The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, December 19, 1900, PART 1, Image 3

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The Yeekly Chroniele.
official ririx of wasco cvistv.
PnLlukeJ ia lw ytru, H7rficsdiyt
mid Siturdd. .
rBsc&irTiox rates. .
T bail, miiti rsxraia, u aevac.
oo r"' H
Six booii T6
Tare mouths T... W
ArtUlB nM iwaaonabt. n4 mads knows
an apsUieaOoc
iMim aU conaBniratioas oTBF CHIOS
ICLAV ta iMUe, Oracua.
Satord a Di!j.
Dr. Sanders, room 1 and 2, Chapman
block. U
Tno Dalle boy wr beaten yesterday
ia the football contest with the Heppner!
boy t by a tcor of 16 to 0.
Mrt. O. Morgan, of The Pallet, it tit
itiog tbe faruiie of her father, Mr. N.
W. Wallace, at this place, tart the An
telope Herald.
Alexander Blackburn, D. P., will lec
ture on "Gnasption" at the Calrary Bap
tilt church oa Wednesday, Pec. 19th.
Admiteioo 25 cent; children 10 cent.
Dr. Stordevant and John Filloon went
to Wasco field oo Tbareday to boot the
wild bxre and geete. They
neediest to itate, return well laden with
The moet norel provUiona maJe in a
wiil it that of a St. '-ou'.t woman that
ber remain be iucioerated and the tenet
rxiinkled witb tnoea ol ber nusrs4 in
the nrn where bit already repose.
Prominent local capitalitt are mak
ing arrangements to locate clam can'
nfry at Nahcotta, aay the Morning
Attorian. Tbe rnr and bay claict are
both found in abocdance at that place
and tbe location trill bean excellent one.
Tbe ladiet of the Good Intent desire
to most heartily thank all of thote
who to kladly attiated in J'The Temple
of Fame," and assure, them that tbey
appreciate their fatbfa!nee and their
effort! in making the entertainment a
There is a tolerably good umbrella at
the court house, which somebody left
there and evidently forgot all about it.
It it in chart of John Fitzgerald who
it guarding it carefully so that only the
real owner can get it, and then only
after he has accurately described it
brands and earmarks. Such a descrip
tion and two bits for this notice will
secure an umbrella worth a dollar and a
Bryan says prosperity killed him.
Why should it not have killed him?
Pid he imagine that the farmers, who
as a data were dead against him, did
not know enoogh to let well enough
alone? Said one of tbem from Klicki
tat to Thi Chbomclx today: "In IS'M
1 sold 28 steers in this town for SS75 that
averaged, groes weight, over 1100 pounds
each. Today I coo Id cash a like number
of like weight tor $1100, and I have re
fated an offer of f!4 a Lead for my
spring calves."
British Museum Newton, tbe archie
ologist, was a capital story-teller and
Mr. A. J. Hare, in tbe story of bis life,
has preferred two or three of bis tale.
One is a spiritualistic seance where an
old cockney was informed that the spirit
manifested was his deceased wife, where
upon tbe following dialogue took place:
"His that you, "Arriet?" "Yrt, it is
me." "Are you 'appy, 'Arriet?" "Ve.
very 'appy." " 'Appier than you wa
with me, 'Arriet?" "Yes, much 'ap
pier." Where are you, 'Arriet?" "In
Four or five boys of tbe High ichool
persuation bad a wbole bushel of fun
this afternoon, in part at lent, at the
expense of the young ladies who presid
ed over tbe tale of piet and cakes at
Peate A Mays'. After blowing them
selves in for a whole raft of pies and
cindie they adjourned to another store
and bought a big lot of degenerate cran
berries that tbey got for a sons? and had
a boy deliver the package C. O. D. to
the young ladiet of the pie coonter.
The ladies paid the till, o the boy jy, I
and the lat beard of the cranberries I
the package home to tee if pa or tun
had ordered them for Sondty's dinner.
A bsnd of 4o0 head of Indian pouiet
from the Warm gpriog genry paired
throngb town Toes-lay, hound ffr the
I.intoo horse cannery, say the Pufur
Pispatch. In tbe morning they were
being driven from the psitnre of A. J.
