The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, September 14, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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BubscrJutJuo IUte Dally.
Per year, by mall 3.00
Per month, delivered CO
'Per year $2.00
fllz months 1-00
Entered aa second-class matter
November 6, 1910, at Rosoburg, Ore.,
under act of March 8, 1879.
The open saloon la still Bhut out of
old Maine, and the fact has caused
much chagrin In whisky circles. The
Ort'Koniun, refurrliifc to the matter,
suys "ethically speaking, what right
have half of the people or Maine
plus 400, to regulate the habits of
tho other hair?" me isews sees u
differently. Suppose the "wets" had
won by 400 votes, would they have
right to foist the saloon upon the
tomperaiiee half? linen the Oregon-
Ian believe in majority rule.
"ethically" speaking would It have a
"wet" minority trample a "dry" ma
jority? No "dry" atlvucato desires
to prevent any man from drinking as
mucn forty-rod as his blue win hoiu,
but ' ethically" he does object to the
stuff being ofrered to everybody in
general, and his own sons and daugh
ters fn particular, and In this sen no
he has a perrwt right and more. It
is his duty to "regulate the habits
of the other half.
A lone bandit holds up a pedes
trian, on a trio board an express
train and rob the mall, getting away
with a few hundred or a thousand
dollars, and the press blazon the fact
In scare bead Uihh as a daring deed,
while officers and dogs hunt for the
hfghwayiuenoftcii In vuin. Hut,
why spend so much time looking for
two or three men who have taken In
signifteent sums from a mall bag or
an expreKS puckuge when greater
criminals are robbing the entire
American people of hundreds of mil
lions annually? Bugar combines have
cornered tho market and forced the
price of that hoiiKehold com mod fly
to the highest notch reached In the
past twenty yuan, and that, too, with
225,000 tons of raw Hiigar now ou
rou to to this country from Hawaii
and Java, and with more of the prod
uct In sight now than I hen was at
this time In 1910. February last the
quotation in ban Francisco was $4.10
per hundred, and today it Is $7. Fort
land quotations are 17.35, while lo
cally the price Is $7.90. A dollar
and ninety cents per every hundred
pounds consumed goes into tho pock
ets of the trusts via. the protection
route. This over and above a legi
timate profit. Not satisfied with rob
bing (tie infiHuiuor of that $1.90, tho
Hiigur trust forces the price fur above
usually prevailing ((notations, but
there Is no reason why sugar now
should be sold for more than it was
last February the only reason hu
ms glnahlo Is that the officials are
'coming back" at tho jeoplo to re
imburse theimtelves for the fines as
sessed for other criminal actions a
few months ago. Not only should
that $1.90 duty be taken away, hut
the government must come up with
proer regulation of prices in this
great industry.
tut Haiti Is Promised For Tomorrow
FnlverMul Weather Conditions.
For 34 years tho average rainfall
for the month of September Is 1.04
Inches at Koseburg. During the first
fourteen days of the present month
we have had 1.67 Inches, or an excess
above average of .t3 of an Inch, and
Observer William Hell calmly asserts
that the brilliant sunlight of today
will be followed by more rain to
morrow. At Portland the rainfall for
September exceeds any former rec
ord, 4.44 inches have fallen. Ruin
has fallen there every day this
month excepting the flrnt, seventh
and thirteenth. These early rains
have proven particularly beneficial
to the apple crop and gardens, be
sides starting the grass, which will
be of tnoHtlmable value to stockmen
and farmers who have cattle, sheep
or horses lu pasture.
Silk Floss pillows ready siunea at Subscribe for The Evening News
ouuusb, uvk. and keep up-to-date, j
We don't keep the best, we sell the , . T" ,i
best. IS. W. Strong, the furniture Ml fT of 31 k,u,m' "t
1U ; the day in Kobeburg visiting with .
M .friends.
I .large Jumbo Tablets,
cents at the Hochdale.
only five
dsws!9 1
J. M. Rowers, of Oklahoma, ar
rived in KoHchurg this morning In
search of a location for a Jewerly
store. Ho says ho Is pleaned with
Koseburg, and It may bo possible that
he will engage in business beer ut an
arly date.
Among those who left for coast
points on this morning's stages
were Thurmau f'aiinou and wife,
Adam Kesldls, Charles Haves, Sam
Hayes, D. O. Bland, W. W. Ware,
. U. Williams, Lano Thornton and
V. John and wife.
R. P. Smith & Son's fine dress
shoes for men at the Rochdale.
dsw-Bl 9
C. K. Hinder, of Myrtle Point,
spent the day in Koseburg looking
after various business Interests.
John SpAiigh, the Looking Glass
farmer, was a business visitor lu
Koseburg for a few hours today.
Cheat seed, vetch, red clover, alfal
fa, and all kinds of grass seeds. Our
Hue is complete. The Kochdale.
J. O. Johnson, the Leona lumber
man, is spending a couple of days in
Koseburg attending to business mat
ters. Robert Connor and John Hanks
have returned from Portland where
t hey sKut a (couple of days look
ing after business Interests.
