The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, December 08, 1909, Page 4, Image 4

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. , "Wheather" may Justl be termed
a bad spell of weather.
A nan Is In no condition to settle
down until he has settled up.
Most schoolboys would rather eat
a "njece" than speak one.
Tho potntoe bug Is bad enough bill
tho evorpresent humbug Is worse.
' Tho nightmare waits for those who
Indulge In too much Christmas cheer.
Why is Johnny like a side-tracked
freight car? Because, he has been
To be successful both the baseball
pitcher and the orator must have a
good dolivery.
What corn heard with Its ears
and the potatoe saw with Irs eyes,
none will over know.
H may be pleasant to sit In the
lap of luxury, but consider how It
hurts (o be tumbled out.
In a baseball game a pitcher may
band ail the curves and still be play
ing a straight game.
Many a man who Is down on his
"luck?, mlfcht easily reach prosperity
by prefacing his luck with a "P."
J. Jr. Hill, the railroad magnate,
must be a first class driver since he
can handle several lines at once.
If we were silent with respect to
our achievements as we are to our
mistakes, what a silent world this
would be.
Perhaps Fletcher got his Idea or
tho hcalthfulness of thought chewing
from the cow. She stands at the
head of that lino. - -
'when the preacher said, "Behold
the perfect mail!" ovcrv male mem
ber of the congregation became cross
eyed with looking nt himself.
F. C. Ladd has on fcaifil a fine lot
of holiday groceries. A choice lot of
cranberries, mince meat, npples and
pumpkins, all of which he will sell
at very .rensonnblo prices.
R. T. McNicols, of Oakley farm,
who Is one of the most popular min
ing men on the coast has Rone to Gal
Ice Creek where he has been rtffered
a fine position as superintendent of
tiinse mines.
Horn. In this city, Pecemlier 6,
1909, to Mr. and Mrs. Mauley Mc
Knlght, a son. Mother and baliv arc
getting along nicely, and, well the
father may recor.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Collins wero In
the city today.. They report a deep
snow In their section.
The heaviest snow that has fallen
In this valley for nineteen y?ars now
covers the ground, and the oldest
inhabitant never knew the snow
storms to commence so early In the
Dr. A. F. Sethcr, of tho popular
medical firm of I)rs. Scely, Setter &
Stoward, of Roschurg, spent Saturday
ut Glendalo. He was accompanied by
his wife, and they were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Darby.
G. Leroy Hall will give one of his
famous lecture rocitals entitled, "An
Evening With Rlloy," under the ex
cellent management of the Round
Table Club. It will take the place of
the Club's regular programme. It
will be held at Olivet Presbyter'nn
C. T. Xall placed at Irfsh and Tliig
ley's grocery store some greer, peas
gathered from his garden yesterday. -
Glendale News.
There nro a number of admirers of
Judge Nnll, In this city and valley,
who really would enjoy seeing him
out picking peas in a foot of Die
beautiful snow. Of course no one
doubts the unquestioned veracity of
tho News.
Our News In last Issue objects to
tho S. P. Englneem awakening 'the
echoes In the btlll night by whistling
their signals as they arrive and dopart
fom our city. The brave engineer
who Is such a factor in the progres-
Mvoness of civilization, with his care
ful fireman and brakemen, takes his
life in his hands us he sits at the
throttle and watches over his train
.fust imagine his respnnribiilty, and
always he has the just nance of the
wheel between himself and his .loom.
Engineers, Brakemen and Conductors
are brave and faithful tn their trust
and when accident happens to their
trains and hcy look upon some one
who has been hurt or may be killed,
they Hhed bitter tears of ten-flc-
byhipathy, and are always ready
to respond to any call for help. They
ough to have tho best of the bakery
products, and In fact we cant Imagine
too good for them. Brave engineers
whistle on, and In Glendalo there Is
one who If awakened from sl-.iniber
will breathe a prayer that you may
take your train with Its precfous bur
den of human lives safely to Its des
tination. By the way, we don't think
ijioy mean to disturb our slumbers
nerhaps they are Just taking notice of
the vile odcrs that make the
air blue near our depot. It Is surely
enough to stop any train that comes
to our city. So while we are passing
ordinances against the music of the
engine whistle let us pass an ordin
ance for nn Improved sanitary sewer
age near our depot, and may be we
won't be distrubed by such .Bniull
matters as a whistle.
