The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, October 06, 1900, PART 2, Image 3

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McClellarTs Tribute 1o .be Sol
fliers of Our Small Army.
frorress of the Campaign Commented
On by Pmmii of Ail Shades of
Political Thought Imperial
Ua No Ismc
A nUionrr wan sen to convert
Pewey to Democracy at Manila. II
presented the biok! potential politiciaua
In tb Democratic party those who could
nave givea tln the nomination if he
' would haw consented to few-line aenti'
menu and glittering generalities. If
pewey had consented at Manila to be a
Democratic candidate he would un-
aueatloaaMr ' have been tbe candidate,
He would bare been a a iniperialiiit some
tblng like; an imperialist waldn't hare
nurt the Democrats a bit. I ho Demo
cratic party wouldn't hare cared a rap
bout tiuperlaiiisni nor about silver at lti
to 1 or at 83 to 1. They would have
cone la on tbe heroics. They would have
celebrated a conqueror aa their candi
date, and been glad and proud and stuck
no anil happy to aupport a man who had
shed blood, -conquered territory and sur
rounded the world with hi glories. That
U wfeflt the Democracy wanted. Marat
Whoever afternpts under whatever pop
Uf tn cJiu'ke Ihe stHhilltv nf the imh-
lie currency and bring on distress in
anoney matters, stabs your In ti' rent and
your tiappiaess to the heart. Dauiel
Webster, in the Senate Jan. 31, 1834.
"Militarism," "Imperialism," are terraa
sed by newspapers, politicians and plat
forms to scare the people and catch
votes. They ore weaponsutterly
grooudiess enea at the most demagogic
import used to stir the people w hich no
weU-balanced statesman or newspaper
will use. I here is no more danger of
either condition in this great intelligent
tevwity million freemen and great aggre
gation of States fortified by those States'
rl glits recognised by our constitution and
nstiflned by otir courts, than there is of
England beroming nn absolute despotism.
Cantos (Miss.) Times, Dciu.
Ail the incidents of the past prove that
the army will never have tbe disposition
to Jeopardize the free institutions of the
country. Our nation would be safe in
deed, for ail time, did the mass of its cit
liens place upon its institutions tbe sniue
Intelligent appreciation aa that in which
they are heJd by the army, and were
honor, integrity and respect for the lawa
a much the rule among the people aa
tbey are in the army, which has given too
many proofs of heroism, of integrity, of
devotion to the country, to be regarded
as a source of danger. On the contrary,
he who understands its history must re
tard it with pride and satisfaction as on
of the ehie ornaments of the nation, as
school wherein are taught and prac
ticed the virtuea of valor, self-denial,
obedience and patriotism, and aa an in
otitution which has never railed the blush
-of ihntne to the face of an American.
George B. McClellnn, Democrat, and
nominee for the presidency in 1804.
Ttiere ore 0,000 people connected with
the glass buaineas in Indiana alone and
their vote will make the State go for
alelCinley. We are only protecting our
Interests. Our wages have been raised
15 per cent ia the past two years, 8 per
cent last year and 7 per cent this year,
Just restoring the cut that was made un
der the Democratic administration in
ISOT.-William Peck, Glass Workers'
Bryan's name la a household word In
overy Philippine hut. They are thor
oughly familiar with bis anti-expansion
lews, and In him think they see their
"deliverer." Ilia nomination and candi
dacy alone mean the loss of much prop
erty and many lives, for it will infuse
Kw life into the insurgent cause and
cause them to break out anew. It. M.
Shearer, Inspector of Customs, Mauban,
P. L
Imperialism la a false cry. Never havo
I aeen a Republican who wanta to bo
O king. I am military man, but I have
ever been able to find out what they
one an by "militarism." If by "militar
ism" they mean they are opposed to our
young men learning the thinga that will
enable them to uphold tho Bar, then they
re opposed to patriotism. One of my
oons. Col. Uuy Howard, was killed in
the Philippines while fighting for tho
lag, and knottier one la fighting over
there now. Don't talk to me about tak
ing down our flag and giving tbe Philip
pines away. It ia an Insult. Geo. Oli
ver O. Howard.