Do fur, where they had ixren kept over
riizht, thev Utnbedd. hreakirif thro'
the wire fence, killing two outright and
severely aonnding other. On p'wir j
beaut had the leader of hi hind leg en-
tirely severed and was driven through
town with the blood spnnina from the j
wound at every tep, and perhapi will
b taken to itt destination in thi condi
tion. One of the belt enlertainn.enlt of the
eason, or of any season, wat the
"Temp! of Ft me" given at the Vogt
cpera boire last night j the lidie of
the Gooi Intent Society r.f the M. K.
church. The test of a good play lies
oltimately in tbe pleatare It gives to
the an Hence, and judged by thi tett
the progrtra of last night was a inr
prise an 1 delight from start to finish.
The onewerret is that the loose was
not nearly as Urge as it ought to Lave
been. This vat probably on account of
the Incremeecy of the tight, bnt what
ever the cause those who staid at houie
missed treat tach at tbey only rar!y
ha an opportunity of enjoying. We
believe tint entertainment would bear
repetition at soius future period an J
would com mi ad a better house than tt
did Ut Bight.
The officer of Cedar Circle, Women
of Woodcraft, for the next term at
elected last night will be: PQ N, Jet
sie McArthur; Q X, Georgia Weber;
Adv. lata Fillooa ; clerk, Ctu Brows;
banker, John Fillooo; attendant, Kth
ryn Sargeact; captain guard, Intley
Huston ; assistant captain, Minnie Goes-
er; pianist, Mae Cuehing; I S, Jaoies
TaTlor;OS,J Snipet; manager, Mrt.
March. The officers-elect of Mt. Hood
Caaip, Woodmen of the World, are at
follow : P C C, T Brownhill; C C,
Hans IUdmq; clerk, JM Fillon; ad-
viser, C H Brown; banker, Jas Snipes;
escort, J I Huston; captain guards,
Jno Ferguson; W, Perry Morgan; S,
John Pashek ; manager, George Joles.
These two orders will hold joint installa
tion on tbe first Tuesday in January.
Monday s Daitj
A marriage license wa issued Satur
day afternoon to G. W. Johnston and
Mrs. Nellie Palmer.
Through Ui? courtesy of Representa-
tioe Moody this office ha a quantity of
choice turnip seed which will be dis
tributed fiee for all as long as it last.
Thursday afternoon at the Baldwin
the ladies of tbe Catholic church will
have a sale of fancy article and a pond
full of the moet wonderful fish for the
little folk. Admission tree.
One of the pleasant features of the re
turn of The Palles football team yester
day was a reception and dinner at tbe
Obarr Hotel, for which the organization
has to thank Messrs. Claude Frizzell
and Williams.
Oar reporter forgot to state under ap
propriate beading that the Wasco peo
ple are all right, and that they gave the
Pallet football team a roost cordial re
ception on their visit to Wasco last Sat
urday. Come uewn and see os, boys.'
George Cummings received notice last
week of his re-appointment to the post
mastetship of Prineville. Mr. Cum
tilings has made a very excellent post
master and his re-appointment will be
very satisfactory to tbe Prineville peo
ple. Tuesday's Daily.
It easy to buy Christmas presents at
Tbe Fair. 18-3td
LazelPe perfumes for Christmas at
Donnell's. 18-lwd
Pon't fail to see tbe mechanical toy
at tbe New Yotk Cash Store.
Our holiday perfumes are now ready.
A full line at Donnell's drug store, lw
Wanted A girl to do housework in
a small familv. Apply at this office.
A marriage license was issued today
to J. Huteson and Annie S. Ramus,
both of Summit Ridge.
You'll surely lack "gumption" If you
fail to hear the lecture at the Calvary
Bantist church icuorrow night. Ad
mission 25 cents; children 10 cent.
A new jacket makes a fine present
You know ours are tbe latest in style
and best in cloth. We will extend our
23 per cent off on those goods this week.
