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Will rind The Kvontn Nnwt
tho beat milium to ruach tlia
poopleot Itoneburir A wldo--wnko
publication printlnr
U the dowi that fit to print
Tonight tod Tuesday
'e 1
NO. 1
J ,
Greatest Battlefields Are New
York and San Francisco.
McCrcdie, of Washington. Will be
Klccted by Smaller Majority
The Vote Is Not Aproxl
nintcd in X. Y.
(Special to The Evening News)
NEW YORK. Nov. 1. There are
two leading features !n tomorrow's
election. They are the fight for the
district attorneyship ot Philadelphia
and San Francisco, and tho mayor
alty election In New York, which is
a triangular battle between Oaynor.
Democrat; Hearst, lndeiendent, and
nannnri ttmmlil Icnn. AH three of
the respective parties claim victory
today for Mayor. Governors win
be elected tomorrow in Virginia and
Massachusettcs and city elections will
be held in New York, San Francisco,
Philadelphia, Cleveland, Toledo and
, Buffalo.
hold of tne Republican organl
Kiion oi the 8latB oll'll' 'or the
' , natlonal campaign since he be
prominent politically, and take
. tie leadership if he appoints a
Practical I"!'' man to succeed Comp
troller Gum. who died yesterday
L-h e on hunting trip In Canada.
Qrh a nwe wl B've to llle Govern
or the coiirol of the Legltlature and
make It powible to force the passage
of the direct primary measure in Jan-
lirealdenUil candidate in lit 12.
(Sueciil'o Tho Evening News)
TERRA HAUTE, Ind., Nov. 1. A
herlff an a posse are searching for
a big tn ot a neBro named Bam
o.,M rto kicked to deatn last
evening Arthur Smith, a civil war
veternn, uu 11 Lno neB'" i winh'n
ha will ki roughly handled. Smith
accldentlj kicked over a street dice
game, bit despite his apologies the
negro knmked him down and kicked
him to 4". He then made his
Dr. Fred Haynes To Be Seat
ed Tonight.
Kiiforccmcnt of City Laws' Is the Pol
icy of Mayor Haynes To Retain
Present Polity Officers.
Mixing Tonight. 1
At the regular seinl-moitiily meet
ing of the city council this evening,
Counctlmeu ,'oaeph, Mlcelli and S. J.
ijosephson, members of the old conn
' cil, will continue to serve the city In
their respective capacity, being re
elected at tho recent city election.
Among those members of the old
council who hold over are council
men John Mullen, 1). W. Strong. (J.
11. Patrick, A Bellov.8 and B. Bounds.
As is customary the new members
of the municipal body will be seated
under the head of "new business"
Just prior to .adjournment.
The Incoming Muyor.
Dr. Fred Haynes who assumes the
chief executlveship of the city this
evening, is one of Uoseburg's most
popular young men. Ho was born
in this city on October 23, 1871, and
upon attaining snttlcient age entered
the Roseburg public schools. Later he
altended tho public schools at San
Jose, California, completing hlB stud
ies when hardly 17 years of age. He
thon returned to Roseburg,' and after
a brief sojourn went to Portland
wham tin accented a nositlcn in a
Mayor E. V. Hoover, and ;CoiincIlmen $rng store. At that time he con
W. W. Cardwell, Louis Kohlhagen, ' eluded to study dentistry, and ac-
: San Francisco, Nov. l. There Is
"no lull before the storm" In the
camnalitn here. The great battle
nn flin ntiAbt hnlWOPTI Frail
els J. Heney and Charles M. Fickert
district attorney mayoralty cunui-
Aniaa nnH hlia alll-Hed 1111 & titaniC
struggle. Thousands of agents are
u,nlr uvurvivhprff nnd the feelilia
is Intense, uraiors are running uuuui
the city from place to place Bpeaking
wherever a crowd gathers. Both
Fickert and Heney are guarded by
. armed detectives, and Heney is fight
ing to win to finish and is using his
graft prosecution In which he has
been engaged for three years for his
political thunder.
Vancouver, Wash., Nov. 1. The
Republican nominee for Congress,
McCredie. is at home, placidly awalt:
ing the result of the election tomor
row. His friends -ve no doubt of
his election, but the vote that will
be cast will not be a large one, and
this will lessen the majority.
NEW YORK, NQV.J..-Govr.nor-""Hugheifls
in a position todsy to se-
(Specluto The Evening News)
GlMLlJanltoba, Nov: 1. A posse
is searchlis for an unidentified Ger
man who Is reported to have mur
dered a nman and two children on
a farm nr this city yesterday Ac
cording W reports reaching here this
morning Ik) murders were committed
by the ftimnn, who was a guest at
tho place. rhere after beating oft the
farmer ud driving him from the
house and murdered his host's wife
andi two diildren. He then made
his eseanilo the woods. The names
of tho vMms of tho fiend's savage
butchery lave not yet been learned.
K. tvarta, son of Capt. Jack
Evorts, Peel, is a forest ranger,
audi a youg man of much promise.