Tht Bepnlillcan party In Wyoming la
la excellent shape. The State la quite
prosperous. This Is particularly true of
the waol industry, which has been stlm
Isted by the tnrllT and the general hns
loess revival throughout the country.
The wool growers all realise that their
future depends largely on the continu
ation of the prosperity which now pre
wills and I believe that they, to a man,
will support McKluley. Our people ore
psyliia little attention to the so-ralhd
liniM-rinlixm, but are content to think se
riously nf (he financial nnd tariff ques
tions. Wyoming will glre a hand-nine
majority for McKlnlcy and Roosevelt.
K. A. Slack, Cheyenne, Wyo.
We all know that there has ever beeo
0 party in this government, since its foun
dation, were first laid at Hunker Hill
ami Vorl town, opposed to our territorial
ostxnsioa and aggrdlseniot. Wlia
that party I have nothing In common, tad
the history of ray couutry bo that lis
power and its creaking prophecies of evil
bsve been disregarded, detu-U aud spum
ed by the chivalrous spirit of Au;;lo-
fc..... Kl 1 - 1 - 1
.-nvu uiwu, wannest ueuny, American
progress or whatever you may cli.!. to
tall it. Daniel V. Voorhecs nf Indent,
a Democrat, at Washington, D. C. 1YU
14. ls.
While I wih Mr. Bryan no ill fortsne.
1 deem his eleetiou as President would
be a misfortune to him and to the coun
try under present conditions. If elected
be would have such a hetemgoueou
mas of discordant Democrats, Populists,
free silveritea, greenbarkers, anti expan
sionists, mossbaeka and dissatisfied do
nothing to contend with that no harmo
nious or settled policy, legislative or ad
ministrative, could be established Vol.
Geo. W. Warder. Kansas City, Mo., a
Democrat who voed for Bryan in ISiW.
Imierialism is no issue at all. There
Is ouiy oue issue In this rammim n.l
that concerns the business interests tbe
poeketbook issue. While the people are
threatened with another financial panic
and business depression their thoughta
are not going to be concentrated on any
cry of imperialism. It is folly to assert
that little war over in the Philippine
Islands ia of more importance to the peo
ple of the Uuited State than their Indi
vidual and collective interests at home.
There ia nothing like imperialism In the
policy of any political party in Uiis coun
try, and, therefore, it is an impossible is
sue. Dr. George L. Miller of Omaha, a
sound money Democrat.
Our Foreign Trade In Corn.
Total ei porta of corn to all foreign
countries were. In IRfltl. 99.902.S35 bush
els; in 1899. 174,089.O4 bushels. The
following shows the value of the exports
of beef and hog producta in lS9ti and in
Reef ?2f).720,2:8
Bacon and hams C2..i:;i.lM
Lard 42,208,4112
To China, Japan, Asiatic Russia. Aus
tralia, Hawaii and he I'hilippine Tsl
anils, exports of the following two corn
derived products were in 1S90 and 1891)
respectively in value:
1S99. 1S90.
Provisions 0itl.775 J518.190
730,531 114,988
What la a Tornado? ia the question yon
will hear
Aaked by every one you meet at this time
of the rear.
It teems so awful stupid, that I often feel
To Cyclone with my Intellect the whirl
wind of their uiiud.
Now, a full-grown Tornado, It la very
seldom seen.
It leave it tracks behind It, and you
know where it has been.
It cornea so very Hidden, and at quickly
doth depart.
That Its coming and Its going is Imprest-
ed upon your heart.
Now, I've told you all about It, there ia
nothing more to know.
Until early in November, when McKln-
lev's snre to show
A Monsoon and a Typhoon, with a whirl
wind on the side,
Oallvanting through the country, tanning
Democratic hide.
Jamet L. "Bromley kite" Pilling.
Bryan on Pension.
Mr. Bryan's utterances about the sol
dlera of the Civil War are worth repeat
ing. Mr. Bryan, as editor of the Onisha
World-Herald, passed this Nor. IS, 1892:
Tha next session of t'ongres will
have to wrestle with one deficiency of
30.000,000. This Is on account of pen
sions. The appropriation for next year
mn.t he not less than Sl.'O.OtlO.tXH). It is
therefore easy arithmetic to perceive that
the appropriation that Congress must
make must aggregate not less than $18il,-
090.000. This tremendous sum would
In Itself be enough to run a reasonable
government. One would not complain
If It were an honest debt, nut a large pro
portion Is not a debt because It was nev
er earned by any act of patriotism or
heroic service. The government is held
np and despoiled or no mean portion of
this and It aeems helpless to defend It
self. One cannot help Deing curious 10
know how mnny more years it will take
exhaust the generation wntcn reel
Itself Injured by the war. It ia safe to
say that never uiu rm-i.iuu "ioi"j
such remarkable longevity."
