The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, September 09, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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bt h. W. HAIL.
tfrbtKU 1M1LY H'SIMY.
gubf.Tiptioa Ku UniJy-
Prr yew, by null , $3 0
fr nvstb. tflrt4
Per r'
6U moaibA -tt
Entered m Kod-lw Batii
Kov-iLtT 6, 1J0, t Kowrburg, Or-,
coder of rcb 3. 17.
HTtiUMY .KKITKMISfcll , Itfll
Uu(n.1 return iMioti Hr1 Ki
Molt day M? rc h u t John HuU hr
rt-ivd a Mter from tb rilrMl
cowifjliou of tiiie iUt e fuJJo:
'Tiiiu m a 1 ler K d u !o u r P r '
duly Iuvtfjritte4 by the twio
ujJmIuu, i4 on February J IVJ'J,
the coiuujJbBion (tutr-d u ordr di
rwtlJug lh Boutbera Pacific Ovoj
pauy U rur)4 a pur or aidiuic at
Kdeubower vJtbln i( day from tii
dt of 6rvf of a copy of tb com
ujlaeloa' order upon tb compauy.
TJ railroad f-ouipauy took tb wint
er into tbe court aud H It tiil
I-u!iii)( tbir aud ewiireiy out of tat
eort'ol f'f tb eoioujlheloD. We
1j4pjhk bat thfm ursy b a 4 wis. 'i
ut y date, but kav no ia-
foriuatiou nheti it may be eriec1ed."
It may ix Kl(t-d to tb ftUnr, tb?
Iualty taitf brought In JxMjjsla
comity t I lie request of the cum ml
Ion, April ii, IK 10, was continued
jM-wdlijg tbe reult of MurJou euuat'
Mr. Morgan, of Jdabo, who fjuite
wxuOy purcbKvd tin if ford tra
of. tu aires, ba l&ku poaie iieioij
of (!e name, aud with bi la'n)J wiJJ
iiV( hit, ienx)au-.ui hu;u lu Kd,u-
I'll HllWIW" 1
Transcient stock jiven best of care. Horses boarded
a treasonable rates. Eiist- class ris, good horses
and careful drivers
Blacksmith Shop in Connection
All Work Guaranteed
Cor. Main and Washington Sts. 1'hone
Standard Prints
New goods every day. Complete line of (Iroceries,
Dry Goods, Shoes and Hats. Highest price paid for
produce. Miss May Wells, an experienced sales
woman, has charge of our dry goods department.
R. Stubbs & Co.
The Underselling C.nsli
lift iMir iilt-'tt utt Irull an ln'
tnr ImiIiik i'lh-wln"n iu (mt t'iil off
7 packiiK'A f tt it r 1 wmul Ttmlli
I'd Im -sr.i
6 riilln l. in. I ii iil (I'ullt'I ru r s.v
2 Lamp ChlintHMN. uuy nl'n . . . Ii
7 Hum f Annniir H.iniMmr
Simp yr
SiiibII CirnndoD Milk, jht enn fx-
Korce. per phg I.v
And ninny ullipr nil cut ilimn for
To wii4 and ooley fri)(w r
rivfcd front KoeLur ia tduUiw
Tuetday After bovu on borbebaot.
Their breatfaa wer tot odoroieut
ib tbe oerruuiw of violet, ftvr id
eitber hl iu hit uddie vitb tb ae
aud rrat of te milled cowboy. Tc
ji birwiiy tn.;ji.tJ atjut Ite inuw
hey loaded Jtb booxe. :tJ I'i:
b d-fcu.''iuie itfiiJ at tbl, m:ir-
ajfed to uiiiwk lib uoatotfi bfjit for
i. ixiaiJ an riu-r a couple of -f.yii
ufced-d In rejiiOUBlJug hi Jtor.
abd bo'b lor up tbe rond tc Wiu
;be1t'i. -b tfbt a balf ruUe frviu
ibe jyjfcto!fi' Hill tumble from bis
borse into (be road with the okusi
inebriat oibu'e lotM( aud Carl came
tjtLik to thi? tore ata-tlux that b
bad Jon luO In eurreiit-y from bin
pocket, loudly iutimatiiiK bjmeoue
bad Klck it up. Jie Dually weru
bwk to tbe otber aid, ieaving tbe
More beiieviiJi? be bad wittered bU
mojjy In tbe beer )oiiita all over the
rJty, before be came to JaeutKwer.