The Fair. 13-3dlw
Polls, cakes, pies and eindiee for sale
Thursday afternoon and evening at tbe
Baldwio. Come and see what we bave
before going elsewhere to buy your
Christmas present.
Henry H. Rogers, the New York mil
lionaire and copper king, was fifty years
ago seiliog newspaper on the streets of
New Bedford, Mass. He then went into
a grocery store, getting $3 a week and
The Ontario papers are stating that
natural gas has been discovered near
that town by Ed Ashley, in 1 33 all quan
tities, at a depth of 100 feet, and it it
believed that with depth a larger flow
could te secured.
The fat of the Hay-Paancefote treaty
will be settled Thursday. Tbe senate
yesterday agrtM to commence voting
on tbe amendments at 3 p. m. and con
tinue in session till the vole on the
treaty itself is taken.
A committee has been appointed in
New York to "select the two most lean
tifol women in the United States" to
preside al a rran I function at the open
ing of the Buffalo exposition. If th
prtcanbon is not taken to le'ect bald
headed men for that j b, the appointeri
l;i Hi d ont later that they fcave com
mitted a jrave mistake.
If you are looking fir a nies present
for your bes'. girl, te sure and go to The
Fa'r. IMHi
Oi ing ti the p.'vs.epe of smallpox
at Umatilla Jiinction, Marshal Driver
has terved notice on the O. R. A N. Co.
to not ilor anv persons or article to
he carried here by them from that thee
without first being fumigated.
Lost, a Masonic charm with hjuare
and compsss set in bitck onyx, and the
Initial W. L. (. dirnly engrtved cn the
back. When lost it wss attached to a
black l k fol chain. Will give 12 0 for
its rtorn ti the Columbia Parking Com
pany. dl73
Th inn is! election of officers of Wasco
Lodge, A. F.&A.M., took pliee list
night with the following result : W. M.,
T n.,iTl . c w v-:. ,. -
. , 7. ., , mvr Jiiran ; j
J. W, C. W. Pietze! : Treatarer, G. A. !
Hebe; Secretary, O. D. Doane; Tyler.;
Jarue Harper. Mr. Doane!: hat el-
ready served tw. year aa worship !
matter, and hit high standing in the'
brotherhood it indicated be f it election '
mr a wiru term in taeeeeston. The in-
Staliation will taka r!a rn St. J.,h'a
da. December-?:!..
Jthn r.rv.
wvaaasuw V VV i U VlU'titUV aU-TUaJVr (. I w B
engineer on tbit division of the O. R. A 1
N. road returned to.Iay from A'.Ak
where be spent the past summer ia the
oew diggings back ol Sitka. He brtnge .
som very fine copper ore with him.j
Samples from the same mine have a -
sayea u per ceni. He ha a aumher of '
claims that be feelt confident will prove
very valuable, tie will return to Alaska
in the spring and sneaow hile has secured I
employment at hi old trade witb the
O. R. A N.
"A good play by a tp'.endfd company"
was the verdict of those who witnessed
the rendition of "Human Hearts" at
the Vogt last night. Vnlikethepreeeatt.
run of play, thi it a good, old-fashioned
drama, and the way W. E. Nankevillit
v-umpany presenter 11 was very grainy- j
ing. "Human Hearts' is by far the!
best attraction tht bat b?n piareiJ w
The Pallet for eome time. The com -
pany it exceptionally strong, and de
served tbe generous applause accorded
them. A return engagement would be
appreciated by oar theater-goers.
Now it the time to call and see as if
you are looking for a loan at reasonable
rates; an abstract or fire insurance; a
nice cottage fromjtwo rooms up to six;
a chicken if arm from one acre up; a
grain or all purpose farm from 160 acres
up; a stock farm from 1000 acres up.
Are you interested in mine or mining
property? Po you want to buy or sell?
If you do, remember we are headquar
ters for anything in real property.
Houses and estates looked after; prop
erty kept in repair; rents collected and
remitted tame day; we make a specialty
of collections, land office bnsines, etc.
Hudson A Brownhill.
The following from tbe Fossil Journal
is delightfully characteristic of the land
o' cakes: "There will be a meeting of
Scotchmen in Fossil on January 29th,
with a view to organizing a Burns club.