.n't ti sliont time that Mr. l.rvan waa
attacking the Spanish war pensioners?
ItailroiMl Building Is Aotlvo.
W. nullt 5.100 mile of railroad In the
United State In the year ending June 30,
19(10. We built l.llal mile in m year
ending June HO. 189.1. wheo fro trade
bad It dlsavtraua trial. i
'J?? ff Jiff w- v , i" i i - Lw r ' l f
"DEAS C0Y"LETTtR3 llo. 6
My Dear Coy:
So your employer, Mr.
Skinner,' says
I ,,l:,t 'The Filipino ought to have their
iilcrty and lulled Slate soldiers ought
to be in better business than making war
on au iun'M-eut people and the
life out of a new republic."
Since Mr. Skinner has put in a nutshell
the substance of Mr. Brvan'a speech, I
hall uUpose of Mr. Bryan and the whole
an;i-inr,.rria'ist crew iu answering Mr. I kuow that you havciut little
time to read and shall use tbe fewel
words OMilile, as I shall eudeavnr to
give yon a clear, intelligent view of the
situation over iu our new possessions.
1. Our soldiers are uot strangling the
'' sut of a new republic, for the very
good reason that there never was any
republic in the Philippines. A republic
Is a government by the people through
their chosen representativea. The people
of the Philippines never were consulted
abont tiie o-called Filipino puhlic.
Its bead was a tricky young Tagalog
named Agiiinaldo, who proclaimed him
self dictator and endeavored to make
himself so by force of arms. Itepublica
are nut governed by a dictator. Tbe form
of government which took the place of
constitution in the so-called republic was
a lengthy personal decree of Agiiinaldo
himself. It waa not a republic but a
despotism which he sought to establish.
The people of the Philippine Islands are
made up of many different tribes, Negri
tos, Tagalogs. Moros, Visayans, and more
than fifty others. These tribes are sep
arate in blood, sympathies, and to a large
extent in language. In addition to them
there are thousands of Spaniards, Ger
mans, Americans, and people of other na
tions who are resident there, and whose
persons and property are to be protect
ed. In addition to all these are large
numbers of Mestizos, people whose moth-1
ers were native Filipinos, but whose fath
ers were Japanese, Chinese or Spaniard.
There is no probability that one-half
or one-third of all these vast nunibera of
people would consent to be governed by
Agiiinaldo and the Tagnlog tribe which
he represent. Many of them would cer
tainly fight against it. The abandon
ment of the Islands by the United Statu
army would mean, not liberty to the peo
ple, but war among themselves, result
ing In either despotism or anarchy.
2. The Fnited States has never made
war upon the Filipinos. We have not
even been engaged in war, offensive or
A Wisconsin Farmer and Ex-Justice
of tho Peace to Hit Nephew.
Yea, Jonathan, that Indianapolis
speech as you say, is very fine and lots
of it. Mr. Bryan is a sen mart man
enough, but I krit him for the sake of
his "sixteen to one" humbug, and the
demonstration at Indianapolis makes me
kvit him more. He aays he was
then and the people wrong, and that he
la rijrht now and the good people mmt
now apologize by electing him Presldnt.
The other fellows in the convention at
Kansas City hare not so much faith, but
they have hopes, so they compromise
with Mr. Bryan and raise a crop of ca
lamity imperialism mixed with the "six
teen to one" old seed, saying to them
selves, "Where one duu't grow the other
Did yon ever try to drive In the barn
with your hay-load too big on one side
too much hnw on one side nnd too much
wheels on the other? Yes, you did: and
you didn't say, "Uncle Hugo, we needn't
unload, all we do is to back out and
paramount another big lot of hay on the
other side; then w drive in the barn all
1 will tell yon a little true atory which
reminds me of this fosdiug up at Kansas
City with the rcaflirmation business nnd
the "paramount imperialism" on the top.
