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The Daily and Twice-a-Week
News bare a larger circulation
than any other two papers pub
lished in Douglas County. They
go into every nook and corner
of this big county.
Fair Tonight iiutl Sunday.
No. 824
Reciprocity To Be Voted On
By The People
Iawtvnce Stringer Testicles Favor
able To Ixirlmer Before In.
vestigutlng Committee
V. S. .May Assist.
OTTAWA, Can.. July 29.
To get a verdict from the people
of Canada on the reciprocity
treaty wth the United States,
the Canadian Parliament dis
solved today. It is probable
that the election will be held
In September.
ERIE. Pa., July29. Gilbert Per
kins and Charles Franklin, of Per
kin's detective agency, of Philadel
phia, were found guilty here today
on a charge of attempted blackmail
and using the mails for fraudulent
Perkins' organization has been
opposed to the Burns agency In the
MeNamara case and Perkins says
that Burns is responsible for his ar
rest. The men were arrested accus
ed of sending threatening letters
through the malls to the family of
Charles Strong, a deceased million
aire. The letters are said to have
been sent with a view of frightening
the family into employing guards to
watch over the tomb of the dead
man. .
For United States.
American intervention as a last re
sort Is the expressed hope of the Hay-
tlan government in the present con
troversy between powers. Every ef
fort is being made to pursuade the
American officers to end the revolu
tlon which is now virtually a matter
of national Importance.
Favorable to Iairlincr.
WASHINGTON'. D. C. July 29.
Lawrence Stringer, democratic cnu
ens nominee for senator of Illinois
in 1909 testified favorable for Lori
mer before the investigating com
mittee today. He said that It was
apparent that the legislative dead
lock wni such that no republican
could be elected without democratic
votes and that Lorlmer was the only
man who had more friends among
the democrats than republicans.
Morgan Is Accused.
NEW YORK CITY, July 29. That
New York Is aiding the steel trust to
gobble the Tennessee Iron company
and watt acting purely as a public
benefactor to prevent ' worse condi
tions during the panic, was the sub
stance of a story told, here today by
Lewis "Ladyard before the Standle
house investigating committee. Led
yard Is a lawyer and conducted the
sale for Morgan. He is also said to
have got the magnates together, but
notwithstanding the flattering offer,
was a reluctant purchaser.
Decree Is (iranted.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 29. The
United States Court of Appeals to
day modified its decree against the
Standard Oil Company to conform
with the supreme court decision giv
en about six months ago. The pro
visions of the decree are in effect
until December 21, and It Is prob
able that more time will be asked in
the event the companies interested
are unable to bring about a disso
lution of the trust within the re
quired time. -
, : .
Dies While Enroute to Mercy
Securing Bond Issue in Sum
Is Smvived By Husband and Seven
Children Funeral To Ho
Held At Ouklund On
lcecl Is Filed In Coos County Lale
Yesterday A Similar Deed
Will He Filed In Douglas
County On Monday.
W. E. Wlnstou. of Winstons, spent
the day In Roseburg visiting with
Mrs. C. M. Orcutt went" to Cot
tage Grove this afternoon to spend
Sunday visiting with friends.
Mrs. Nat Bishop and baby returned
here this afternoon after a few days
spent at points In the southern part
of the county.
Mrs. Dale Strange leaves for Van
couver, Wash., tomorrow where she
will spend sdveral weeks visiting
with relatives.
Edward Singleton and daughter.
Beryle, and B. Fenton and wife leave
this evening for Whistler's Bend
where they will spend Sunday.
Andy Bestul, a local timber cruiser
left for points In Coos county this
morning where he will spend a few
days attending to business matters.
Mrs. Dr. Randall and daughter, of
Underwood, Minn., are expected here
tomorrow or Monday to spend a cou
ple of weeks visiting at the home of
her sister. Mrs. W. A. Pettlt.
Among those registered at the
points on this morning's stages were:
L. A. Branden. F. Irving, E. C. Bnl
nap, Arthur Kcllough and wife, and
L. Penman and family.
Take Your Time to Read This:
Because we have Just received so many other new styles In
Shell Goods of all kinds. Collar Pins, Necklaces. Earrings.
Brooches, Leather Toilet Cases, etc., we are going to give another
special week to these goods. Every style absolutely new.