A good time ie anticipated. Too much
in tbe way of a program is not prom
ised lor the initial meeting, but there
will be a few songs and recitations smell
ing of peat reek and' Leather, a good
topper with maybe a wee drap ef mount
ain dew, and we'll no lay there won't
be a baggis. The pipes will be mere
and a man te play tbem. Andrew Pat
terson la to appear in Highland costume
and Jndge McFarland in bis cutty sark.
All tbe Scots in Wheeler and adjoining
counties are expected to be present.".
Notwithstanding that the canal bill
and the ship subsidy bill and tbe army
bill and tbe river and harbor bill and
the Hay-Pauucefota treaty are all before
congress and demand tbs earnest atten
tion of Oregon's representative a mat
ters in which the state it vitally inter
ested, Joe Simon remains in Portland
neglecting tbe duties he owes to tbe
state that made the bnge mistake of
electing him United Statet senator, and
engaged, it may be set down a a dead
certainly, in some political scheme that
has for its objects the repair of his own
political fences or those of the venerable
Silurian whose leg tbe wiley Joseph
know so well bow to pull.
If tbe people who seek courtesies from
the country newspapers would only
think to return them, much good would
eome of it, says an exchange. Many
people think tbey are neglected in print
became some news item of interest to
tbem doe not, through the newspapers,
find its way to the genera) public, and
yet .-they- seem to forget entirely that
reporters, are, moet unfortunately, not
mind readers, and if tbey woold but call
up tbe office by 'phone the paper would
only too gladly give the item space.
There isn't a paper in the land that does
not want tbe new, and every paper
could and woold be full of new if each
person knowing something along that
line would but give the office the slight
est tip.
The Walla Walla Union says: "It is
possible that some of the Indian lands
in the Yakima country will soon be
thrown upon the market. Several years
ago a survey roooei toe 1 taima taai
ant of npon 3-J0,0i.O acres of ficd lands,
an 1 it was soon taken by the white set
tlers. A discovery of the fraad resulted
in the lands being retarned to the red
men. As the Indians are! now comfort
ably settled already, r.ey have no per
sonal ne for the lanu recenny eecureo j
and the Rev. Thomas Pearne, a native ,
, . . , , . .. .1
akima Indian, has gone to he nation-,
al capital to arrange for the placing of ,
ht. t..l n IK. n..f Tf it i n!,t
there w id be aa attempt on the pat of
thetriheto receive something like the
marketable value for the land, which is
sxid to te the b'st on tbe eastern slops
of the Catcader.
A memW of the loeil lodge of United
Artissn at Sa'em treated his brethren '
the nthee ciht to a sotDer of Belgian '
hare. To tbe asseiiibied Artisans,
witb the exemption of a very few, this
was their initial campaign against tbe
Belgians. A sister ooked th-m to a
torn and s rrvsd there with apple dress
ing. The S'.a!esmtn, which rtlatet the
incident, lays the members wer at first
a little timid of the possible flavor ol so
.' - .- . .
o.cAre a awirsei. cat wna tea cm tasce
aU aparaacw l timidity Tanieaed. aa 1
it became itiJmi that, it a demi mora
hars cad beea fsraietted. t&y wo.'j'
tcoa havi bee in tie Mb dep.'ras,
conditio aa uom placed oa ta hoar J
nothing left bet boo, btu the aaaa-
. tteco vri-ct el a3 srteset teat aa
1 tV- .v i.
lsl.t i- h" i
I " " uw aaw. eitu thiu eaaj taw
uth;t Kav, nAAi ... ,-
f ww wf i SWT-A,
woe.'d on:v be necxisary k.r the Art:-
tase a chaaoa at tte litte am-
in;' l r.d Ui.eiK.wiwe of a-iy soch pee-
Mn a --nn T,ur
t '
! " r"
Ball wanki a Caal
Tt Pailes footr:! team retarded Sae-
tlay trom thetr trip aaj report bavicg .frna U lro its ewa ti pa. j The blowing letter reiite to Rev.
had a tsoet eojyab!e tits. At Hsp! he Stewart hold ep i believed by ' Pl Kruer, of this city. Itweewrit
ner they were well received aad geer- j the orfi.-ers to be a fake, a creation of , a ia answer to iaojirie ma J by Rev.
oosly treated. Nothing wa emitted for ', the ' gd vLctim, for tbe sole pnroose ' J- B. Lister, of Eirsne. corresnondia
' p
I . . "'PPnar wa iruiy me Dige
il' V w a IH A-B3VWI H VlTfJU.