During Ik recent meeting of tlJe
rangers d the Cascade and Sluslaw
National forests, at Eugene, ho de
livered ailnterestir.g address on the
subject if "Reseedlng Depleted
Uralinffceaa;"- -.tnd is a reputed
ranger iBthe forest or field.
Mrs. Henry Easton Brings Ac
tion Against Kendall Bros.
Alleges That Wires Controlled lly
Kendall Bros. Were Negligently
Maintained Attorneys Card
ell & Watson Retained.
Dr. E. V. HooverRetiring Mayor
Dr. Fred HayneaIncomlng Mayor
Alleging that J. L. and S. A.
Kendall, owners of the local water
and light system, were In a measure
to blame for the electrocution of
James Easton, which occurred on
Saturday morning, September 25,
Mrs. Easton, mother ot the deceased.
has filed a suit in the circuit court
against the above defendants, asking
that she be awarded the sum of
17.600 as damages, and the costs
and disbursements Incurred in bring
ing the action. Attorneys Cardwell
& Watson have been rotainod by the
plnlntlfl and through their efforts
the cnRe was filed.
Among the allegations in the com
plaint it Is alleged that at tne in
tersection of Siiruco and Washington
streets, the Pad lie States Telephone
Company and the Kendall Brothers
Water and L ant (joinnany, oacn
maintained wires Ir. the conduct of
their respective business, and that
such wires wero strung so close to
gother, and wero so carelessly and
negligently maintained that the em
ployes ot the telephone compnny wore
endangered while engaged In fepnlr
work. Futher tho plaintiff alleges
that the wires controlled by tho
electric light company were poorly.
Insulated in the vicinity above mon-
loned. and furnished little, It any.
protection to the employes.
in addition to tne auove allega
tions the plaintiff simply cltea thp
circumstances Burroundlng tho un
fortunate lineman's death, alleging
he was electrocuted while repair
ing a telephone wire which In some
unexplained manner came In con
tact with an eloctrlc light wire, the
property of Kendall Brothers.
The plaintiff bases her damage
upon tho fuct that the young mart
was hut 20 years of age, strong,
healthy and Industrious, and would.
If he had continued to live during
the ordinary period ot life, accumu
lated property and cash at the p
proximnte value of $20,000.
The dealh of James Easton Is still
fresh in the minis of tho cli'lsens lr
this locality. It will bo remembered!
that he was employed as linoman
for the Pacific Slates Telephone Com
pany, and on the morning of 8oi- .
tomber 25, 1909, while engaged In
repairing a dofoctlvo wire at the cor
ner of Spruce and Washington Btroeta
met instantaneous death through
electrocution. Ho had worked for the?
the telephone company three years,
nnd hnd won a lioBt ot friends In this,
1 1
Henry Ryan, D. P. Fisher nnd Eu
gene Hannan retire. The Important
duties abandoned by these gentlemen
will he assumed by tho newly elected
members consisting of Mayor Fred
Haynes, ani Councilmen O..C. Ba
ker, Arthur Jones, S. K. Sykes, H.
T. McClallen and Frank Clements.
cordlngly spent several years at At
lanta, Georgia, and Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania, in attendance mt sever
al of the largest educatlonnl Institu
tions in the United States. Return
ing to Roseburg, Mr. Haynes then evethey nre not
HiiKitKeu in ttuLituns hid iuwiu..
profession, continuing In such capa-
t A i' IV 1 '1 '3T "
I Prpfi'i
i Mmim ri
Ijl Jj" '
YOU buy your clothes of
us you are certain of a
number of facts among
othersthat the cloth will
be all wool and thorough
ly shrunk that the gar
ment will be hand made
and that the style and fit
will be faultless. These
things we guarantee to
you absolutely.
Moreover they have an
individuality of style that
will appeal to you in
stantly. The prices con
sidering the quality are
most moderate.
$18.00 .
city until tha outbreak of the Spnn-Ish-Atiiorican
war, when he embark
ed for the Philippines, serving as
a Lieutenant in the 2nd Oregon Vol
unteers. At the of the war he
nguln returned to this city and has
since been engaged in tne aentai pro
fession. When asked in regard to tho poll
cv he expect i'l to assume In the man
agement of city's aftulrB, Mr. Haynes
simply Bald, "Tho city laws will guide
mo In all mutters. I b'ellovo that the
laws should he enforcid. and in, the
event they nre not practical they
should be repealed."
rim Itctliing Mayor.
Dr. E. V. Hoover, who rotlres
from the Mayorship of RoBebuig to
night, was born In 1873. At the age
of twenty-eight years, he was first
elected Mayjr of RoBebuig, and was
thereafter ru-elocted for two succes
sive terms, making a period of olght
years, that Id has served the city as
Its Chief Magistrate Dr. Hoover,
while unending to his duties as a
physician, besides serving In many
other public capacities, has found
lime to pay a great deal of attention
o the needs of the city.
Upon Ills entry into olllco, the clly
was deeply In debt; the payment of
warrantB was more than two years
behind nnd tho warrants wero selling
at a discount and even I hen It was
difficult to Bell them. By an econ
omical administration or the City's
affairs, the di hi has been reduced to
a minimum: tho CUy has been placed
on a paying basin, and tho city war
rants now sell at a premium. 1" one
Instance tho Mayor saved the clly
three thoiiHind dollars, by hoUllllg
out ngnlnst tho bill of the old Water
& Light Company.