A very nice talking man called on my
father one day to enkrire for sheep and
calves to buy. They soon struck a bar
gain In which he wna to pay tvrnty dol
lurt for two calves and six slieep. That
was before greenbacks. He offered my
father a tventy dollar bill, but as be was
afraid of "wild cat money" (there was
plenty of It in those days) my father said
he wanted hard money. After much nice
talk from the man my father said: ".No,
rather have the cheep and calves."
Then the man went on with his fine talk
and complimented the Germans, saying
pleasant things about the "German inde
pendence of character."
So they were about to pnrt on friendly
terms when the dealer took an awful
kvick fancy to one of our horses. Pretty
soon a bargain was strum ror one hun
dred dollars. When the buyer came to
pay, however, he pulled out eighty dol
lars In silver and gold and that same
tventy dollar bill. Then there was tulk
till you couldn't rest, but my father iid
at last: "No. I rather have the hoi -e "
The stranger answered: "Well. I
you atr Bote for tbe bill," but my f.
defensive, against the Filipinos aa a peo
pie. The Filipinos number probably ten
nation of people and two million of
men capable of bearing arms. If thry
were united in war oj'inst us, tht little
army which we bave there would scarce- !
ly be a crcu:nsidiu-i in their way. But
the majority of the Filipinos are a quiet, I
docile people, not disposed to tight and '
uot engaged in the insurrection now prac
tically quelled. Agiiinaldo had compar- ,
atively few supporter outside of his own ,
tribe, the Tagalog. who comprise prob-
ably one-tenth of the w hole mass of Fili-
piuos. He, iu hi mad effort for abso- j
lute rule, attacked the force of tbe I'nit- !
ed States, and we were compelled to quell '
the insurrection. 1
3. The I'nited States troops are la tho
Philippine for the protection of the peo
ple from murder, rapine and misrule, and
for the preservation of law, order aud
property rights. For many years there the foreign sblpplng Uddy is willing to
have been robber bands In the mountains ; contribute to the Demm-ratlc cauipulKU
who would from time to time light down fIui f ,iie bill s consideration In tlcfer
npoi, the village and rob and murder tht UH le ,, WHsU,a ,.0(
people. The Spaniards paid no attention ; , ., ... .., , , . ..
const. I.a.f .Ann, m. f .h... h.n,!.
attacked a Filipino village aud. In ad.ll- A -t 'MH O.dtiO a year business Is the
tion to the robbery and ki'.liug, carried ' '!? If Democratic threat of lilibus
away thirty Filipino women to the hills. I teriri( aiv ellcctlve enough to Induce
Two companies of I'nited State soldiers
pursued them, attacked and dispersed th
band, and restored the women to their
friends. We are bringing to these Islands
r nZ ' ""r "f
islands came to ua providentially, unex
pectedly and unsought. They are our j
by treaty, and a treaty which Mr. Bry-1
an approved. We are responsible to tha i
nations of the earth and to the Judge ;
of all the earth for their care. We ac-1
cept the responsibility in the fear of God ;
aud the love of humanity. I may not live j
to see it, my boy, but if you live twenty i
years you will sec the most marvelous
development In the world's history in th
rHilioniiiAa 1 1 itiul marl. siuul a,.tm,la
the development of agriculture, manufac
tnrea and mining, the introduction of
American push and energy among tb
people, railroads, and a hundred other
meant of transformation. You will tea
there twenty millions of contented and
prosperous people who will rejoice In
their liberty aud their privileges and b
proud of their relations to the greatest
of all nations, the Uuited States of Amer
ica. And then, my boy, every Democrat
in America will swear that he alwayi
was in favor of that thing and that h
was ever an expansionist of the first
water. YOU It FAT H Kit.
replied: "No, money not good enough te
buy sheep won't buy a horse; perhaps you
pay your note with such a bill."
