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all tlio nuwi tliafa ftt to print
. VOL. I
NO. 51
So Says Zelaya to Press Rep
resentative. HAS LOTS OF FRIENDS
Wlio Will Alwhys lk-lli-ve the Anion
of Knux Was Nut In Aci'ord
unce With iood StntON
miiu.sliip. '
(Special to The Evening News.)
Mexico City, Dec. 31. Americans
have been misled by biased reports
which have been constructed out of
whole cloth concerning alleged
crimes and defalcations and the like
in Central America, but feel that
Blnce I have been given a chance to
state my case that they will bejzin
to understand the true Plate of af
fairs, " said Zelaya to a United I'n-sa
representative tcday, "I have i'n
emins, but also many frknds in the
United States, and the latter (Irmly
believe, -no matter wnat fault may
be found jith my nolicv, that the
notion of Knox was far from a proper
diplomatic course.". Zelaya laughed
at the story that he had plundered
the treasury, and declared that iin
the contrary he hnd pnid a $50,000
emergency claim out of hlB- own poc
ket. Zelaya was equally undisturb
ed by the rumors of the plan to as
sassinate him. A sub-secretary of
foreign affairs dented today that Ze
laya was virtually a prisoner, and
said the deposed president might do
as he pleased, and that he . might
spend millions in building palaces,
' talk, gamble, be merry, simp and live
In Mexico without fepr of molesta
tion. ,
(Special to The Evening News)
Medfoid, Or., Dec. 31. With the
last day of the old year Sllns J. Day,
the oldest pioneer of Jackson county,
passed from this life Into the great
beyond. Death came to the aged pi
oneer at his homo in Jacksonville at
on early hour this morning. Mr. Pny
has lived on t'le place where he died
continuously since ljj49, and was :iie
of the very first men to reach Jack
sonville at the time gold was discov
ered ihere in that year. Judge Day
was one of the best known men in
southern Oregon, and at the time of
his dsaih was S4 years of age.
Two Distinct Shocks Occurred Harly
Yesterday Morning.
Two slight earth tremorB were felt
in Portland at 4:23 p. m. yesterday,
vays today's Oregonlan. The Inten
sity of the shocks was not great
enough to dd damage. Residents In
various sections of tho city reported
that they were somcwhafc alarmed by
the consecutive tremors. The compass
of the disturbances was confined to
Portland and its suburbs In tho Wtln
mette valley. Heports from Ashlmd.
Mnrshfield, Salem, Astoria, linker
City, Or., and Hnnuiam, Wash., were
thnt no disturbances were felt at
those points.
" John McN'ulty, nautical expert In
charge of the local branch of the
United States Hvdrographlc service
assigned the quakes to "gravitational
attraction." The highest tides of the
ea3on will be registered today. Thi"
fact, combined with the proximity of
the earth to the sun and the distance
of the moon, add probability to the
1 henry.
, The shocks were felt with greater
force bv the occupants o' the upper
lofts of downtown office buildings. A
few seconds intervened between the
tremors. The second was more force
ful and continued severel seconds.
Many who t.-cre observant of the phe
nomena assorted that the buildings
swayed to and fro. Others averred
that the buildings "bounced" upward
and downward. Occupants of dwel
lings on Portland Heights apparently
felt the vibration fce-nK. nisbfs clnt
tored on sb'dvs and the Ftntd coun
tenances' of family relatives that
adorned the walls of the homes re
sponded to the antics of Mother
rou mix vn:i: lynvwt tx.
Sum Aggregating X:irlv &!.(() Will
be Kealized.
Salem. Or.. Dec. 31. Pecs nccre
ating pearly $2r,00 will be collected
II. i I1U f
under I
he Vfat- witiitn the next few davs
act nr the legislature or
-.vtnlr which iinl.o' l a 1'. etiV-
on all fcrproi-riated w.t'r-r powers, ap
propriated for beneficial i?c. on
streams in the stale. Aecr ling to
the art. npprnprlators are liable to a
tax of from 25 cents to $ ! for each
and every horsepower of water yT
' ' perond of time for earn foot availnhie
v fall. For the purpose of the act
pounds of water per second are to
nd.'nrlcn a horsepower.
The board may levy any fee it l at
deem proper, so that It keens wiiWn
the satrtory llmitatl ins. bjt sine
the members cf the board have been
unable to Inspect etch of the appro-
prlations, the minimum fee of 25
cents has been Imposed this year,
which will brbJg the fees up to $2500.
The water board of control huB
received within tho past few weeks
more than $3000 in fees for adjudi
cation of water rights on streams in
different parts of the state. The ad
jncations have not been nnnounced.
