The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, July 26, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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Ir. K. II. Vlncil, cnuiily
Lead li officer, requests nil iieraons
it ill his water from wells or iiprlnRS to
supply him with a sample. Properly
prepared bottles for containing the
water may bo had free from the
county henlth officer upon applica
l r
Ladies and Gentlemen's Cleaning,
Pressing, Altering and Repairing
S. W. Corner Cass and Pine
During Hot
I'se iniicliliie-niiule bread to nvoltl
pi-esperallou unci other tin mint,
tary conditions of making hrcml
In Hie old way.
On June 1st We
two nunccN to Hie loaf. If your
grocer doc not carry our bread
change (frocerM or phone 2-1.
Kill I Hue (if delirious pastry al
ways ut your coiiiuiiind,
Umpqua Bakery
II. (il'KNT, I'mp.
t to .li:i kmi Sln-cl.
Nortli Side
1iit ortli of Kinney Spur, N'orlh
Jackson Street, Phone JV.I0.
Orders Tor all kinds of Uultdlug Material promptly Filled nt
Reasonable, Prices.
Mill Work Our Specialty
Fruit llites in Any (Jiuuitliy.
t'boiie Main IMfti All work flrst-eU-oi
Commercial Abstract Co
Abstracts of '1 hie Filing Tapers Prepared
Bonds of nil Kiinls Furnishe.l
ItUH N'nrtll .Imknoil .t.
has the
Best Buttermaker in the State
t t
ia large or small quantities. Let us have your
partv orders. Telephone 310.
tion, and It Is his Intention to have
anal 'Is mado to ascertain the pur
ity of such wutera. dswtf
ROOMS roil KENT 3 lariie, well
furnished single rooms for gen
tlemen, strictly first-class. Inquire
4 10 VV. DouL'las. i'-'i
Thti li tb tltl of a boautiful 64-paga book, which
will ibow any boy or girl bow w HUCCEED. Drop ft
jjoital m thi null TODAY ai-d It will be lent FREE.
Tli aim of College li to dignify anl poputariia
tlie iDduBtrloa. and to erve At.L the paopla. It oDera
courie lo Agriculture, Civil Euglneerlug, Electrical
ugloerloK.Hcbanlcal Engl near lug. Minim EnKin
eerlug, Foreatry, Domeatio. Belnca and Art, Cum
merca, Pharmacy and Huilc. Tb College opena
September 2id. Cavajog frea.
COLLEUK, Corvallla, Oregon.
Roseburg Oregon
Coffee Special
Coffee "LAT Coffee
(ur every day coffee sp clal is
trmn coffee. Our special blend ui
'Jtc per pound iu I lie best HitH
.money can buy. Our odei Wesl
Hteel Cut Ih the host on the mar
ket. Try n HhhiimI can if not
Hiillsficil, your uioiiey hack.
Henry Easton
344 N Jackson Phone 26
Plaining Mill
We make
tee cream
Allle, Houser an (J furnily will leave
tomorrow for near Glide to spend
their a initial outing.
Roland A gee has purchased tin
Jasper Hay den residence properly
went of the railroad track.
Ian Smith returned to his home
at fain as Valley this morning after
a brief visit with friends in thl.-
O. C, Sfther, who spent the p)tst
couple of days in Rust-burg, left for
.Myrtle Coin I to look after business
interests this morning.
The dining room of the RoHeburg
hotel has been closed. The hostlery
(h lielnj; operated on the European
stylo at present,
I Attorney J a men Watson expects to
j leave ahout August I Tor points In
northern California where he wil
j pend his annual vacation.
I J. V. Groves and wife have re
turned from San- Francisco where
'hey spent tn days enjoying their j
intiunl vacation. j
l)i r E. V. Hoover was called to I
Camas Valley this morning to attend
; Allen Wilson, who is said to ho nuite
i ill at his home In that vicinity.
, j C. W. Hlce. a former editor of the
1 .Myrtle Creek Mail, is quite 111 at his
1 home. He is said to bo suffering
j from a slight attack of pneumonia.
I E. E. fioucher, of Olallu, spent
j vesterday In Roseburg attending lo
Misiness mutters and vlslliiiu with
! N-leiids.
j -Mlhs Hell Newland, a local school
' leacher. received this week a state
j -erillliale from Salem which entitles
j her to teach for live years.
J Sheriff George Qulne returned here
I 'ant evening after a couple of days
Hpent ut Myrtle Creek and Riddle
j lttendlug to business matters,
1 Papers of final account In tin
state of Robert Roy IVnnie were 111-
ed In t he probate court today, and
! ( lie ml mill Ul rut or was ordered dls
I charged,
It Ik said that Miss llattle Hose, a
graduate of the Roseburg public
schools, has accepted a position as
Instructor In the I)i.onvllle schools
during Hie ensuing year.
j Miss Jessie 'i hompson's new resi
dence, in Miller's addition, is about
completed. The structure Is ono of
i tlie finest in the city and presents a
most attractive appearance,
William S. Simpson was today ap
! pointed guurdlnn over John, Haskell.
