The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, August 04, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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Subscription liutes lnlly. .
Per yeai, by mail $3. 00
Per month, delivered GO
Per year $2 01
Six months 1. 01
Entered an second-ctaHS mattui
November 5, 1910, at Koseburg, Ore.,
under act of .Marrh 3, 1 871.
I-1!) l. V, AIMS. I, ll I.
Tlie Yoiu-iilla Times, a neal publi
cation and tritely edited, ban reached
the exchange elt of The News willed
A thrifty ciMiiiniinHy. wuih as Von
f:ill:i b;, should nive the pa per suf
(iilciit support to make it a jmyim
proposition to its promoters.
Kifty-live million of Keruw havi
just I teen discovered In a teaspoon!' ul
of ice (Team. by a dyspeptic, n
doubt. lint, them huvt
been us many during all of tin iuau
years in wliich ice cream lias been tlu
delight of young folks. And mill
lon more will be .swallowed ill tin
name, old way.
From London conies the account
of a strange met hod of t real Iiijj
tuberculosis patients discovered b
accident by a man who was breeding
ntuggots from putrid meat. Ho had
been u miner and was a consumptivi
but when lie began working over
the meat the bleat hlng of the ga-
generated is said to have cured him
Now a score or more of patients an
taking the treatment.
Missouri railroad . are coubieriuc
a plan, which from ibo sordid view
point of most business (supposed tt
include railroads), has several point
over the biblically I et oinmeuded a '
of f listing bread on the water.). Tin
thing the railroads will do, ff the el
forts of Missouri's state board of ag
ricnlt lire meet success will he to
transport free of charge, to conven
ient shipping points, fert Illzlng ma
terial for use on Missouri farms. M
Is estimated that tu.nud cars of waste
(mostly manure from the stock
yards) can be hauled out of the larg
er cities each year. This In Mite
with other woi'I; the railroads are
doing for the common good, and yet
they llguic that from this particular
move may come crop benefit thai
may soon pay I hem back In increased
freights on farm products.
There are three classes of farmers
-first, the pioneer, who Iiuh very Ut
ile stock, who hunts a little, Mshes
a little, farms a Utile and llghls a
L DIM wwj
KRYPTOKS- embody two
pieces of glass of different re
fraction, coalesced with intenso
heat into one, and ground into
n lens having two distinct focal
points. Without seam or ce
ment, no edges to catch dust or
to become cracked and jagged
in cleaning.' Ask your optician'
to show you KRYPTOKS. J
w. e. clinghnim:i:l
WaUiinuiker, Jeweler, OUicum
I VI llllHI
Tampa Vana 2 for 25c. Nicko 5c Cigars
iiiimi: m m
I ai.i. I .
W. II. Bow-den.
This Store is Hie Home of the
Insured Kins
We sell (his t ing foj the r .isou ue ku.m it to he th.
in the vtorld
After thetnur.h compatiseit. we Know tt .it ii v V
teed m..g is so good that we can 11 tt U h ntir.o.l eehtb
We know that if w sell ,.n tt W W Kim-. -r ' ,et!,
fur a gift, it will give the weuier e ei ;it:
We want oti to see this ling tb.-il vie are talking tu
that ou may convince oine!f that the W U Hm; h tl.e m
yon to buy.
Roscburg's Leading Jeweler
No. 3U4 wins th prize of
$in.oo in merehandUti at Satur-
day evening ! drawing. tIf not
presented by Thursday a new
number will he drawn. Keep
your tickets.
good deal, lie stayn for a little while
Uld moves mway in sean ll of fresh
.id vent tires. Then conies the specti
lative larmer, a soil robber, win
farms about three times iid much
land .is' he ought to, skim.-; of tin
cream, get the benelit of the tin
anted Increment and moves on. Then
comes the man We will call the "tea!
farmer." who comes to slay, t
build school houses, churches and a
home for himself and bis fa mil)
a-he re lie ami Ills children will live
for generations. He is the man win
is interested in the permanent fer
tility of the soil. It is for his Inter
est to put hack as much as be takes
iway, In order that, his children ma)
live as well as he Is living. Thb
is the man In whoso behalf we wuni
'o HKflst in making two blades ol
grass mow where one blade now
grows, in turning the scale of ever
flitniuihing returns Into one of ever
increasing returns. It will put bread
in the mouths of his children and it
the mouihs of yours, and of even
man. woman anil child who dwells Ir
-iir fair country now or wilt dweli
here in the future.
