The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 27, 1909, Page 3, Image 3

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Nothing Is too good for the Uriah,
neither Is cement culverts too good
for the county. Use the beat, as it
la the cheapest In the long run. See
Pat. t
In oporating our Grocery Business we are not satisfied with good
enough. We strive for improvement. Our store is the right place to buy
jroceries. Everything fresh and clean. ' '
Phone 2381
fW. E. Clingenpeel
Skylights, Cornices
Largest Stock of Plumbing
.Goods in the City
Do you want to build you a home and pay for it in small
monthly payments and low rate of interest?
Do you want to pay off your mortgage and have long time,
easy payments and low rate of interest to pay back loan in?
Do you want to buy a home in Roseburg, a nice acre tract
near town or a good ranch near a good market and in good lo
cality? Do you want to sell yourproperty ?
Do you want to insure your building in one of the best
and cheapest companies in the U. S.?
If So See WALKER a
Room 1, Bell Sisters Building. -:-
The Roseburg Pharmacy
WE take a delight in serving our patrons with
the best there is in the line of drugs. Purity
is our motto. Promptness both day and
nicrli ic irti!itrnlinic at Mir rilinrmonif
& e- r
f Full line of Sundries
L E. KROHN, Manager
Have you seen that special couch
we have on sale. , You'll miss It It
you don't; a natural rest will do you
good stretch out. Rice & Rice, tf
Commercial Club BIdg.
and Dryer Pipe ,
PKRRINE, Roseburg Ore.
- : - E. B. PERRINE, Notary Public.
Is a thing of great Interest to the
bride-elect, and we are artists In
thla lino. Wedding cakes are made
In the most beautiful designs and
of rich and exquisite flavor. Our
bread, rolls, pies, fancy and orua
mcntal cakes, etc., are the perfection
of the baker's art when made at
Umpqua Bakery
always on hand
. IS
Rev. and Mrs. Driver, the Evangelists in Meetings at the
Baptist Church.
S. 1. to Itemnnc Wok on Driihi Ex
tension hi SpritiK.
The MarshfleM Mail of a recent
date says:
. InfoiPiatlon is aj. hand which may
be satd to be authentic that the
Southern Pacific railroad eompnny
will announce the construction of the
Drain railroad into Coos Buy. The
announcement will not come ir.i med
iately, It Is said, hut the date for the
same is understood to be about KVb
ruary first. The history of the Drain
route is well known lo all on Coos
May who have been residents more
than three yKirs. but newcomers are
not so well acquainted with the de
tails. In 1900 the- company an
noinced that it would build a branch
road from Drain and the samo sum
mer assembled great quantities of
rails, bridge material and other rail
road supplies, at Drain, and also at
ScottNbui'K, the head of navigation
on the Umpqua river, along which
the route was surveyed.
A great deal of grading, clearing
right of way, and tunnel work waa
done in the Benson of 1 9 JO but the
work was stopped with the exception
of tunnel boring that winter and was
never resumed.
The rails and other material as
sembled at Drain wev-i romovtd, tlv
'camps wen? disbanded and the Iprjre
juantity of cement that was talMi
, to Scottsburg have been slowly yoing
t out of the country. The enmpnay
j made no promises but let the whole
thing drop and the people of Coos
i Bay had no hope of a railroad, until
J this summer when the Coos Hay, Ore
, gon and Idaho people got busy and
j started an actual survey from this
i section to the Interior. Ever since,
I that survey was launched, the South-
orn Pacific people have shown con
siderable interest in the Coos Bay
railroad situation, and now there are
two officials-of that company in the
Coos Bay country, though their iden
tity is not known.
What these men are here for is
of course a matter of conjecture, but
those who view things from a stand
point of understanding are satisfied
that these officials are on the ground
for the purpose of sizing up the re
sources of the country and ma':lng a
report to the company that will show
whit mav be actually expected of
this section in the way of frelgh and
passenger traffic.
It is further believed that thev are
probably under orders to look Into
the Coos Bay, Oregon and Idaho rail
road situation and report the attitude
of the people of this section towards
that company..
And here comes In the position
that many are taking In the present
situation. It Is said that the South
ern Pacific quit work on the Coos
Bay line and left the country with
out a railroad after havlrg promised
relief in that way. It is now statr-d
that the peojple should stay by the
Cor-s flay, Oregon and Idaho people
under every circumstance that may
arise; if the Southern Pacific wishes
to build that every resident of the
country should encourage the lea
in every way with this exception: that
the Coos Bay, Oregon and Idaho peo
ple should retain the confidence and
good will of every citizen of Coos
county and there should be no
change of faith. It is plain to every
thinking man tH&t the only thing
which has caused any revival of In
terest In the Southern Paclfis people
in the Coos Bay railroad situation Is
the activity of the Haines survey,
and therefore the local people are
confronted with the Imperative de
mand Ihat they, stay by the new rail
road project and to the end If any
nope for a railroad Is to be expected.
The Snuth'-rn Pacific has footed us
once, but a repetition Is out of the
question. Such is the feeling among
those who are talking about the hope
of a rallrond.
Chief Engineer F. A. Halne? wn
recently In ilosebure where he loi nd
the Interest In the Coos Hay. Oregon
and Idaho raj 1 road intense. He learn
ed while there that the people of that
city are arranging for a right o way
through the city for this road and
jit was intimated to him that when
the road is built the people of that
vicinity and Roseburg will stand
ready to give a handsome h;nus.