Mrs. F. Hilmnn, after, visiting
friends at Canyonville and Riddle re
turned to the city yesterday.
William Fltzpati-lck, of M.wtle
Creek, Is visiting his mother, Mrs.
Gmma Dohl. In this city.
Miss Mae Bailey Is clerking at the
Glendalo Pharmacy.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newel nee Miss
Ooldio Clemens, nre now at Elreno,
Oklahoma, visiting at the home of
Mr. Newell s parents. They lert Glen
Jule about a month ago, and expect
to locale In Oklahomn. Mr. and Mrs.
Newell have a host of friends in this
city who wish for them piosperity in
their new home. Mrs. Newell Is the
only child of Mr. ands Airs. ' Juries
Clemens in this city.
Winter Courses January 4th to Feb-
I'lllliv IHtll 1!)()0.
Practical work, lectures nad dem
onstrations will be given in such vital
subjects' as General Farming, Fruit
Culture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy
ing. Poultry Keeping, the Business
side of Farming, Forestry, Capentry,
Blaeksmillilng, Mechanical Drawing,
Cooking, Sewing, Dressmaking, Home
Management, etc
All regular courses begin January
4th and end February 11th'. Farmers'
Week February 14th to ISth
A cordial invitation extended to
all Interested.
Good accommodations mny be se
cured at reasonable rates. No age
limit above 1 6 years. No entrance re
quirements. Prominent lecturercs to
he secured for specinl topics. The in
structional force of the Colege num
bers 100. Excellent equipment.
A special feature Is the Farmers
Week which come this year Februnry
R oseb u rg
South Side Cass St., Near
leading and best restaurant in the
city. None but white people employed
Nothing but the best in the market
served. Give ns a trial And be con
14th to 18lh. Lectures, discussions,
and u general reunion.
For fml her Information address
Registrar, Oregon Agricultural Col
lege, Corvnllls, Oregon. d-lS-p
If you are looking for good service
In tho barber line call at .the Maddlx
barber -shop, Cass treet, Roseburg
National Bank BldK. Three chair
shop. Bath rooms In connection, tf.
Office: Warehouse No. 8
Near the Depot. Telephone
Main a3i or 311.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Cemen Plaster, Lime and Cement Blocks, Cemen
Sewer Pipe, Mill Work and all Building Materia
Give us a call. We will save you money.
Closing Out Sale of
All millinery at cost and below until
closed out We need the room and tlou't
wsnt to carry anything over to next
seasen. Our aim is to give you new and
up-to-date itooils. We d not want to
have any old initerial on band to work
over, we mean eueineBs vome in sua
let ne Btipply your needs 1
We're in a Position
to offer you the best the market af
fords In the way of Meats; and our
prices you know are always lowest.
We handle only prime stock. Qual
ity and quantity guaranteed. Fine
roasting pieces of beef from 8e to
IS He pound. First class mutton,
veal, pork and poultry equally low.
Can't do better anywhere. Phone us
your order. We deliver to any part
of the city.
Cass Street MarKet
107 West Cass St. Phone 111.
iH' ' ' Free Delivery.
Lumber, Lath, Shingles and Dry Finish Luiur erj
. Doors and Windows of all Kinds.
X Yrds on Lower Oak Street,
tl. 'Phone 1411
Plumbing, Sheet Metal WorK, Tinning
and Heating
North JacKson Street, adjoining Peoples Marble
WorKs. Telephone 2511.
WorK Done on Short Notice ROSEBURG. ORE.