The evening news. (Roseburg, Douglas County, Or.) 1909-1920, November 08, 1909, Page 2, Image 2

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Subscription Hates Daily
Fr year, by mail 3.00
Ii!c month, delivered... 50
Per year 2.00
Six months 1.00
'Is your name written there" on
Tho Kvenlns Nowh' subscription
At tho rate now subscribers for
The Evening News Itoseburii's on
ly vii du ly nro IjkIiik received, lie-
'ore the present, week closes our list
if tlioHo who will recelvo the paper
nurularly each day will be larger
than any other paper published In
llDseliuri;. Verily, here seems l
o all kindsoof room for a real, live
daily paper in KoschiirK.
A Hnn Fiunclsco millionaire after
1ourteen4veijiy0 u0jnnp-1k-l if
hlH wife on the grounds of having
married hlui for his money. The
wife must he an exieediniily Rood
woman In a cutm where afler all
himo years no belter excuse for n
divorce from Unit alleged can be
Why do democrats and democratic
newspapers so severely denounce the
proposed "assembly" plan pno-osed
toy republic-ins for I lie suggestion of
hn nominees on their own ticket?
11 Is hecnupc all the Miotics told ot
democrats registering as republicans.
prior lo the last general primary to
lefeut republicans are true? They
must, lie or Ibis talk iignlnBt the "ns
wembly" would net be made by those
who are "democrats solely for prin
ciple." They would bnvo nothing to
object lo In what is done for Its own
government by the republican party
lld they not have some selfish mo
tion which piQmpts them to condemn
. Mimelhlng which should In all rca
win be none of their concern.
VUlh our Improved Increased rail
road prospects our present line street
paving is very likely to look like 30
cents as compared with tho amount
nf work In tills lino that will be done
next yeur. Willi the terminus or the
Oregon Uleclrlc .Hallway lino from
tho north at lioseburg not only will
thorn be a great Increase In street
tmving but much moro building done
Ihnn was pushed to c pletlon this
year. II Is evident Hint we will not
only have our rull share of the gen
eral prosperity Is beginning to
prend over the entire country from
nnn end lo the oilier, hut wo will
hum a very big lot of good times
nrhirh will belong exclusively to
Hrauhurg and liougias county.
Tho man with polished manners
always shows you his bright side.
Taft stands on tho tariff. That
ought to keep the schedules down.
The race between Cook and Peary
hinges on who shall have the pole.
Peary says ho nailed tho flag to
tho pole and has Cook nailed and
has demonstrated In other ways that
he is somewhat of a knocker.
The person with an evenly-modulated
voice will hold your attention
long after the person with a loud,
high-pitched voice has lost his wind.
Tho Cleveland Plalndealer has dis
covered that there are 3,000 ways of
making pumpkin pies and this num
ber presumably does not Include the
way mother makes em.
Someone who claims to know says
that in the days when l.jiHn wan a
' . ffflfflffgn iSffl'P" Wliir"
meant "something to eat." The edi
ble variety Isn't raised In Douglas
Don't keep your children living In
fear of some fearful punishment or
allow them to feel Uuit they are not
ns good as their associates. It will
develop a feeling of timidity that
will be a great handicap in tneir lat
er fight with the world.
One of the demure daughters of
the "400" has completed making a
payment of two and a half millions
for one of those gilded puppets of
Europe's aristocracy which she re-
cenlly Imported. Here must be a
tariff schedule which a watchful and
benevolent republican congress for.
got to revise.
A Chicago professor argues that we
should teach our young ladies and
girls the Jlu Jltsu system so Hint they
will be utile to defend themselves
from vile-minded men. Young ladles
who spend their spare time with as
sociates morally their cnunlg will
find a knowledge of Jlu Jltsu of little
prnctleal use.
Beauty Is said to lie skin deep, but
wh?i would want a hide like a rhinoceros?
Wbon they get to making news
papers out of corn stocks tho thrifty
farmer will take a stent of fodder
to town and luivo the printer run
him up n year's supply of reading
matter while he waits.
After riding with Dr. Houck in
his auto, N. LI. McBeath and Conrad
Long decided to purchase them one
if Dorrls Davis would go in with
them. Mr. Davis says he will take
a share if Jess Tooly will loan him
some monoy. Mr. Tooly will ac
commodate his warm friend, provid
ed Mr. Morgan's family will pay their
"board bill."
Mr. Morgan said the Moon shines
more this year than It ever has be
fore. A. E. Martin Is thinking of mov
ing to Washington D. C. We don't
understand what for, but perhaps
Air. lan could leu us.
Prof. Geo. A. Crane is in the wild
erness of the Cascade mountains
near Prospect. He is teaching school
in the day time and trapping rats at
night. There Is a prospect for a
Creed Conn liays he can stand the
snow storm as well as anybody.
While shearing sheep for Geo. Al
derson, Davo Good and J. Alderson
got more woo) in their teeth than in
tho sacks.
Mr. K. II. Crane has returned from
h$8 fnrtndlt Cleveland and moved to
the Metropolis of Douglas and Is
now a man of leisure.
