The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 17, 1909, Page 3, Image 3

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D. W. Wright, of Canyonville, Is
spending the day In the city visiting
L. Fancher, Haze) Fancher, Emily
DeVore and Grace Graham, all of
Oakland, are In attendance at the
teachers' Institute.
Mra. Henry Harth has returned
from an extended visit with friends
and relatives in California.
Former Booster Colt, of the Rose
burg Commercial Club, went to Suth
erlin this morning to attend business
matters. -
EN Efl Y of BEST
In oporating our Grocery Business we are not satisfied with good
enough. We strive for improvement. Our store is the right place to buy
groceries. Everything fresh and clean.
Phone 2381
Commercial Xlub Bldg.
Thanksgiving Time
Is almost here, and you' may
need some nice pieces for the
table in the way of Cut Glass,
Hand Painted China or Silver
ware, If so come and see our
stock before buying.
fW. E. Clingenpeel
i Phone 2143
Do you want to build you a home and pay for it in small
monthly-payments and low rate of interest? ,
Do you want to pay off your mortgage and have long time,
easy payments and low rate of interest to pay back loan in?
Do yon waDt to buy a home in Roseburg, a nice acre'tract
near town or a good ranch near a good market and in good lo
cality? j)o you want to sell your property?
nn vmi want, to insure vour building in one of the best
'.hpanest companies in the U. S.?
Interesting Items (iathered by Cor
respondent. Miss Julia Bishop has returned to
Geary Young, of Oakland. . was
looking after business interests at
this place the first of the week.
Miss Echo Gad ills, manager of the
Roseburg Creamery was a business
visitor to this city last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvy Wise, of Cot
tage Grovo, have moved to this city
to reside.
E. C. Smith and wife, of Portland,
attended the tuneral of the late Kobt.
Warner at this place last week.
Mr. h. HI. Warner made a business
trip to Stella, Washington, last
week returning home Monday.
Chas.' Wamsley and family left
last Tuesday for their home at Rose
vllle, Cal . afle.- several days visit
with relatives at this place.
.las. Ambrose. Jr., made a business
trip to Cottage Grove the (list of the
Harry Stearns and wife- visited
with relatives at Oakland a few days
the first of the week.
Mrs Nathan Crow spent several
days at Cottage Grove this week on
W. A. Burr, Rose-burg's popular
piano man, was looking after busi
ness matters at this place last Tues
day. Mrs. Eva. Ellis, of Cottage Grove,
visited whh friends at this lilac-) a
few days this week.
Mr. Zimmerman, of the flnti-snloon
league, delivered an interesting and
instructive lecture at the M. E.
church In his ciiy Monday evening.
Mr. Zimmerman Is a fluent speaker
and voices ills sentiments 111 a fear
less, straight forward manner, and
if Oregon doesn't "dry up" in 1910
It certainly will be no fault of his.
Z. L. Cox has sold his grocery
store In this city to Mr. O. H. Ver
bick, of Douglas, Arizona, who will
take charge of the business about
December 1st.
Mr. Cox contemplates going to Ar
kansas with his daughter, Miss Ber
tha, to spend the winter.
Geo. Bull and Mr. Gherkins have
gone to the Smith river country to
engage in a few months trapping
for fur bearing animals.
Jas. and Chas. Pumphrcy left last
Monday for their old home and the
scenes of their boyhood at Bravely,
Ind., where they wilt visit relatives
and friends until about January lsi
when they will depart for Valles Mex
ico, where they have largo holdings,
to remain for about three months.
The "Pumphrey boys" as they are
familiarly known have been residents
nf this nlare for several years and are
known to be honorable and upright
men and will be greatly missed by
their friends and acquaintances. It
will be remembered by many that
Jas. had aulte a thrilling adventure
with a bear a few years ago while
hunting on the Siuslaw in company
with Walt Cowan, and was only,
spared the honor of being chief guest
at a bruin repast by a very narrow
margin, so narrow In fact that bruin
led In setting the greater part
of the nimrods wearing npparel. It is'
stated on good authority mat jas.
goes to .Mexico to claim an old Creole
sweetheart who has been waiting for
him these many, long years in the
land of purrotts and greasers. It is
also staled on equally good authori
ty that Chas. Is not the chap to be
outdone by his brother and It Is
therefore, expected that two Creole
Hells will probably be brought across
tho border wnen me u .e. , ... " j wll, b(! cmin!(,(1. Private lessons given
me mnu oi uiu u--e mm ..."- ., ni,,ni t tiln imll r at vour
pie that woman) is inherently weuker
and given more to ailments than
man. Many u woman suffers In sil
ence for years, her friends perhaps
knowing nothing of her trouble,
whereas a man with comparatively
trilling trouble would create a small
riot In the home.
Because a woman has Buffered al
ways, we take much for granted, and
often do nothing to overcome the
trouble. But we are gradually finding
out that this is a serious mistake. We
are acquiring knowledge from many
sources, and not the least item lu our
newer knowledge Is the fact that all
this misery and suffering to which
woman has been subjected Is unnat
ural and unnecessary. We are learn
ing. In these conditions, that all the
trouble is due to definite causes. The
sufferings of woman are not acciden
tal. They are not the result of a dis
pensation of Providence.