M'.my public improvements hnvo
been mado in the clly during the
doctor's term of c fllce, chiefly among
them, being tho paving of Rose
burg's prlnclial IiukIuchs streets.
It was largely through IiIb efforts
that the paving or the streets wiib
taken up and carried to a sucessrul (
end, und now upon the eve ttl his
retirement from ofhco sees the princi
pal streets paved with a good und
durable pavement which does a cred
it to tho cil'.
It can bo truthfully said, that dur
ing Dr. Hnover'i, term or office there
has never bo-jn uny complaint of mis
management or the financial affaire
. of tho clly, hut on the contrary, the
clly has enjoyed one of tho cleanest
nnd most, businesslike administra
tions In its history.
Dr. Hoover hns caked the council
to. have the hooks or tho city export
ed so as to Bhow I he financial condi
tion or tho city Bluco his Induction
Into office.
Upon Dr. Hoover's retirement rrom
office, the clly loses a faltUul and
efficiont servant, and new Mayor
of Roteburg is to he congratulated
on finding Iho affairs of the clly In
such good condition upon his entry
Into office.
Clly Attorney Retires.
; Frnnk fi. Mlcelli, for the pnst Tour
years city atlcrncy, severs Ills official
connection with the city this eve ning.
During his Incumbency Mr. Mlcelli
t has at all times endeavored to give
the an Impartial administration.
I tho police court ho proved hlm
, self fenrloFs; yet he was kind and
never allowed prejudice to bwny his
' better judgment.
The vacancy caused by Mr. Ml
celli' resignation will he filled by the
I appointment of Attorney -George Neu
i tier, at present associated with At
torneys Cosliow - Rice. Mr. Neuner
Is a young ninn pissefed o! good
qualifications, and ho will no doubt
prove himself an efficient offrer.
From indications the present police
officers will be retained uider the
new administration.
Mr. J. W. Lawrence, for mora
than two years the courteous audi
capable receiver of tho United State
Land Office In tnis city, naa '.vaignea
his position, ami is only awaiting for
his successor to materialize so taut
he can depart for Bond, this Btnte.
where he will make his future
Interviewed by a News reporter.
Lawrence said that his resignation
had been sent to the Dopartmont
more than two weeks ngo, but aa ho
had received no word from Washing
ton, was unublo to say Just when ho
would leave Roseburg
While Mr. Lawrence's term diies
not explro until some time In Janu
ary, bUBlnesB Interests in Ecnd. de
mand his immediate personal at
tention, therefore ho found It im
perative that ho lcava tno govern
ment service.
Mr. Lawrence has no Inkling as
to who may succeed him here, anil.
.bnly unxioiisly nwalts the acceptance
of his resignation In order tnai no
enn get his family moved before the?
winter Bets In for good.
(Special to Tho Evening News) ':
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 1. Dolo- J!
gutos to the New Orleans Waterway j
Convention are busy rushing worker, Ui
In an effort to mi'ko up ror time loat ; ' ;
or i
Mm,. Hiiliirilnv. line to the IntcllcSH 1
President Tnft s arrival. Toduy f
Besslon will bo ociiplod In dlscussliiB
the report or the resolutions com- '
mltleo, which, If adopted, will (id- 1
Vance the benefit plan ot deepenlm? (
tho Mississippi.. ThlB committee will f
also make an cstlmul of the proposed j
Improvement of the greut river.. j
(Special to Tlie Evonlng News)
DUNSMUIR, Cal., Nov. 1. Con
ductor Ed. Richardson and Brako
maii Charles Neato were, either kill
ed or liurnrd to death when tunnel
No. 1, n ar Coram, on the Southern
Pacific railroad caved In this morn
ing, burying livo cars and tho ca
boose. Tho caboose caught fire and '
the Ihtnies spread to the other curs.
It Is impossible to toll whether tho
victims wore killed outright of burn
ed slowly In a subterranean prison.
(Special lo The Evening News)
LEUEXA. Kan., Nov. 1. Marshal
lla.ikiu, of this cily, was probably
falully shot today in a battle with
four men caught robbing a hank.
Afer holding posse bent, on their nr
refst nt bay for some time, the four
robbers finally made good their es
In a buggy.
A meeting ot the forest rangers
employed under the supervision of
tho local forestry office Is being held
at the office of S. C. Bartrum today.
Aside from Chlof Rangers T. P. Mnft
Konzlo, II. Hlnloy, Charles II. Florey
and F. Amis, about thirty of tho
local rangers are in attendance.
Many question of general Intercut
to tho rangers are being rom;idenrd.
among them being the most feaslDlo
manner In which to conduct tho
roreitry wcrk; tho Improvement ,
the rules and regulations ROvernlnR
the service, and tho fuvnre efforts of
the employes. The meeting will ad
journ this evening.
It's tho "little things" that tend to
make tho home happy.