The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, December 01, 1909, Page 4, Image 4

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' JVC. ' '
3 City News Briefly Recorded
EiiRone .Jpwott has returned from
KuH'ne where ho spent the past few
mmithH. '
It you aro looking for good service
In the burhor line call at the Mud dfx
barber shop, Cans street, Roseburg
National Hank UldK Throo chair
uhop. Hath rooms In connection, tf.
County School Superintendent
Clmney went to Oakland this morn
ing whore he will visit the schools
In thut vicinity. Ho Intends to he
nbseut from the city for about five
At the next rcgnhir meatlnt? of the
Jtelii'Ufih lodge, which orcuru on
Tuosdny evening, a box social will be
held. The Indies are requested to
bring a lunch, sutflcifiit for two, and
the gentlemen will draw for a pnrt-
nor. A nlrnsHiiL ovunlnz Is In store
for all who nttmid.
"Til io sn..vrcit hoard"
aro a few tltins of new books on sale
' at Roseburg Hook Store. tf.
Marshal Huffman received a tele
gram from Portland 11-Ih morning to
the effect, that three bovs ranging In
ago from 10 to HI years, had left
home and wore entonle south. The
message also Instructed the marshal
1o cuuho their a rest if detected and
hold them until such time as thy
rould be returned. Several young men
'iitiHwerlhg the description of the run
aways were Interviewed by the mnr
Mml t it Ih moiuiiig. but In each lu
sluuce they proved themselves other
thun the parlies wauled.
A decision was handed down In the
local United States laud olhce this
morning In the con tent case of A. 11.
Howard vs. I M. Cook, the later be
ing favored by the government, How
ard contested Cook's rights to 1-0
acres of laud situated In the vicinity
of Myrtle Creek, alhtng that Is was
more valuable for mineral than ami
cultural purposes. Hy the decision
however. It appears that Cook was In
the light and will be allowed to hold
the land as a homestead. Attorney ,1.
W. Kullerton represented Cook be
fore tin land otllce.
of every description
to any jmrt of the
Prices reasonable.
Itiie imperial!
I A Temperance Saloon t
i Properly Conducted
Opposite Passenger
Depot - Roseburg
The straightest and sur
est road to g'ood Clothes
the best Clothes bring's
you here.
If you frequent any of the "by
paths" you'll be apt to lose your
self in the tangle of misleading
Whatever we do is well done
whatever we buy is well chosen
quality is the object and perfect
Clothes satisfaction and effect.
There are many other places to
buy Clothes, to be sure but you'll
find that the best is always here.
These clothes are made for us
by the Stein Mock Co. and David
Adler, two of the greatest Tailor
organizations in the world. Every
Suit wo sell is Bold with an ab
solute guarantee of Satisfaction
or your Money refunded or a new
fuit in return.
Remember quality is the true
test of cheapness. Jiy o jr good
Clothes you shall know us.
Many attractive Xmaa gifts at the
Roseburg Uook Store. tf
Curtis Ball, of Myrtle Creek, was
a business visitor In the city yester
day. Pocket knives, a big stock of high
grndo goods at the Roseburg Rook
Store. tf.
W. C. Winston, or wlnitons, was
a visitor In tho city for a few hours
S. C. Smith, of Glide, transacted
business inutttnj In the city yester
day. The best box confectiontry,
"Lowney's" fresh at the Roseburg
Book Store. tf.
For a good clean shave, hair cut or
imth, call at the Muddix barber shop
Cats -tt.reot. tf.
J, M. Cool, of Drain, was n busi
ness visitor in the city for a fow
hours yesterday.
Tho biggest and best lino of Post
Card Albums In Douglas county nt
Roseburg Book Store. tf
.Mrs. Andy Koid went to Browns
ville this morning where sho will
visit at tho home or her parents.
Claude Gat eh state bank examiner,
left for points north this morning af
ter n brief jtay in this vicinity.
Win. Van Buren went to Ruckles
this morning where lie will spend a
few days visiting at tho homo of his
lack Hot h n nd M u rrny Card wel 1
left Tor the "Cracker Jack" mines,
situated In tho vicinity of Dillard.
this morning.
A marriage license una issued this
'Horning to K liner Thompson and
Inez CrljHblorn, both residents of
Douglas county. j
Mrs. J. 1j, Chambers and children.
led for points in Nehnukn this morn
lug where they will visit relatives
until alter Christmas.
.Mrs. Mary K. Wright, who has
been visit log at the home of her
'laughter. Mrs. W. T. Wright. In this
city, left for her home In California
(his morning.