Th gm in hoi on, bat Hrpnr
woo, H ta 0. Tb DaHm orniiitxa
M ata..;.iBitt md Vaaa.1 B Ik. M
L. . . . , , ...
! it '".i1
bj toeing tany crown an 1 its cap -
tain, Max Bartell. Of the ongi
rig; nai line-
np that met Heppner last October lee
than half remained. At tne gaire had
been arranged and printing and adver-
tiaing d jn by the HepDuer players, the
Palle boys were in honor bound to
meet them, even if they knew certain
defeat awaited them. Ia fact Tbe Dalle
boy wer? compelled, under the circum
stances, to go ;to Heppner with a rem
nant of tbe first organization, bat prin
cipally witb the high school line-up,
headed by their captain, Johnny Cooper.
Ia justice to the latter, for his fiat game
as captaio he did remarkably well.
Heppner earned one touch down by
work and Dlaving. one was the result of
a flake, and caused by the Pallet cap
tain mistaking the remarks of one of the
Heppner player for those of the um
pire, and the second' one, Tbe Pallet
boys claim, should not bave been al
lowed. In all, however, Heppner dis
played excellent team work, the result
of having a hired coach, while The Palles
played the poorest ball in the history
of the organization. The latter clearly
outclassed tbe former in condition, and
despite Heppner's knowledge of the
game and splendid executive work, if
Tb3 Palles had possessed the same or
ganization and bad played the game
they did on Thanksgiving witb Pullman,
there would have been a different story.
Tbe Wasco game on Saturday was a
tie, though the Wasco giants cannot
play ball with our high school organiza
tion, which is the best of its kind in
Oregon. .
The members object serioualy to the-
Oregooian' report concerning the game
at Wasco. When the first half ended
tbe Palles team was on Wasco's thirty-
yard line, and at no time in the second
half did Wasco have the ball, and at the
close of the last half Tbe Palles was
moving rapidly and was within seven
yards of a touch-down. This was ac
complished by a crippled team, weigh
ing much lest than Wasco ; bnt despite
this the latter was no match for Tbe
Pallet. Murray, qurter-back, with a
broken collar bone of lest than a month ;
Groehler, half-back, with a dislocated
collar bone from tbe Thanksgiving
game; Williams, half-back, with ankle
tprained in tbe Heppner game, and all
'he men very sore from the bard game
with Heppner on Friday, were some of
the impedimentsencoontered ia Wasco'
game. The majority of the Wasco team
weigh over 200 pounds, but witn our
boy. In ordinary condition they must
certainly realize they would be no match
for the Palles team, which, as it was or
ganized for Heppner's and Wasco'
games, was of high school character.
. Tbe result-of tbe Heppner game does
not discourage tbe football player, and
they propose to redeem lost laurels be
fore tbe close of the season.
Their manager, Mr. 0:is Patterson,
speak in the highest term of the con
duct of the young men under ail eir-
comsiaacei, sua urn prupusrv ",l"iaiM nnr.
with tbem to a finish. They are a fine '
body of young men. destine! to become;
in all iti affairs, when tbe present re
giine, ia the natural order of things,
shall bave passed away.
A Splsaei Frt,,
Ti. i program will be ren-
, 'derel f. tL Ca holic eatertainment at
I the Vogt Thursday n'gtt :
Daet "Pt9 Pif' tt tt-mm
Mi U.ra Psrtel tad M. irh ar.
H- t the Mantiin rr y frier
Kim Myn. M.eril att.l Elu.hia Bona.