Charles Brand, of Garden Valley,
sKnt the day in Koseburg attend
ing to business matters and visit
ing with friends.
Marks' TTmp(un Creamery Butter
Is Just a little better than the best,
A home product. For sale by the
Kochdalo only. dsw-sl9
Dr. J. G. Fisk.wPH In today from
his ranch south of the city, and re
ports that the Fisk Fruit Farms are
taking on the appearance of a town,
and that a number of new homes
have been built there lu the past
few months.
If. R. McMillan, of Hoaglln, Is
spending the day in Koseburg at
tending to business matters.
H. M. Kennedy, of Camas Valley,
was a business visitor in Roseburg
I for a few hours this afternoon.
I Kxperiment a little with your cof-
fee. Compare, the kind you are now
using with White House, as to lasting
qualities, taste and general satisfac
tory results. No other quite so
I good. For salo only by the Roch
dale. dsws!9
School lunch boxes that can be
folded may be bought for 25c at
Stroug's, the furniture man. si 3
matters. Mr. Bonebrake expects to
teach at Perdue during the coming J
year. The schools will open on Mon
day. George Culver and a party of
friends left for Salem last evening j
where they wilt spend the remainder i
of the week attending the state fair.
The boys are making the trip in Mr. j
Culver's automobile.
Victor Mirelll who hnn been Rtiend- I
iug the summer vacation at the home;
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Mlcelll, leaves for Portland Sunday
night wliere he will resume his
John White, who was recently ar
rested on a charge of assault and bat
tery preferred by G. F. Jones, was
arraigned In Justice of the Peace
Marsters' court last evening, and up
on entering a plea of guilty was fined
In the sum of $10. lie paid the
You use your Sissors and Shears every day:
Are they Sharp? Do they stay-Sharp?
Are you PERFECTLY SATISFIED with them?
If you have a
You will answer Yes as the Clauss fills all the requirements
of a good shear or Scissor. The manufacturers justify their
confidence in them by giving them an
An Unlimited Guarantee
Sealshipt Oysters
No Water
Handled In Most Huiillnry Alan hit, iiihI ('iinrnntccd Absolutely
Krt'o Kroiii Prescrva! Ives.
$1.00 Quart 50c l'int 25c Half Pint
Cass Street Market
Transcient stock given best of care. Horses boarded
atreasonable rates. Kit st class rigs, good horses
and careful drivers
Blacksmith Shop in Connection
All Work Guaranteed
Cor. Main and Washington Sts. Phone
Standard Prints
5 c per yard
10c per yard
New goods every day. Complete line of Groceries,
Dry Goods, Shoes and Hals. Highest price paid for
produce. Miss May Wells, an experienced sales
woman, has charge of our dry goods department.
With B. F. D.
"Insect Outsect" Powder
You can destroy all the flies in a room in three
minutes. Place a little powder on a fan-throw it
into the air and fan it. Destroys all the Hies. It
saves time, work and worry. "A square deal pow
der" in square bottles 25c.
The most appetizing cream made is now being
served at our soda fountain. Try it. It's the
best in the land.
Roseburg Oreg
Strong' $1.50 comforts uro tmffj
:iiul warm. Just tho thing for tin
t-nlil wi'iiihi'r itiul storms. gi;t
R. Stubbs & Co.
The Underselling Cash
(let onr prices nn fruit Jar he
fore buying elsewhere 10 ht rent off
7 packages of hunt wood Tooth
Tick lie
6 rolls stnndard Toilet Paper V
2 Lamp Chimneys, Any alto l.V'
7 Bars of Armour Hammer
Soap V
Small Carnation Milk, per can fie
Forcc, per pkg 1.1c
And many other all cut down for
Lemons dozen. 35c
juicy stock
23c bott pickles 2(kt
Scoff on all bulk cof-
Corn starch 3 pks 25
Largo pk Hold Dust
21 bars of any white
soap 51 and 1 bar of
toilet soap free
Armors K;incv Salt
Pork 17'j cents
Armors Picnic hams
ltkts per pound
Carnation" Milk 1 Oct
Yejoban 3 cans 25ct
13 pounds of granu
lated sugar 51, with
every 52.00 order.
1 pt bottle of blue ami
1 pt bottle. jof amonta
15 cents
Swift Pride Cleanser
5 cents per can
Ami mcuiy otheiscut
for cash.
Again it becomes a privilege and
pleasure to u to cxternl our sincere
thanks to you for the suppoit and
patronage given us in the past year.
One year ago we opened in your
city our rash grocery. Through court
esy, honesty and square dealing we
have won your confidence which wo
prize highly, it is our aim always to
give you the best for the leasl
money. Yours to live anil please.
Stubbs and Co.
Are You
Going to Start to
We Pay Cash for Produce
Market Conditions.
Sugar Hgher
Coffee Strong
Meat Higher
Lin Strengthening
Canned goods going higher
r-KK Higher
Country butter Scarce
We are also jobbers of Wheat,
Hay, llarley, Oats, Shoi ts. liran and
I Monday
1 uesday
Wo have h;wl experience In the
Pclmol supply Hue, utul know
what is tvqtilretl for school.