Well, Jonathan, I think of that cattle
dealer when I read what Mr. Bryan aayt
of the independence of tbe German vot
ers in hit recent speeches, and especially
when his subject is "sixteen to one" and
tbe sturdy independence of the German
Perhaps you don't remember, Jonnthan,
when your cousin, my Gertrude, used to
have calls from a dandy young man. lis
sometimes sent her fine roses by his little
brother from the village. I got suspi
cious of that young man, Jonathan, and
by and by he stopped all at once coming
to see Gertrude. You want to know
why, Jonathan? Because one day he
was driving by, down the road, and fsald
very kindly and sociable like to himi
My young friend, I guess you becdnt
trouble to bring or send any more roses
tw I .oetsililA knfln ,- aaliA anwa alia III. .. !
to Gertrude because she says she likes
'em fresher than when you send 'em
she has nermission to heln liorsolf"
Yon see, I watch that young man when I vold- nt a" l-'K the effect It
he goes home late one early morning, and wi" have upon tlielr party followers
I saw him steal my roses on the way out ithnt will surely result from the dlseus
of the front lot, and In the evening next ! sion In the Senate of the ship subsidy
following he sent 'cm to Gertrude. If ! bill at this session, to d.sdos-e a sub
he only keeps the roset for bis partikler ! a a it al c. n! iKcnt of their own party
friends In the village It wouldn't to much Ls.-oelates iu advocacy and voting for
matter; but when he steals them to mak tu , j
Sng"Ab:i , .,.
Lincoln's speeches to try to make the peo- n'"' 0P "J"'''I ""o poMpen ng Du
ple think how much his party loves th 0,118 tK'ln,l"n of t,,e i-bUy bl
people when all the time before, th ' 't the present soslon. the Demo rat
Democrats had no use for Mr. Lincoln. I
Lincoln was a great Republican, whom
to love Is fashionable, even with Demo
crats now. But when their great man,
Mr. Bryan, offers Republican voters
roses out of Lincoln's garden they nat
urally feel like Gertrude thry like 'era
fresher, and they bave permission to help
Gold Supply Nearly Doubled.
Mr. Bryan said in 1MM, "We want tb
free coinage of silver because there is
not enough gold in the country to run
the finances." When he said this the
amount of gold In circulation was $!!H,-
4111.2 12. Since then the amount of gold
in the country has increaserd to $S14,-
(H'sl.!.).') in May, 1!MH, and is almost dou
bled. Is this , "enough" for Mr. Bryan.
or has free silver some peculiar super
natural power over human aafflrs, that
lr. Bryan still Insist on the 42-ceni
dlar? A cloud "with a silver Hula'
" vefof Ma '.
Ia Atlrmptinii to Make Tarty Cap'tal
t'ut of tiie Sh.i uv Hill They Miow
1 hemsclvc to lie About kvwalv li
vije.l For and Against It.
The iKMiiocratio leader iu Cnngvs
lme I cell making elaborate pn ,iar:i
lions t make the shipping bill a caiu
piiijiu Issue. They have attempted to
tcrrvi'ize the 11. puM cans Into tbe abuii
doiinietil of the bill at the present scs-
! slim at Ic-i.-t. It is not known how much
I '"V th 'fet.
Kepi'blu nns to xistKiiie the considi ia
j tiul) of the shipping Mil, the foreign
I hlilpplng lobliv, tlielr free trade allloa
aml Deinocintlc dttiM-s will eut b bave
carried their point.
tip to this tiimt
la the more amazing, as their owu dla-
orgii nidation on this .iiticstlon la dis
closed. It would be ImugiiHHl that they
would lie united Iu opHisltlon to the
bill. If Intending to make a cnnipiilgn
Issue of It. Just the reverse la the case.
I 'lliey are about evenly divided for and
I against It. This la nhown by the two
I minority reports that bnve been filed
by the Democratic members of the
HoUHe Wfclinnt Marine nnd Fisheries
Committee. The first report filed wa
alined by Messrs. William Aator Chnu-
ler. of New York; John H. Small, of
North Cnrollnn. and Joseph R Itan
dell, of Louisiana. Their report advo
cates government aid nnd opposes free
ships. Tlielr Hiigjrested amendments to
the hill are not of a character to aerl
ouslj- mluiml.c Its effectiveness.