' Gliidys, Harnett, Lester and Prshel
' Simpson, all minor children. Tlie
ot iler was (tied in Hie probate-court.
Robert Connor, proprietor of t he
"nea r" beer resort In the Hoover
building on Jackson street, is install
ing a shoe shinning stand and cigar
Uore In the front entrance of his es
; labllHhmenr.
Era nk I. eng. of Cleveland, spent
I the day in Roseburg attending t
business matters and Incldentallv vU
H lug wit It friends. lie reports t he
crops it excellent condition throng li
mit the Cleveland vicinity.
Drop In and see tlie swell Hue of
fall and winter samples Just received:
from Ed. V. Price Co., Chicago
famous tailors. Over live hundred
-amides to select from. Satisfaction
gunrunt I. Sloper, the cleaner ami
presse.v if
C. 11. N. G run void, proprietor of
the Mi Cl;tllen hotel, returned hei'e
t his morning from Port land where he
"cenlly mult rwent an operation. He
teels much Improved and lias little
tear of future dlnVully. He was ae-i-omp;mied
home by his little son.
Kied Whiisette. an employe of the
Clarke X- llenerv Construction Com
pany . w as quietly married late yes
terday afternoon to llessie I.. Ellis,
of Glelidale. The wrddiiu; c Mvmotiy
was performed 'by County J ndge
! Wouacotl in his olllces at the court
I house. Mr. and Mrs. Whiisette will
make their future home in Hoschurg
j A notice of appeal was tiled In
the circuit t o-.ji t this afternoon in
the case of Herbert R lion d inn u i s
W. C. Harding ami . W. Hlnkley.
The oriuiuiil complaint was tiled by
M r, U boa din an setral mouths ago
and was to the effect that he w as
emplo) ed to se.nie an option on n
certain piece of land, containing ap
proximately :i ti n a res. In return for
which he wasto ieceie Ju acres nf
land. Rhoaduian alleged that he se
eoivd the option in accordance with
his agreement, and to tdiow gtmd
faith adxanced $l"l in order that the
tM'lioii might prove binding Ivbmol
man claimed that Messrs. Harding
and Hlnkle (ailed to execute their1
part of the agreement, thus the suit I
o force them to execute and deliver'
to him a good and sunVlenl derd
for the 'jo acres in cent rovei sy. The,
cim' was tried during n recent tet in
f the eiicuit court with the result 1
'b.ti Harding and Hiuklo ecined mi
i'aorable eidict Attorney Card- j
ell X- Waton appear for Rluad- j
man. while Attorneys Cosliow Hire t
it'ptesenl Harding and Hinkle. The !
!:tnd upon w hu h Kboadman H nl- '
leiied to have wured option Is vain- j
td nl pprov.;itety $11,000.
wmx water imitiu;,
Councy Health Officer Vincil
informed The News today that
out of fifteen samples of water
taken from as many different
wells within ihe city limits,
tliHt not In a single instance
did the state lieaith oji.rer re-
port the water pure, but to the
contrary. In eai-h instance the
samples of well water contain-
ed typhoid producing germs.
1'scrs or well water should gov-
em themselves according to the
report made and drink no water
f com wells unless it has been
thoroughly boiled. All the wat-
er tested was verv impure.
U. Evans, of Eugene, spent yes
terday In Roseburg attending to
business matters,
Attorney C. S. Jackson Is spend
ing n few days on his homestead in
the Rice Creek vicinity.
E. B. Barber, of Myrtle Creek, Is
spending a couple of days In Rose
burg visiting with friends.
Miss Coffee left for her home at
Jrockway this morning after a couple
of days sikmiI in Roseburg visiting
with friends.
W. E. Clingenpeel, the local Jew
eler, and wife, and George Rest and
wife, or Looking Glass, leave tomor
row morning for Restou. between
Roseburg and Myrtle Point where
they will enjoy a week's online
A. L. Mnddix, who formerly eon
ducted a barber shop In the Rose
burg National Hank building, on Cass
street. Is expected here In a few days
from California points where lie
spent the past few months.
The task of remodeling the inter
ior of the Roseburg Commercial Club
rooms Is practically completed, and
suffice to say that the rooms present
a most attractive appearance. Ad
ditional card tables will be Installed
as wilt additional chairs and other
articles attendant to tne comfort of
the club members,
Through up unintentional omis
sion. Tlie -xews failed to refer to a
matter brought up by Councllnuin
K roh n at the last meeting of the
council. Mr. Krohn questioned the
right of persons driving cattle
ti. rough the streets, and desired the
couiicif to take Home action relative
to abating the nuisance. He was In
fo rtned that It would he necessary
for the Injured property owners to
Hie a complaint before any definite
action could materialize.