Ask to see our Hiawatha Collar Pins. Many shoppers are
buying these Goods for Holidays.
Don't fall to see our 25 cent counter. You will find some rare
bargains In new goods.
We have an enormous stock In Puffs, Transforma
tions. Puffs going out?? Not this year. Then there are the
small 50 cent Switches for the rosettes or biscuits, as they are
commonly called.
Just a very few hats. We are going to finish them up Mon
day. We don't care about the price. We have to have the room.
This is a "WORD TO THE WISE."
Mortally wounded through the ac
cidental discharge of a -22 culibre
rifle in the hands of her eight-year-old,
daughter. Ethel, shortly after 8
o'clock yesterday morning, Mrs. C. O.
Green, who lived on a ranch about
eight miles north of Oakland, expir
ed while enroute here last evening In
quest, of medical treatment. ,
The deceased was about 38 years
of age and had resided in the Oak-
lland vicinity for about two months.
For several years prior to locating in
Oakland she lived at Portland where
ier husband was employed as a car
penter. Aside from her husband sne
Is survived by a mother and father,
who live at Jefferson, Oregon; six
daughters. Bertha, of Gardiner; Ed
na. Edith, Bessie, Ethel and Letha,
who live at home, and one son.
Claud, a resident of Gardiner. Letha
Is but two years of age. The fun
eral services will be held at Oak
land on Sunday. Interment following
In the Odd Fellows' cemetery.
According to Mr. Green, who ac
companied his wife here lust night
the child wns attempting to remove
a cartridge from the chamber of the
rifle when it suddenly discharg
ed The bullet struck ner
mother, who stood nearby, and lodg
ed in the abdomen. Mortally -wound
ed she fell to the ground In a semi
conscious condition, a bleeding bul
let wound evidencing the horrible
tragedy that had been enacted. Mr
Green, who is employed as a car
penter at Oakland, was Immediately
notified, and accompanied by Dr.
Devore left for the Bceno of the ac
cident In haste. The injured wo
man was rendered as comfortable as
possible, and wns Inter removed to
Oakland preparatory to being
brought to Mercy hospital. When
ii, train left the Oakland station
the patient appeared In a favorable
condition, but upon reaching a point
near Wilbur she suddenly gasped and
fell Into a deep sleep. She remain
ed In an unconscious condition until
the train was pulling into the Rose-
burg yards when she expired.
The remains were remoVed to the
Roseburg Undertaking Parlors last
evening where they were prepared
tor burial. They were shipped to
Oaklnnd this evening.
Mr. Green Is a" poor man and his
misfortune Is doubly sad for the rea
son that five of the seven children
are young in yenrs and need the care
of a mother.
MARSHFIKLD, Or., July 29. In
the office oC the county clerk there
has been tiled a trust deed securing
ilO.'OOO.OOO bond Issue on the Coos
Buy and Oregon Central railroad.
nis Is the road formerly known as
he Coos Bay-Boise, and which was
romoted by Francis H. Clarke.
here is nothing in the document to
dlcate who is back of the road.
The trust deed Is signed by Clarke
president, and William A. Brants.
Portland, as secretary. The trust
deed Is a mortgage on nil properties
now owned by the company or which
ay be acquired by It later.
The only properly named in the
ust deed Is survey rights-of-way
nd maps. The trustee named In the
rust deed Is the Commonwealth Title
suranco & Trust Company, ol
Christ lull Church.
i v (, Cnimi-ll nastor. Sunda
school nt 10 a. m.. preaching at 1
,i. in., subject. 'The Sure Founda
tion." Union servlcce in court house
yard promptly at 7: SO
Hair and Sculp Treatment, Facial Massage,
Hair Dressing, Maul-
Formerly Roseburg Beauty Parlors
Thegreatest Germ destroyer and disinfectant known
Will destroy odors and germ life in twenty seconds
For use in sinks, toilets and sick room
We guarantee this preparation to do all we claim
For sale by
iMarsters Drug Co.
Roseburg Oregon
Booth-Kelly Lumber Company
Suffers Severe Loss.
Other Than The Mills, Over 2(1 Acres Payroll of 912,0th)
a Month Stops The
Heat Is Intense.
power plant, there was nothing to do
but to watch the flames sweep from
one end to the other of the yards.