Mr. Haines U now in Marshfield
for a few days to eonsutt with the
MM.'- .:,..,
A' UTjlkIIv J.'l
(filceis anr, stockholders cf tho com
panv nnd report progress in the sur
Mrs. Hnttio Bogue has returned
to Mrtle Creek from Texas where
she has been spending the past few
months keeping house for one of hur
The dam at the mill on South
Myrtle went out Monday night, and
let several hundred loge 30 down the
stream, and the damage Is reported
us quite' heavv.
Mrs. Dement, of Missouri bottom,
has been taken to Mercy Hospltul
for treatment, and Mr. and Mrs. Her
man of Roseburg, are taking care of
things auriux her absence.
Miss Ethel Brewer and Miss Castle
Weaver, two of our most promising
joung school teachers came up from
Roseburg Krlda evening, after tho
close of the Institute, to spend a few
hours with home folks. Miss weaver
is teaching near Elkton, and Miss
Brewer, near Oakland, and both re
port everything moving along smooth
J. T. Adklns gave his wife a sur
prise party last Krlday evening. He
so nicely arranged It all that Bho had
not the slightest Idea of anything
going to happen until about twenty
of her neighbors and friends were
ushered into the parlor. The even
ing was very enjoyably spent In a
social time. Refreshments More noru'd
nnd all voted It a most enjoyable
evening. .
Tho farmers of North Myrtle have
a project by which they expect to
divert the waters of the creek from
the channel into a dllc.h for Irriga
tion purposes. The ditch will be con
structed from a point above W. h.
Burks placo down to tho Jones school
house and will carry enough wnter.
to Irrigate all the land on Ub course.
This Is the best move made around
here In recent years as it will not only
mean wealth to the men interested,
but It will demonstrate the groat pos
blblllties open to farmers along our
waterways.- Mall.
Save tho very best hny for the
horses. They are dainty feeders and
are often sorlously Injured by being
forced to eat musty and rusly liny.
As the long as the mare's owner
asks only bIzo and weight nnd fat In
the stallion he ues, just bo long will
he get that and that only.
Don't make the mistake of starv
ing "toughness" Into the colt this
winter. A spring colt will need lots
of exercise but It demands good shel
ter and care.
A fast walking teum Is consider
ably more valuuble on the fai-m than
one with a slow, loggy gait. Action
and vigor In tho Blre should be
sought If It Is to be reasonably ex
pected In tho offspring.
Many good coltB are doomed to
the misfit classes because they weie
underfed wh.-n they were young. $75
to $100 difference In price at the
market Is lost through the false econ
omy of saving a few bushels of grain.
The young colts should be shel
tered from the cold fall rains and
early winter sleet storms. They need
this pronrtion more than they will
In the clear cold of mld-wlnter.
Many ailments which horses are
affllcK-d with are Inherited from the
parents. Avoid using a stallion that
shows any hereditary unsoundness.
if a farmer gets top prices for the
colts he puts upon the market he
must rati- ti them Just as ho would
a hog. The market demands this
and the farmer should cater to It.
Dealers make good profits In buying
horses In thin or ordinary condition
and fattening them.
De wise Rend The NVti.
Legal advice free. Collections 1
Room 1, Marsters BIdg.
Itoscburfr, Ore.
n nun nun mi ii iiuiiiiii-tuiiiniiiiw
. No greater service has been rendered to
womanKind than the giving by Dr. Fredrick K.
Stearns of his remarKable prescription for the ,
many weaknesses with which women are
This great remedy is being placed on the market by the New
York and London Drug Company and is labeled "Nyal'a Vegetable
Prescription," "a boon to womankind"
The local drug firm, Fullerton & Kichardaon, are agents for
Koseburg. They report as fojlows:
"Nyal" remedies are superior to nil of the- highly exploited
patent medicines, but the best of the Nyal's line is the "Vegetable
Prescription." ,
"During the many years we have sold drugs in Roseburg we
have never heard as much favorable commendation of any other
medicine. Nyal's Vegetable Prescription has received the praise of
every woman who has used it.
Other Nyal's medicines which are worthy of mention at this
particular season are:
Nyal's Baby Cough Remedy for colds. Re
lieves difficult breathing.
Nyal's Croup Ointment. .
Nyal's Cod Liver Oil Compound without the.
oil. It is better than "Vinol" or Emulsion, of Cod
Liver Oil and is an ideal system builder and tonic.
Druggists, Roseburg', Ore.
Our hot drinks will warm you up, and none bettoi;
can be made for the palate.
Next to Postollice.
H Lumber, Lath, Shingles and Dry Finish Lunil er
H Doors and Windows of all, Kinds.
HVsrds on Lower 0k Street.
-Phone nil
I Automobiles, Bicycles and Supplies
Agents Fairbanbs H Morse Co.
t Telephone 1441
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Cement, Plaster, Lime and Cement Blocks, Cement
Sewer Pipe, Mill Work and all Building Materia
Give us a call. We will save you money.
4 4
Plumbing, Sheet Metal WorK, Tinning
and Heating
1 j
North Jacbson Street,
WorKs. Telephone 2511.
WorK Done on Short Notice
Agents for "Nyal's"
We're iri a Position
to offer you the best the market af
fords In the way of Meats; and our
prices you know are always lowest.
We handle only prime stock. Qual
ity and quantity guaranteed: Fine
rousting pieces of beet from 8e to
lao pound. First class mutton,
veal, pork and poultry equally low.'
Can't do better anywhere. Phone ui
your order. We deliver to any part
of the city.
Cass Street Market
107 WeBt Cass 8t Phone 191.
Free Delivery.
Cor. Cass and Rose $ts. 3
Office: Warehouse No.
Near the Depot. Telephone
Main H31 or 311.
adjoining Peoples Marble