
gold, trusting In an outward veneer
of respectability to Bave them from
condemnation and scorn. Men who,
like Police Lieutenant Becker, and
Italian offlcluls Implicated In the
crimes of the gigantic and bloody
Oamorra of Italy, have their counter
parts everywhere. In Oregon, where
the opportunities for the accumula
tion of wealth by legitimate means
are still many, there would seem to
be less occasion than elsewhere for
men to band themselves together to
vlolato the law and exploit vice and
crime for profit. And yet the stain
Is on Oregon, also Governor West
has exposed the shame of some com
munities, but he has only begun.
Whether he will continue bis cru
sade for decency remulns to be seen.
But no self-respecting community
ought to require or expect the Inter
ference of the governor in draining
its moral swamps, any more th,an it
would require or expect such assist
ance in disposing of Its sewage. It
is time for men and women, every
where, who love decency, home and
country, to make their Influence felt
against every secies of violation of
the law, and against the violators
whether clad In rags and filth and
sunk in degradation and despair, or
wearing purple and fine linen and
faring sumptuously every day.
Tho violators of the law who are
undermining the nation and society
are not the poor, hungry tramps and
petty larcenlsts, but the well-to-do
and appnrontly respectable class who
are living on the dividends of dis
honor, and who are willing to sow to
the wind, if they may live easily to
day, leaving to posterity the whirl
wind of tomorrow.
X. X.
Fran Decision For Third Party
Ticket Will Mean Penrose
CHICAGO. Aug. 8 William Fllnn.
of Pittsburg, the Roosevelt leader In
Pennsylvania, has announced that he
will supH)rt the regular republican
state ticket In Pennsylvania this
fall, but would support the Roosevelt
electors on the "Washington" party
ticket as opposed to the Taft elec
tors, who will be named on the re
publican ticket. He explained the
state ticket was not lniortant. only
a few minor offices being voted for.
Fllnn, It is said, has been more or
less chagrined by the decision of Col
onel Roosevelt thnt there must be a
straight-out third party electoral
ticket In Pennsylvania. The Pitts
burg loader and his associates had
just succeeded this spring in wresting
control! of the stato from the so
eajled Penrose mnehiue and had
gained supremacy of the republican
In the convention yesterday. In
seconding tho nominations of Col
onel Roosevelt and Governor John
son, Fllnn remurked with some feel
Ing that It was "a very ludicrous pro
position," that the progressives
Hhould again have to give the repnb
licun party back to "Penrose and his
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J. 8. Wiley, the county commis
sioner, who has been attending coun
ty court here, left last night for his
home at Myrtle Creek.
Notice Is hereby given that the
undersigned Executrix of the Last
Will and Testament of William R.
Buzzell, deceased, has filed her final
account with the Clerk for Douglas
County, Oregon, and the Honorable
G. W. Wonacott, Judge of said Court,
has fixed Tuesday, the 13th day of
August, --12, at the hour of ten
o"clock in the forenoon as the time
and the County Courtroom in the
Courthouse, Roseburg, Oregon, as
the place for hearing objections, it
any, to said final account and for
al2 Executrix
In the County Court State of Ore
gon for Douglas County.
In the matter of the estate of Katie
Bunnell, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned executrix of the above nam
ed estate has filed in the above nam
ed Court her account in final settle
ment thereof and the Court by order
duly made and entered of record has
fixed Thursday August 29th, 1912, at
10 o'clock a. m for hearing of ob
jections if any to said finnl account
and settlement of said estate. This
notice is published in The Umpqua
Valley News by order of Judge of
above entitled Court, dated July
24th, 1912.
a22 Executrix.
In the County Court of thd State
of Oregon for Douglas County.
In matter of Estate pf Rebecca J.
Perkins, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that tho
undersigned administrator of above
named estate, has filed in above nam
ed court his account in final settle
ment of said estate and said court by
order duly made and entered on the
Journal thereof has fixed Saturday
the 31st day of August, 1912, at 10
o'clock a. m., for hearing of objec
tions if nny to said final account and
tho settlement of said estate and said
court further ordered that the fore
going notice of final settlement be
published In tho Semi-Weekly Ump
qua Valleys News for tho period re
quired by law for publication of no
tice of final settlement.
a26 Administrator.
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