Workmen hastened to connect up
the second pump working away with
a vertihle furnace just the other side
of the wall not 10 feet away.
Through the wire glass windows
burning brands could be seen wlth-
n reach and then when the pump
wns ready to start it fras found that
the suction pipe had not been placed.
The tire started nt 6:30 and ul
midnight was burning fiercely al
though danger of spread had pass
ed. '
In explanation of the above Item
ken from this morning's issue of
the Portland Oregonlnn, it might be
said that prospects for a railroad be-
wecn Roseburg and the coast ap
pear bright. AS I lie item says, a
ust deed securing a $10,000,000
bond Issue on the Coos Bay and Ore
gon Central Railroad has been filed
Ith the country clerk of Coos coun-
In the language of local capital
ists, this procedure simply means
that Francis H. Clarke and William
Brants, president and secretary.
nd promoters of the proposed road.
have turned over their Burvey, rlghts-
f-way and maps to the Couimon-
ealth Title Insurance and Trust
onipnny. of Pennsylvania, nun u
ow remains for this compnny to fln-
nce the deal. .- -
While It Is not likely that the trust
company will advance me required
urn of money to build the rond, It
ay be possible that they will suc
ceed In interesting parties with cnpl-
lal wha are desirous of Investing
their money in a railroad.
According to the Item, the deed Is
lgned by Clnrke and Brants, aim
gives no Indication of tho people
ho are backing tho enterprise. It
Is snld that a similar deed will he
(lied In Douglas county In ' a few-
ays. ,
Trade with the store that broke
High Prices for groceries j
in Roseburg
Yours For a Square Deal
R. STUBBS, Sanlbny Grocer
Methodist Episcopal Church.
u nun rciilrldKe. nastor. Services
Sunday as follows: Preaching at 1
a. m. and 8 p. ni.. morning subjer
Water from the Old Well"; evcnln
,.l,l.wt ' The Peril of Indecision
s.i,inv school at 10 a. m.: Junii
league 3 p. m.; Epworth league
ii m.: iirnver meeting Thursday cv
1 hIiik. 8 o'clock. You are rordlally I
! vlted to all these services.
Ui.,ii....iit Kiilscoiuil Church, Solid
K. M. Mears, pastor. Service
follows on Sunday. Snlibath school
10 a. m. W. L. Colili. superintend
ent. Preaching 11 a. m- by I lie pas
tor. Subject. "The Compassion of
Jesus." There will be no evening
iervlie. owing to the union servicer
on the court house lawn. Mid-week
service Wednesday evening at K
o'clock. Come and be with us.
Snlnl Gcogc's Church.
Corner .Main and Cuss streets. The
Rev'd Charles Wilson linker, rector
The seventh Sunday after Trinity
Holy communion at 7:3 a. ni.! Sun
.lav school at 9:-tr, a. m.. morning
prayer at 11. No evening service
ill nre cordially Invite to these
W. F. Hodges, of Looking Glass,
pent the day in ItoseniirK uiieuu-
ng to business matters, ne iqm.
he crops In excellent condition, not
withstanding reports to the contrary. I
The work of repairing the Interior
f the It. B. Matthews building.
which was recently gutted by fire.
was commenced thla morning. The
work will probably be completed In
about ten days.
Anipg those registered at the
Roseburg hotel today are tt fol
lowing: S. Shlller. San Francisco;
loseph Stephenson. Dixon. Ill ; H. J
Keller. Catlllninet, '.; II. I'.
vore. Ouklund: Eugene Conllff, Two
Harbors; H. L. Wrght, Portland
lug at S o'clock. You are cordially
tnvlied to attend all of these ser
vices. Come and bring a friend.
Ilnlilist Church.
Regular services will be conducted
In the morning by the pastor. Rev.
W. 11. Eiiton There) will be no
preaching In the evening on account
of the union services Ht the court
house lawn.
Christian Science.
Corner Main and Ijiiic streets. Ser
vices every Sunday at 11 a. in. aim
every Wednesday at 8 p. ill. Subject
fr HnmlHV. Julv 30 Is "Love". Also
-(induct a reading room In same
building, open every Tuesday, inurs-
day and Saturday from 2 p. m. to
p. in., where the Bible and Christian
Science literature may be read, or
purchased If desired. Everybody In-
SPRINGFIELD, Or., July 29.