The Gaddia plw of 40 wm, 1l
Kd-ii bower, 1 shortly to be surveyed
Into eiiali tracta aud sold, before
bJa lh dou a lare 4-incb mater pit-
or maiu If to be laid tbe entire leijb
of the i'i a'.re, oortb and wjutb, to
fyrrjiifa wb amall trart, to be cou
rioted with it, with the water
hJ, Thl fukurea quit an jxicreaite
of perriiauent population at an early
date, and several thousand of dol
lar exjeuded In the erection of new
real den bulIdJUga.
W. H. Jirantb and wife l-ft Thurs
day morning for tbe Klamath coun
try. They will take up their iv-riuau-ent
borne at Merrill, wbre Mr
liranib will aHKume char ire of a
atwk farm owned by Kate JjUou. Mr
HraiK-b it a brother of Mra. T. A
A wajrou paused through Eden-lo-r
Thursday aftmwu contain-
In eittht bead of blh-elaEs Kbeep,
bred on tbe farm of Morris Webber
and sold to J. Henry liootb, of Kose-
burjc. Thone ejmpetent to pronounce
judgment declare the sh-ep in be
Coffee Special
Our exrty day rxyffwr spial l
Kxd wit:. Our i- itd blend at
Sc M-r fKuud Is 1U lest tlutt
iiiotM'y run buy. Our Golla 'et
HUfi Cut im tins bet on the mar
kft. Try m lpouud caw If uot
satisfied, your money back.
Henry Easton
'J44 N Jackson Phone"26
5c per yard
10c per yard
Lemons dozen. 35c
juicy stock
23c liott pickles 2()ct
Scoff on all Indk cof
fee Corn starch .1 pks 25
Large pk GoTil liust
21 liars of any w hite
soap fl aud 1 liar of
toilet soap free
Armors Fancy Salt
J'ork 1 7 ' i cents
Armors Picnic hams
Hiets per pound
Carnation M ilk 1 Oct
Velohan i cans 25ct
13 pounds of granu
lated sugar fl, with
every 52.00 order.
1 pt liottle of hlueand
1 pt hottle of anionia
15 cents
Swift l'ride Cleanser
5 cents per can
Aud many others cut
for cash.
ip-rior svii of tbir bred. I
Das Huriburt. tn od aoldiT-l
fcavjiig failed to td place to rent
in Edetbywer that eultd iilrc. ielt j
with bis wife Thursday moruuiie on
tb iiaia for Lafayette, in tb WLJ
amette allei-. His two oii left
the tame uorulng for tbe tame
with tbe borves, wagon and b-ouse-
bold KOOdC.
fan. t!-e second on of uurm bow
merlard. it reported seriously iil at,
trie retioeuce oi . a. juureiey. ut. j
B-ther Is In attendan'-e. I
Born, at .be borne of Its grand-J
pi!-tii, Mr. and Mrs. Tbonuas A. ;
Kindlay, on tbe 4tb inst... to the;
wife of K. 1. Madison, of Kellogg.
a bon n't n g ba by yjy. M other an d
child are doing liloely.
br. Uuu( k was called to Edenbow
er in an Important rase last Monday.
Lr. Vincii vlHted the county bonoe
for indigents laist Monday, -baugmg
the treatment of Hoioe, slid glviug
gofd ad'i to others.
Tbe late rains have done two
eouaJly desirable things; Kirst, put
ting out tbe forest fires that filled the
air wltb smoke until It was aiinoKi
suffocating; becond, started tb
growlng of grain early In the fall,
thus asburJug future abundant pa
turage when it wjli be tbe xnobt need
A. JJ. M-Oor, of Seattle, as in Kd
u bower during the wek, vitdtin
John BoUher. Mr, McOjy and Mr
Botch r came from tbe fJakt' U
Itobeburg toK-ther in JeW, and dur
Jng many years have been warn per
sonal friends, who never fall to vish
whenever possible.
H. 8. Gile. of Salm, arrived here
this afternoon to spend Sunday with
W. B. MtMillian, of IJoaglln. gpeut
tbe day In KoKeburg looking after
buKiuevs interests.
S. M. Kelly and wife left for Sa
lem this morning where they will
atu-nd tbe state fair.
MiB ln-z Jordon, of Wilcox, Neb
is k pe r j d 1 r j g a few w;kt J u Kos
burg visiting with friends,
Walter Kisber, of Olalla,
among those who left for Salem this
morning lo attend tbe state fair.
Miss .Cora Cordon has accepted a
posilion as bookkeeper In tbe office
of J. H. Marstens, the plumber.
R. L. Cile left for Kugene this
morning where be will send a few-
days looking after business interests.
(Jorg Webber, of Albany, arriv
ed here last evening to spend a few
days vlhltlug with bis brother, Mor
ris Webber,
Mrs. F. E. Erickson left for Bell
Ingham, Wash., this morning where
she will spend two or three weeks
vUltlng with her sister.