Fees from adjudications of rights are
large, those from the adjudication of
Rogue River alone will reach $15,000.
St. Joseph's Pro-Church.
New Year's day Is tho feast of the
circumcision of Jesus Christ. U is
a holy day ift obliRntion for all Cath
olics not excused by tho general rea
sons that tho church allows. Masses
will be as on Sunday at 8:i5 and
KT:30. After last mass there will be
benediction No evening devotions
will take place In the church on New
Years Sunday is the octave oC the
feast of St. Stephen, the first mar
tyr. Masses will be as usual and the
Sunday school classes will be regular.
At the high mass nt 10:30 the choir
will render the beautiful mass that
was sung on Christmas day. On Sun
day evening at 7:30 the vespers or
official evening office of the church
will bo sung and there wilt beln a se
ries of discourses concerning God,
Revelation, the Bible, the church and
kindred theological and philosophical
subjects. We are glad to have our
friends with us.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Sunday Preaching morning and
evening by the pastor; excellent mu
sic at the regular services by the
large "and well trnined choir; always
happy congregatfonnl singing. The
morning sernicn nt 1 1 a. m. will be
the first of a series of four sermonB
on the life of Joseph, ' covering t lit?
most thrilling chapter in the annals
of Israel. , A large compnny of repre
sentative authors once took a vote
as to the best story, considers.! as y.
literary product in all literature. A
very large majority voied for this
story of Joseph. The first subject
of the series Is: "Sold Into Fgypt, or
the Fruit of Knvy." At 7:"0 p. m.
the seraion subject will be "Proof of
Miracles.''" This address is d?st:::i.d
to strengthen faith In the worder
working Christ,and brine men into a
proper attitudp townn1 him. All are
welcome to a "homelike" church.
Union Prayer Services.
The week of prayer will "he observ
ed by the church of Roseburg next
wepk. Tho following program will
be carried out: Monday evening, at
h npptist church. Subject. "Human
History, a Witness for God," J. N.
McConneil, leader. Tuesday evenlnir
at th Christian church, Uev. Mears,
leader, subject, "The Foundations,
Unshaken, Immovable." Wednesday
evening at the M. E. church. Rev.
Burkhart, leader, subject, "The
Church of God on Earth." Thursday
evening at M. E. church, south. Rev.
Hawkins, leader, subject. "Missions
the Necessary Expresfnn of Christian
Devotion." Frida-y evening at Prea
bvterfcin. Rev. Eaton, leader, subject.
"The Things Within the Klmrdom and
Without." All are cordially invited
to these services.
Presbyterian Church.
J.E. ttnrkhnrt, nasti". Morning
worship at 11 o'clock. At this service
Hie Lord's Sunner will he observed
Evening worship nt 7:30. Tho ser
mon will bo appropriate to the New
Year. The Bible school meets at
10 a. m., Hon. B. U Eddy, superin
tendent. Junior C. E. at ;t m.. Miss
Kate Fullerton, superintendent. Y.
P. S. C. E. at G: 30 p. m. Union ob
servance of the week of prayer nt va
rious church next week except on
Saturday evening. You will find a
cordial welcome awaiting you at all
of our services. Come and bring a
friend. 4
St. George's Church.
Corner Main and Cass streets, the
Rev. Charles Wilson Baker, rector.
Snturdnv, tho Circiimcl?lon of Christ,
(New Year's day). Holy Commu
nion at JO a. m. Sgnday. the first
Sundav after Christmas day. holy
communion at 7:30 a. m. Sunday
school at !) n. m. holy communion
and sermon at 11 a. m., evening pray
er and sermon at 7:30. Thursday.
.Inn. 6. the Eniphany, holy commu
nion at 10 a. m.
Methodist KpUcopitl' Church, South.
K. M. Mears, pastor. Regular ser
vices nt II a. m. and 7:30 n. m., con
ducted by the tinsior. The Sacrament
at the inornlpt; hour. Sunday school
nt 10 .i.'m., nro. W. T,. Cobb. FiiPcr
intendent. Kp worth league services
nt G:"0 Sunday evening at which time
the oCfir-rrs for the enquire vear will
h intnlld Special evangelical sr-vic-'R
at the evening hour The pub
lic is cordially Invited to all of the
VMte operating a planer at the W.
I,. Dysini-'er mill this morning, Q. It.
