The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, July 07, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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Subttrrinllon Rates Dully.
Per year, by mall $3.00
Per month, delivered 60
Per year $2.00
Biz months 1.00
Entered as Berond-clafls matter
November 6, 1910, at Rosehurg, Ore.,
under act of March 3, 1879.
IIMT I.V 7., llllT.
1'inlcr n roimntxHion form of K"V
ornmcni the cily of Spokane in wiv
tuff $12,000 a munih. Or, in mher
words. It require just that much Ipkk
to operato the city KnvernuH'iit than
it did under the old ailrjiinlslrallntis.
If that Is Hit' result in Miial propor
tions in utht'r Htlos when- tin cuni
infusiou ha Ihh'ii atloptcd, t will not
take Ioiik for tin (ifople to he de
manding the H.vHlcui fcenerulty.
only part of their proljluin. If u
good proportion of the money now
tt'ine shinned out for faudtiiuffs Wore
only kept at home, an It Hhotild and
ran li, Medford money would he
more generally scattered than It is,
I and we have no douht the banks
would hail with pleasure the added
tone of hea.Uu thus developed in
municipal conditions Hand In hand
t with the development of the fruit
UuhUwhh should ko the develojimc'iit
of the uKifcullural and fruit farm
ing iiiiere.-itH. In this way houio of
the bin ecxiHtiUK leak will be Ktop-p-d
and the great problem ahead of
ledtoid will he found much easier
of solution.
Oregon, in the matter of the recall
of Judge Coke, in getting more pub
licity than any hon.ster propaganda
could bring her. and ft In tho kind
that the man with a family likes (n
read. When a man undertaken to
locate tn a Mate he wanttt 'o know
Bomethlng or the Htandlng of Un
people, and In thin cam he He the
public rising up In Its might to con
demn and recall a judge whom they
believe to have failed In IiIh duty
and demanding thai for having been
found wanting he be retired, n has
the ring of the wop!e ruling.
KOMM (.'00 ADVK'K.
Portland Telegram: A short lime
ago The Teli-gram printed an ai
tlrlo In which ft called utleutlon to
what it regarded as the economically
unhealthy condition of Med lord
which, with K0.0MO acres of fruit
land set out. much of which could
not he counted upon for a maxi
mum production for ten yearn to
come, was In tin meantime wiping
miL ItH productive agricultural area
and bring in at great cost practical
ly everything It needed for food. Tin
Medford Tribune reprinted the a rl
cle and made sundry comments or
It that are reproduced elsewhere o
this page. UV feel that the uh.f
Is worthy of very much more than
passing attention for. to a degree.
In most cases less and tn others ver
much less, It presents a problem
which coufrouiH many towns in I)
male, and therefore expresses a con
dition which Is general whilst using
an illustration thai Is purely local
to Medford.
II Ik an old proverb that It lt
never wise to put all your eggs lu
the same basket. Like most proverbs.
It Ik not all true nor all true In ail
ItH applications, hut there is much
more than a germ of truth and or
dinary horse setiKe tn it. Hut with
this plume of the Medford condition
we. at present, are not concerned
What doea concren us Is the fact
that In enlarging Its fruitgrowing
area it has practically wiped otii
Its agricultural area. It supports
a high living class of people. They
are not satisfied with the ordinary
plain provender of most towns of
the same size. They want nothing
lint the best and the earliest of every
thing And they are willing to pay
the price. Hut the community, to
a very great degree. Is living on
Itself and its future. I) Is not pro
ducing enough to keep ll going. It
people nre not only drawing upon
their surpluses lo keep things go
ing, hut to an extent more or less
targe are discounting the fului-e
They are bent on developing a rich
mau'H town and they have succeeded
In that, but lu doing so thev neces
sarily make It Increasingly dltllciilt I
r..p tt. i '. i .....
w IIII' MMM I 111(111 III tHI 1111(1 uri
a real foothold for himself and hi
The purpose of The Telegram was
to call attention of this and to sug
gest a remedy that could be ap
plied not at an tndehnlle time In
the rut life, but Immediately. I'mlo
the circumstances we know of mi
more Inviting Held for the truck
farmer than .Medford. Its people arc
willingly paying a high price for tin
food products which they Import
Theno products should be raised at
home, and If anything like (he same
price is paid for them, truck fann
er p. will soon get well lo tin in thai
valley. Attention or the Medtoid
people, In our Judgment, hai been
too completely absorbed lu apple and
pear raising. They are now seeing
TIU,MOOK. Or., July C. -That J
he will lone the use of bo ill of j
his eves Is the iHJef of physicians
who attended James Collier. il yearn I
old. who was Injured by the expio-1
sfon of a giant tlrcrracl-r at Heaver
HAI.KM, Or.. July 0. Hemlttancps ;
for excess charges of Pullman sleep-1
ers following the rate order mauc
iboui a year ago have been received
here from Chicago. Among those
getting remittances is Clyde Altchl
Hon. chairman of the state railroad
commlsshni, who received $1 and
turned It over lo the state treasurer.