The other' 'our Democratic members
of the House Merchant Marine nnd
Fisheries Committee who signed the
other reiort nre Messrs. John F. Fit
Ecrnhl, of Massachusetts; Marlon De-
Vrlt's, of Cnllfornln; Thonuia Speight,
of Mississippi, and Win. D. Daly, of
New Jersey. Their support oppose
eiibsidtes nnd In effect ndvocntea free
ships. Their report, bttld to have been
writ ten by nil attorney of the foreign
Kteiiniship lines, is largely nn attack
upon the only American steamship line
engaged Iu tlio transatlantic trade.
The odium attaching to the Dcnio
crata who nre lighting the buttle of the
foreign shipping lobby In Congress, nnd
who advocate the imrclinse of shipa
built nbronri. Instead of their construc
tion In the United States, presents thorn
In n very sorry figure. They will be
Infinitely more busy In defending their
owu attitude on this question than they
cnu be in assailing tlint of the Kepiib
liciina and a large contingent of their
owu party associates. The Democratic
lenders had mudc desperate efforts to
prevent a public disclosure of their dif
ferences, but the courage of nearly one
half of the minority made furUier con
cealment of tlielr condition Impossible.
The Democratic members of the com
mittee who advocate government nld
by Independently filing their report la
advance of the submission of the other
minority report, forced the signers of
the latter to Inmely limp Inst Into the
public eye. Their hopeless division
shows how utterly impossible it will be
for thorn to nialte a successful cam
paign issue of the shipping question.
If Democrats attack a goveruineiit
nhled shipping, Democrats who have
the best of the argument may be quoted
in answer. Republican uioinun.tion wlili
which to refute Democratic attacks of
this character need not be used -It la
furnished by the more honest and cour-
.tgeoua of the Democrats themselves.
'1 h t Is a tittuit ou which seems nl
most prov.deiitial for the uuited Re
publicans. They aeem to be assured of
the votes of a large co:it ng nt-pis-l
bly oue-liaif of the Deuiociata iu the
House iu favor of the ship subsidy bill.
if it la brought up tor passage now.
Such nn opportun ty has tint bceu pre
tented Iu n genera t on, and may never
aaln occur so fa voluble.
'I'll tame situation, exists in the
S nite. The Democrat theie aie un
ali.e to prepare, nun li less present, a
minority report lu oppo I:Iou to the
sh p subsidy b 11. It ia well and pub-
kuowu t,,nt ,,, of I)emo.
ciats will spcali and vote for the bill.
What the Dcmocr. tic leaders d sl.e to
le able to co'icenl tlielr own weak-
uess iu divided np;uv-it on to the snip
sul sidy II I in the Sen ile. A II t e m
:'d 'lit Inn deary dcinoust. ated tills,
lint shown the ilcspeiutlou of the Item
xratlc Iced r.
The Chairman of the Democratic Na
tional Commit ee. In Lis ingc at the
tiling of the Chaulcr-Small Kan-dell re
port, sent for IIicm' gentlemen and lie
.nti to angrily iipbra d them ns tr.iitirs
in their parly, so the report goes, nnd
lie told 1 1 1 im that by Hie r ill tiimd ex
'iiMt.oti of independence ami honesty
iliey bad sacrilicul a splendid bsne
pen wl Icli tin1 1 'cmoiTut-t ecu d l ave
itiaektd tbe Rcpu! I cans In Hie cum
Hi cnmpnln. 'I hi lioinoetnt c C. nlr
nan. so It is said, was icu le e l almo-t
peechless when he was very einphiit.e
illy fold by Messrs. Clinuler. Small and
Innadell that be had no authority to
leuouuc their nct.cir that the Deiuo-
: o Tl t T ClTT I V
' Oil 1 1 O I' iJOl IJ I
1 ,
crat'c party bad not declared Itself on
this subject In It lat national plat
form; aud that lu any event they were
decidedly opposed to the dragg ng cf
the shipping ipieotion into part.sau pol
ities. They told bill) that the th pp ti
quettlou was a bus not preposition-a
commercial question, and of great and
p.efuJS' national Importance; that
tbey so considered It, and that tbey
were quite ready to defend their posW
tion at any time.