Stein, a wHl known rsl'mt of the
city, nW with n very unfortunate ne
r;lden. the result of which' will, necs
dltatn him rmainine nndr the care
of a phvpirian for som time. Tt ap
pears that, the unfortunate man's
Hnthine bvame tangled In la pullev
in such a menner as to Inflict a d"ep
??h in the left should'T. Dr. Houck
dr-'s-aod the Injury nnd the pntlent Is
now Improving as fast as could be expected.
Great Northern Loses $600,
000 in Passenger Fares.'
Wholesale Use of Stolen Pusses Cause
Itulhvuys Great Ijoss Special
"Offlrcr Out Year on the
. v Case.
(Special to The Evening Ncws
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 31.
Fraudulent disposition of free passes
as cost the Great Northern railway
company upwards or $000,000 iu the
past four years, so it Is claimed, as
n result of an organized system sup
nosed to extend-throughout the west.
Tn order to ferret out this matter and
'dover the source pt this fraudulent
ork, the railway people have had
oecial Agent A. U Day working on
'he matter for dvor a year, As a
"esult of his Investigations lt is he
aved that he has secured evidence
hat will lend to remarkable disclo
sures and bring- to light tho necrets
of a gang that has been colnlns mon
ey at the expense of the Great North
ern. . Two arrests have beeri mode,
one of the alleged offenders being
Paul Carbon, a St. Louis saloon keep
er, and the other an employment
agent doing business at Grand Forks,
X. D. These men are charged with
disposing of passes which were al
leged to have been stolen from the
mnintainence of ways department of
the railway compnny. These passes
were sold to laborers and others at
a low, figure, and while the railway
was losing largely on the deal, the
parties who were Issuing the paper
were also. making a Bpeck. .
(Special to Tho Evening News.)
Brussels, Hoc. 31. King Albert
seems disposed to swoop the "slables
clean." and it is learned from au
Ihorntlvo but unofficial coerces thi'.t
tho king has aVcopted the resignation
of the entire civil and military Btaff
of the decensed Leopold, Including
Huron WaliiH, governor general of
Belgian Congo. This action Is ac
cepted as the preliminary step to
stamping out the regime, and will
bring to a close the abuses that have
ven heaped upon Hie people of Con
go. youmWrks
murder officer
(Special to Tho Evening News)
Constantinople. Dec. 31. News
has Just reached, thin city of the as
sassination, Tuesday, of Hassan Tl
bim Pasha, governor general.. The
murder was committed while the
governor was enroute to the Sanalo
red sea. Hansen recently charged the
Young Turks with the responsibility
for granting vnlunllle concessions nnd
franchises to lorolgnors without suf
ficient return to tho Turkish govern
ment, and the assassination Is direct
ly attributable to this squabble. There
are no details of the crime obtnlnaiiio.
(Special to The Evening NwhJ
Paris, Dec. 31. Jay DeCastell i
on of Count Hon! nnd his fol J
wile, princess ueaupuu, uiuukh 4
years old, can scarcely read or w i
Is the story told by a bailiff in
"ourt of appeals today. In set
papers on the pr'hcess, charglnp
with neglect of the children's "(
Mon, and making her a partv t
mpenl, the balif wr.s ins'ruetc
watch Jay's writing exercise giv
the governess. Tho youngster
a few simple sentences, but was
f.tantly prompted. The child's
name was the only tiling ho wa
to write unassisted.
im:i stati:s jikkad sr
Inniial KxporN of Wheat An
Idly Decreasing.
How nuch longer it will 'ink1 the;
ronsump'ion of wlvat in the I 'tiitfl
States to eatrh up with" the prndnc- j
lion Is a qu-tion which Is His" now
interesting f-xportrs and producers.
Kignres . prepared l;y me bureau of
Ftatlr.ttcs of the department of cm
mercr and labor nhow that during the
five year period ended Jure VK IfHI.
t hro were produced fi 2 5 . 0 0 0, o 0 0
bushels in! exported, with Tlnur ex
nrsd In terms of wheat, 1!2.000,
000 bushels nnpually. Vor the fol
lowing five yearn, endd .liif-' 30,
1900, thre were prodncd,
000 bushels, and exported ordy 113.
000.000 bushels ennufl'ly. TMh shows
a decrease of 4 per cent In nnnunl
exports In the latest five r?ar period.
lllltlh'liAX Clll'ltCH
On Friday evening, Dec. 31,
we will hold our uiiuual meet-
lug. All members and friends
should be present. The men
of the church-will furnish and
serve tho refieshments. A
good program will be given.
Come and see what good
cooks the men aro. J. N.""
McConneil, pastor.
with a production far In excess of any
other like torm.
