The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, December 28, 1909, Page 4, Image 4

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    TIIK EVKNI.VO N'KM'fl l l h SI) A V. IH ( KM II I It 2H, 1 (1(111.
0. 'A'liilB, of Heaverlcjn, Ore., In vis
iting friends In the city.
Mrs. Alice Caldron, of Merlin, was
a viHlmr In the city ycnicrd.iv.
S. S. MoitIhoii, of I'rol, tr ill, acted
hUhiucHy niiitlerti hi Hie city yester
day. (iou. W'lnK wenl. to Drain Sunday to
work for tho Lcora MiilH Lumber
Try one. of llior.o Hnnll filters will
fit any faucet Bee Winnie GacMIs,
the plumber, tf.
Mlm Fiimia Kirulloy, of Wilbur, Ik
epenillnu tlio week In town, vlsltlni;
friends and relatives.
Wlllhtnl Colli), of the Cobb Heal
Kstalo company, went to Ilia ranch at
Glonbvnok this inornlnK.
. W. McOilvry, or Ciuivonvlllo, Ik
apcndlnif a couple of days In Iho city
looking i ftcr hiulnoss niattciK.
Superintendent AiiHlin, of Iho Wil
bur schools, 1h spcudliiK ho d;iv In
the city ntlondlni; business niatlers
.tallica lames, formerly teiiorrai'h
er at the HciKeburn ('"Oic lul clnl).
'eft yctetd.iy afternoon for lil home
in Indiana.
F. W. Llverniore and fatnllv, of
Boave;t(,n, Ore., are vlsltlim lit !hc
liomo of his sister, .Mrs. I). Jackson,
of North ltosebuii?.
Miss Kva Llnlz, of Portland, loft,
for her home thin inornlnK after a
lirlef visit nt the home of her father,
W. H. Unit. In this city.
Mrs. It. S. Marker and fninlly ro
. tinned to Midline! this morula'.; aft
or a brief visit al the home of the for
mer's father, .1. II. Maiden.
Dan f'armony, of KiiKonn. who
(pent ChrhtinaH with his parents. Mr.
nnd Mrs T. M. Carniony. of forth
Unset' tli'K, returned home Monday.
Carl Melverts and wile, of Oakland,
were vIsHorn In the dly yesterday.
They atlcndod Iho Inslallallon of of
ficers at the Masonic hall lust cven
inR. H. Mattison, li linotype operator
who recently purchased a' ranch a
short distance north of the cllv. went
to Portland this inornlnK to spend
several weeks vlsltnm friends and
A. rllKtinlnoss, of Portland, nrtlv
Pd here this morning to spend n few
davs vIslthiK friends and attcndlnti
business iiKilters. Mr. Sicnnlunss
snvB that, his family enjovs Portland
llfo notwIthslnnclliiK the cold weath-
er which prevails In that recllnr. dur
llljr the wlnler months.
At- a Fpeclal meelltiK of l.nurol
Chnplir No. 31. It. A. M.. held Sat
urday afternoon the followliiK nl'N-roi-p
w-'t-e elected to. servo durinir the.
onsuinir year: S. S. '.losephoson, II.
P.; Pert Holmes. KIiib; ,T. I. Zurrh
er, Hcrlhe; A. T. Man-'ial. 0. II.; O.
P. Coshow, P. S.: .1. W. droves, sec
retary; It. II. 0. Wood, treasurer;
filmoii faro, It. A. C; II. Phllllus, M.
3 V.; It. L. OIUi, M. 2 V..; Itlchard
Sttililis, M. 1 V.; 11. 11 Muimeli. sen.
The prell nlliary hearing of Waller
Jjentlierwood. rlllireocl with the crime
nf larcepv from the sto e of Dave
AlcKav, of Wilbur, Is attractlmt the
.fit tent Inn of Justice of the Peace
.tnlltl T. I.onu toilav. I.eatllerwood Is
ccusetl or ItavliiK entered the store
nbovo teenllotied und made avay
-villi n doll of the approximate value
or iiO cents. District Mlnrney Oeo.