A nice, neal rt-room buttga-
low, rent rally I jcated In paved
district. Sewer connections.
bath, patent toilet, etc. Ideal
location. Price $2,500. Ad-
dress A care News oflleo
d-sw-tr f
IMiydcfun and Surgeon,
Rooms 1 and 2 Abraham Rldg. "
" Roseburg, Oregon. i.
li t ru w ant bargain counter
g!:i'MV Are you willing to wear
do :i i g!:i-i(s because t hey are
hciji? Do you consent to hav
iiu; oitr eyes tamin'red with al
the n-k ttf their permanent lu
l:ny.' 1 hen thih message Is not
for you. lint if you value the
precious gilt tr sight; if yui wish
t" retain It : if you appreciate
kill, (N ii it i-i tor urn, and you
.tie incited to come where abso
' "'! I'm v In correct ing ee
ilcfei t- Is placed above eei- otli
t - onidei.ttlon.
' Si I'linne :::!s
rvlers In ill kinJ, jf
All otdtn given prompt ttUntta
lU. KIM..W.
ttiwm 5. n.-ll Sisters Ilulldini;
i -
foit !ti;vr '
FOR KENT Seven room house near
depot. Inquire at this office.
WA X'i Kl.
hand hay baler wanted. Address
E. A. Kruse, Rt. 1, Roseburg. tf
In private
family, laborers preferred,
quire 523 N. Main Btreet.
WANTED Position as stenograph
er. Three years law office ex
perience. References furnished.
Address Lydia Messman, Box 325,
Enld Okla. n
ING All work guaranteed. Mrs.
K. M. Vosh, 4 3 North Rose
street. ui
WANTPD Salesmen for exclusive
territory. Ij$ opportunities. Si
experience necessary. Complete
line Yakima Valley grown fruit
shade and ornamental stock. Cast,
weekly. Outfit free. Toppenish
Nursery Company, Top,.euish
Wash. dswtl
WANTED- The name and addieas of
gentleman who purchased the
county right for the sale "of medi
'jino and j.ppllnnce a year ago of
Dr Bell. Upon receipt of desired
address he will learn something to
his Interest. LAEMMEE 217 Wins
ton street, Eos Argelea, Cal. al
EOR SAKE Two Her ford bulls,
one year old. Elrstctass. Address
E. L. Matthews. Glide, Or. dtf ;
FOR SALE Choice fox itouml
pups, from registered stork, ad !
di'tis box 4 48, Roseburg. dsvT'U j
FOR SALE Two Shetland ponies '
well matched, drive single 01 j
double, perfectly gentle. Inquire j
News office. xlswtl
WOOD FOR SALE Phone Farmers
t 114. J I. Springsteaed. Roseburg.
for wood. Prompt delivery. dtf
FOR SALE One 330-horae power
tublar horizontal boiler for sale.
Inquire at tlie Roseburg Steum
Laundry. tf
COW I-OR SALE Three-quarter
blood Jersey cow for- sale, fresh
Address N, I. Conn, Roseburg.
PI. one X dliO
DISC FOR SALE One Chirks Sen
ior cutoway digc for sale cheap.
Only used one year. Address Box
6S3, Roseburg. tf
''OR 'SALE' CHEAP One 2 horse
power gasoline engine, good as
new. A good strong engine. P. O
box 4 75, H nse h n rg. O re. , or in
quire at News otilee.
FOR SALE Sewn room nouse.
toilet, bath, ptntry, etc.. central!)
located, near paved district, 60
foot lot. Price J2.500. Address
"Owner," enre of The News dswtf
A CI i 0 1 C EBA RG A I-Good 7
room house, toilet nud wood shed
off of largo porch: lot 85x67, 2
blocks from post office. Price too
low for print. Address V., care
Now 8. ' dtf
FOR SALE A nice, neat, (i-rooin
bungalow, centrally located in pav
ed district. Sewer connections,
bath, patent toilet, etc. Ideal lo
cation. Price $2,5U0. Adilrpws A
care News office. dswtl
acres, all In choice fruit, grand
view of city. One of the finest
properties in Roseburg or vkinit
for a home. Inquire at this otlic
for particulars
FOPR LOTS Nice resilience and
garden property, lay well, close to
Edenbower store and dirt cheap
at only $t!5 each. Inquire at
News office, but be qpick about
it. tfd
V PARG IN- 1S5 acres of land foi
sale In Camas Valley; will bcM
part or all. There is a bargain In
this place if taken soon. For par
ticulars address Allen - Wilson
Camas Valley. Ore.
of land, all fenced, close In and
ready for planting. No buildings
hut a choice spot for fempll farm
Price $1,250. Inquire News of
FOR SALE. A few choice S. C.
