The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 24, 1900, PART 2, Image 2

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The Weekly Gbroniele.
Ad tialr s Kaiaa-
Iheor. selves with a strange contempt
for rtcsfli. An otliriT will take
cbancts no European would
The Portland Telegram feels
Prr tHck.
O it Inc h or lew in l'i:y H
O ei two tnehea mill irnivr rour incnes i iw i
liur tnot'f.i. ud uudi-r twelva inches . Ti !
6ir twelve Iik ! S I
Jnelnch or hi". tt lurli I- "J f
Ororotim inrh unit ii:ider 1'iir Inches i w i
(ivr-r di'ir im-liea mill under tweive Inches.. 1 '
OTertwclve inch 1 w
'pKori xry is roi:hery.'
The nnurcliiMs ilo llie under
ground woik, tlte socialists the above
ground work, lut it is cue woik, says
me r urinigtiuy ievit;wr.
" lint is property t Property is
robbery," said I'roudhon. The germ
of all the evil is in that. "Whoso
bateth bis brother is a murderer."
Hatred is murder iD tbe gertn.
Similarly, whoso soveteth bis neigh
bor's poods is an anarchist. Covet
ousness, the desire to possess what is
not our own, lust of property, envy
of tbe man who has more than we
have this is anarchy iu gerrr. For
thoughts, sootier or later, translate
themselves into deeds, especially
when they are dominating and over
mastering thoughts, thoughts that
seize us and sway us, and possess us
anil reign over us. And this is the
case with the socialist, whose one
thought is envy, and tbe auarchist,
wrhose one thought is hatred. These
men think a little, and then they
Sometimes one man enunciates
ideas, and another carries them into
So it was with regard to this
doctrine of property lieing robbery.
Proudhon taught this as a principle;
bis discipie, Bakunin, carried maiteis
a step further, and sought to apply
the principle logically. If property
is robbery, be said to himself, then
all who own property are robbers
and enemies of society all such
must be killed. So be began to
propagate socialism and anarchism
and nihilism they are nil one in
essence. And today the harvest Is
being reaped from the evil seed
which be sowed. It is a melancholy
reflection that for much of this evil
England is responsible. Bakunin,
after spending eight years in various
Continental prisons, was exiled to
Siberia, aud if an3- enemy of the
human race deserved bis exile be
did. But be was a Russian noble,
and appears to have bad some friend
in authority who aided bim to es
cape. He made bis way to England,
as all such men do when they can
prosecute their fiendish work no
where else, and, making England tbe
center of his operations, be sent his
Agents and his literature all over
Europe on their murderous mission.
Hundreds and thousands of similar
men are doing similar work today in
London and New York, and in the
The Chicago agent of tbe (
Northern railroad in Cbicaco has
received a report from tbe assaycr
in cbiirgi) of the I'nited Mates a?ssy
office at Seattle which shows that
more than iit,000,0(0 in gold dust
and bullion came out of Alu-ks,
British Columbia, Northwest Terii
tory, Washington, Idaho and Oregon
j between January end October 21.
this year. Tbe report shows that
I GoOH deposits, aggregating 1,24:3,163
ounces of gold dust and oullion bad
been bandied in tbe assay ollice be
tween those two dates, the Value of
the gold being 20,ltioC97. It also
showed that 1 6,374,188 worth of
tbe yellow metal came from the
Klondike region, 2,710,121 from
the Cape Nome district, 162,81)3
from other Alaskan districts, fc l'Jo,
116 from the Atfin district in British
Columbia, and $123,762 from Wash
ington, Idaho and Oregon.
various large industrial centers
throughout England and America.
YEARE FlOll TEltb.