M. Urown Is eoniliii'llns the case for
the slate, while dim dcf'Mllltlt, lon
thorwocid. Is roprcHonled hy Attorney
'V. W. Canlwoll. If ronvlrlocl I.ea
tllerwood stands a chance of srvlnc
a penitentiary sentence nollnvitli--tnndlni!
Ihe fact that Ihe amount ap
propriated Is trifllni:.
The annual church rally nnd busi
ness nieellllix of tile llnpllst church
nT tills city wlll'lio held at tlio churcli
tomorrow afternoon and eviilm;.
Tito nflernoon session will he InrMoly,
"eeuplod with (he annual reporls
from the various depart u. cuts or Ihe
church, and other business. In Ihe
veiling there will he a fine musical
proKnim. and a platform mcctlne.
with short addresses hy proinlnenl
layuien, after which tfie annual ad
dress before Ihe church will be deliv
ered hv Itcv. nr. P. C. W. Parker.!
of Portland, state secretary of Ihe
Oretlou Hapllst colivemlou. All an'
invited to Iheso sessions, whether
members of tho church or not. The
'ndles will spread supper In the
church bust nient, and tile time Se
ween sessions will lie spout In eal
Iiik nnd in social good times.
The funerul or Kin Chung tvus held
this atiernoon, interment occurring
at (he I. O. O. K. cemetery.
A iparriJue'liceiiHe has been grant
ed Lo John Hotmail and M'irtha Ar
thur, both residents of ImipkIus coup-
Miss Carrie Osttand returned to
her home at Portland t'.ls iiornini,'
arter a hrlct visit wllti fi lends in the
Just received Another shipment
cf tho famous "Last Korever" lios
lery. A written Kuarantee with every
pair. Sold only by The Fair. tf.
A ro-el election Is bePiK held nt
Hdcnhowcr this afternoon, and as u
result, rin Ho a few residents ill that
vleinllv who work in toun ruttirjied!
to their homes at noon today.
Quite a number of Wil'iiir nit I
"ens are In the city today in attend
ance at. the preliminary hcni-lnK of
'v. liter l,eal herwood, wlio Is cl(arKed
villi Iho crime of larceny from a
Post master Parks reports ihe
e'hrlstmas .nail this year much heav
'"r Ihan In years pasl. Ho altrlb
ltes tlie Increased mail to the many
-cw oeoide who have arrived here
luring tho past few months.
'("ho banks, county nnd government
rrl,... urdt mil, v fi twiliibiv New
vears. Therefore those poisons wish- W
'ng to transact buslnosB matters with J
anv of these houses should mane ar-
-angemenls to call eju iy In tho week. pq
County Clerk F.dwaVd Lenox r- i
"lived official notice this nftornoonQ
' the effect Hint road districts No. I
and 28 had each levied a special : g
-ond lax or 3 mills. The former (lis-1
'let lies on Deer Creek, while the i
litter district embraces a portion of I
(ho territory lying cast of Winches-. j
'or. i kL
ii'.lL'bleen celestials turned out. to ; K1
"in fiineial of Cay Chung this arter-i
"onn. Tlio remains were carried to
heir hist resting phire by the blaclt
"lead wagon." being followed by five
hlcles loaded Willi members of the
'oral Chinese family. Following the
.recession came a d'-nv piled high
llh trunks, bods, bedding nnd other
i'-tlrl's owned by Ihe deceased.
These were burned nt Ihe grave such
elng tho custom of tho Chinese in
'.line of death.
20c Children's
New YorK Store
Colgate's White
or Cashmere
Buquet Talcum
25c Val. 15c
$2.00 PETTICOATS $1.25
Wonien'B Sateen. Pereallno imitation Heatherbloom, loath-or-Hilk
UiulnrHklrtB, made good and full; a great under
skirt value, Bpeclal
$2.50 Women's House Dresses $1.49
Houbc Drosses made up Inneat styles of Percale; you
cannot buy the goods and muko them up at the very
low price .'. ; :
$1.50 Value BlanKets 98c
Cotton Blankets In Grey and White, good full size and
a good weight blanket at the very special sale price
29c TurKish Towels 19c
KxtiA Heavy Turkish Towel, 24x44, a big value at tho .
very special sale price
Hotel keepers, look to your wantH.