You will always have good healthful bread, pie and
cake, if you use
White River Flour
It is Not Bleached
Bleached flour is injurious to health.
Use Fleischman's Yeast For a good Starter
Mrs. A. C. Kidd & Son
SAI.HM. Or., July . I'nllri" I ( I
tertivi! Hurry K. K. Own. "f ():ik. !
Intnl. Oil., Uiiliiv Ki-rwd r'iilitiii!
j).i(K-i-H nn Hi Kmi't'lior fur tli' cxtnt- j
Mllim "I HU'plKMi Tf'inini, who Ik,
wiiMteil In Oakland In iiimwi'i". a j
..i ... ,,r ..,-ittwl luri-i'tiv. Tirr;mi l
miiw ihiiIit hitoki In I'mtliinil. Tin-stiiti-'a
warrant Mr TiMiaru was l--uhmI.
SAI.HM. Or.. July II. SpraklliK
lo Hi.' iniinlv Kilmol niiiirlitifiiniitn
thin in.iriiini;, W. H.' l
Mnnlana, Stale Su n-iim i!el'iit nl
I'll 1.1 1- I iihI riHt lini. Milled allenlloii
Ul the rael Unit I he elliillll Bl'ade
i.,.,i..,i l:,u. lu HiU Klllte Ik hIiii-
ilar lo tile one III Molilalia, which lie
uiid haw liei-n very him ntHHful. Mel
mid thai In Montana not even the I
.Itli'K Ill'O exeniit ll III OreKOll llllll .
leelari'd thai tin- Ori'ttiin law Ih !--1
iVetiv lo that extent. I
I.IOU'ISTON, Idaho, July -To
iirolecl her ihlldren froni a heai
lllU, the Kiilnw of I'eter Malllck. n
:iiiirlir-lir-i-il Indian, faced tier drun
ken himl.and lam nlKht In their home.
iHVeral inllea from (IraiiKevllle, and
In Ihe resultlim nnarrel waa lialtered
,1 Hie hoily with the linlt end of
mIhiI liiin. She Ik now ll Hie
(IraiiKeville hoKpltal at III" point or
tenth. Only Hie arrival of Sheriff
Overman wllh a poKKe prevented n
ynchlliK. Malllck Ik held 111 Jail oh
i chari;e of attempted murder.
VANCOI'VKU. WliKh.. July
Two Orenon iwIiih. Kpry and lively
even If they are M yearn old and
have ileKceiidanlH lulo the fourth
Meiieralloii, recently met In Van
couver at tno home of 1i-h. lli'tirKc
l. Itiirdeaux, a daughter "f
HtilncK. They am .1. A. Maine, or
l-Ickley, Curry county, and W. W .
llaineK, of KiiKene. I.ane county. V.
W. Maine wan niarrleil 111 IS.'i'.l lu
MIkk Mary I1. Illalne, of I. Inn ciilllil.v.
i hev have ralKcd ilvo i!irl and two
mivk and have 17 Kiand children
Hid I wo (treat grandchildren. Me
!iaa ror inaiiy yeai'H lieen a luanur.ic
liner of lealher and him crown
wealthy. J. A. llaliiea wiik married
In lsr,:l to MIkk Kleanor I'havev. ()l
ho I I children hum to them 1 an'
vet llvlllK. there heltiK live clrlti an l
levi'll lnwn. The twlll.l were Inn 11
III Tnwi'll county, llliui'ls, AitKUst
S. isas.
SAN' KHANl'ISCO, July ll. - Kol
lowlim the death of lier hushand
loseih Sildall, Iroiu hllllela Hhe ad
illltH Khe llreil Into Ilia holly ilnrlnc.
I nuari'e! at their home here. M lit
Sildall wan yeKterda foriually charK
,1 with iniirder. The woman de
lares she Hied In Keif derense.
Sl'XSi:!' M AUA.ISIO I'Olt .Ifl.V.
Vacation Mine at t.oa AiiKelew
Xllltelea lleachea. The I'alt of Ihe
t'ool Sea ltieee, liy I'i'ter H. Kyne.
Ileaullriillv illiiKtraled In four rulnm
The Spell, liy ('. N. and A. M. Will
laniHoii. Hunting, I'Mslilui;, Motor
Inn. I'lctlun. On niilu ul all news
stand. dKwjrJ
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