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' The Daily and Twicc-a-Week
Xews have a larger circulation
than any other two papers pub
lished in Douglas County. They
go into every nook and corner
of this big county.
S O i
Fair tonight; Thursday fair nut
, .wanner.
ltOSKltl K, DOUGiaS COUNTY, O ItlXiOX. WCDXKSUAV, Al'lil'ST 1(1, 1 ! 1 1 -
No. 230
' Forests in Northern California
and are Moving South.
Came From Army Worms lUack
Smallpox Epidemic Sweeps Mex
ican Tonus American Mis
sionary llurned by !ava.
(Special to The Evening News)
REDDING, Cat., Aug. 16. But
terflies so thick tbey obscure the
sky are Infesting the forests between
Montgomery Creek and Burney. The
insects, which are about an inch in
length, are progressing southward.
It is believe they are the product of
a great host or army worms that de
scended on S lesion recently.
Itlack Smallpox Epidemic
JUAREZ. Mexico, Aug. 16. Gua
daloupe and other points south are
gripped with black smallpox, and
many fatalities, especially among
adults, have resulted. Dr. Wilson and
a corps of assistants have been sent
frot4 here to open a campaign
against the epidemic.
Missionary Hall Killed ,
TOK10, Aug. 16 At least one
American missionary, the Rev. Hall,
Jr., a missionary visiting In Japan,
was killed by the eruption of the vol
cano on Mt. Assamayama, Two Japs
were also killed and a number in
jured. The first reports that thirty
persons had lost their lives was er
oneous. Fisher Off For Alaska
SEATTLE, Aug. 16. Secretary
of the Interior Fisher left this morn
ing on board of the revenue cutter
Admiral Sampson for Alaska, where
'he will inspect Controller Bay and
the coal and properties adjacent.
While the Secretary admits that he
has some ideas as to what is best for
the Alaskan situation, he refuses to
give out any information as to what
step may be taken in the matter.
Abate Farce Marriages.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16. Nation
wide protest against the marriage
of Madeline Force, a beautiful girl
only 18 years old, to one of the nu
merous Astors, a divorced man with
a son older than the brtde-to-be, cul
minated yesterday in the Introduc
tion of two resolutions by Congress
man Norrls of Nebraska and Howard
work is most desirable to anyone wishing their
liueu to possess that particular finish so necessary
to good tasie in dress.
We Do That Class of WorK
One Trial will Convince.
0. C. BAKER ... Proprietor
Mr. Workingman
The Jackson Street Meat and Fish Market will sell
you meat and fish less than anyone in town
Why Pay More
Jackson St. )pp. Eastern's Grocery
You will always have good healthful bread, pie and
cake, if you use
White River Flour
It is Not Bleached
Bleached flour is injurious to health.
Use Fleischman's Yeast For a good Starter
Mrs. A. C. Kidd & Son
Ag nts
' of Georgia, demanding a new code
of laws governing marriage and dlv-
I orce in the various Btates. Both res
olutions provide that the president
request the governors of states to
send delegates to congress for the
purpose of proposing iu their home
legislatures uniform legislation on
the subject.
Fifteen-Year-Old Girl at Point of
Death from Assault.
SALEM, Ore.. Aug. 15. Still more
flnedish and brutal than the at
tempts before reported, It became
known to the sheriff this morning
that Ed Majors, who attacked two
women In West Salem yesterady,
made a third attack which was un
known until the report was sent In
Effle Baker, lying on a cot, con
valescing from a serious surgical op
eration, was the victim of this as
sault. Her father, Charles Baker,
was away and her mother had gone
for supplies.
Majors entered the house and dis
covered the young girl. He asked ft'
her husband was at home. She an
swered in the negative, and he told
her on her response what his inten
tions were.
Girl' Condition Critical.
At that she began to scream fran
tically. Regardless of her screams
the negro started to attack her when
f oo t st e ps we re h ea rd on the po rc h
and the negro fled as one of the
girl's relatives entered the home. As
a result of this visitation Miss Baker
is lying critically til and physician?
believe that she may be at death's
door today, when yesterday she had
excellent chances for recovery,
Should this visitation prove fatal,
under the Oregon code Majors would
be guilty of murder in the first de
gree and the penalty would be the
Mrs. W. Jorgensen, who was at
tacked by the negro on the Eola
road, about a mile from West Salem,
visited the jail this morning and
positively Identified Majors as the
man who attacked her. To District
Attorney McNary she told a pitiful
tale. She was accompanied by her
husband, who repeatedly made
threats because of the attack on his
R. H. Easley and wife of Riddle
spent the day In Roseburg visiting
with friends.