W hite Leghorn cockreis, Rancho
Mirasol strain, Pasadena. Calif.,
one dollar each. Inspection invlt- j
ed. Apply J. nentley, Alexander I
land. Roseburg. da22 I
FOR SALE - Expecting to get a car, j
I am offering for sale my span
It year old bays, safe for a wo
man to drive, my rubber tired
stanope. either for two or four!
persons, and set of new harness, !
Will sell separately. E. H. Rosen-
h' of f?ir srotlnila. dtf
E. of the S. E. and the S !
s of the N. E. of section 20 ,
in township 3o south of range 1
west, consisting of sugar -pine, fii j
and cedar. Cruised over four mil- ;
Hon feet. Price $3,000. Addres?
P. care News, Roseburg. dswtf.
WILL TR A I IE Owner will exchange
a nice piece of Roseburg, property
for sm HI farm. This property i
t liinotm the best of the fit v. ait sei
I to young orchard, just in bear-
lag. and will bear investigation
l Want small farm that Is on rivei
or creek or has giu4 springs. In
I quire News office. ' tf
i SALE OR l'RAIE 4-room new
! houe and lot: will sell reasonabl
and give terms; would accept good
team, harness and wagon as parr
payment. A bargain. so come
quick. Address "Oowner," care
, News ottlce. 3
, FOR SALE An S0-aere farm for
sile or rent. 10 acres under the
plow, plenty of outside range, with
privilege, of having good team, a
wagon, cow a thl implements on
place; about ten tons of hav 1 rt
bam. Address .1. K. Falbe. Otalla
Oregon. d-al.V
FOR S V l.l) General purpose team,
j matehed horses. ; and S vears old,
; weight l.2fto pninds. Free drlv
ers nud cood workers, e'rfecMy
sound, new double harness goes
with team. AUo a single wagon,
j horse and harness, nil in flrst
? rnvs cciiidliion The shove can
J be hud cheap for ca-h. Inquire at
the RoHcb.irg Flour Mills, phone
follow ing described timber elmir
is ffered for sale: N. H. of
th S. E. S. E of the N.
E. V, of W. 4 N K V of e
township .10 south of .
west, conststlrjc of acres of
sugar pine, flr and cedar, it cruis
ed three and one-hrlf million
Price. $1,000 Aldresa P. can
News, Roseburg. r. dwt
Take Your Time to Read This:
Because we have Just received so many other new styles In
Shell Goods of all kinds. Collar Pins, Necklaces, Earrings,
Brooches, Leather Toilet Cases, etc., we are going to give another
speciu! week to these goods. Every style absolutely new.
Ask to see our Hiawatha Collar Pins. Many shoppers are
buying these Goods for Holidays.
Don't fall tq see our 25 cent
bargains in new goods.
We hove an enormous stock in Switcics, Puffs, Transforma
tions. Puffs golni? out?? Not this year. Then there are the
small fit) cent Switches for the rosettes or biscuits. aR they are
commonly called.
Just a very few hats. We are going to finish them up Mon
day. We don't care about the price. We have to have the room.
This is a "U'OltD TO THK WISE."
Hair and Scalp Treatment, Facial Massage, Hair Dressing, Mani
curing. , '
Formerly Roseburg Beauty Parlors
Slab Wood
Dry Fir Wood
Split Oak Wood
Now is the time to order your winter's wood
Take advantage of our special prices. We make
our own deliveries, insuring promptness and
Roseburg Feed & Fuel Co.
Warehouse and Office, Winchester Street on the
Switch. Telephone 163
Thegrea test Germ destroyer and disinfectant known
Will destroy odors and germ life in twenty seconds
For use in sinks, toilets and sick room
We guarantee this preparation to do all we claim
For sale by
Marsters Drug Co.
Roseburg Oregon
Trade with the store that broke
High Prices for groceries
in Roseburg
Yours For a Square Deal
Of SurnmerShoes
Entire stock of Men's and Boys', Ladies' and
Children's Oxfords and Pumps and summer shoes
We wish to make room for 6ur Fall and Winter
stock and offer these exceptional values at the very
lowest prices for a short time.
213 Jackson St.
Columbus Never Did Know
That He Discovered America
He thought it was the West Indies.
Lots of people would discover more
things if they would keep their eyes
open. A fellow has to do it now
days to keep up with the procession
That's why we want yu to dis
cover this store and then not forget
it. We're doing jewelry business
every day and we want to do more.
Come in and see all the pretty things.
Watchmaker, Jeweler, Optician
You will And some rare
Grain of All Kinds
Wnw nf All Vi-nAa
YOUR'ORDERlFeed of All Kinds.
Sanitary Grocer
Next Door to P. O.