IlilVerenl View in. .
"Well." sit'.hs the man with Ho
wavh tb. "now thai the aetoplaue I;
'tecoming popular the women won't
;Kml so much money for attiomo
die hats and veils."
No." growls the man with the In
-rowing mustache, "but they'll blow
in just as much on silk stocking;
and high-heeled shoes."- .ludge.
In Trade Ternis.
Maud lo you think .lack meam
Kthel - Itusitiess? Well, rather!
Me snatched u kiss last night and In
said I he sample was (so good h
would open negotiations for all I
had. I am considering his lender.
Modern I 'arming.
Cllvinatl Mo ynil keep bees'
Countryman- No; there are more
up-to-date methods of getting slung
Woman's Homo Companion.
ii m iu:
lit . i" m in:
i: in m:s
ei il'T
l; for
On Outcome of lioad From Kitgcne
To Coon liny.
Eugene (iuaid: Authentic- rumors
have eome from fioseburK, In fact lu
dirertly from the president of the
commerr-lal club t hat he and other
reid ut of that elty'have money to
bet at odds of 5 to I, that the ruil
mad to Cooh May will never be built
from Kit gene, They an? making
i tie; offetH on t he fact that they
-hiim the Southern Paelfle Company
an reach Coquiltc with a road only
U.'p nilk'M Ioiik while It will take 125
nlles of lino from KtiKeue. They
tho claim that a road can bo built
from that city without a tunnel and
with not hint? greater than n 2 per
-etit urade.
Prominent railroad ,men, expretm
inn their own opi u ions. however,
eeni to believe that the odds aro In
favor of Kitene, and it Ih the gen
eral opinion that uluce the official
innoiincement ha.s been madu by
fjetieral Manager O'ltrlen, he will
never allow his word to he Jeopard
ized. It Heem, if the KoBebui'K people
i,ie In eaiuttt, here would Jie a
-hance for some Interestlnn specula
tion. S( OTTSItl IU; .WD VH'IXTV.
Several parties are planning to g
to the beach, and some have already
one. and pronounce Winchester Hay
beach an idea) spot for ramping and
A baby boy arrived ul the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Fisher last week.
Miss Amies Wessala has been em
ployed to teach the fall term of
a-hool at this place.
Mr. and Mrs. II. I). Butler wre out
in Long I'rairle last Sunday visiting
it the home of Mrs. llutler's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Thompson.
M r. King, of Marshfleld. was In
'his vicinity a few days tigo huy
ng cattle.
Miss Merle Itutler Is expected home
ioon from Portland where she has
been for several weeks.
It lack berries were quite plentl
iti in the Camp Creek hills and sev
eral camping parties were out gath
rlug them,
Al Kent was in this section re
ently buying sheep. Ho has now
ibotit 1MM) head on his place near Klk-
Mr. Monk, of Klktou. went to
"orilaiul recently accompanying Mrs.
lelle Sawyers ami small son. also
U. Itutler and daughter, where the
hlldicn will receive medical atten-
iou. I
The hay harvest being over for the I
reason. The binder are now in op
M at Ion.
H, Andrews came down from
train recently with u toail of tenls
Hid other parapheiialia for the S.
!'. Company. There are also several
nil mad employes In town at pres
ent. The scows he binning to the
otnpany are ready for use and the
launches have been painted and put
u tiltn for work.
W. K. Thompson and hi clew of
balers were recently at work on ihe
I'arm of W. C. (irubbe.
X. A.
A U MCAL Tl!i:, I'.
It is a nuchal treat indeed to go
ihroiir.h Ihe store of Itlee and Itlce
wbei e the la rue sh ipinent of S. W.
Miller pianos and player pianos arc
now on dbpb. The S. W. Miller
atNlle.-, eeiy wbdi of the most fas
Idious niiisielau, constructed as It is
if the vet best, well seasoned Ul.l
erli.l. put together with the double
tin 0' e of producing a good sweet
volume of lone and being thorough!)
rtistic. it leaves ni'thlni; else to be
! ired In a mied home piano. Th
ame stei k of S. W. Miller platlo.
nttt at the store of Itice Air Kite rep--esriits
by far the largest piano ln-
ve- I m en t ever be ft tie attempted b)
ui Koseburg plaint dealer. Open
enitiv.r, tbi- week.