The English appreciate the fact
that we are fighters as well as they
did in 1776. Tbe London Telegraph
I think if there had bren no fight
ing all the foreign observers would
have gone back to their homes with
a very poor opinion of the efficiency
of the American troops. Luckily
far Genera! C haffee and his soldiers
there was fighting. When you see
an American private advancing un
der Gre you begin to think there is
something in the idea that tbe fight
ing unit of the futtue Is the individ
ual. Private Silts P. Holt acts by
himself, for himself. lie and bis
companions ru.'ike for r common ob
Our democratic contemporaries
are shedding rivers of bnuy tears
over , the announcement that the
National-Salt Co. has put up the price
of "common table salt of a fair
quality" to $2.50 per hundred
pounds. "This company," we are
told, "controls directly 1)5 per cent
of the salt output of the country and
is able to dominate the remaining
5 per cent." If
true how comes
table salt of a fair quality" is at this
writing. November 21st, retailing yi
The Dalles for 65 cents a hundred,
and that the best quality of table
salt in tbe American market is re
tailing at $1.20 per hundred, or 60
cents for a 50-pound sack? When
our democratic contemporaries essay
to answer these questions they will
please remember tbe rule to not all
speak at once.
Just bow much likelihood there is
of getting together the discordant
elements that masquerade under the
common name of democratic party
may be inferred from the following
remark of the Eugene Guard, a
thoroughly Bryanite paper, and one
that undoubtedly represents the
views of a lurgc majorit' of so
called democrats: "When the last
hair on the dog's tail can wna the
tail and the rest of tbe dog, then
Den M. Dickinson, Cleveland's postmaster-general,
and a few more of
his standard of democracy, may re
organize the democratic party.
However, the vote cast for Bryan is
sufficiently large to convince sny
thinking person that theie is no im
mediate, pressing need of such
reorganization as the party would
get from Dickinson and bis comparative!-
few followers."
Cure tu . ki,.i i,u..,i4 .11 r.,., n,. first. with
Portland ; second, with Oregon ; third,
with the O. II. fc N. Co.; fourth,
with the Pacific Northwest; fifth,
with the Pacific Coast, an ! Anally
with the whole country.
This feeling of sociability can be
explained in a few words: First, as
a uation, we are goin;; to bold the
Philippine Islands; look after our
interests in China, and lie thu leading
factor in tbe development of Oriental
commerce. This was settled by tbe
last election.
Second, this cosst faces the Orient.
Wc are going to have the first fruits
of that commerce. Portland, Sm
Francisco, Seattle and Tucoma have
a manifest advantage, geographically
and even in a small degree climatic
ally, over New York, Boston, Balti
more. Chicago, St. Louis and St.
Paul. But the men of those cities
are alive and awake to their oppor
tunities. So are they of San Fran
cisco and Seattle. So -must those of
Portland and Oregon be.
Third, Oregon, our region, extend
ing into Southern Washington, East
cm Washington, Idaho and Montana.
All the producers of this vast region
are going to have a new market
Geld, more competition among tbe
struggling millions for our products,
better prices, better living, better
Fourth, the O. R. A N. Co. Some
this statement is months ago the Telegram confidently
it that "common i thouah cautiously predicted what
has now happened. Mr. Mohler has
kept bis suggested word, and bettered
it, as such men usually do. Already
his company has bought four 0000
ton steamers to run between Port
land and the Orient direct. This
means a good deal; it means that
Portland will be hereafter as wtll off
and as independent in regard to
Oriental commerce as San Francisco
or Seattle. Mr. Hill can build as
many and as big steamers as be
chooses; tbe more tbe better; luck to
him; but they will be duplicated or
bettered all around by steamers run
ning direct between Hong Kong,
Yokahama, Kobe, Macila and Port
The Telegram had no doubt that
this would be so; the materialization
of the recent expectations and pre
dictions is already coming to pass.
Raise all the crops you can, farm
ers; multiply your dairies; set out
and cultivate orchards; build up nil
sorts of manufactures; we are living
in the golden gateway through which
Providence gives us a glorious
glimpse of the opening twentieth
century, and we scarcely realize,
much less appceiatc, the vision.
"Bryan was too easy. Oive os some
thing harder!" asks the St. Paul Pioneer
No wonder it snowed early this year.
Think of the terrible frost we had on
the 6th of November. Wall Wal!a
Kven "temporary prosDinty, as me
democrats call it, beats permanent dem
ocratic hard limes all to pieces. Benton
,111.; ItepubHcan.
Four years ago the wage workers had
callouses on their feet from tramping
arouud in search of employment. Now
the callouses are on their hands. Grand
Kapids (Mich.) Hera! J.