Walllee Alurdock Is having good
luck catching "Dog Salmon." Good
luck to you, Wulllce.
Dan Hall was seen passing over
the streets of Cleveland, driving
Kobert ilaydon's $500 team.
Wo are glad to hear that Frank
Conn bus found his Sii.00 hat while
on bis road to Cleveland.
Conrud Long Immagined that he
could shoot better in the dark than
by electric lights.
'I'eaclicr's Annual Institute.
In accordance with Sec. G3 of the
Oregon School I.nws. the County
Superintendent of Douglas county,
will hold at Uoseburg, coninienclng
lug Wednesday, November 17, and
conl inulug three days, an annual ln
stilute for the teachers of said county-All
teachers of the county are re
quired by law to attend, unless ex
cused by the Silpt. for some unavoid
able cause, and nil hoards of direr-
v;.f?,?i?,!?i bp ?,r,?w Ph?.?
iV p"aT'frtrPoUiiic( lotJtfi .UlJit-
tendance at said Institute.
A good programme lias been pre
pared and I trust every teacher will
make an effort to attend. .
Yours verv truly.
tf County Superintendent.
Tho rHlzctiH of Salem have done a
wIko thing In imtttiiK up only one
Ret or rnnriululmt Tor tho city ciiiin
rU. Thorn Ih wIhoiii tn such a
ennrne In that tho iiomtnci-H nr sure
ly th choice of a majority of the tax
tuit in h, and when the election Ik
ovur evorvhiidv will have no erourh
an win ric mm mm mini ikiohumk inu
rity. OutHide of Portland pollth-H
-perwmullllt'H, Hpflo work or any i-on-tnntloii
in (hi? Khapt1 of a side issui of
any ho it tthould not he porinltU'd to
rat nny Hmiro In it municipal elec
tion. They dlHlract, miner mid di
vide n community wllhoul. any koimI
TUHiiltinn from mich a declnion, and
cfci the heat of content many men are
rushed into oftlcQl position who
would never ei (here while the tax-payni-H
were In their cool and care
ful HenseH. Unm-liur hiwr been
eminently siieceHal'ul in Ihn election
or her ollli ialH diirliiK these years,
'Vi ' hi 1 in iN'jHiMiur, ihh r mil
only been chosen hut elected hy the
citm ntt who have not Koite. mad
any occiislin and In: rodmvd polities
in vDy elecilons. If this shall he the
general policy hcrciu'ier. for six" or
mKhl years at least, tho growth of I
liosetniiK will continue to he pushed!
Itnwiinl liv mill. i.l . II. iTl .... '
: " '"wi"t
f Its taxpayers, ami will advance by
Senps and hounds until some peace
jlest rover Inl rod nees pol It les. Then
l.e will be back' d by others whose
ui;erness for ntllce II divide the
workinn and huildliiK force of the
city Into discordant and destroying
fiu-linns In order that they may have
an opportunity of securing spoils.
J Ol It OltM ltS.
In the matter ot the petition of ().
CSmiter and others for a county road
In road district No. -Iti. Ordered
that the board of toad viewers meet
Hi Die tnnnininn point of mi id mad
n ho eighteenth day of November
1 fli'S, and proceed to
fcurdtlii' to net il 'no !
In the matter of (he petition of A. j
.1. YYnoilard and A. K. V heeler ask- :
iiK for a ipilt claim deed fii tne
ouuly to certain hinds sold hy thel
county as delitupteuts: Petitioners
rcriiisted to furnish atistract gjfh.
1 11 111! Hj .MIIIU.I .1 , I I U.
Thp claim of Harvey
3rn)n. ftr $it danuiijes. for a horse
.vm h sustitlued a broken le by j - r J C
.Qppitm Inio a knot hole in the Sandy flnp nnn Anp thirfl MPP
IVtck LrldKe, near l.eona. was disal- UIIU lllllu ,UI'
Sowed. I
Petition for a county road between I
U. of 0.
0. A. C.
j University Campus, Eugene
iS, Friday, Nov. 19, '09
The Southern Pacific
Will make a round trip fa
'aro to
WIIKAT 11,00
OATS 50c bushel.
HAY Vetch, $12 to $14 ton;
grain, $12 to $14; alfalfa, $17.
ROLLED DA HLUY $30.00 ton.
Live stroll.
STEBllS -Alive, 3c lb.
COWS Allvo 2V,c.
VI'ML Dressed, 6c. lb.
14008 Pressed, 8c; Allvo Gc.
SIIKIOP 314 c.
POULTRY Mixed chickens, alive,
10c to 12c; dressed, 12c: ducks.
allvo, 9 (iii. 10c; dressed, 14 16c.
HIITTER Creamery, 42 Vic lb
country, 37 hie lh.
KOOS 4 0c doz.
WOOI., Spring, 24c; full, 20c;
year clip, 24c.
1-IONKY 12 c.
CAIIHAGE 1 ',ic. lb.