Miss Julia Bohan, who has been
spending the past six weeks in Rose
burg visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Bell. lett for Salem
this afternoon. After a brief visit
there Bhe will continue her journey
to Portland, where he is employed
as an instructor In the public schools.
Tacoma, Washington, Officials
Take Initiative in Matter.
Itcniaikabli Prosperity Vancouver
Alleged to lie Duo This Sys
tem Sau Frumisco lu
ku ra me Cleaned lp.
(Special to The Kveulng News)
TACO.MA, Aug. 16. Tacoma may
soon enact a Henry George s vat em
of taxation if the wishes of the city
commissioners, who are. all single
taxers, are curried out. The commis
sioners claim that tue single tux sys
tem is directly responsible for the
remarkable prosperity of Vancouver,
B. C. Commissioner Pcttit will in
troduce a resolution In the council,
probably today, providing for the
appointment of a committee to con
fer with city ufnclnlfKon the question
with the view of taking further steps
toward Inaugurating the single
tax system within the state.
Insurance Debts Wiped Out.
practically all of the Insurance nrls
ing from the earthquake and lire
here of 1906. are now settled and
the underwriters reports, just Issu
ed, show a total of $ 1 6 3.7 1 3.330
paid out. Within the last few days
a number of satisfactions of Judg
ments have been fifed and the calen
dar is nearly clean. Victims ot welch
ing companies, however, are not
done. They have banded together to
force such companies to pay their
claims or go out of business.
The carnival of drunkenness that
commenced as early as Saturday ev
ening continued into yesterday with
the result that three more men were
arrested by Marshal HiifTtmin and
lodged In the city jail. Two of the
men were arrested while steeping in
socuded spots, while the third way
taken in tow while roaming the
streets In a drunken stupor.
Arraigned in the police court this
mornliiK the "drunks" entered plcns
of Riiilty. Two of their number re
ceived Jail sentences, while a third,
who clnimod to hail frmn Sutherlfn.
was released by promising to leave j
I. I. Mobley, who claims to be a
"bad man" from Texas, was tho first
man arraigned this morning. As is
usually the case, he said that he
partook of a few drinks but was
far from Intoxicated. Mobley'a plea
was discredited, however, by Mar
shal Huffman, who said that he was
hardly able to navigate without as
sistance. Marshal Huff man also told
Recorder Orctitt that Mobley Indulg
ed In considerable profanity upon be
ing locked In jail and threatened to
kill the entire police force and es
cape. Tnlly satisfied that Mobley
was guilty and that ho was undeser
ving of leniency, the recorder sen
tenced him to a term of seven and
one-half days In the city jail.
Charles Hen net t, who might well
be termed n "sleeper," admitted his
guilt. When arrest ed he was asleep
In the rear of a North .Jackson street
restaurant and appnred quite. Indif
ferent as to the consequences of bis
offense. Arraigned, he begged for
mercy, but without material results.
He was fined $10, and being without
funds will spend the next five days
In the city jail.
James Hayton of Rutherlln ad
mitted that he had been Intoxi
cated and asked to bo released thai
he might return to his native town
and resume his duties. He claims to
be a hardworking man and intima
ted that his present difficulty was
the first In years. 1'pnn promising
to leave Itosohurg Immediately he !
was discharged from custody. I
Nine prisoners, all sentenced to j
terms for drunkenness ocrupy cells j
In the cltv Jail today. Almost with-!
out exception the men are ex-fire-flghtera
who turned to boozeflghters j
upon their ret urn f rum the fire-!
threatened districts on Saturday. Ay i
soon as their run us ore exhausted
I the officers believe that the situa
tion will become normal and thai
little trouble will follow.
Ilarrv Smith, alias Missge, who I
detained In the county jail on tin
charge nf horse stealing, and wh
claims lo have krxtwb'dre as to th
I dent It v of t hf !ei-nn who mtn-dei
led the Hill familv In Portland. n
few wefk ft go, today Informed Mb -1
trict Attorney Gcor M. lirown tha- j
he based his suspicion upon a con-i
vernation he overheard in Kr (ckon' t
saloon In Portland mi or about Jul -
In respon In a storm of one:
Hons advanced bv the district a' -'
torney Smith said h was playln : I
cards iu KrU-knon'd resort when hi , j
attention was aiirarted by two mci ,
who atnod at the bar talklne In '
low tone of voice. "They had talk1 1 '
but a ftw minutes," said Kmi'h. j
"when me of them remarked- ' W-:
flid th whol family." Ha vim : j
knowl-dgf of the HHI murder and I
katrvtinff that dte:tlven wre icoui ;
lng the adjacent conntrv. I left th-j
card table and walked to a place ofj
vantage, wher I nroiwfzed on nr j
(he men an Albert B'-non. alias Me j
Donald. I first met Benson In Spo j
knne. Washington, about ten your i
and Inter In 8?aMl, In each city hci
was employed an barend'T. Our'
aifeting In ErhkKon a raloon wt
probably our first for Ave or six
Smith told the dlstrirt attorney
Benson had always liunie a shady
repuallnn and wiis well knowu to
the police of Spokane and Seattle.