Bryan's electoral vote is 135, or four
less than the total of what was formerly
called the solid South. The capital of
the democratic party is considerably im
paired by the boy orator experiment.
The Chicago News says: "Scientists
say that falling over a precipice is the
pleaeanteat kind of a death. Politicians,
however, who have fallen over an elec
toral precipice do not agree with the
Justice found and administered upon
Senator Wellington. His immediate
neighbors of Cumberland, though usual
ly democratic, gave McKinley a plurality
of 200 on election day. Then 300 of bis
neighbors serenaded with a'burleeque
band and then gave him a salute of
groans. The senator had won all thote
distinctions. Salt Lake Tribune.
I I 1' II IB I I'.UI II ft-J
iii """" ' VI
l ' U
Knocked Out I'ettigrew.
John P. JVltgcld say 8 that tbe
election of President McKinley
"means a triumph of bribery and
corruption." Most of tbe other
Bryanite leaders are manly enough
to take their defeat for what it is
the verdict of tbe people but in
Altgcld's nature there is a vein of
malice, bitterness and vituperation
that never fails to make a character
istic display of itself at a time like
this. Probably if the vote for Mc
Kinley had been unanimous Altgeld
would have said the same thing. To
his jaundiced imagination every man
who votes for the opposite ticket is
"bribed" or "corrupted" or "co
erced" or otherwise dishonest.
The Hon. John Jacob Lentz of
Columbus and Cceur d'Alene was
the fiercest spirit in tbe Bryan com
pany. Among many good squeakers
and gibberers he was tbe best. He
outcapcred all the other anti- imper
ialists. He outjabbcred all tbe other
anti-militarists. He was the loudest
roarer in tbe mcnagetics. That the
constituents of so remarkable a
statesman should be ungrateful
enough to refuse to re-elect him to
congress will be remembered with
horror by all students of ingiulitude.
New York Sun.
A merry and rhythmical echo of the
notes of the campaign victory has
struck this city, says tbe Chicago Chron
icle. 'On last Wednesday Chairman
Hanua, of the Republican national com
mittee, remained quietly at his home
on the outskirts of Cleveland. When
he arrived at his office in Cleveland
on Thursday morning Senator Hanna
found awaiting him a dispatch from
William Barbour, of New York, reading:
"Tell me, Mark, oh tell me true.
Hat thou knocked out Pettigrew ?"
As Mr. Hanna had included South Da
kota in his western tour df speech-making,
and as the defeat of Petti-grew was
to him, as to thousands of other repub
licans, one of the most agreeable inci
dents of a sweeping victory, Mr. Hanna
quoted this dispatch to a correspondent
of a New York newspaper, and it was
published in the Thursday edition. It
now appears that Mr. Hanna was
tempted into sending a metrical reply
by wire. Mr. Barbour writes to the edit
or as follows :
"I did not expect to see my telegram
to Senator Hanna in the next edition of
your paper. If the leader of the Repub
lican party gave you my maiden verselet
to print, I feel justified in giving ton
his reply, which reads:
Yen, HI li true.
We have defeated Pcttijrrew;
Your Joy I share with you,
Whoop de doo de doo.
AUgdable Preparationfor As
similating rt;e Food andReg da
ting lite Stomachs andl3owels of
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfur
ness and RestContains neilher
Opium.Morphine norJIiiieraL
'ox ;NAix c otic.
tlmfird .luqur
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
fion, Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea
Worms .Coijvulsions .Fcmish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
new Yomc
For Infants and n.tur
I The Kind You
Always Bought
Bears the
For Ow
Thirty Yean
twi ciwTauw comwwv, wcwvem em.
Advertised Loiter.