$1.50 Lace Curtains 98c
Nothlngham lace curtains In ecru or white, full 3 yards
long, 4 4 In. wide, neat patterns, special
$1.00 HIM0NAS 65c
Women'B Flannelette Kimonos In fancy colors, Japanese
styles, extra good values at the very low prices, special....
$1.50 Red Comforts 98c
Bed Comforts in a good quality sllkollne covering white QrP
cotton filling, a very special value, full size
75c Table DamasR 49
Mercerized and linen table damask In a largo assort
ment of patterns to pick from, a very special
$1.50 Bed Spread 98c
Red Spreads, cotton crochet, extra good value, full size,
a special, while they last
75c Boy's Grey Cover Overalls 50c
Heavy Grey Covert Overalls, all sizes, a great
they save you buying clothes, special
(iniwiiiK t',lsl "f Idling.
The Blalialles of prodiirllon Rnther
d hy (ho Aurieiilluial Department of
(lie Kovernnient hhow that the .per
capita prodnetlon of all' the stnple
rann produrtB of the ronntiy except
sheep is luereaslni;. This helnu true,
how can Ihe rrowlni? cost of ilvlliK
bo necoiinled for? In despite of the
urealer proportionate supply of wheat
and corn nnd callle. we are eonfront
d wllh constantly rlslni? iirlces for
bread nnd nient. Wo have more cot
ton nn-l cleared rotlon clotlis. The
simple explannllon of short supply
put forth by the pampered monopolies
aaocis hhoa AvaN aHi hho-ls sehoa a.iin hhi aaois xhoa msn aHi aaois xhoa MaN aHi
I'liltlullll I'l-ophet Saye Cluist Is Sure
to Come Scctcil'ilcy,
Mthnush Uvv. K. A. reVennls.
teacher of some unique theories which
he calls Ihe "science of life," wns
crrentl) dlsnppolnled lierauso Jesus
C'hilst failed to return to earth and
pay a visit to Portland Chrlstmns
clay, says tho Telernm, lie is not dis
couraced. Now lie Is just as eerlain
that the Savior will arrive on New
Year's di y as ho was last week that
thevllvlne call would he on December
n r.
The self appointed advance nEont
which control 'tho buyinil and selllim , fp r.rst is ntlt,r annoyed berausc
of our slaiiles is conl radlcled hy the
fact. Tho alleged scarrlly Is only
all excuse for rapine.
How lone can we keep on nt out
present call of ndvanclni; the cost, of
food and clolhlilK r.O per cent nnd
rents 2S per cent while there is only,
n conleluporaiiootiB offset of 20 per
cent In tlio form of Increased wnpes?
How Ions before, In our policy of
tiuildlni? up monopolies, we shall
reach the point when the further de
velopment of the national resources
aloiiK lines coiilribntlni! to the gen
eral prosperity will be made impos
sible? Philadelphia Itecord.
some people have sucpestcd that
bo releira(ed lo the fakir tribe.
"I lust made a slltlit mistake in
niv f.'iliiciilations," said the ehalty D"
Vennls. today. 'I had flKiired that
Christ would come rlitlit. after Thni's
duv, December 211, lint 1 see now Hint
I should havo figured nfter Thursday.
Heron her 30.4 I am positive that
fhrlsl. In the flesh, will visit this city
on New Year's dav and I expecl to
moot nnd Inlk with him. I expect him
to look lust ns he did when he left
llils earth.
"Perhaps everybody will not recog
nize Christ when he arrives, but there
will be n few of ns on hand to urnot
him. lie will come down frm' the
Mouds nnd as he nears tlio eirth. he
will b" soon in the flh. II renllv
will nut I e my first visit wllh Christ,
c h!,v, (nlund wlili ii 1 111 before nnd he
lias on display for tlio Holidays a i.ns mp that nnn' tldnrs would
Choice selection of clislics, lnchidiiiK i occur, and they have."
hand painted rhlnn. Japanseso unci j Hi-Vennls snvs that there nre a
wllh him that Chris! will snend Ihe
cent of thoHC who read this paragraph
have a lot of cows that uro hardly
paing for their keep. But by breed
ing to the right sort of a sire, and
keeping the heifer calves from only
the best milkers, nnd feeding intelli
gently, any innn who reads this can
have a herd of 300-pound producing
cows in five years. Alissouri Dairyman.