Wo have tho largest toek of
Tablets, pencils, etc.
Tho lowest prlcea.
Heaitquartera for fountain peas.
Your pulronago solicited.
Book Store
Horn of Plenty Scissors
Stork Scissors
Oval Pocket Scissors
Embroidery Scissors
Button Hole Scissors
Manicure Scissors
Household Trimmers Ks
Paper Hangers Shears
Bankers Shears
Roaching Shears
Left Hand Shears
And Other Shears
We are making a
for Friday,
THE 15th
of any shear or scissor of
a value of N
75c for 40c
Churchill Hardware Co.
It collects the dust when sweep
ing, It preserves the floor, it pre
vents breathing disease germs, and
makes th premises sanitary. NO
OUST for rugs and carpets, CEDAR
INE for floors aud linoleums. Put
up the 1E0 and 200 pound barrels,
and 100 pound sacks. Write us.
Crescent Chemical Company, 526
Washington street, Portland, Ore.
Compounds for sule by B. W. Strong,
Koseburg, Or. nl5
Suits and overcoats made to meas
ure $15.00 to $45.00. Choice of 600
samples, styTo and fit guaranteed.
Ktonch dry denning and pressing.
Gtllmour, the liOndon Tailor, 8. W.
corner Cnss and Pine streets. tf
ft ft :: ft $ a &
ft ft ft ft
A. S. Wilson and wife left Rose
burg this afternoon for Eugene
where they intend to make their fu
ture home.
Clara and Llllie Weiss leave here
tonight for Mt. Angel where they will
attend school during tho coming
Mrs. O. C. Sether. or Olendale, is
expected here this evening to spend
a couple of days visiting at tho home
of her son, Dr. A. V. Sether.
"If furniture didn't break the fur
niture man would starve," says
Strong. See him when you get mar
ried, or when a round breaks. si 3
In checking up the candidates re
cently nominated hy the local so-
clalst party, it bus been found that
two councilman have been named In
the third ward, while the organiza
tion failed to nominate a man In
the fourth ward. The candidates
named In the third ward are Carl
Huffman and Dan Bunnell. In slat
ing the ticket it appears - evident
that the socialists were of the opin
ion that Mr. Bunnell resides in the
fourth ward. Living on the west
side of Jackson street, Mr. Bunnell
cannot qualify as a candidate In the
fourth ward and will be compelled
to share honors with Mr. Huffman
in the third ward.
Room 6, Doll Sisters Building ft
ftftftftftft :J
hoot hkhk imi:wi:i from
Physician and Surgeon. ft
9 A
Rooms 1 and 2 Abraham nlHe
Rosehnre. Oreurnn A
O.i, say, what has changed vou,
Yuor skin's so bright and clear.
Well, I'll give It to you straight,
old boy,
I drink lots of Brewed Root
Phone 276.
-! f. W. HAY NFS s
ft Dentist
Roseburg Natlonai Bank nidi.
Hours 10 to 12. 2 to 4.
if Phone 1283. '
Roseburg ... Oregon.
Thnt many of them are dally en
during needless pain that a reliable
remedy is within the reach of all,
and that we absolutely guarantee sat
isfaction or will refund any money
you may have paid for this treat
ment. Physicians In fronting women's ail
ments have demonstrated the value'
of certain drugs for such cases and
these ingredients, following the for
mula of a certain successful physi
cian, are contained In Rejall Vege
table Compound, in the amount con
sidered necessary to produce the
most satisfactory results.
We want every ailing woman In
this city to realize the value of this
remedy and to that end offer to re
fund any money paid us tor this pre
paration, if, after n fair trial, it
rails to produce beneficial results.
Hexall Vegetable Compound can
only be obtained at our store The
uoxall store. Prico $1.00 nor hot-
Fnllerlon & Richardson. dsws!6
The proof of the Pud
ding is in the eating-
Of the h-ee in the growing
Ask your neighbor who
has planted
Yakima or Hood
River Trees
See jow they grow,
then place your tree
order with
The Nurseryman
- III till y ' --
Coffee Special
Our every day coffee special Is
Itood coffee. Our special Mend nt
-" ht pound is the best that
.money can buy. Our (iolden West
Steel Cut Is the U-st on the mnr
ket. Try a 1-pound can If not
satisfied, your money bark.
Henry Easton
M N Jackson Phone 26
tioods of every dcwrlutlon moved to
ny parts of the city. rrK-r rwfln-
Auto Stage to Coos Bay
Touring Car leaves Roseburg everv dav except
Sunday at 6:30 a. m., connecting with afternoon
train at Myrtle Point tor Marshtield
Fare $8.00
rare on regu ar stage, part wavbv Auto, 6.00
-' '" -'ini aim Aiarsnnem. btape
every dav including Sunday
HC UDrUrU n - i- - V K manii Kse streets. Phones
. 5. t KLN til 1 Oftloe 39 Kesidenw316. C. P. BARNARD, Prop
NHHt Hit