When asked If he had anything to
do with the murder of the Hill iiun
lly, Smith declared he had not. "I
was working for a man named An
derson In tho vicinity of Vuklma."
said Smith, 'Uind can prove an ali
bi to such an effect." Smith de
scribes Heuson as lictni; about live
feet ten Inches tall. weight one hun
dred and sixty pounds, dark com
plexion, cross eyed and at the time of
the alleged conversation wore a dark
Neither District Attorney llrown
or Sheriff Oulue place any credence
in Smith' story. They believe he Is
attempting to gain the confidence of
the officer and thereby escape pros
ecution on tho present charge. Sher
iff Maas tif Clackamas county is o
peceted here this evening to ' further
question the prisoner.
1!!U,S AltK A' (TMl l.ATlXti.
Iri'Kislaluii- of 101:1 Will Have n Itig
List lo Handle.
Aug. la. With tho ' '1m,sw eommltteo first, favored pan
more than fourteen i of tllt Present b'.il, Including Uu.
mourns away thete are at present
ieie are at present 1
pracucany 21 measures, either lo be
initiated o t rof e r red , w h i v h a re 1 1 1
sight for tho consideration of the vo
ters. This number Is within 1 1 of
the total number of measures on the
ballot last year.
There are now on file with the
secretary of state 11 hills for an
ameniiHnt to the constitution provid
ing for equal suffrage. Another am
endment provides for the creation of
Still another provides for governing
tho office of lleuieiuifit governor,
of stockholders of banks. This am
endment would make them liable lo
par value of their stork in addition
to paying the original value. An
other requires a majority vote to
adopt a constitutional amendment.
There are three others which refer
to taxation. One of these repeats
the county tax amendment. Another
provides for uniform rules of taxa
tion and the apportioning of taxes
among the various counties as coun
ty obligations, The third permits tux- f
ea to be levied on different classes of :
property. i
Other measures to he voted on by !
the people include the various refer
endum measures directed at the Mi-,
larkey public utilities hill, the Mini-'
mouth normal school and the t wo
bills against the University of Ore
gon appropriation. W hile, according
to present appearances, and state
ments made by those who have In
vestigated the signatures on t lieso
referendum petit Ions, there Is a ;
chance of them being declared Invnl-J
Id owing to fraud. ;hoy nro at pres-1
put on file with t he secretary of
state, and It is possible they will be
voted upon, if the action to be start-1
ed falls. !
I VI if Jon in (In illation. 1
Of the bills that are to brougnt
before the people through the initi
ative there are several for which pe
titions are now being circulated, and
there are several others, which it is
understood here, will be placed In
K. n. King. II. 1). McCoy. Dr. O.
Harrison and I. II. Lyons, all prom
inent residents of San Krancisco, ar
rived here this morning and leave to
morrow for points on Coos river,
where they will spend a couple of
weeks bunting. The men will bo ac
companied by a competent guide and
will no doubt succeed In getting their
share of game.
WHHIIKU- In Koseburg. Oregon, on
Wednesdav. Aig. Ill, HHl. to Mi,
and Mrs. C. O. Wel.lei a 12 -pound
Sell ram and M;w n Fruil Jars at Cost. Hest Suar
$6.65 per sac!c wlfili the present stuck lasts.
Also carry a f
and Groceries which
cheap. And it woii'd
. J
Notice the d-j mac "1 t! hair O.omn), th linlm-r tone
of the tarnation ''' ,l,f! Vtrrn ml "P '"h 'h
tor to the while o( the hlaci. ... . . , .
Toihi Uircmwiic balance in the Ammo Mm i !u
thff faithful pornawl "I th "cmor laiio" at found "a nro
ami fftiich i ir th h"- 'i"1 P"1 it!.out M'- P-
tnrat'ii for oio.o; hrMiisi!.- w
!.t-tii'tr, mini her ! - "f
p-tmita an meili" f v."i-
Mar mmimiiM 11 n nr
Tmo htr tot A- fc!i.
il.ry. Mi Iw'i "!j
jf-11 . wlir.l.(( ltUe.