, F,t,.t y R,r
Voril .,! Jj'.tU
Mim D'jra PrrreL
Corn -wii --L P.fTt P t-iiour It fm X
Mr. J. t. ETitn.
1 jIt. Jn&ti H in-.ptsirp.
Tearh-rs 9aa! Hear It.
Rev. A'sxander B.acabora's lecture
on "Gumpiija," d-live-el lefjre the
connty intitnte, was one of the best
ever de.iverei
in thi city. It was just
the kind of a kctore that re. ches th
human I.eart and prompt the better '
and u.Jtivei. Ev ry tcLer in
the land shou'J hwr it. The Public
School, Ltfayette. Ind.anj. j
At th Ca.varv Bap'is" e'.urch 'omor-
row tWedt''1?' night.
Tkm Alter 4-C to
Jam tfaa. aa tt Sat aa
tr .i p . i , ,
a latere of lru-.a. ia ofc
, -
i iAa - .. .
ibav. A t KraaVTB. taat t v ' tlam -bb 11 11.
. v' W tUJHUll , VU I IS 19
1 f avely doubted if b mtt r;ivd cf
V;. or ooe-teatb cl Ciat ma. The
' crScere have tiftad tt matter pretty
j thoroughly and bave com t tae e a-
(e'esioe that be coa:d not bave had aav-
i th
eg UketVKo. ale persoa. Thee ar!p ri r r . 1-
ol optnoo, Bjoreover, that the time.j
'place aad eirensstsace cf his a'legsd
I L ' 1 J -. . .
d where Abeam wat r.ici and
uk..g ' mm employers ior nis
o..D u.u.ra ma mosey ia oa a nartos.
I ue f'"" STW 1WTV VA t" tUf ICTHf VI tUtf
bo.J-ap U tb Ut pUc m hfhT ain
oaM tEctT for ta rwa th: it i
I r 1 at )' WWr? li.htl TU .
.. . ,
o! th J-' i-y Ste.a,, never
1 "pwwi uu i-w w any ot iseot tui Icey
leJ for thexselve tbe foiloein
facta that w Bad related ia laat night'
Ti-. .k; ..,... .1.
Telegram, showing that there wa a wo -
rnaa ia
the case. It only need to he
added that Stewart Is still here or was He waa a German with a little family ;
last night and U tie woman. The ' cr notache and was quite energetic
T.legram aays; I '1 blVp,T"U- nJ r3oS; " the
. ., . , church at (ranklin. W as accused aad
C. li.Haye, a man. who ! arrested for barn burning, but was
was 00 the train wui i re! Stewart, the frned loose bv the conrt as lacking u(
yooa traveling man ol thi city, and 1 ncitnt evidence to hold him. His man
stopped at Tb Paues with the latter. Mrt irt lh paipit wer. foco lh
bat a itory to tell which he claim . ehurvh wanted him long. I declined to
throws some light ca te hotd-ap of ; recomaseo d him, as did also Brother
Stewart end his loss of . According . Bright, who wa secretary one year,
to Hays, there is a woman in the case. Ui last erfVt among us was to attempt
1 we on the tram the day Stewart to .top Brother Z. O. Doward from
made the trip from Port.and to The ! taking his pulpit at Grand Island after
'- "'"- " mjn, iiw oaring
! ,h 1 attack up a traveling acquaint.
otc it vrn anwncr mi ot lue
If?' ?' Mt a young woman. She
did all in her pow-ir to attract our atten -
lion and finally Stewart changed his
seat for the one directly in front of her.
They ta.ked I until a few minute berore
tbe end of their journey, whea Stewart
came to me and asked me where I was
going to stop at Th Pailes. I named
the Umatilla
House, and Stewart re-
marked that be could do better than
that, and tbat bs intended to get a room
and board around where be pleased. I
noticed that Stewart lingered about the
young woman's seat and am convinced
tbat he took a room somewhere about
tbe town at her suggestion, and that she
or some ooe in her interest separated
Stewart from hi Ho."
Aa Baplaaalloa that Baplala JTothlag.
Thx Pau.ii, Pec. 17, 1300.