As soon as we see this, we' are
ready to see the conclusion. If the
Iroubles of woman are due to definite
discoverable causes, then it is possi
ble. In a large measure at least, to
remove these causes and to restore .
normal conditions. The question is i
to decide what are the fundamental j
causes of disease. Osteopathy has ;
come forward with new discoveries
in this Held and is able to prove Its i
findings at every point. j
We used to think that a certain I
nmount of disease was normal. A
measure of pain and sickness was
appointed unto each of us. This Idea I
of disease predestination made us j
think that abnormal conditions were
inevitable and escape Impossible.'
But the twentieth century gosuel
of health is quite different. We have
come to see that health, not disease,
Is the normnl condition. We have
been compelled to admit that health
Is the rightful heritage of every wo
man. ,
Nature has no vengeance to satisfy
and nature does not single out one
woman for suffering and another for
health Nature does not deal with
personalities. Nature operates
through law the natural laws of life
and of our physical beings.
The tendency of Nature is always
back to the normal to restore equil
ibrium to the return of health. Hut
natural laws or forces are, to a large
extent, blind. Rightly used, they
serve us; wrongly used, they, Just
ns rapidly, destroy us. Just as we
utilize the elelrlc current successfully
and without danger so long as we re
spect conditions which we know at
tach to It, so we can use the natural
forces and conditions of the body
for its advantage or Its destruction.
The same force which drives n locft
inolive fin ward, serveB to drive It
backward. So tho principles and en
ergies of the body can bo directed
for health or for disease. Osteopath
ic Health.
No greater service has been rendered to
womanKind than the giving by Dr. FredricK K.
Stearns of his remarKable prescription for the
many wearinesses with which women are
This great remedy is being placed on the market by the Now
York and London Drug Company and is labeled "Nyal'a Vegetable
Prescription," "a boon to womankind"
The local drug firm, Fullerton & Richardson, are agents for
Roseburg. They report as-follows:
"Nyal" remedies are superior to all of the highly exploited
patent medicines, but the best of the Nyal's line is the "Vegetable
"During the many years we have sold drugs in Roseburg we
have never heard as much favorable commendation of any other
medicine. Nyal's Vegetable Prescription has received the praise of
every woman who has used it.
Other Nyal's medicines which are worthy of mention at this
particular season are:
Nyal's Baby Cough Remedy for colds. Re
lieves difficult breathing.
Nyal's Croup Ointment.
Nyal's Cod Liver Oil Compound without the
oil. It is better thau "Vinol" or Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil ami is an ideal system builder and tonic.
Druggists, Roseburg, Ore.
Agents for "Nyal's"
Notice Is hereby given that on and
after Saturday, November 20, 1909,
(ho dances given ut the Armory Hall
will be conducted by Prof. W.
Williams. Social dances every Satur
day night from 9:30 to 12 o clock.
- Dancing lessons will bo given from
7 to 11:30 same evening on any of
the following dances: Waltz, Two
Slep, Three-Step, Hue Waltz, Sohot
tlsche. Newport, Var Souvlenla unci
Barn Dance.
All those coming into the class on
November 20, and not later than No
vember 27, will bo given u full term
of 12 lessons on any of tho above
dances for only $5.f.0. After Novem
ber 27 the full rate of $11.00 a term
and cheapest companies
If So See WALttLK 'St rCKKlW
Room 1, Bell Sisters Building.
E. B. PERRINE, Notary Public.
Office: Warehouse N r.
Near the Depot. Telephone
Main 2431 or 311.
Wholesale arid Retail Dealers in
Cement, Plaster, Lime and Cement Bfocks, Cement
Sewer Pipe, Mill Work and all Building Materia
Give us a call. We will save you money.
own homes. Wo guaranteo or money
CAHI'KTS nil Itt'fJS.
Our stock of Carpets and Rugs
is complete up to date. Ingrain
"ariiels at 30c, 45c, 60c. Snc, UOc,
the j 75c, and 8,r.c per yard. Ruts in room
V. RTItONfl,
the brave.
Once again tho Inevitable hns cast
the eunrleis reaper In our midst and
has stricken from the tlireshhold of
tlfne one of our most highly es
teemed and loyal citizens, Robt. War
ner, son of Mr. and Mrs. h. E. War
ner, who was strucK oy a nying hub-
performance of his duty at the size from $ Ill all I woof, to
hri.tllo of his hoisting engine at Complete lino of all classes
Stella, Washington, November 7th. furniture.