In these very favorable clreum
tauce, for the Republicans to defer
action on the ship subsidy bill until the
I 'einocratlc National Couvcutloa can
be w hipped into adopting nn expression
In Its next national platform, opposing
Government aid for tin upbuild of
American shipping, will make It Infin
itely more difficult than ever for cour
ageous and patriotic Democrat to aup
po:t the measure. It mean to gvaveiy
impel II, If not actually defeat, IU Boat
The prestige of Democratic tucces
lu compelling the Republicans to defer
action at this tesa'on on tho thlp tut
s'dy ti ll eince postponement will b
regarded the country over a a Demo
cratic, free trade, foreign shipping vic
tory will make It all tho easier for
thetn to defeat action at the next aet
slon, and all the harder for Republican
to secure fa vo; able action.
The opportunity of a generation l
wltlfn the grasp of tb Republican
leaders In Congress If they bave the
courage to grasp It by pasting tbo
shipping bill before adjournment at
this session.
British Consul There About th Only
Man Who Want Free Trad. .
A private letter received from an.
American in Porto Rica Indicates that
in k of the hardships pred cied to fait
upon the Porto Ricans follow lug the
enactment of the tariff aud civil gov
ernment laws for the island Is moon
shine. In hU letter be says:
"The people hero. Irrespective of
caste or condition, hail the passage of
the Poruker bill with the greatest de
light, and are uow beginning to prepare
for a revival of business and good
times. There seems to have been a
very grave misrepresentation of fact
made in the United Stutes concerning
the wants of the natives and business
men of this Island In so far as It re
lates to the tariff. It Is a mistaken
Idea that free trade N wanted here. On
the contrary the merchants (09 out of
every hundrtdl want a small tariff la
preference, and in fact did not at any
time object to the 25 per cent first
talked of. They are bright enough to
prefer a small Indirect tax to a heavy
diiect form of taxation, to raise th
revenues uecca-ary to conduct the gov
ernment of the Island. About the only
ones desiring the benefit of free trad
are a few foreigners like Mr. Flnley.
the British consul at San Juan, who
have bought up all the sugnr and to
bacco In sight at a low figure, and hav
been holding the same lu anticipation
of a free entry to the Stales, thereby
enabling thetn to realize more laigely
ou their Investnieut
Peart llutton Industry,
Pent'l button-making waa first made
possible lu the United States by tbe
McKluley tariff Of 1SD2. Of courso tb
industry was nearly destroyed by to
fiee-tiade Wilson bill of 18114. After
further protection was given the Indus
try by the Dlngley tariff of 1807, tho
eighth biennial report of the Bureau
of Ijibor Statistics for tbe Slate of
Iowa says:
A remarkable development of tb
business was witnessed In 18'. 13, no less
than thirty-six factories being estab
lished during the first six months of
that year."
Seven towns In H'lnols and six la
Iowa are centers of button-making. It
supports an Important fishery, and a
the report aays:
"Besides the people thus directly con
nected with the business, many other
In more than a score of towns are bene
fit d. Including merchants, machinists,
boatmen, draymen and trnnsasrtatlon
Democratic free trade will kill tb
p nil btitton business, throw lots of
people out of employment and Injur
local trade and transportation.
The Flnemv's Conntry.
The Republicans have captured the
Bryan kopjes In Nebraska, the boy ora
tor's own Slate, and are lining tip In
great shape for the Mg tussle next falL
They were successful In many munici
pal contests, and carried Lincoln. Bry
an's home city, by the largest major
ity In years. Is Nebraska becoming
also "the enemy's country T' Troy (N.
Y.) Times.
Fewer Trade Fall nre.
Only did trnde failures last month,
with liabilities of $7,214,7S7. Compar
that with the April failures In the tws
Democratic ysa.s of 1SU5 and 18P&
is: i.-,..
IUU0. .
Where I thit Slump?
We would humbly Inquire of the Min
neapolis Journal ami some other gliosl
dauciug contemporaries where they
find the great antl Republican slump
that was to punish the perpetrators of
the Porto Rico bill? The election
turns show heavy Republican gains al
most eveiywheie. Sioux Falls S. D
lifmnnt for Comment,
The fore gn demand for commeal Is
becomliv; quite a fib tor. tlian!,s to tho
elTnit-i rf the Dcp.irtmt nt of Agricul
ture, mid. r this nil ulul Initio:!.
Not ConTlnclbte,
This year tl e Democr.itlc orator will
be charged with the diillcult task of
trying to convince tl e man wall tho
full stomach -iat be ia uuo :ry.