William Graham, w ho rently dis
posed of bis interests at Tiller, left
Koseburg last eyenfug for Kiddle
where he will spend a few days.
Mrs. (". K. King, of Hoqulam,
Waih., arirved In Koneburg last even
ing to itpwid a few dayn visiting with
hi-r brother, Hon. B. L. Eddy.
I). II. Marsters, the plumbr. ha1
remodeled his offi? on North Jack
so ii at rwt, and now has qua rt-e rs
serorid to none In this s-tlou of tbe
state. m
Frenrb dry namng. Dewt
methodr used. Your old su't can b'
made to look as good as new at a
small co:. Clothes cleaned, bat
blocked. If you are looking 'ot
ood, quirk rwrvitv nf Klnper. tb
1fnr nnd nrnjr. Ti1rniion 4
If all other methods of treat
ment have failed In your case.
dn't b dlscnuruged, ( lilropruy
tic A'lJiiMtinriitH will cure you,
auk any of my pntlwits. liaf-
lll'NM, N'MirilltlKlrt, ApMll'l(-tlM,
itiiMllpnlbiii, C n turrit, lUarriioen,
KrysliM'liin, (Milirf, lhart IHhv'w,
liiHoinnia, I,timlMtg(, rurnlyslN,
IthriiliMilNni, Hliillm, ImliKCHllnn,
lli'nrt, Ntniiiatii, ltowcl and I'rin
ury iroublt'N, nnd others too nuni
t'luus to mention,
Nuw luiatlon, 224 Com itrprt.
Ajiain it becomes a privilege ami
pli'tiHure to us to extend our sincere
thank to you for the mippoit and
patronaKO given uh in the pa.nt year.
Ons year aijo we opened in your
city our cash grocery. Through court
esy, honesty and square dealing we
have won your confidence which we
prize highly, it is our aim always to
giv you the best for the least
money. Yours to live and please.
Stubbs and Co.
We Pay Cash for Produce
Market Conditions.
Sugar Higher
Coffee Strong
Meat Higher
Lard Strengthening
1'anned goods going higher
Kgg Higher
Country butter Scarct
We are also Jobbers of Wheat.
Hay, Itarley, Oat, Shoits, Hran and
UK' Ah
A eood wut'plr of fresn fro Us ana
ietabies Jtivayg in nx.k at ttr
it-jet da-ie.
Gwrge WiiBOD. of Myrtle Creek.
spent tbe day lo Roseburg attending
uj bQEiutss matters and vitiung with
Bealfd propoaiLli be reeelrrf
by tiio undersigned at hit olflw
is Ibe Citr of Rofcs-burF. Oreg'ju. il
U 7 o'clock P. M. on Monday. 6ep-
M-mbtT 1 1th. IH1, Jor tb eonttruc
tiuu of a M-wer in Brock way and
South Jackfeon ttreeti In the City
of HoM-buig, In tbe manner provided
by ordinance No. 413 of tb City of
All bids muKt be Eubinltted on
blank forma which will be furnish
ed uioa aiplic4itioa to ihe under
'ined. and must be &4:ouipanid by
certified clet-k payable to the Cit)
Treasurnr for five per cent of tbe
'ifnount bid to be forfeited to the
Hty in case tbe tatcebf'jl bidder
iball fall to enter Into a contract
md bond with tbe city. Tbe time
stated in the projosaU for eomplet
uk the work will be conuldered in
iwarding the Cfjntract. Tbe council
enerrea tbe right to reje.-t any and
ill bids.
By order of the conncil.
Uated this 4tb day of Hepteinber.
IV! 1.
Recorder of tbe City of Koteburg,
Oregon. dj 1
gtaled proitosais will be received
by the anderslKned at bis office In
the city of Kobeburg. Oregon, tjp to
7 o'clock P. M. oo Monday, Sep
tember Uth. mil. for the paving I
or Stephens street In the city ofj
Koseburg from the north line of Oak j
strt to the south line of Wash-j
ington street. In tbe manner pro-j
vjaea ey orainance io. tiv oi tne
city of Roseburg.
All bids must be submitted on
blank forms which will be furnish
ed upon application to the under
signed, and must be accompanied
by a certified check payable to the
c ity Treasurer for five per cent of i
the amount bid bo be" forfeited to
the city In case the successful bidder!
shall fail to enter into a contract j
and bond with the city. A surety
bond of thirty per cent of the'
amount bid will be required frem j
tbe suocessfud bidder. The time ;
stated In the proposals for complet-j
Ing the work will be considered in
awarding the contract. The council !
reserve the right to reject any and
ill bids.