ONIONS 2c lb. ,
I -JJL, m iimm m t f riHTIMI
OO t
& ;
. CAItl'KTS and JtUOS. I
Wa;m Shoes for Cold Weather
We have special wintcr-weifcl'.t tlioca in cur new Regal
models that we recommend to enyene v. licsa fect are sensitive to
the cold. NoMini clum:y in sty!? cr ft cbcut tiiese heavy
Regal ILfio's. They are U skillfully r.a-J: t!:at iSey afford the
same comfort ar,d have tiie same s.nat appearance as a scrr.i
dress shoe. Tiic-re's one uic!:, TuTe fvy if p;db;ng tk;3 come
to our store and !ry on a pai-.
are the only ready-to-weir ahoct ii C-.x n-r'A
are made in quark.-.sUei. fijou Uf-. i: ;
Detween tlie lull t.-.d IlU :;c3 cr ord n?..- i.-m
Regal Shoes are tin only shoes in which y. j c
secure perfect fit tad comfort.
The quality of leather! and v.'orkx&nshS
Kegal ohoes is standard everywhere.
We are the exclusive bej accr.ts f-r jegai
liarth's Toggery
1 1
fi irh-eut
'(gal Atarm Mj4
that you have bought at a bargain,
nargain glasses aro about the dear
est investment you can make. We
chnrgo a right prlco because our
your sight as only skilled opticians
can do. They will aid you when bar
gain glasses are just as apt to In
jure II U E Y
Jeweler ami Optician.
Our stock of Carpets and Rugs
la complete up to date. Ingrain
carpets at 30c, 45c, 50c, 55c, 60c,
75c, and 85c per yard. Hugs In room
siz(! from $i.35. In all wool, to $35.
Complete line of all Qasses of
furniture. tf
U. W. KTltONG,
Tho Furniture cMiQCP
:::::::::::::::::::::: ::
jKo Ooooocrao O00OOM
Reliable Tailor
The Next Thing on the Bill of Fare
:oooo ca ooo o o oo o co cj o o o"o " "CS
Where are You Going to Trade?
UKene anil from nil stations from
for a' hm-sc ! 1'ortland to noaeburg inclusive of
Sale dates November 1G and I'.Hh
. Siiriniter. dismissed because of al-1 l'J0i. ChiMroii under 12 half fare,
UCKi'd ili'tei-t In iM'tltlon.
jPliriiirlllon ot $10 per month'
to the Hoys' and lilrls' Aid Sm-lety. I
.if I'orlland. until such lime ns the 1
court nmyQli'cin ll win' to dtscon- j
ktlliui) said amount.
Sec the great annual
Siopor, the ncancr and pressor, between the two leading colleges of
lias lutrt. received lift Odl and v, Inter tho state.
camples from tho Itojnl Tailors, Chi
cago. All mo latest weaves and de
signs aro shown. If you nre look
ing for somovhlng swell can on him.
lr lias the goods at the llKht prices.
Perfect fit guaranteed. tf.
Abdul llamld Is writing a book
Hn uerslsls lu iieisecutlng niaukiud.
For rates, sche fules, etc., call on
any Southern Pacific agent or on
Geuoral Passeuger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
For your Groceries, Dry Goods, Gents Furnishings
and Shoes. Why they sell the BEST GOODS
O C23 O C3 OO O
for the LEAST MPNEY.
Try .Them In Your Order For
Groceries is their Specialty, and they will
please you.
Try Them For Dry Goods
The People's Cooperative Store
BE IT KNOWN'; to all people, especially the ladies, that
Thanksgiving Day will soon be here, and that it behooves you
to have on hand the proper equipment. Therefore; you are
hereby commanded to appear at The Ironmonger and buy;
first a gocd enameled roaster, it is necessary. DON'T use that
old iron one longer. By so doing you can get one of the best ,
Heed pattern, a woman'3 invention, for $1.75 to $2.75 and
with each a 6" butcher knife will be given up to Thanksgiving
Furthermore; It is incumbent upon you to provide the
proper tools for the carver. The butcher knife given with
roaster is gooit but will not fill the place gf a carving set.
iSbod work is done best with good tools.
Also do not forget that a good msat chopper is necessary
in preparing that delicious stuffing, mince meat and other
Be thankful that the Ironmonger has these articles in stock.
Witness my hand and seal.
The Ironmonger
OOo 03 OOOqOO O O 01
0 o oRose&we. Oj-g'on
Our hot drinks will warm you up, and none better
can be made for the palate.
Next to Fostottice.
nure we nave mates snirt waists.
kimonos, long and short ones; bath
robes, aprons, long ones with and
without sleeves: tea aprons, black
niiu nulla W11M1B, ttUU Ull K1UUS OI
neckwear, sweaters, Teddy Bear
coats, and hoods for the babies. Also
a Urat-ciasa Una of millinery. Our 1
ic, 10c, 15c and 25c counters are 4
loaded with good things.
How do we sell themt Why X
uui-aper man anyooay else. Wnyr
Ueeause our expenses are less. Be a
Mlssouiiaus: come in and let us show
X ou- c
t Leaders In Popular Priced Goods.
X Home of the lc Post Card.
fciMfctafca n K , , , n n iuililil
ft s. SEE .
Sheet Metal WorK Drier Pipe An thing Ton Want
SKy Lights. Cornfce,0
,1 eavy Iron Tanks