In the irritation of defeat tbe
Richmond Dispatch permits itself to
be rude to the Paramount: "It is
jeclive not stiff, trained soldiers, j our clier tuat most democrats would
but like i:.nil,crs stalking a prey, j be relieved if be would abandon his
Their eyes llish. their lithe bodies j presidential aspirations once for all,
swing forwarJ. There is murder) DOW an! forever." What, now,
and deadly imentncM in every move-1 when Uie declaration of Indcpcn-
deuce has been quashed, when the
constitution lies n-blecdinx, when
ujent. Wuon the American soldier
lies down to fire he does so with the
following ia the list of letters remain
ing in the postofTico at The Dalles un
called for November 23, 1900. Persons
calling for the same wiil give date on
which they were advertised:
Buebnell, Mrs W J Becbard, Geo
Bower, Mrs Belle Baird, Mollie
Brown, L M Brown, Karl (2)
Blessing, Mrs S W Cantrell, W R
Clark, Mrs Ann Fairchild, C W
EstabrooL.Mrs Xell Hart, James H
Gerling, Christian Johnson, Joe
Hustin, Jack Kinney, Dolph
Kretzer, Frank Martin, Harold
Leonard. Claude McEutee, F
Mohr, Miss Mary Maron, Miss E
McKeilar, (Scott Morton, Claude
Miler.Mra Louise (2 )Phew, John
Pentreath, K A Rose, Charles
Qaigley. B C Smith. Miss Edna
Rogers, Mist Nellie Sensen, Mies Magie
hmitli, Mrs A B Worthington, Lewis
Sehusten.MrsEstella William, Henry
Weniker, Mrs Anna Wiloon, Mrs C B
Williams, Lilly Ziegler, Darwood (2)
The farmer doeen'l have to solicit the
patronage of anyone. He doesn't have
to enter into competition like the mer
chant; he doesn't have to wrangle and
warp the truth for living like others; he
doesn't have to depend upon donations
reluctantly doled out, like ministers; in
short, he can be tbe most independent
man on God s green earth if he manages
his affairs on a business like manner.
He has more time and oppoitnnitles for
improving ids mind ; he has less allure
ments for corrupting his morals, and his
occupation Is conducive to the highest
development of his physicial powers; he
can be no intimate terms with his own
family, at peace with the world and he
can worfchio God under his own irnnn.
Massachusetts. Uut suppose, re-j vice and apple tree, none durintr to
milks the Sun, that the supreme j molest or make him afraid. Centralis
court decides next week that thei6"8,
constitution does not follow the fla. !
"The democratic party can restore
itself to power by abandoning, for
tho present, every issue but one.
One issue at a time is enough for a
party. The democratic party should
proclaim itself the party of the con
stitution, and assert that the consti
tution follows the flag." The lion.
Thomas J. Gargan, reorganizer of
What then? Will Mr. Gargin re
organize the democracy against the
Council t'rorrnllng.
If you intend to take a trip Kant, ask
your tii-ktt agent to route you via The
Great Wabash, a modern and up-to-date
railroad in every particular.
Through trains from Chicago, Kansas
City, Omaha or ft. Louis to New York
At a special meeting of the council ! and New England points. All trains
.Ot so 1 Uie v")ci5'r' nnl Absalom is tramp- held last Tuesday order was run via Niatfar Kails and every through
ing over the hill to the poorhotisc ? ' U1J grantin L. H. Kre'rer the u?e of j train has free reclining chair earn, sleep-
tne city a iracnon engine lor lhj purpose ! ing and dini:ig cars,
td boring for coal at some point near the Stop over allowed on all tii:kel at Ni-Cl,y-
agara Falls. C. Cms,
Tho sidewalk on Fulton street abut- Pacific Coat-t Pass. Agt
tingen the Joles property was declared (, u f, .. m Ar'tel'1". Calif.
intention of killing somebody. Mo-t I the clapper of the liberty bell has
trocpt fire no', at the enemy but in becn lIcc wbcu Abab has grabbed j
the direction of the enemy
the American.
Eath man dr.-w his watchful brea'h j Is il just to ask 1,10 paramount to
slow taken 'tween the teeth ; unparamount himself at such a spasm
Trigger anJ ere and ear acock, knit! v
brow and lurd-drawn lips. of fate? . 1 -sn.
That is a picture of the American
riurallly la 13,141. I
Salem, Or., Nov. 22. Complete re-j
turns from the nrenidential flirlinn in
Oregon reached the state department to-1
ftav. and Sepreturv nf Statu fliinhr han 1
given out the totals. The voles by
counties will probablv be announced to
morrow. The total vote of the state for
each candidate was as follows:
Ford 46,172 Furnish 46,420
Fullerton 46,520 Paxton 46,058
Kroner 32.810 Stewart 32,216
Pierce 33 385 Whiteaker. ...32,857
Davis 2,536 Mille.. 2,491
Jenkins 2,516 Spaulding 2,455
Embree 260 Hill . 207
Henry 275 Luce 258
Folen 1,464 Porter 1,4(16
Meindl 1,494 Rutherford ...1,455
For Famo and h.