Writ fnr II.
Plan to Secure Statehood for
Other Members of Committee Vole
Agiiiiist ItulingN iiml Nullify
Work of Hoard Oregon
Development ligur.
(Special to Tho Kvonlng News)
WASH! X G TO X . Aug. 1 6. The
House committee on territories to
day appointed it suh-commiitee of f
members to confer with the Senate
committee on territories cmu-ei ninii
the New .Mexico and Arizona suite
hood situation, with the view or
framing a compromise bill whieh will
pass both houses mid rerelve Tul'tV
endorsement. A majority of the
Jmiielary recall, over Tuft's veto, but
the compromise was finally accepted
1 to assure statehood for theso terri
tories before this session of Congress
j lr. Wiley Mas (Jrievance.
! WASHINGTON. Aug. Itt. Com
plaining bitterly that his decision
j that rye whisky could bo made only
, from rye was the one case in which
he lias been sustained bv Solicit or
McCalm. Dr. Harvey Wiley, chief of
tho bureau of chemistry of the argl
, imi It a rat deiuutmeitt, denounced the
drug inspection board ns a creation
which utterly nullified tho work ot
the chemistry bureau and made It In
efficient. Tills statement was m;td
while Wiley was testifying before the
tho House committee on expendit
ures. Whenever Dr. Dunlap and Di
i Wiley disagreed. McCahe, the third
member, always sided with Dunlap.
' t bus overruling two-thirds of 1 , Ft Off
i cases, which had been prepared at a
cost of $:!00 each.
ioo(lt Itoads Campaign.
ASTOUI A. Aug. I ti. Tho Oregon
Development League, in session here
today, re-elected Theodore Wilcox of
I'oiiland president and selected La
Crunde as the meeting phico or the
next convent Ion. Hi-solutions con
demning the referendum against the
slate educational appropriations were
adopted. A aood roads com pa inn
was launched today and th conven
tion will adjourn tonight.
Charged With I'niud.
I'OHTLAN'D, Aug. 1rt.-.Iuhu Hul
lock, president of tho Lang & llul
lock Company, incorporated, former
ly president, of the Seslion Coal Co.
of Seattle, was arresled In his office;
this afternoon iu Portland by a fed
era I marshal on a warrant charging
him with defrauding, the government
of ffiu.nuO on a coal contract. Hill
loch was secretly Indicted at Tacom:
hv tho federal giand jury Saturday
night. This Ih the first criminal pros
edition as a result of the cont rovorn
between Attorney (leneral. VU'kr
Hham find Alaskanl DelegaU
Wlcltersham. who recently testified
before the congressional eommiilee
The Alaskan charged that llulloi-k
Morgan and Cuguenhelm symllcat
ron-pircd " rob the go erinm-nt 1;
the matter of coal contracts at Noim
and then spilt the prollis. Mullock d
elares his Innocence ami declares I'
Is a political game, but thai ho WAt
expecting arrest,
Tho Lewis & Cark show which
plaved iu the tent last night wiif
seen bv a throng of people who fol
lowed the bund Into the pavilion uf
ler the st reel concert at s o'clock
Dry Moods,
its, Shoes,
they are selling very
pay you to investigate.
Ss7 l
New in Films
a Feature ol
tlj( f-op rtf ' An
niid l Hi- JHe;
ni tig.
'Ihtir. t'iiiner.i.i ;i n d all
KilMl;) of Atuat-'tir Sup
AU'M at. tho
There Is no denying but that every
body pot their money's worth in tho
fun they had out of the performance,
which, whilo not altogether metro
politan In rendering, was neverthe
less full of vim and action. The acetic
of the play was an Arizona cattle
ranch, with usual quota of cowboys rouKh ways and ability to
shoot straight were obscured by their
wholesouled and Kt'neroiia natures.
The villain, in the person of a re
vengeful Mexican; tho cowboy hero,
the beautiful niece of the cattle king,
-ui Eastern girl on a visit to the
ranch, were all .veil taken c.harac
(ers. A feature of tho performance
that elicited much applause was the
solo by Mr. Klnny, which was In
deed rendered with remarkable clev
erness. Intenseness of tho situation
in which Catullle, tho young Mexican
woman, shot and killed the Mexican
tesperado. was brought to a comedy
climax when, as the man pitched for
ward after the '"ratal" shot an excit
ed youngster In the audience breath
lesjdy called out, "Rlm got him."
(everybody hail a good laugh over
ihU incident.
I .OCA l m ;vs.
M. Illoom of Myrtle Creek was a
buiiiness visitor in lloseburg for a
few hours this morning.