Robt. was employed by the Cascade
r-,.',.i.-,,,.tt,. I'nnmiinv mill Was
highly respected by his employers; nianch Riddle anil Virgil .Moivin,
and fellow men, and that such a dire- ! both of Riddle, are In the city today.
ful misfortune should be his ultlmely j . . -
lot is indeed a heart breaking and;
lamentable affair. The remains were . I 1 I RTrn IMflM I
brought to this city fo burial, The It I LU k K I I ii I
last sad rites being administered by i HH H I 111 I I I If If I
those" .rlioin had known and respected I
Robt. during his sojourn at tliis
place . Robt. was the eldest son of
Mr. mill Mrs. L. K. Warner, of this
place, and was about twenty three j
years of age. Kelng endowed with a
desire to follow his vocation ns en
Our hot drinks will warm you up, and none bettor
can be made for the palate.
Next to Postorrice.
We're in a Position
to offer you the best the market af
fords in the way of MoatB; and our
prices you know are always lowest.
We handle only prime stock. Qual
ity and quantity guaranteed. Fine
roasting plecoB of beef from 80 to
12 He pound. First cIsbb mutton,
veal, pork and poultry equally low.
Can't do better anywhere. Phone us
your order. We deliver to any part
of the eity.
r C
1,011114 KOIII.IIAGEN, l'rop.
107 West Cass Ht. . Phone 191.
ree Delivery.
Lumber, Lath, Shingles and Dry Finish Luintcrj
Doors and Windows of all Kinds.
YurdB on Rower Onk Street,
tl 'Phone Hli
is a thing of great Interest to the
bride-elect, and we are arti&tB In
this line. Wedding cakes are mnde
In tho most beautiful designs and
of "rich and exquisite flavor. Our
breads, rolls, pies, fancy, and orna
mental cakes, etc., ore tho perfection
of the baker's art when made at
Umpqua Bakery
The Roseburg Pharmacy
WE take a delight in serving our patrons with
the. best there is in the line of drugs. Purity
is our motto. Promptness both day ami
nigh is wuat counts at our. pharmacy.
Full line of Sundries always on hand
L. E. KROItfJ, Manager
glneer ho was at all times happy
when doing his duly aim myiag asm..
for a future day. Helng of a cheei':
fnl (ilt'iHisiilon his presence carried
sunshine and good cheer and he was j C08t
e-r ready to speak a worn 01 ciiee.
anil lend b helping hand to tlios.'
S I V 1
Sheridan Klri-i-t Xi-ar The Di-pot.
We don't sell for cost or below
but we will sclj right at cost.
If you don't believe it, try us and
whom misfortune and trouble miiiBe0, with each dollar's worth of
ic'h ROM. wa7.b" whiles 1)Urd,aBe y0B nre entitled to
knew him best can be evidenced no a cimlico. un a pice Bet of silverware,
s;sl:s!:oS,::;:i,!k"'v-. tar. u,,
crowded the M. K. church to its ut-'cjpe them In tho window. Come and
most to listen to tho funeral address,
and then followed the remains to
their last testing place. While in the
midst of life we are in death. Man is
but a mere flickering flame upon the
threshbnld of time. 'Tls but as the
passing of a day and the flame has
dickered and ceased to exist. Rut It
Is our hope that In flickering here
and ending mortality that we shall
burnt forth with spiritual lllumlna-1
tlon and vivid immortal glory into,
that great beyond from whose bourn;
no traveler returns. I
Al IIS. McfilNTV.
Automobiles, Bicycles and Supplies
Agents Fairbanks & Morse Co.
Cor. Cass and Rose Sts.
t Telenhono 1441
i 1 '
see for yourself, don't be misled by
any one for yen w'l! miss It
WANTKIl. Sewing at 810 Winches
ter street. d-S
Woman Honrs Silently AVhnt .Man
Would .Make Itlot Over.
From time Immemorial it seems to
have been taken for granted by wo
man that ft is her lot to suffer In sil
ent torture while carrying out the
functions of her sex. A large propor
tion of the human race seem to think
that it Is quite normal for a woman
to be In misery for seveual days out
of each month. The period of preg
nancy likewise has been supposed to
be one of discomfort and pain in
stead of happy and joyous anticipa
tion. It la taken for granted, even
today, by a large percentage of peo-
ItOO.MS TO HUNT. By tile day or
week. Apply to 119 North Main
street. 'lln"Ji
l-'OR SAI.E. Seven room house, lilt
fifty by three hundred, plenty of
fruit and berries In a very desir
able location, J2.500. Sll room
house, largo wood shed, one acre
Hnest river bottom land nil set In
strawberrls, city and well water,
$2,500. Drug store In thriving
town, stock all new, no competi
tion, 11,500. Seven room house
and two lots In desirable location
for K. K. man, $1,6U0. Six room
house and one acre of ground, In
Kdenbower, $350.00. Some very
desirable two-acre tracts for sale,
close In, at $400 per tract. Inquire
at room 6 and 7, Marstcrs Bldg.
M. 1". LA I mAIVI tractor, builder
Estimates on all Work Free of Charge. Repair work a
Specialty. Office phono Main 945.
Office at Roseburg ElectriCal House, Cor. Main and OaK
Residence 749 South Main Street. Roseburg, Ore.
Plumbing, Sheet Metal WorK, Tinning
and Heating
North JacKson Street, adjoining Peoples Marble
WorKs. .Telephone 2511.
WorK Done on Short Notice