The Sterling III. ; Standard makes the
following try lor an alleged offer of $1000
for the best rhyme for Michigan :
I knew young lady from MlrhlKnn,
To meet her I never "lunilU wIcIiIkhii,
Hhe'd eat of ice c renin
Til! with )iain he would nr renin,
And he'd order another nig dlelilgun,
Southern California,
Notable among the pleasures a Horded
by the Shasta Route is the winter trip
to Southern California and Arizona.
Renewed acquaintance with this section
will ever develop fresh points of interest
added source of enjoyment, under its
sunny ski-, in the variety of its indus
tries, in its f roiifiu vegetation and among
its number.'fi resorts of mountain,
shore, valiey and plain.
The two dailv Shasta trains from
tl .i 1 r r ,
lurimim in vaiiiornia nave been re
cently eqnipped with the most approved
pattern of standard and tourist sleeping
cars, bat the low rates of fare will still
continue in effect.
Illustrated guides to the winter resorts
of California and Arizona may be had
cn application to
C. H. Mabkham, G. P. A.,
Portland, Oregon.
Carbolineum : Avenarius.
The inoNt efn'-lent WimkI Hrwrvlm I
1'nint. Mn Radical Kcmedy iiiIm j
Chicken Uen. Ita aj'jiMcatlon loll- '
Mile walla of noultrT housen wiUpn- (
limncntly exterminate all lice. Ik. j
Hilts healthy cliickena. p entr of J
etgs. W ilte for circulars and piltei f
Mention this paper. i
Jos.T. Peters &Co,
T. A. Van Nordei
Keeps cniistontly on hand Itrre anil viM
one in all mat la neat in warcne, jintm
locka, Kpectaclea, Field ;lns,8!lvrirart,.w
at prices that defy ronietiti(in. Mali ordenii
tended to with nrniniitnuas and dimatch. Kn
gravius; neatly done. of-
Undertaker and Embalmei
Cor. Third and Washington SU.
All orders attended to nroniDllv. fo"
distance phone 433. Local, l"2-
Rooms i aud ). over U. S. Und OSt
Physician ami Surgeon,
Bpceial atu-ntlon glyen tosunferr.
li u..,. )1 nrl lWli"
A DIP ORir nr 0Tn rrrn MIIIC
n uiu chiL ur oiHn rcLu iuillu.
-d -ry.L.
soing to olfer the
Wo w""J
it "
For llio nest tnirtv days we
ir ii ns In ( i rind ing .NLichiuerv ever offered in the Stata of Oregon.
farmer to havn a Star Feed MM, berime it will help to pay your taxes, i
save you time; It, will mike your old horse faiter; it will pleae your km '
crHcked grmn fur her chickens; ami this is a Sure way of gelling it ' ,'V'0T.
for we are pisitivly ifoing to dose out the mills now on hand at AC TLA1' (
A change in Hi biiiine c impels ns to do this, ami now is tho t'"18 '"r '
reap the benelit. For further particulars imjnlre or write t j
Wa nffr-r fur a limite-l nerirul the
v i a Tl .. .It' .11 '
wmr Ul lfJV- j twice-a-week Ciikonici.b, prire $1.50.
to their feline stealtbinos the Amcr
icans in battle have a
-courage. At times
most reckless
they expose
anil the weekly Uregonian, prwejl. io,
tioth papers for i a year. yutcriptions
nnder this offer must be paid in ad
vance. If
dtngeious, and the reorder was in
structed to give the usual notice for its'
renair. I
liest values for the least money at the
-ew York Cash Sto-e. A ner;:il
. i .'cw i or a i. hsii nto-e. a special in
Claike & Falk have on saie a.full line ! children's and misses' shoes, while the
of paint and artist's bruabet. last.
(l ' -'-!
The Dalles, Oregon.