John Alexander, the (Hide mer
chant, spent the day In Hosoburg
looking after business interests.
Kittle Eva Itice returned hero this
if ternonn alter two weeks spent In
the mountains In tho vlcinltv of Mvr
le, Creek.
Frank Newlaud has accepted a po
sition driving the dray-owned by Jus.
lolan. Mr. Dolan Is at present In
tho hospital.
Thomas Doss, who has been re
dd lug at Cleudale for some time
nast, arrived here this afternoon to
locate permanently.
Mr. K. IV Carruth. principal of the
public schools at Slanlleld. Cmnltlln
ounty. Is the guest of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Carruth. of Oak
;and. Mi. Carruth was In Koseburg
today calling upon bis former univer
sity friend, Karl Strong. .
'' Krank II. Vall of Sutberlln. C.
H. Prewitt and Mr. Durham and wife
of Crams I'ass, left, for Murshlleld.
in the former's automobile, this afi
"inoon, where they will spend a week
tttendlug to business matters and In
ciilentally enjoy a brief outing.
ninP'o nnm nnrn
:mKBd Kuu deer:
Tin- himnlh inny Iip Klixuny.
Mut Uu? mm will shliH-. (liiii't
f :
$ Itut rain or Ktilun, iiiiw'k jnt
Dio linn-
To try our Hix-woil Hoot ltcor.
tinnnniiA PincD lnD!0
livery lady in Roseburg to attend the
Fall Display
Imported Models and Pattern Hats, Ladies' and
Misses Suits, Cloaks and Waists, Hair Goods,
Neckwear, Novelties, Handbags.
August 17, 18 and 19, 1911
l'ive livin" models in Suits, Cloaks and Hats Satur
day 7:30-S:.10
Hair and Sca!pTieattnent-Manicuriii-Hair Dressing
Slab Wood
Dry Fir Wood
Split Oak Wood
Now ia the time to order your winter's wood
Take advantage of our special prices. We make
our own deliveries, insuring promptness and
Roseburg Feed & Fuel Co.
Warehouse and Office, Winchester Street on the
Switch. Telephone 163
'ranst.ienl stock given best of care. Horses boarded
at li.-iMinaMe rales. Kitst class rigs, good horses
ami careful drivers
Bhcksmith Shop in Connection
All Work Guaranteed
Cor. Main and Washington Sts.
Situation in England Alarms
Statismen-Two Killed
Two llimilrwl ThouxiiiKl Mm Now
Out Move to Tio l'p All
ltiillroiitlN to ISo Made
(Siwclnl to Tlio Evening Nowu)
I.IVUIll'OOI., Aug. 16 This mor
ning brought no consilium of the
striKe riots hure. Order was restored
temporarily after the trooia had flrod
a volley and the cavalry had charged
i ne croivii m wnu-n two or the strik
ers were killed. Following tills at-
tuek the crowd ditmcrHed. Thous
ands of freight handlei-s nro awaiting
orders to s'rlke, and the situation Is
stemiuy growing worse.
Asquitli Calls ( iihluet.
LONDON. Aug. IB. Complying
with the request of the board of
trade. Premier Asquitli today con
vened the cabinet In extraordinary
session for the purpose of discussing
the labor troubles thnt are racking
nil lOiiglnnd. It Is unofficially stated
that the government will summon
the royal engineers to operate the
tho railroads in event the cabinet
dues not succeed in averting a gen
eral strike, which now appears al
most rurtnln. The war office is pre
paring for vigorous action. The strike
of I ho amalgamated railway employ
es, which will tin up all the railroads,
will, it Is feared, be declared tonight.
Throughout the vnrloiiB cities there
lire now over 200,000 men Involved
In tho strikes.
I'rolio Wisconsin Henator.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 10. Chair
man Olllinghnin of the senate elec
tions committee today appointed Sen
ators Ileyburn, Sutherland, Bradley
and Paynter as n subcommittee to
Investigate Into tlio methods of Sen
ator Stephenson's election. Heyburn
of Idaho was made chairman.
John Alexander and Arthur Blake
ley were In the city today for the
purpose of taking two loads of lum
ber lo Glide to be used In the con
struction of Mr. Alexander's new
store building, now uiidor way. Con
tractor John Atterbury of this city
has tho contract for doing the work
and commenced operations yesterday
ninrnlne,. di'umnh.
Pon't overlook the big ojien-
lug at The lender Thursday,
I'rlilay and Saturday of this
week. A swell showing of la-
dies' wearing nppnrol will be
on dlspluy. d-ai9
Grain of All Kinds
Kay of All Kinds.
Feed of All Kinds.
Phone S