Miss l-'anny Gutlck, who lias spent
the past two years In the city with
her sister, .Mrs. Klnger. left till morn
ing for I'm! hind where she intends to
remain Indefinitely.
A few specialties; nil colors and
Mulshes, In tho famous New Coto
Stains. Oeoboco Linoleum Varnish:
there's nothing elsn as good. 3 In
one oils, tho best glues and tho onl
silver polish that's first class. Rice
& Rice. tf
Ms. K. R Pen i:ra and Mrs. Ollsou
entertained n number of their lady
friends ut Hie bitter's home tl'!s af
ternoon. The event was given in lion-
of Airs. .1. M. Lawrence who ex
pects to move tc Bend, i )regou. In
the n ar Intuit.
Our Art linn was never so exten
sive before, nor so much appreciated.
if the way tjiey are sellinir Is any
sign Don't, wait until everything is
picked tover before buying your
Xiuih presents. Grave's Art Empor
ium d-tf
Attorneys Albert Abraham and !
Georgi Neuner have ret urned from j
Salem w here they appeared before
the Supreme Court. Attorneys Orcutt I
and Buchanan who nccompnnled j
t hem w cut on the Portland, having '
business matters to attend In that I
eltv. ,
Presley Thompson, who resided In
Roseburg for some time prior to two!
years ny.o when ho moved to Alhuuv, i
passed jiwav at th. latter city on No-
venib'-r L'!t after a lingering Illness. ,
l'lie deceased was Hfi years ol ae and
as bt'ihly re-ofctrj. AM le fron. Hiei
:rb'f stricken wife be leaves two
GeiM'ire. a wll known Southern Pa-'l-
lie etmtneer with headuunrters in'
this city, and S. K., n Southrn Paclllc I
tlrenian with headsmiarters nt Port-;
land; one daughter, MrV Al Holmes, j
Kairbanks, Alaska. The funeral ser-
ices weto held at the family home1
I JO Kast rtb st-eot Mh:inv. this'
morning at 1ft o'clock. Dnrlne his
roslib nce tu (Ms vicinity Mr. Thonip- '
son was well known, and It Is need- i
less to assert that he bus a host of
friends who d Milore bin denitv
I W. C. Harding and J. H. Booth are
.attending buBfnefB mut'ps at Poii-
I l- F. Patterson commenced nrk
on the construction of a cement vault
'Rt the courthouse this morning.
! Luther Page has accented a posi
tion at tho Roseburg Pharmacy, hav
ing entered upon his duties this morn-
I Jug.
.Mr. and Mrs. James T. Goodman
.were In the city today on business.!
i When they returned iiome this uf
; lernoon they were accompanied by
j.Mr. and Mrs. Frnnk Goooini-i.
What does vour mother, sister,
brother or Bweet heart want for
j Xiiihh, a Photo made by Clark's
j Studio, Roseburg Nutlonal Bank
i building? tf.
.Joseph Snyder and daughter are
'spending a few days In the city. Mrs.
; Snvder Is confined hi Mercy hospital
where she underwent an operation
' yesterday. She Is said to be lmprov
! Ing.
Percy L,cp, who resides in North
Roseburg, applied to I'h. Hoover
: shortly after noon to dress a wound
' ed finger, the same being injured by
the acldontal discharge of a cull
bre revolver which he was handling.
The biggest and best crockery store
In Southern Oregon. PJverything that
Is made in crockery, glassware, and
China, we have It. From the plnlnest
to best hand-palnted.. Many beautiful
pieces of Libby cut glass suitable for
presents. Rice & Rice, the house
Notwithstanding the fact that a
general order has been Issue l calling
all switchmen out on i'tWke between
Ut. Paul and tho coast, those employ
ed 'n th local vards are still at work.
Indications tend to show that no
trouble will result from tne strike
older in this vicinity.
George Kohlhagen, the butcher,
has T3celved a carload of live hogs
from Riddle and Canyonvllle. They
will be taken to Mr. Kohlhagen's
nnch where they wll be held for kill
ing purposes. Hogs are reported as
very scarce at tho present time, and
local buyers are very caution about
shipping to the outside markets.
Considerable excitement prevailed
occurred In the vicinity of the Mono
gram Cigar fetore shortly after 2
o'clock this afternoon, when two men
employed by Contractor Worlhlngton
engaged In a fistic encounter. The fol
lows were parted, however, before any
blood was shed, and at last accounts
thev are still working side by side.