To the Editor: In Saturday 'a issue
ot your valuable paper yon printed an
article headed "Pown to Facts." in
which yon cited my recent hold-op.
Further on you stated tbat it wa the
opinioo of the police officers that I had
no such sum as lot) ( Right here alio
of dji. or one-tentb of that amount, on
my person. Being unable to find the
orifia of the theory ttat I did not have '
I h at aai 4 anm fitnl bwasi I..m. et,A aC , I
I have coma to th roorlasinn that th.
article was written by ooe who knew
nothing of the affair, and waa mistaken
in his understanding.
1 would like to have it understood
tbat said artiele was not given for publi
cation by the force, who, on the
other bad, did all in their power to ap
prehend the highway man. but from the
description given them were unable to ,
do so.
Regarding the Stewart robbery I know
nothing, not even tbe a'leged victim.
Hoping these few lines ia defense will
suffice, I am Yours,
A. M. Abbax.
The article referred to by Mr. Abrams
was written by tbe editor of Thx Chxov
iclk after conferring with several of the
officers of tbe law who had been work
ing on tbe ease. It expresse their
opinion of tbe hold-up to a dot. The
reason why these officers believe that
Mr. Abrams did not lose to6, nor possi
bly one-tenth of tbat sum, were not
stated ia tbe article out of deference to
Mr. Abrams, nor will they be stated
now lor the same reason. Thx
clx simply reported the facts a it
learned them from tbe officers' lips, and
wubout kbe slightest scinti-.a of personal
feeling against Mr. Abrams. whom the
editor never saw to his knowledge and
know if he met him on the
following is the list of letters remain
ing in the posteffice at The Pailes un
called for P?cember 15, 1900. Person
i calling for the same wi,t give date on
which they were advertised:
: Agrew. Mitchell Austin. Joseph
! An ieraoo.M:sAnne Ri.'.i, Mr J t
I Coulter, Iis Grace Chapman. Frank J
. Chappeil, Clark, M;s Ann
Carrot, Mr John Pinkia.Joba H ' 2
i lk)!in. J Kau, J iho
j IHmpLrey.MrLone Hagje, Mr Ida
i K inl'., Mm l)jr I.rn, Lewis
, McCl!iter, Mrs S M.iilt .en. Mn Mat
More, Mrs Cordelia Marte!'. Mis
1 McArthur, Arthur Newton, Henry
Nat. Mm Al Poole. M: B-rtha
! Steath, Mr Chas tigers. M s Ida
! StClaire, Mr J F Wright, Minnie
Dalles Urfttmg A iattaa.
Articles of incorv.-it""ri n' T Pi'
Driving Associativa wer in toe
office cf the county clerk this afternoon.
"The objects, bui.nrss an J permit of
the inccrporatXn are to promote and
develop tbe phys'cal capacities of its
member and to jrjmsts and develop
tgrlcoltare, stock-raiiiig and mechanics,
te bailJ, maintala fair trouo Is, race
course, buildings aid things necessary
and convenient in carrying ca: laid
ob;cts, aod to bar or !a ,aJ k4 T
BC,9T or cosTtnieat real property
fee taid parse ; n hod f Air, al vhh
' haH be exhibited a.1 a;adt of tmcnlt.
'ar! ad ttjck, faraing lapl-
, i: oth 'w-.' .-.i .
B8wltv a. Wfyctt tier soali
be trie,'
. Jd ad :i kadtcf athletic
' ; fllt
cuse4:oes and
collect fxee and edsUaios at aay or alt
i The prcvty ol th iacorpovaiioct
coesisu ol la money and tbe lease
I of 5) acre of groua J aear Tte Dalles.
in,, ... r c r..t i.-
t irarj o me vreg-jo cnnetiaa il:-
j siooary- cciety. coocerniug lae cbarac-
rw aalVA IllUtlfi( Vt l T. rVrUaJT MM ICel a
ChrUu.a ixioitir durt&t hi rc
J Wac la NKrk. Othtrwis tht !t-
1 t,a,a aenlalaa ua 1 I .