D. T. Noompn, of SUlit-iiin, sp;-nt
yetiterday in the city attending busi
ness matters.
Fred Slock, and wife, of OaMand.
tvere visitors in tho city for a few
hours yesterday.
San I
I Plumbing, Sheet Metal WorK, Tinning .
and Heating
North JacKson Street, adjoining' Peoples Ma rbl
WorKs. Telephone 251L
WorK Done on Short Notice
China dlslic's In iM-nullfiil ileslnns. Al
so a Hue Hue of silk handkerchiefs, 1 ,,,,, ond In Portland. Pome of them
lovs for the chllcli-en nnd some lie aavs. have schmnvledwd Hint hi:
line Itcass ware. Call and lnako your
selection early. Prices way down and
the Kernels are the best to bo
ihrnrles nn corrc'ct.
DeVernls nlans to lo'cv himsel! all
week in his wlerd chamber In Ihe V
Iskv buildinir for Hie reepiitlon of
Christ ne-t Ralurdnv. He is Imlic
nant over the report (lint he decamped
after the failure of Christ to anneal
i Chrislums. He cb clares he slaved In inw be slow.
i bis rnnn's until the tenupratitn zn
' ton low for oven his zr:il to luMd out
1 ntt:tln-.t. mid be went tn fiouth Tnrt
I land to visit friends. Hut be p;vv? he
! will be on the Job when tho Savior
1 mines .Tnnuat v 1 .
The straig'htest and sur
est road to good Clothes
the best Clothesbrings
you here.
If you fieiiiient any of the "by
paths" yo'i'll bo apt to loso your
self in t'10 tannic of misleading
"Kiri;aiiif "
Whatever we do is well clone
whatever we buy is well chosen
quality is tile object and perfect
Clothes satisfaction and effect.
There are many other places to
buy riot lies, to be sure but you'll
lind that the best is always here.
These clothes are made for us
by the Stein Block Co. and I avicl
Adler, two of the greatest Tailor
nrfianreations in the wo-ld. Kvery
Suit we sell is sold with an ab
solute cuarantee of Satisfaction
or your M nicy refunded or a now
suit in return.
-Remember quality is the true
test of cheaimeM. y or Kood
Clothos you shall know us.
11I,V VlvTlli:U UKPOliT
V. S. Wenther llureau. local ottice.
Hnseburn. Oreuoii. 2 4 hours ending
5 n. in.. Oor. S. l!tji:
Vrecipitatlon In Inches and Hun
dredths: Muxiinmn tmnenituro ;i
Miuhuui" uneratnre 32
A medical, Bocial and judicial
question has been raised nt
Francisco in tho divorcing of Mrs.
Anita Coover from David Coover on
other grounds than those set up in
the complaint nnd testified to by
Mrs. Coover while on tho witness
stand. This disparity between the
lines of testimony and tho nai'iao
of tho decree might he less signifi
cant than it is did not the decree
make a wide departure from prece
dent in making a disease not named
on tho statute a cause of divorce. The
disease singled out in this way Is
hookworm, recently brought into
great prominence through tho Rock
efeller donation for Its eradication.
Wherefore the proceedings in the
court at Snn Francisco are mado of
national If not of world-wide inter
est. Mrs. Coover, while on the stand,
according tho full and, we presume,
veraciotih press report, said: "My
husband was dull, stupid, lazy, lan
guid and slow." - It would seem that
ntittof such a long list or faults, not
to say vices, any court would be able
to find one on which to base a de
cree of divorce. Of course, many of
the terms used by Mrs. Coover In
drawing a mental pen picture of her
husband aro really synonymous. A
man vho Is dull cannot well escane
being stupid, and one who Is languid
and lazy, must, by force of natural
Hut, after pooling the
issues, and making a merger of Da
vid Coover's habits of mind and body
and reducing them to their inst ulti
mate definitions, the residuum would
be found enough to govern the ac-
lKr7XW Dry Finisb Wcr
.luese t.rahain took another vlaw TT nWc M7:.1 r.n t.- j-
jw .j ctuu aiuuwa ji ail jviliuts.