These figures show plainly that
there is on enormously increased con
sumption of wheat In I lie United
Stutow. but it will be neccssn-y to
wait for the report of the coming
census- before the percentage d.'c to
tho Increase In population can be de
(Special to The K"enlng News)
New York, Dec. 31. Word hns
heen received nt the office of the
Ipenct-r Trunk Trask company, bank
ers, that Spencer Trns was killed in
a wreck on the New York Central nt
Croton, thin stato. At least two oth
ers were killed when the freight train
rammed tho Montreal express. One
was the negro porter, and the other
victln. was unidentified. Trask oc
cupied the drawing room rear sleep
er and was Instantly killed when the
heavy freight plowed through the car.
'Hie railway officials aro Inclined to
hlamo tho freight crew for the wreck.
One-fourth Oif on AH Clothing
Our window is a mirror of what you will find inside. Every suit marked
in plain fignres. .You cannot afford to pass this sa1e of strictly high-class.hand-tailored
suits.' It means money to you. , DO IT NOW. I3UY, SAVE, STOP,
THINK! Every suit and overcoat must bo sold. These prices must appeal to
you. Tins fs the store that dot things. No fiction.
All wool
at $18.00,
all si a-a,
ers, suits
Suits that
.to wear,
ing and
the Jeweler on Cass St.
I After .Tan. 1 our store ill done ut
):;!0 p. m.
Rose burg
This is our firstaiinual sale and we want you to sec and appreciate, that we do
what we say, and have confidence in the ntore that docs business in a legitimate
way. If you have never been a patron of Ilarth's Tocry, coninienco now,
Let us prove to you there is merit iii high-class good, a Having to you in this
Bale and a satisfaction that will be a pleaHuro.
Little Hebrew, Monte Attel
Rightful Champion. 1
Three Thousand Portland Men Wit
ness the Teu Hound Contest Be
tween the Two San Kran
eisco Men.
(Special to Tho Evening News.)
Portland, Dec, 31. The th-ee
thousand Portlanders who saw last
night's boxing exhibition between
Monte Atteli and Jimmy . Curroll,
both San Francisco men, today pro
claim the llttlo Hebrew the rightful
bantamweight champion of the
world. Atteli Is about the streets
today and Is in tho best of condi
Mon. without a scratch on his face,
while Carroll's right eye Is closed
uul his face Is badly bruised from
the battering ho received at the
hands of tho formidable Atteli. Mad
a decision been rendered Atteli
would have undoubtedly been the fa
vorou one, slifo ho wns the aggres
sor all through tho ten rounds, and
landed cleaner blows. Besides this
fact the little Hebrew had plenty of
steam hack of his punches, and mnde
Carroll wince time after time as he
sent In his telling body blows. At
teli used straight lefts to good ad
vantage. In the first session Atteli
started the Hnret to flowing freel
from Carroll's nose and partially
closed his right eye. Carroll was
First Annual
Think of an all wool, hnud tailored
suit, nobby, up-to-the-minute In style
and pattern, cheap at $15.J0, now ....
fine worsted suits, fancy mi
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wool materials the latest fashions,
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fancy worsteds, top nnteh
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a bargain at $22 5
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materials, sold everywhere
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ent For Attractive Prices
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game to the finishing round and real
ly put up a ciever battle, but It was
plainly evident from the start that he
was outclassed.
I. O. Freeman, Portland Man,
I'uit'N the Appointment,
Kugene, Or.. Dec. 30.The Board
of Ge vomers of tre promotion de
partment of the Eugime Commercial
club this evening elected D. C. Free
man, of Portland, as manager of the
club for 1910 to succeed John H.
Hartrg. who leaves Eugene 'or New .
York City tomorrow evening.
Mr. Freeunn was the unanimous
choice of the governors, who consid
ered quite a number of applications.
Ho was strongly recommended by
prominent men of fie northwest. Mr.
Freeman Is a practical newnpaper
man but hiH work In the northwest
hns been along exploitation lines,
hnvlug r"presenled the Harrlman
Hues n Washington and Idaho. He
was secretnry and assistant to tlm
Inte President Cioode, of ihe Lewis
and Clark exposition. During tho
Inn, year he was engaged In exploita
tion work In connection with the A.
Y. P. exposition nt Seattle. The man
agrr will take up Ms work the first
oif Janunry.
County Clerk Kdward Lenox has
received notice to the effect that road
district No, 11 voted a 4 mill special
road levy at a rocont mooting held
In that vicinity;
Just a call nt my Btudlo
will convlrce you we are ar
tists and can mnke you every
kind or size photo you may
desire. Framesfmade to or
der. Clark's Studio, Hose
burg National bank building.
1-4 Off 1-4 Off
$25 Now $15.00