Don't fail to attend the ente. taln
ment to be given at '.he Maccabee hall
Monday evening, December t, under
the auspices of the Women's Mission
aiy Society of the ! Irst Presbytei 'nn
Church, for the benefit of the new
ugan fund. An Interesting "lusieal
and literary program Is being pre
pared for the occasion, and a p.ood
time Is assured. d ,r
The Indies aid of tho M. E. church
will hold their annual Chrysanthe
mum show on Wednesday and Thurs
day, December 1st and 2nd, in rooms
formerly occupied by the Crescent
theatre. Prizes will be given or the
best specimens. There will be also a
good supply of chicken -pies, tamales,
broad and cakes for sale. Remember
the place and date.
The annual Chrysanthemum Show,
held tinder the auspices of the ladles'
aid cocletv of tho Methodist cl-urcb,
commenced this morning in th? va
cant, store room formerly occupied by
the Crescent "theatre and will conti.iue
until tomorrow evening. Many var
ieites of the notable flowers are on ex
hibition, all of which nre attracting
tho closest attention of the visitors.
The awatding of prizes, will take place
If. to this afternoon.
.lames Atkins, who resides alone In
a small cabin near Dysinger's miill,
accosted Marshal Huffmau this morn
ing and reported the loss of $KiO. He
Hald that he thought some one bid
entered the cabin In IiIr absence, such
being the only explanation The ofltcer
Investigated the report, but was un
able to obtain a clew. Shortly after
noon today Atkins ngnin visited the
ofliccr nn explained that ho had found
the purse and money wrapped In an
old shirt under his bed
Ad'itHTiH it.A L ch,i.i:(.i:
er Courses .luuimi-y -Ith to Feb
ruary IMlii 1'HHI.
Prnrtieal work, led lire nad dem
onstrations will be given In such vital
subjects as Ceneral Fannini;! Krult
Culture, Animal Husbandry, lmiry
Intr. Poultrv Kevnlnn. t he lluviness
Hide of Farming. Forestry, On pent ry,
Mlaekimilhlnv:. Mechanical Drawing,!
V IHIKUIK. iM'W lllg, IM eHHIllllKIIlH, Home
Management, etc
All regular courses begin Tanuury
Ith Mid end February 11th. Fanners'
Week February Uth to ISth
A cordial inv:taMon extended to
;ill Int'-rcsted.
Good accommodations nmv be se
cured nt reasonable rates. No age
limit nbove Hi years. No entrance re
quirements, rrominent leetureres to
bo secured for sucial topics. The In
structional force of the Oolege num
bers 1O0. Kxeellent equipment,
A special feature la the Farmers'
Week which come this vear February
1 -Ith to 1 Slh. Lectures, discussions,
and a general reunion.
For I'm ther Information address
Registrar. Oregon Agricultural Col
lege. Curvallis. Oregon. d-lf,-p
Roseb u r g
South Side Cass St., Near
Leading and heat mdAumut in the
city. None but white people employed 1
Nothing hut the best in the ninrkel
served. Give ub a Irial aud be con-,
vinced. j
The San Francisco Spectator says
In a recent Issue:
From Washington comes the news
that the men Indicted some years ago
for conned Ion with the laud frauds I
in Oregon wilt be put on trial at ence
we are glad to hear this, and trust
that slow-footed, dilatory jusLice will
yet oertake tho wretches who robbed
the people of their heritage But we
fear the government Is taking 'tin
me prosecution n-itnout tne none of
conviction; the Impeachable Francis
Heney, the outcast ot San FrancUco,
has been rep.inod as prueoitor.
Mr. Heney returns to us nftef fl
long 6orlas of mijadventuros (includ
ing mistrials, new trfala, and acquit
tals) which had their climax In hit?
decisive defeat for DIsftict Attorney
ship of Ran Francisco. On his first hero, he bore with him a splen
did repututfon as a successful rrcM
cutor; judges bowed before him. jur
ies yielded ail their seniles to his llicv
eloquence, opposing com;.l wert to
mm as clay In the hands of the pot
ior; editors knelt ard w ors ed
him; defendants, unable to Look on
ni3 uroau. pure prow. Khriekxa their
guilt, and plteously begged to have
the pentitentiary doors placed be
tween iham and him And after all.
the prisons are not bulging with men
whom Honey prosecuted.
The reputation that Mr. Heney
brings with him this time is tarnish
ed; his invincible shield Is dented.