Fire, entailing a loss which will to
tal more than a quarter of u million
dollars, last night destroyed the
Booth-Kelly Company's saw mill,
planing mill, dryer and S.OOO.Onn
feet of lumber.
Only a sudden change of the hlgn
wind, which shifted the flames then
rapidly sweeping toward the city,
saved Springfield from what, for a
time, looked like total destruction.
As a result of the conflagration
Springfield, Eugene Halsey and
Brownsville are without electrical
power or light tonight and Spring
Held Is without any water supply.
That Springfield had a closo call
to destruction Is evidenced by the
fact that Just before the wind shtft-
d the flames had reached within 50
feet of a Southern Pacific oil tank
containing 1,000 gallons of oil, wHitch
was within 150 feet of a larger tank
containing 2 50.000 Bullous of oil
Flumes' Heat Intense.
The fire was within 150 yards ol
the business section of this city, anil
so hot on Main street that It was
necessary to shield tho face hundreds
of feet distant.
Tho new $100,000 Oregon Powui
Co.'s fireproof power plant slood
Intact with the lire within 20 feet on
three sides mill heat bo Intense that
the metal window frames wero red
hiot. Insjile this building pumps
were operated, throwing 700 gallo s
a minute on the fire to prevent Its
spread. When the mill dam burned
the source of the wator was cut iff
and the city wns entirely without fir
As a result of the llro a pay roil
of (1 2,000 a month stops.
The men In tho power plant pi'ov
ed heroes with the blistering 'at
on nil sldeB. A. J. Valentino, en
glneer. stuck to his engine through
out the fire, while Claiulo Washburn
a 20-yenr-old boy, stayed lit one plan
holding cloths about ll leak In the
nnlv nine furnishing water. Three
thousand cords of fuel for the power
plant were destroyed. Wood wll
be shipped In the morning from Wen
tiling, and power service will he n1
Insurance Not Heavy.
The saw mill and planer were In
sured for $105,000. The 5.000.000
feet of lumber wns Insured at 50.
1100. The fire started from nn over
heated bearing In the northe-ud part
of the main mill near Hie engine-
room. In loss than 70 seconds the
whole mill was In flames.
So rapid was the spread of the
fire that Hie watchman had difficulty
In making his way nhout the main
portion of the structure before It was
entirely afire. Illuck smoke went up
In huge blast as If by an explosion.
Within 10 minutes the entire pllinl
was burning, with Hie fire covering
over 20 acres. The heat was Intense.
Light was sufficient to rend time on a
watch In Eugeiio three and one-hull
miles distant. The Southern 1'iuilli
depot, 2UU feet from the mill, was
covered with water and prelected
from destruction. A switch engine
removed 30 cars from the railroad
yards without loss.
A. C. IHxon, gnneriil munuiter of
Honlh-Kelly Company, arrived on the
xrene In an automobile from Eu
gene within 10 minutes unit saved 2ii
horses in the ciinipauy's ham
wns destroyed but a few: liioinenti
after the i n I inn U were taken to u
place of safety.
I'ii nip for the protection of tin
mill were located In the mill proper
and of course were soon out of com
The Oreeon Power Company liuil
Just Installed a new pump to supply
the city water system, but as soon
as the full pressure was put on Hi"
pump broke and from thut iimiiictil.
barring a single small stream at the
As the Result of a Headon
Miss Kmmu Bauer and Miss Elite
Weaver, of Myrtle Creek, arrived in
Roseburg this afternoon to spend a
couple of days visiting with friends.
French, dry Cleaning, newest
methods used. Your old su't can be
mnilo to look as good as new at a
small co:. Clothes cleaned, hats
ulocked. If you are looking or
;ood, quick servlco seo Stupor, the
leaner ami presser. Telephono 47.