Hy order of the council.
Dated this 4th day of September,
A. N. ORCUTT. .(
Recorder of tbe city of Roseburg. j
Oregon. dsl 1 j
Sealed proposals will be received
by the undersigned at bis office lu
tbe city of Roseburg, Oregon, up to
7 o'clock P. M. on Monday. Sep
tember 11th. ln. for the relaying
of the sewer in South Jackson street
in the city of Roseburg. in the man
ner provided by ordinance No. 4j2
of the City of Roseburg.
All bids must be submitted on
blank forms which will be furnished
upon application to the undersigned,
and must be accompanied by a certi
fied check payable to the City Treas
urer for five per cent of the amount
bid to be forfeited to the city In
rase the successful bidder shall fall
to enter In to a contract and bond
with the city. The time stated in
tite proposals for completing tbe
work will be considered in award
ing the contract. The council re
erve the right to reject any and
ill bids.
Hy order of the council.
liated this 4!b day of Spetemher,
A. K. ORCl'TT.
Recorder of the City of Koseburg.
Oregon. dni i
O.i, say, what has changed you,
Vuor skin's so bright and clear.
Well, i ll give It to you straight,
old boy.
I drlitk lots or llrewod Root
lleer. e
Phono 278.
Are You
Going to Start to
Wo have had oxporU-oce In t lie
b linul Kiipply Him, ami know
whiit Is required for sclitntl,
Wt have th Inrmmt utuck of
Tiihlet. ivenrlls. etc.
Th lowest prices.
Ht'udtiunrU'rs (or fountain pent.
Your iatrouan solicited.
BooK Store
Keeping Warm
w e
It collects the dust when sweep-1
lng. It preserves the floor, it pre-
vents breathing disease germs, and
makes tbe premises sanitary. NO-,
Dl'ST for rugs and carpets. CEDAR- j
INB for floors and linoleums. Put
up the 159 aud 200 pound barrels,
and 100 pound sacks. Write us.
Crescent Chemical Company, 626 :
Washington street. Portland, Ore.
Compounds for sale by B. W. Strong.
Roseburg, Or. nla
Suits and overcoats mao to uiea-'
ure 15.00 to $4 5.00. Choice of 500
samples, style and At guaranteed.
Fiencb dry cleaning and pressing.
Olllrnour. the London Tailor, 8. W.
corner Cass and Pine streets. tf
2 Dentil t.
i Room E, Bell Sisters Building
Physician and Surgeon. 4
Rooms 1 and 2 Abraham Bldg.
Roseburg. Oregon.
t K. V. HAVNE8
Roseburg National Bank Bldg.
ft Hours 10 to 12, 2 to 4.
it Phone 1283.
If- Roseburg ... Oregon.
(inods of erery tlfucrlittlon muvtu tn
ny prtrln of tliu city. rr1s faiuin
ai4o. H. S.FRENCH
The proof of the Pud
ding is in the eating-
Of the tree in the growing
Ask your neighbor who
has planted
Yakima or Hood
River Trees
See now they grow,
then place your tree
order with
The Nurseryman
T1 . . . . iV-rvlrY kt
again uui yuui aucmiu" jv
nur line of f
Heating Stoves
Especially to the Cole Coal Burners.
They have several original and pat
ented features that make them the
greatest coal heaters ever offered the
public. Not only do they utilize the
coke, but burn the gasses that in
other stoves pass up the chimney with
the smoke, causing a loss of at least
a half of your fuel.
You can save the cost of a stove
each winter in saving of fuel alone.
Call and get one of the manufacturer's
folders explaimng in detail con
struction and operation.
You will always have good healthful bread, pie and
cake, if you use
White River Flour
It is Not Bleached
Bleached flour is injurious to health.
Use Fleischman's Yeast For a good Starter
Mrs. A. C. Kidd & Son
mmtmrnmrnra ::m::::::m:::mnm:
Lumber, Lath, Shingles and Dry Finish Lururcr tt
Doors and Windows of all Kinds. tX
I rdson LoworOak Street.
it 'Phone 352
Wholesale and retail Butcher. Tne best the Market
aflords. All kinds of Stock Bought and Sold.
Phone 68
Auto Stage to Coos Bay
Touring Car leaves Roseburg every day except
Sunday, at 6:30 a. m., connecting with afternoon
train at Myrtle Point for Marshtield.
Fare $8.00
Fare on regular stage, part way bv Auto, $6.00, to
both Myrtle Point ahd Marshtield. Stage leaves
every day including Sundav.
Office Cor. Washington and Rose Streets. Phones
Office 3S9, Residence 316. C. P. BARNARD, Prop
Roseburg, Oregon