Ve do not expect to see judges bow
before him and take Instruction from
mm. i nc old method of fukin? up
juiies from among the enemies f tho
defendants may be tried ag'tin, -rut
never with the success that attended
u before. Juggling with jury lists
Is as reprehensible when done -iy li e
prosecution as when undertaken by
the defense. Subornation by moans
or immunity contracts is not in such
high repute as It was; when thieves
fall out, honest men desire thct all
thieves get their dues, and that mon
ey shall not escape from giving testi
mony against the few who may '.e
prosecuted for political reasons.
The Spectator desires to see the
land robbers punished, and hopes
they will be punished. But bociuse
tho Government has employed the
discredited Heney to prosecute them,
we fear our hopes and desires are
Huh on display for the Holidays n
Choice selection of dishes, Including
hand painted china, Japansese and
('hlnu dishes in beautiful designs. Al
so a flue lino of silk handkerchiefs,
toys for the' children anil some
fine Hnuis ware. Call -and make your
select ion early. Prices way down and
the goods are the best to he had.
Where your
Money Goes
the farthest
The House Furnishers in Holiday Attire
I '- 1 i" -
99 ,0- 1
You are always welcome at this store. Children
given same courtesy and attention as grown folKs. We
JJ will not be undersold if we Know it. Full value for your $
no. v.
This is simply to notify the
lovers of Pyrography work that I
shall be pleased to have them call
and look over my stock.
Boxes and boxes. Plaques and
picture frames, Calenders and
Dutch shoes. Articles useful and
articles ornamental. Prices lower
than they used to be.
We have just received the swellest
line or Iron beds ever brought to
Roseburg. Prices are $3.00, $3.50,
$4.25. $5.00, $6.50. $7.00, $8.50,
$10.50 and up to $25.00.
Say did you see those Iron bed?
at $2.00, $2.75 and $3.25?
Buy an up to date doll cab for
that little girl; nothing else will
please her half as much.
The finest line of rockers ever
shown In Roseburg' are on our floor.
Take a look at them and be convinc
ed of our statement.
The Furniture Man,
Roseburg, Oregon.
Don't forget the chrysanthemum
show, December 1st and 2nd. Re
member that there will be Chicken
Pies, cn Wednesday and Tamales on
Thursday and other good things both
days. Remember the place the
rooms formerly occupied by the Cres
cent theatre. It
Sunday, December 5, at 2:30 p. m.
memorial service will be held at
the Elk's Trninle In this city in re-
memLerance of the departed members
of the order. The public Is linitnd to
attend. d-2t w-2t
ice Rice
Practical and Sensible
Gifts for the Holidays
Something here for every member of
the family. The question what shall
I give will he easily solved after an
Inspection of this store. Did you
ever stop to think how much more
comfort and sensible, how much more
all would enjoy a nice piece of furnl
turo for the home than to buy some
trashy present. This space will,
only permit of a very few of the
many thliiRs that await your inspec
tion at this easy place to shop.
the YOUNG and OLD.
neautiful Davenports, Couches, Mor
ris Chairs and Uockefs; Beautiful
Cabinets. Desks and Chiffoners and
Dressers; lleautlful Book Cases, the
Globe Wernica and others.
Elegant New Rugs
and Carpets, Portiers
And Couch Covers
Neither tho old or young have been
overlooked here; Misses and child
ren's .chairs and rockers, doll carts
and cabs; Children's dishes, toy banks
little red chnirs and air guns; toy
wagons, toy furniture, little stoves
nnd ranges; hundreds of things that
can't be tneutioued on account of
Bigger and Better Stock
China and Silverware
Everything that's made In fancy china
nnd glassware; enormous stock of
1S47 silverware and clocks. Carvers
plain and fnncy. bone or silver. You
will be surprised at the profussion of
good things that will make sensible
presents. Also remember our prices
are the lowest.
At Your Service
Roseburg, Oregon Phone 193
Sheridan Street Near The Depot.
We don't sell for cost or below
cost but we will sell right at cost.
If you don't believe It, try us and
see. With each dollar's worth of
goods purchased you are entitled to
a chance on a nice set of silverware,
knives, forks, table and teaspoons.
See them In the window. Come and
see for yourself, don't be misled by
any one for you will miss It
The Best
"ElMtic" Book Cam..
Karpea Leather
Strelt Reclining Chair.
MeDoucal Kitchen
j "he 1 loose ?
H Quality Jj
rrvi Ait. and
TFjf Chair. .
Artiatk Dtl!