8 K2fc?raj!
Fill Your House
with liiiht no house ie modern
without electric light. TIiourIi we '.
can wire "any old" buildine. the '
&t4 he8t work is when the house is beinu
tmlf .c iv -. - '
3)"T, constructed. We are always ready
K3H to give an accurate estimate and to
guarantee the best work.
315 N. Jackson St. Rnaebnro-. Clr ?
since first of month 2
f , this month for P.'J
- ' Sep 1, l!iift. to
it;.i i
1ST? TMtl
tnc.l as. 00
Oh.oi vcr.
ltt-ooil mid Feed.
Totnl prt
Avis, pro
Total pn
Milt- . .. ..
v. pre. . r- :: p, 1
Total o(fss from Sp- '
vg. ptveip. from Sen. 1
soiMunr. (Sep. tn May
i-"bo must have been a victim of
the bookworm," said the judge. Mrs.
Coover could not concur in this virw.
She thought her husband was just
an ordinary good-for-nothing, lazy
and shift leys person, and that the
diagnosis of Judge Graham was
whollv wrong. The experts in medi
cine, ns well ns In jurisprudence. In
sist that the qualities found in David
Coover are symptoms of hook-worm,
while llui plain people and the com-i
! mon people, Inexpert ns Mrs. Coover
was. but watchful of the habits of;
I f.uch meni as Mis. Coover's former
husband, stick to it that It Is noth-,g
ing more than laziness, carrying with ' &
!t all the other qualities which Mrs. i S
Coover desrrihod to her husband. ' S
The eNports bnvo the richest man i;S
the world on their side, nnd he Is $
Impending his money In mhllon-dollnr , W
I Installments to carrfcout their theor-'i?
I"s. The action of the San Fran
cisco court. If it can brt ir.tronotod
j ns n ludicial reo cnition not only of
i hookworm as a disease, but as a dis
ease constituting sufficient grounds
; for dlviice tf tho life partner of the
victiin. would seem to lie a reroent
: tlon of the value of the KockefeMer
bequest, and the necessity for mere
like It as' a mrnns of fighting the
, divorce evil. On the other hand. It
! may result In a flood of divorce peti
tions alleging the symptoms of hook-
Yards on Lower Oak Street.
XX 'Phone Hll
T cheapen the cost of production
-Is o 'IH-H'ase the price of daily pro
lii' is; nud 'he nnlv wiiv t Iow.m- ttv
ctist Is to feed and breed IntelllcMitly.
The scrub bull Is the bam- anil curse
if the dairy indmtry In Missouri ind
be stmthwest, is it Is eveivwbMe
lst . nd It sbtnild also lie ivieein
htT.xt llint Ihe best cow hi Hit' world
mav be ruined as a milk prnmuer hv j vm in eiiber In the I'lainiifT or de
improper feeding. K von do not own i fendant, thus making a more prolific
h thoroughbred bull with ct tttl milk ! source of tlivorce disease than even
iock tn his pedlurM, bnv one nt once. "ireompntibtllty" the smptoms of
s ; which nre so often Indicated.
This is the claim made by all who send their
wnshiug to the Roseburg Steam Laundry. To get
ti.i result no chemicals are used. Your laundry
is not treated in a severe manuer very much to
the contrary it is handled in the most approved
manner all tho latest and most modernma heni
ery is at our command to, do your work in a mos
trorough manner.
There niv a inrnher of lo;!l nil,,,) ill thin miner, anv 'oni of
whleh will put ou safely on the huh- ' If you are looking for sood service S
wav to success tn tlie dairy lolncss, I n the barber line call at the Maddix , g
(let out of-the old rut and start riiitit. i barber shop, Cass street. Roseburg 5?
(lo to work now and mulct up our National Hank Hldg. Three chair
herd. The changes are that i per shop. Bath rooms In connection, tf.
0. C. BAKER, Prop.
Jackson Street - - ROSEBURG, ORE.
aMceHut n fin n ri'fi n ii m m, ltM u '