i v-
1 ---.--., w,
J-B-Luna, Eagene, Or.:
Bbothi 1 : I have yoars asking
I aoooi one raai rwruger. s nail suca a
, ,. in vK...w. ,1. ' " !. -
i and had oait a tittle troaal iith hi'
: h.tin bwn ra ct. krnf
the ground while they were waiting for
Brother Doward and sonht la in.tnra
1 thero to call hiin. He preached once,
1 o, perhap twice. One day alettes
came to 00 of the brethera. purporting
, to be from Peon, where Brother Dowaid
h4 lived, giving a bad reputation to
, Brother Poward as to character. Thi
disturbed them not a little, but Brother
; Bright hsooened to Das that wav. aad
he was instrumental in irettin Doward
to take tbe place. He wa shown th
letter. It bore a postmark different
from the ooe on tbe inside. This was
suspicious. It transpired that the pa
per it was written on wa exactly like a
tablet loaned to Kroger a day or so be
fore, upon which he wrote a letter or
something like it. As there coald be so
trace (00 ad of any one such a purport
ed to sign the letter, and the postmark
being different, it was al once apparent
that Kroger bad done tbe wbole thing.
The matter and papers were turned
over to Brother Bright, sad when Kro
ger heard of it he at once went over to
tbe United Brethren and obtained a
country appointment with them. Their
elder got wind of tbe matter and we
laid tt before him, and Krnger disac-
1 1 ,, V . .v. - . .v
j if rf P?Ub! m'n',,tfr 'Ve
recognised. If be ever became a mem-
. . w
'. ' oor again I do not know It
and I am sure that no church wonld
fellowship him knowing the fact. The
churches will Jo themselves a favor by
letting him severely alone. I hope yon
will be able to manage him.
Very Fraternally,
W. A. B.tLDwr.x,
Cor. Secy. State Miss. Board.
J. W. Russell, of Kingsley, whil in
town yesterday told th following strik
ing incident to a number of persons that
were gathered ia S. L. Brooks' store in
tbe East End. Mr. Russell is a veteraa
of the civil war and was present whea
Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomat
tox. In a skirmish oa the day of th
surrender Rasselt had personally cap
tured a young confederate named James
Gordon, for whom he took quite a fence
before the fortunes of peace decreed
their separation. Oa the thirtieth aa
aiversary of Lee't turrender, April 9,
ISifti, Russell wts in the Kingsley poet-
I office when a stranger, past middle life.
i entered and asked if there wat any mail
i for Jamet Gordon. Russell recognized
i the name and voice in a moment and hi han.i on th atrapirer'a
;h0(jlder tjk(J. ,.;vr, yoa ,B lfc.
Coo(e,ir.t, ,rmyr. ..X n.!
h. I!nr, on ,nr.
, ,... ..n- ,k
pnstjner?" "I was." "Po you remeni-
ber th name of the Union soldier who
cap'.nrel you?" "I d. It was John
W. Russell." "Well, I am that man,"
aid Mr. Rasaeii, and the two men. as if
bv one impulse, threw their arms around
etch other's neck as i wept like children.
Notice is hereby given that tbe part
nership heretofore evstirg tetwtea A.
Michael, P. Surad and P. Periuian. in
tf e Ureal Jiort hera t urnitnre Stora, is
this d iv diived by mutual g-eernnt,
Mr. A. M c'.ael retiring fr ai the finu.
Messrs. P. ?ard and P. wi.t
odious t?.e tisines cader the above
name of the ireat ortt.ern Famirure
St .re. acd wiil assume all liabilities el
the arm and collect and receipt for ail
debts due the firm, both in The Palle
and Portland, Oregon.
Tbe Pa.lts, Pec. 4.
A. M;cnn.,
ti-i P. Sr-xta,
If voa bave dacdraff, your hair is
fallir.g'out. Use Coccaaat Cream. For
ale at Fraz;r' barber shop. nO-Ina
We recocimeTd iAze.l's fer'oaie.
Try it. M. Z. P)r a?!!. IS dlw
Remember tbat Cocoa nat Cream Tonic
ill jromo'e growth of ha'r. Char e.
Frazer, sole agent. tO-Iax