Quite a largo number of fruit
growers assembled at the courthouse
this afternoon to lister to nn address
of Prof. Jackson, of the Oregon Agri
cultural College. Mr. Jackson Is n
most able and fluent talker and his
remarks were greatly appreciated. It
Is tho Intention of local fruit growers
to hold similar meetings nt frequent
Intervals In the future. Other than
discussing fruit growing generally an
effort will be mnde to engage ora
tors who are versed In the fruit
growing Industry throughout the
S. A. Sanfonl trustee of tho First
National llnnk. filed u suit In the
circuit court today aglnst W. H. Wll
son. In. which he asks to recover
fliHO, alleged to be duo on two prom
Isory notos executed In February and
March, 1911. Tho complaint nllcges
that Wilson borrowed $570 from tho
First National think, on February 3
1911, and $110 on March 11. 1911
The notes were subject to demand nt
the expiration of 90 duys nnd wero
to draw Interest nt tho rate of
per cent. Tho plaintiff alleges that
no part of the said sums has been
puld lo dale, thus the suit to recov
?r. Aside from the principal, the
plaintiff asks for $75 attorney fees,
is well as the cosIb and disburse
ments incurred in bringing tho suit
ne plaintiff Is represented by At
torney o. P. Coshow.
Tolmrco Magnates Hold Meeting To
night Foreign Affairs are
Alarming and War Is Ex
pected Other News,
(Special to The Evening News.)
BANGOR, Me.. July 29. Misun
derstanding of signals by Engineer
Gnrcelons, was today given out as the
cause of the headon collision be
tween a crowded excursion train and
a regular train, north of Grindstone,
on the Bangor' & Aroostock Railroad.
Otni'lula of the road claim that
eight are dead and sixteen are injur
ed ns a result of tho wreck. Other
reports are to the effect that twelve
persons were killed outright and that
a score or more were Injued. A re
lief train carrying the Injured and
dead Is enroute to Bangor.
May Dissolve Trust,
NEW YORK, July 29. A confer
ence between the officials of various
companies Included In the three hun
dred million dollar tobacco company
will be hold tonight to decide plans
of dissolving the tobacco truBt In 'ac
cordance with the recent ruling of
the United States Supreme Court. It
Is expected that fukjy six months
will be consumed In arranging plana
and carrying Into effect the propos
ed combine.
Explosion Is Exiected.
LONDON, Eng., July 29. That af
fairs regarding the Morroccan sit
uation have reached a point where a
slight spark may touch off an ex
plosion of world wide consequence
Is indicated today by the decision at
Franco and England, which countries
anticipate sending war ships to Aga
dlr. The situation appears serious
and war seems Imlnent.
S. A. Wilson, one of the best,
known residents in the Edenbower
vicinity, leaves for Chicago, North
ern Indiana and points in Michigan
next Tuesday. Mr. Wilson expects
to he absent from Roseburg for
nbout three months and sufllce to say
J thut his trip will be much enjoyed.
Of SummerShoes
Entire stock of Men's and Boys', Ladies' and
Children's Oxfords and Pumps and summer shoes
We wish to make room for our Fall and Winter
stock and oil er these exceptional values at the very
lowest prices for a short time.
213 Jackson St..
Next Door to P. O.
Presbyterian Church.
J. E. Burkhart. pastor. The Sun
dr school meets at 10 s. m.; morn
Ing worship at II o'clock: young
people's meeting at 6:t5 for a hall
an hour's service. There will lie no
evening service at the church, but
there will be open sir services on the
court houfe Iswn st 7:30 o'clock.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday even-
vlted to attend the services, and vis
It the reading room.
Among those registered at the
Grand hotel today are the follow
ing: J. Moore, Portland; Jesse My
ers. Burlington, lows; F. F. Blaln,
Portland; G. Davis, Oregon City; J
S Millwood. Tangent; J. T. Scott.
Portland; H R. McMillan. Hoaglin;
W. E. Pierce, Myrtle Point; C. M.
Brown, Roseburg: J. T. Smith, Med
ford; J. H. Inlow, Sutherlln; J. If
Dick". St. Paul; W. L. Towns, Slay
ton; J. B. King. Portland; E. L. Bet
tie. Oakland; Wm. Ilesde, Portlsnd.
CxiUrt In all kinds ll
All ordtn ivtn prompt ttlentloo
KRYPTOKS embody two
pieces of of different re
fraction, coalesced with intense
heat into one, and ground into
a lens having two distinct focal
points. Without team or ce
ment, no edges to catch dust or
to become cracked and jogged
in cleaning.' Ask your opUcian!
to show you KRYPTOKS. j3
Watchmaker, Jeweler, Optician