Yaquina Bay
in:;oVs I'oi'i I i: i;i: n m:
sour. All Ideal retreat for nittdooi
lasiimes of all kinds Hunting.
Nhlng. Hoating. Surf It.itblng. Kt.l
ih:. Autniui;. Caiioeiin:, liam-ing and
oiler Skating. Whete pretty water
urates moss agates, moon stones,
.i i ne Huns ean he fount I on t he
'a h Pure moil ul a in ater and
the be;( of food at low prices. Fresh
ti h. clams, crabs and o '-ters, w l! h
thimdauce of vegetulib's of all kliiih
t mpin; iiittti "iis hi:mi:si
m a ri u ci i
v it h st r bt sa nit a rv renulat Ions
from all points in Oregon. Wa-hinii
ton ami Idaho on salt daily.
from Sent hem Pact lie judnts. Port
l.i ml to Cotta,,i tlroM1; iilso front
ill C. A F. stal (ens, Albany and
West Cood noing tu
'iiuiav utnl for return Sunday tu
Cat! on Any S P. or C. A K. aent
for full particulars ns to fares, train
tu'dilles. etc ; also for cup) of out
initiated booklet. "Outlin; In Ore
yen." or w rile to
U M. McMl ltKAY
ileneriil Pttssennep Aut, perlljind (
1 0 pieces of mould
ing V Oil
20 pieces of mould
ing Off
C'tUuvil nonKtu WrtUts work by t!it
il.iv. iishini;. ironing or house
.'Ir.ttiiliiJ. OT INlH stroot. corner l"holu :3-Y J.l'J2
The library conducted by Tarness Is ojeti e:o-h af-
ternen and evetiin from to
9 ocbuk. MoM of the latest
novels van be obtained there.
To Be Had
On Saturday
American Electric
Sad Irons $3.95 Each
The Store with the I .u dies' Itest
Douglas County Cieanar butter,
the beat la the land, can bo had of
your grocer at 70 cents tho roll. De
mand your home product and accept
no other. dtf
:i,i:ci'i;i woons om.y
are used In the making of the
furniture we handle. Only the
soundest, stralghtest grained logs
aro accepted.
tho chairs, the china closet or any
bt her article is strong as well as
graceful, serviceable as well as at
tractive). Rice & Rice
The House Furnishers
Cass Street
Did You Evei Step
To Think
That the Com ot Dne writing
paper t uol tniich more than
what oj pay for the ordinary
of the satisfaction to one's aelt
and to the reefpient
of a
nol or
on .Ti,r of good quality.
The Roseburg Hook Store
S"!!j tho lt..t writing piir at
loot lriro.
ltiitinrt'r fT
V'onntain P.mi
iM-hoo! Supr'.loa
litisKiiruti. oKKt.ox.
ill oiM
In Our Basement Salesroom
Cash Ironmongers
s ::
Auto Stage to Coos Bay J
Touring Car leaves Rosebury every day except
ft Sunday, at 6:30 a. m., connecting with afternoon
train at Myrtle Point lor Marshlield.
I Fare $8.00 ;
I'are on regular stage, part way by Auto, $6.00, to
both Myrtle Point ahd Marshlield. Stage leaves
every day including Sunday.
I Otlice Cor. Washington and Rose Streets. Phones
Ollice 389, Kesidence316. C. P. BARNARD, Prop
No man has to serve an
learn how to
You wi i No Mistake
If you buy your lumber, shingles, doors, windows
and building material of
Phone 242
Dry Slab Wood
Plumbing, Sheet Metal WorK, Tinning'
and Heating
I North JacKson Street, adjoining Peoples Marble
J WorKs. Telephone 251.
WorK Done on Short Notirp ROSEBURG, ORE.
When we t (ilAHAM KK e nu-an Just what the word Impllef. It
you are not Mtlnflcd there will be no charge. We could not make thl
assertion unlesa we were positire of giving good service. When jrou
get leady to clean honse let us do the worst part or you the
cleaning ot your carpet. It s eisy fo- you and the price reasonable
Store with the ladles Ilest Itootn
apprenticeship in order to
make mistakes
North Roseburg
Rock Springs Coal
O. C. HAKKlt, l'r..prle(..r.
Orllce X. Jackson 8l.